Our Memorial

On September 11, 2001, 295 colleagues and 63 consultants working in our offices were lost in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. They were loved ones, good friends and valuable colleagues, and their memory   and legacy   will forever live in our hearts.

You can visit the memorial at Marsh McLennan Companies' New York headquarters during normal business hours. The memorial is located in the plaza adjacent to our offices.

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Talented man and women were lost that day, but their light is never lost will guide our hearts into peace and comfort.
Gabriel Rosales ,
Sep 18 2021 8:33AM
I was watching a documentary and a man mentioned this company, its heartwarming to see all the tributes and I want to say we will never forget. May you rest in peace and I will continuously pray for you all.
Sep 17 2021 0:01AM
We are a vendor for Marsh Mercer here in Canada to support their IT requirements in many locations. Our Company is Activo in Toronto. We wish our condolences to all of the family members and co-workers who lost people close to them on this 20th anniversary.
Joanna Shank,
Sep 14 2021 7:37PM
I was glad to see that the Company saw to provide this remembrance. As the years went by the Company did less and less on the anniversary of that terrible day. I watched the buildings collapse from 1166 and personally knew at least 40 colleagues and friends whose lives were taken. We will never forget, but it's nice to have a venue for remembering.
James E. Carroll,
Sep 15 2021 5:47PM
Very somber and sad to know how many people passed away on that day. I've gone back to the 9/11 site every year for a while- it meant a lot to me and still does. RIP all MMC employees, who perished in this tragic tragedy, and Godspeed. You are not forgotten.
Sep 12 2021 3:39AM
Gone from our sight but never from our hearts. Greta September 11, 2021
Sep 12 2021 1:24AM
Rest In Peace all souls that were called home to the Lord that day. Praying for those that were left to bear the burden of loosing loved ones. Praying for peace and this type of tragedy at the hands of others never repeats itself. God bless all people to who were effected by this day in history. To our family member, Susan Murray, may your beautiful soul R.I.P. 🙏
Donna Adinolfi,
Sep 12 2021 0:20AM
On September 11, 2001, I was working for Marsh Advantage America which became Mercer in later years. Marsh was one of a family of companies, one of which was Marsh McLennan. In my fifth year of employment, we were glued to the news that morning, and the emotion turned even darker when we were very quietly told that our corporate accounting department was in the towers, virtually at point of impact. Maybe only a few in our building knew or interacted with anyone in the towers because we were in Iowa, but you still felt like an odd family. I was taken up with emotion, and had to call my Mom. As emotion welled up, I told her "I can't watch", even though there was a small tv in the area. She said "you don't have to watch". I stayed at work that day, but I don't think I would have gone to work had it happened before I took the drive. I would have wanted to be with Mom, knowing it would hit her hard. In memory of the colleagues and consultants employed with Marsh McLennan. I think of them all. Also in memory of the thousands lost, firefighters, first responders, police, service animals, passersby. The feeling of common loss never goes away.
Lori Tenold,
Sep 11 2021 11:30PM
As a retired Mercer employee this is a hard day and I can't imagine how difficult this day is for so many people. All my love to the people who lost loved ones that tragic day. And for all those who were injured in so many ways all my best and love to you. I will never forget.
Philip Schneider,
Sep 11 2021 10:47PM
I am grateful my niece Sabine sent me this link - she has worked for Marsh McLennan in the Stuttgart - Germany for many years. This day will never be forgotten - I am so sorry for all those that lost their life! The World needs to work together to prevent this from happening again 🙏🏻
Bruni Adams,
Sep 11 2021 3:08PM
I remember Salvatore Zisa. He was a young man beginning his career at Marsh McLennan when I met him. I was I think one of his first accounts at Phillip Morris Inc. and risk management department. We talked about growing up in New York and how much we loved our city. So I always think of him and pray for his wife and his daughter on 911 and always.
Juanita Shaw,
Sep 11 2021 2:55PM
I was 28, woken up out of bed by a phone call “turn on the TV”…instantly my heart in my throat for the people in the towers, your offices & countless others. Remembering all who lost their lives that day, their surviving loved ones and all we’ve learned since. May they Rest In Peace.
Marcella Janes,
Sep 11 2021 2:47PM
Today 20 yrs later, I can’t believe something so horrific happened to the greatest country in the world. My thoughts and prayers are with the families that lost a loved one. Always in our hearts and never forgotten 💔
C. Romo,
Sep 11 2021 2:34PM
I worked for The Hartford and I was on the 14th floor of home office tower, in Hartford Ct. It was the bluest sky day I ever saw! I lead a team of technical support folks that supported our agents across the country, Marsh McLennan being one of them. They had an office in one of the Towers and we lost 358 colleagues at Marsh Mac that day! My team, heartbroken…worked endlessly to help reconstruct the files and data that got destroyed! It was the most painful thing for them to ever do! I can never forget this , we said we will never forget and we haven’t!
Nancy Cardone,
Sep 11 2021 2:22PM
I was 45 years old when 911 happened. That was the worse day in history. Coming back to work was tough seeing all the families looking for their loved ones. I’m retired now but this day will always be heavy in my heart. RIP TO all my friends and colleagues.
Migdalia Otero,
Sep 11 2021 11:53AM
I remember that day so vividly. I had to work that evening and would usually sleep through the morning. However the night before, I slept with the tv on, to awaken to the devastating news. I’m sending prayers to everyone that was affected. You will never be forgotten!
Hagar Buster,
Sep 11 2021 5:14AM
Each year I hope this anniversary will get easier but it never does. I remember everything about this day, the saddest day of my 35-year career with Marsh. I shall never forget!
Theresa Shackleford,
Sep 10 2021 11:13PM
Though I did not know anyone personally, every year I look at this message and it still brings tears to my eyes - the same as it had done the day it happened. Reminds us all how life and liberty are precious and should not be taken for granted.
Michelle Cunningham,
Sep 10 2021 6:10PM
As is our tradition, on 9/11, all of Riskonnect will observe two minutes of silence at 8:46AM ET. We unite in our remembrance and honor of those we lost, particularly our valued Marsh/Marsh ClearSight colleagues. We will additionally embrace that moment to include those that have stepped forward since in the overall pursuit of the safety and security of all.
Jim Wetekamp,
Sep 9 2021 10:29PM
I was pregnant with my first child and working in a small brokerage in Scarborough when I heard the devastating news of 9/11. My boss ushered us in a room and led us in prayer for the families who lost their loved ones. That day we were all affected there weren't any dried eyes in that room. It wasn't until I got home that I was able to grasp the magnitude of the loss on TV.
Vanessa Lakhan,
Sep 9 2021 9:29PM
Twenty years is a huge milestone and for some reason on this date, my heart feels even heavier. Twenty years makes me wonder even more about my friends and colleagues who were lost in that first tower and what they could have done with the rest of their lives. Never forget. RIP
Sharon Sikkema ,
Sep 9 2021 9:13PM
I will never forget the Morning on 9/11; I had just gotten to work and heard about what was going on in New York. I was heading to the room where everyone was watching this on the TV, and I heard someone said a plane just hit the World Trade Center, I remember being scared and sad. I thought of the people that were in the office. Thinking of all the people, we lost including my friends and coworkers. All I was thinking about that day was being with my children at home. God Bless all the families that lost Love Ones, Friends and our first responders, our nation’s military and the brave fighters and police officers. Mimi
Sep 9 2021 7:39PM
Lars Qualben was a friend and mentor and a wonderful human being. He was a leader in the community and a member of the Mero Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers where he served in various leadership position and past president of the chapter. He mentored many of us, and provided guidance for our own leadership roles as Safety Professionals. We are honored to have worked with Lars and want his family to know the he was loved and respected and we honor his memory in perpetuity. “God Bless You My Dear Friend, you will live forever in our hearts and in our minds where you made your biggest contributions and impressions.” In Appreciation, Dr. Carlos Rentas Jr., Dr.P.H., CSP
Dr. Carlos Rentas Jr., DPH CSP CHMM-Emeritus,
Sep 12 2021 4:11AM
I remember his words so clearly. “There’s been an awful accident in New York, a plane has collided with one of the World Trade Center towers”. As I talked with my colleague in the UK’s Norwich office that day in 2001, and the second tower was hit, it became clear this was no accident. We were instructed to go home, where I watched in disbelief and sadness as the tragic events unfolded. A previously planned visit to New York with my Mum that November went ahead and we wanted to pay our respects to those that lost their lives during those acts of atrocity two months earlier. For me, it was particularly important to pay tribute to the colleagues I sadly never knew but felt inextricably connected to. I will be forever touched by what we found amongst the broken buildings and broken hearts. The collective arms of love, unity, compassion, support, dignity and hope were wrapped around us all; it was a deeply moving and humbling experience. Today, 20 years on, a floral tribute lies at the memorial tree planted in our office gardens as thoughts turn, once again, to our lost colleagues and all the bright lights that were extinguished that day. We will never forget.
Shellie Littleboy,
Sep 12 2021 2:50AM
Remembering a rising star with a bright future in the industry that I was privileged to know and work with (as a Marsh client) namely Benjamin Walker. Sadly taken. Best wishes to Laura and family.
Adrian Tinkler,
Sep 11 2021 6:28PM
I wish to convey my sincere condolences to everyone who was affected by this horrible ordeal. We watched in horror 20 years ago as terrorists heartlesly took lives of the American people and we stand with you in remembering the terrible time you went through. God bless you (Modimo ale segofatse)
Thapelo Emily Mguni,
Sep 11 2021 4:13PM
I remember the day vividly. In the UK at school, hearing rumours going around about what had happened. Then getting home that afternoon and seeing the horror on the TV. My thoughts are with all the victims and their families, and for all those affected the world over by this and subsequent events. Proud to now be a part of Marsh and see how the company rallies together and continues to honour those lost.
Daniel Wakefield,
Sep 10 2021 10:38AM
You are forever remembered and respected. I remember see these terrible events unfolding live, and being totally shocked. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone who lost a loved one or a colleague and friend that day. We will remember them.
Chris Lomas,
Sep 10 2021 9:53AM
Veinte años y lo recuerdo como si haya sido ayer. Diez de la mañana sonaba el timbre para el recreo y todas las pantallas de tv de mi colegio mostraban imágenes en vivo de lo que estaba ocurriendo. Por altoparlante transmitían y no podías creer lo que veías. El skyline de NYC no volverá a ser el mismo. La vida de muchas personas no volverá a ser la misma. La caída de las Torres Gemelas, un evento que conmocionó el mundo y 20 años después nos sigue doliendo... Por mis colegas en MMC, por los miles de personas que perdieron la vida... Siempre en nuestros corazones y pensamientos.
Sofía Rodríguez ,
Sep 12 2021 7:30AM
I was Working for Willis New Zealand at the time and remember seeing it on TV at home in the morning b4 going to work. So depressing and the mood was most sombre when I reached my office an hour later. I now work for Marsh Dubai where its obvious that colleagues and family are an important part of the company ethos and hence the loss of 300+ employees must have had a dramatic effect on colleagues. Blessings to all the families that lost loved ones in this tragic event
Blair Rayner,
Sep 11 2021 4:19PM
Like others, I have so many memories of the day - alerted to the first plane having hit the first tower a thousand miles away, the conference room television was set up to view the scene, when we saw the second plane hit. The panic followed. The frantic effort to track down friends who may have been there hoping to find them safe, hearing their stories of fear and shock. The horror of events continuing to flow, and wondering what would happen next. The slow realization that so many of our colleagues were officed there, or were in the Towers for meetings. The heartbreaking, short biographies of people just like us, doing their jobs as we did, their lives in mid-stream, rolling out as memorials, for us and for their families, in the following weeks, eventually numbing in their effect. Truly, never to be forgotten. We can't forget them.
Tim Wicker,
Sep 11 2021 4:03PM
I will never, ever forget this day. I remember looking at our small TV in copy room, all the Philly colleagues gathered in this room. Everyone was silent, crying, feeling helpless and in disbelief. I volunteer to place 2,997 flags at the Pennsauken NJ memorial. God bless everyone who lost a loved one on 9/11. You are in my prayers. Barb McDonald
Barb McDonald,
Sep 11 2021 3:06AM
20 years ago since I lost 358 of my MMC colleagues. Just normal people going about a normal day, they never got home to their families. Utterly heartbreaking. You are in our thoughts forever.
Simon Jellis,
Sep 10 2021 6:56PM
Condolences to the friends, familes and colleagues of all those who lost their lives 20 year ago.
Michael Kinney,
Sep 10 2021 9:41AM
In the tribute at the Oakbrook, Il remembrance, I came upon your name attached to a single flag among many. My thoughts were of sorrow and than of hope as I listened to 3 speeches and the patriotism spoken by a nephew, wife, and student.
Susan Murray,
Sep 13 2021 4:56PM
I will never forget that terrible morning 20 years ago when I lost 358 colleagues. I watched it unfold live in disbelief from the Marsh Canada boardroom at the 70 University Ave office. One Canadian colleague, our Chief Information Officer, was unfortunate to be visiting our WTC offices for an IT project. I attended his memorial service at St. Michael's cathedral in Toronto a few weeks later to remember him, other colleagues, and other victims of that terrorist event whose lives were lost on September 11, 2001. The memories of that terrible will be forever etched in my mind. May they all rest in peace.
John VanderVlist,
Sep 13 2021 1:32AM
Remembering those who were lost to soon and parying for their family and friends.
Thomas W,
Sep 12 2021 3:07PM
God Bless all whom were lost, their families, and may we always remember them in our hearts.
Monte Masten,
Sep 12 2021 1:31AM
I will always remember that horrible day in 2001. Watching from one of the Mercer offices in Toronto as our colleagues were dying in New York. My heart goes out to all of their families.
Wendy Taylor,
Sep 11 2021 9:45PM
I was on the Mercer IT team in San Francisco 20 years ago. My manager called me that morning and told me to not go to work, as the Embarcadero Center was another potential target. He had just talked with a friend of his working in one of the Towers that morning. She was lost that day, along with so many others, including the Marsh IT team who was there. I was shocked, numb, and horrified at the TV images that day and every year have remembered those we all lost. May they always Rest In Peace.
Kirk Long,
Sep 11 2021 4:56PM
Dear Janice, I did not find out until many years later that you had lost your life on 9/11. You were my friend the times we shared together in our hay day you saved my life . I have thought you everyday since I found out my heart breaks but I know that you are resting in peace and walking in his light. I remember how excited you were when you found out you were going to be a mom I was so sorry that we lost contact with each other but the times that we shared were priceless. I miss and love you my friend you are forever in my thoughts and prayers along with your framing. Rest my dear friend and sister rest❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sherry Shine,
Sep 11 2021 4:52PM
Praying we as a nation never forget the losses that occurred on 9/11.
Kara Valle(MMA Midwest),
Sep 11 2021 3:53PM
My thoughts and prayers are with all who lost their lives that day. God bless you all. For us, you will live forever.
John Yarbrough,
Sep 11 2021 2:53PM
Thinking of all my former colleagues at MMC today, and especially those we lost in 9/11. You are always in my heart.
Susan Reid,
Sep 11 2021 1:38PM
My heart and prayers continue to be with all of the Marsh McLennan families, friends, and colleagues that lost loved ones. My dad was in the San Francisco office for years, on 9/11 he lost 358 members of his second family. I see the pain in his eyes each year and in the quiet manner that he spends the day. God bless you all.
Kristin Lucido,
Sep 11 2021 1:12PM
I will never forget this day, I was a team member in the Sacramento, CA Marsh office at the time. My alarm went off just as the first plane hit, turned the TV on and saw the 2nd plan hit. I will never forget the site of complete devastation, but more importantly - the colleagues that never made it home to their families that day/night. Gone, but never forgotten.
Melissa Garner,
Sep 11 2021 1:06AM
My husband, John Sumislaski, was headed to a meeting on the 99th floor of the north tower that morning. His train was running late, so as he walked up into the lobby, he saw everyone rushing out and decided to follow them. Sadly, all of the people in his meeting perished. John passed away two months ago, but I take comfort knowing he will be spending the 20th anniversary of 9/11 with his friends and colleagues who he greatly admired in a much better place. May we all learn to live in peace to honor their memory.
Priscilla Sumislaski,
Sep 11 2021 0:08AM
Bernard think of you often. You will never be forgotten
Joanne Brown,
Sep 11 2021 0:04AM
I remember the day exactly as I had just arrived to work at Methodist Hospital here in Houston Texas when my boss stormed in a panic and told me to turn the TV on as he felt we were going to war. As we watched in horror we heard on the intercom to go on lock down as we didn’t know the extent of how far this attack would span. We continued to watch as the second plane hit. My heart sank. We were all told to evacuate and head home. As we drove home I raced to pick up the kids from school, the freeways were flooded and everyone was in a hurry to get to their destination. Once I saw my kids’ faces with confusion about the entire day, I rushed to hug them and felt relief but could not help burst in tears for all those that were not so fortunate. To this day, the anniversary of 9/11 has brought tears to my eyes. New York has a special place in my heart. God bless those we have lost and those who are still wounded by this tragic event.
Diana Miller,
Sep 10 2021 5:30PM
That day I was working at MCI (Telephone Company). They had TV's near the ceilings so we could watch news, while waiting for calls. All of the sudden, I get a call, and the guy asks me, what I thought of what was happening in NY. I didn't know, so looked up, and saw what he meant. Around that same time, Supervisors started handing out notices that we were not allowed to talk about it. Fifteen minutes passed and the calls were coming in. They closed NY phone lines, and people were trying to connect to their loved ones. We were so overwhelmed, that shortly after they sent us home, where I watched the second plane hit.
Felicia Schierberg,
Sep 10 2021 4:42PM
To all my former friends and associates at a wonderful company, "Rest In Peace". Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
Carl Moll,
Sep 10 2021 1:05PM
Thinking of my friends and colleagues who left us on that day 20 years ago. Our world lost so many beautiful points of light that day. For many, that day will never be forgotten not because they lost friends and family, but because they saw the horror on TV, and it impacted them deeply. For those friends who suffered loss, but survived that horrible day, I am praying for you along with the souls of our friends and loved ones. Never Forget!
Bob Henderson ,
Sep 10 2021 0:32PM
20 years later and I continue to think of 9/11 often. I had just started my career with Marsh and STARS and already felt a sense of family amongst my colleagues. May none of those lost be forgotten along with the first and second and many waves of responders following that tragic day. My deepest condolences to everyone who suffered a loss that day. Jen
Jennifer German,
Sep 10 2021 11:33AM
Tonight CNN’s, Anderson Cooper, honored a MMA colleague. Her name is Dorothy Morgan. Finally, 20 years after September 11, 2001, her remains were identified. Dorothy's daughter, Nykiah, was interviewed this evening by Anderson. It was a lovely, compassionate, and touching tribute. To her family, and all the many families affected by that day, God Bless.
Nancy Provost,
Sep 10 2021 1:39AM
I worked for Johnson & Higgins before MMC acquired us. My father built the trade center as an iron worker, local 361. My sister was a paralegal at Brown & Wood. I feel very connected to this tragedy. My heart and prayers go to all involved. I honor those lost and their families every year in my thoughts and prayers through out the month of September. Bless you all.
Frank DeViva,
Sep 9 2021 11:29PM
It was the beginning of my senior year of high school. Sitting in my second period English class, the teacher from the classroom next door barged in, in a panic, saying a plane flew into the World Trade Center. I wouldn't fully understand the magnitude until I saw it, live on TV, in my next class. School was closed shortly after, and while I felt the horror of it all, I still had the guilt filled luxury of being in Ohio, safe and far away from the chaos. Fast forward to 2013, I find myself at Marsh, and realizing the intense connection to 9/11 I have inherited. I didn't know anyone that was lost that day, but I do work with colleagues every day that have eerie stories about why they did not find themselves at work that day. The trauma and loss experienced since that day is unfathomable, but the resiliency of the Marsh team is admired. Thinking of all those lost, and the survivors, on each and every anniversary. ♥♥♥
Amanda S,
Sep 9 2021 4:02PM
Never Forgotten. May all those innocent people rest in peace.
Charlotte Hill,
Sep 9 2021 3:01PM
I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was in 4th grade taking a spelling test. My teacher stopped mid way, asking us to put our pencils down and to raise our hand if our parents worked in New York City. Mine slowly went up along with many of my other classmates. My father came in to school later that day to tell me my mother was safe and my uncle (who worked in the second tower) was also ok. Tragically, my town lost 11 people. My heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one that day.
Grace ,
Sep 9 2021 2:14PM
While the sheer horror and pain around 9/11 can never be forgotten, the day also stands as a strong reminder of the indomitable human spirit. #neverforget.
Sep 9 2021 5:06PM
I kid myself saying it gets easier each passing year. It doesn’t. I think about many of you , not just on 9/11, but at different times during the year as I think about some of the conversations we had at lunch, client or market dinners, business trips, entertaining clients or just chatting in the hallways or coffee shop. You made a difference to me and I miss you all. Peace my friends.
Jim Niwinski,
Sep 9 2021 3:33PM
Very tragic and sad, to this day it still hurts. Yet, we came together as a country and in tragedy we turned to each other for support, comfort and prayer. The lines that divided us were removed. May we remember all that occurred on 9/11.
Mari Hernandez,
Sep 9 2021 3:30PM
SIP Dorothy Burke Morgan, my friend from high school...Hempstead High School Class of 1972. You shall never be forgotten. Prayers to your family...
Patricia Washington King,
Sep 9 2021 2:58PM
I'll never forget that morning. That time I was a trainee in a large American Chemical company, in Brazil, and they said: go to the conference room and see what is happening...I was horrified, shocked, petrified. After that, always 9/11, I send positive thoughts from Brazil to the victims who I believe are in better dimensions than ours.
Kleber, Brazil,
Sep 9 2021 2:03PM
9/11 the most horrific day which can never be forgotten. My prayers and thoughts are always with you.
Sep 9 2021 5:06AM
It was late at night as I fed my newborn baby watching the events unfold from the other side of the world. The fear and tragedy was overwhelming and I wondered what world my daughter would inherit. The strength of humanity and rememberance is powerful. We are and will remain connected. Sending love to all. Gaye Morris Melbourne, Australia
Gaye Morris,
Sep 9 2021 4:58AM
In remembrance of my former boss, Jon Albert—Marsh was my first IT job after college graduation (1987). We were located in Midtown at that time, but I remember Jon as a kind man, with a great smile. He was a great boss for anyone getting started in the workforce, because he had an easy-going managerial style. It was my pleasure to know him and work for him. Blessings to the Albert family…
Adrienne Jennings Holman,
Sep 9 2021 3:30AM
A day and a terrible event that we will never forgot. The Queen's message, read by the British ambassador to Washington, Sir Christopher Meyer, at the prayer service in St Thomas Church, New York in September 2001 defined how many of us in Great Britain were feeling at the time:- You come together today in St Thomas church in New York united in sorrow by the terrible events of last week. Each and every one of us has been shocked and numbed by what we have witnessed in these recent days. But none of us should doubt the resilience and determination of this great and much loved city and its people. Men and women from many nations, from many faiths and from many backgrounds were working together in New York City when this unimaginable outrage overtook them all. At your service today, we think especially of the British victims. For some of them, New York was simply a stopover on some busy travel schedule. For others it was a workplace of excitement and of opportunity. For many it was a familiar second home. These are dark and harrowing times for families and friends of those who are missing or who suffered in the attack - many of you here today. My thoughts and my prayers are with you all now and in the difficult days ahead. But nothing that can be said can begin to take away the anguish and the pain of these moments. Grief is the price we pay for love.
Sep 9 2021 0:06AM
Dear US brothers and sisters. I live in Australia. When I saw the news live of the event, my mind could not comprehend what I was seeing. It took me a couple of days to realise the horror was real. As far as I was from New York, I still felt the sadness and shock. May we never see such travesty again. Love and kindness to all who lost loved ones.
Ellie Diaz,
Sep 8 2021 9:55PM
I want to send my thoughts and prays to all who lost there lives on that tragic day including their family, friends & colleagues. Be kind to yourselves and stay safe, you are always in our thoughts.
Paula, NZ,
Sep 8 2021 7:55PM
Of all the memories I can recall from my elementary school years, this one stands out the most. I still see the tears flowing from my teacher's eyes as we watched the live updates of the chaos. Twenty years later, the sadness is still with me. We are blessed to live an resilient country filled with people of hope. We will continue to move forward, carrying all those we lost close to our hearts. Always remembered, still going strong.
Vanessa Uzoh,
Sep 8 2021 5:15PM
20 years on and my heart still breaks for the victims and their families, and I still weep for the world as it was forever changed that day. R.I.P
Sharon Joseph,
Sep 9 2021 6:54AM
I remember this day as if it happened yesterday. I was in the Marsh office in Antwerp and with all my collegues I witnessed this horrible event. A few years before, I visited New York several times and made friendship with an American collegue. Long afterwards I went back to New York to see my friend again. Proudly she showed me the Memorial at the Marsh Plaza. A moving moment. I will never forget. Peter Slootmans Claims handler - Marsh Belgium
Sep 9 2021 8:18AM
September 11th 2001 I'm not sure there is anybody who does not remember exactly where they were on this day. I was in a tower block in central London where with in 10 minutes of turning on the TV we were evacuated as a precaution. It was a sheer panic just to get home and out of the city. Weeks later we were taken to the roof to be shown what to do if we needed to be rescued air it was utterly terrifying having to go through the training not knowing if you would ever had to put it into practice. Nobody will ever forget that day and my heart goes out to all of our colleagues families and friends who were lost, but no forgotten. If you do get the chance visit the 9/11 museum and memorial its an utterly humbling experience. As you stand around the fountain you will notice how silent it is.
Natalie Cartmer,
Sep 9 2021 0:33PM
On this day my thoughts are with Craig Gibson, a friend and colleague - R.I.P. Craig
Brigid Wallen,
Sep 9 2021 8:15AM
I remember exactly where I was on that day, working for AXA Insurance in Reading in the UK. My friend came back from a broker visit at about 1.00pm GMT and just said 'turn the TV on'.......I will never forget what I witnessed that day. Thoughts are with all those affected, not only this year but always.
Adrian, UK,
Sep 8 2021 2:42PM
Never Forget. We are Connected.
Lisa Dawson-Knight,
Sep 8 2021 3:12PM
We will never forget. Our thoughts will be with those affected by these tragic events forever. xxx
Hanif Rahaman,
Sep 8 2021 1:51PM
I was working in America in 2001. As part of my university course I had the chance to come work in Rhode Island, my nanna had passed away on the 31st Aug and I found it hard to get a flight home to Scotland. I finally found one September 11th from Boston. A couple of days after I had booked i got a call from the airline to say they could get me on a flight on the 10th instead, so I said yes. The flight home on the 10th September was hard, I had made some of the most amazing friends and I really didn't want to leave them..... I landed back in Scotland and remember walking past a tv, I glanced and saw the first plane crashing..... my heart sank I watched in total shock..... I thanked my lucky stars I got that earlier flight. I was at the top of the twins towers on September 9th 2001 by Last trip to New York before coming home.... I'll never forget the man in the elevator, the New Yorkers who were so friendly and the people I met x
Sep 8 2021 1:43PM
I was on a plane from London to Glasgow that morning, and returned on 12th September to a very different world. Such a terrible event but we respond with kindness, hope and determination and will always remember those that did not come home
Laurence Flynn,
Sep 8 2021 1:41PM
For friends, neighbors, MMC and Marsh colleagues, my city and my country, so much was lost that day. Innocence and confidence never to be restored. We pulled together with compassion and determination which served us well. I will never forget. I am always reminded, always moved to tears.
Elizabeth Kellner,
Sep 8 2021 0:58PM
As Office Head in Washington, DC at the time, I vividly remember the picturesque sunrise of 9/11, finishing my routine morning run on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial thinking to myself "what a fabulous city and country I live in and what a wonderful life I have." Later that morning, my assistant passed me a note during a meeting saying "FYI, plane crashed into World Trade Center." I came out to the lobby saw the image now burned into memory and ran to my office to call my colleague who insisted that he attend a conference at the Trade Center in my place that day. He answered his cell on the ninth ring saying he had just gotten off the Path train. Then the rest of the day unfolded as Washington also came under attack and colleagues feared for their safety and those of their friends and families in NY and elsewhere. I knew so many of our lost colleagues personally and wonder to this day how things may have been different for them if only the smallest things had gone differently for them, just as they did for me. I'm torn with my own emotions of how that day represented the worst possible time for colleagues and yet one of the finest moments of leadership and selfless response of MarshMcLennan in the "moment that truly mattered most." Life is truly fragile and I've been given a gift of 20 more years than I might have had but for a seemingly insignificant decision. Since that day, and for every day to my last, I celebrate my life and live every day to the fullest. May you all do the same and may we always remember those less fortunate.
Dick Duncan,
Sep 8 2021 0:52PM
I was in my 2nd year at Mercer and on the west coast, and was awakened by a call from my brother who just said turn on your tv. I will never forget the horror of the jumpers, "the jumpers". It's hard to even write that, but our colleagues who died lived that. Having witnessed it live broadcast, you cannot unsee that. Peace. God bless us all.
wes edwards,
Sep 8 2021 1:11PM
As we approach the 20th anniversary of that horrendous day, and I think back to my personal experiences of 9/11 and find myself going through the losses and fear all over again, in my thoughts. The friends and colleagues who perished continue to be mourned and missed as much or more than they were in 2001. I wear the label "9/11 Survivor" with some reluctance, these days, until I think of them. Than I remember that even though I've lived through health issues, and all the other problems one goes through after such an experience, I've done it with the pride and determination my 295 coworkers were denied. I honor them. They are truly my heroes and forever in my heart.
Lorraine Pepe,
Sep 5 2021 4:34AM
We will never forget the many lives lost and to the many survivors who have endured the mental and physical pain. My heart and prayers are with you always.
Anna Hahn,
Sep 7 2021 1:53PM
I remember how clear and crisp the day was. Since then every time we have a cool fall or spring day with a beautiful clear sky I cannot help but think of that day. Once the planes hit our building most of our colleagues were glued to the south facing windows- trying to understand what they were seeing, when the second plane came in we understood. I think everyone who was part of the Marsh family at that time has the day etched in our minds. We cannot forget our colleagues; our memories of their faces, smiles and laughter are forever part of our journey. We miss them all. God bless them.
Robert Howe,
Sep 2 2021 8:40PM
Around the country, we pause to remember our Marsh McLennan colleagues who lost their lives on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, vowing to “never forget.” To reflect is difficult for me, because I was there witnessing every moment of the attacks from a safe distance. But, we will endure and we will overcome. May their souls continue to rest in eternal peace.
Winston Antrobus,
Sep 2 2021 8:40PM
As a 9/11 survivor, I will never forget that horrific morning 20 years ago when 295 Marsh McLennan colleagues innocently went to work and lost their lives in the terrible attacks on the World Trade Center. These remarkable men and women were my coworkers and friends, parents of loved ones; and, above all, Marsh McLennan family. I will miss their kind presence, reassuring voices, friendship, passion and support. As we reflect on the 20th anniversary of September 11th, I will continue to pray for them, and they will never be forgotten.
Gerard M. Wertz Director,
Sep 2 2021 8:39PM
Through sheer terror and ambiguous loss, shattered lives and dreams, paralyzing fear and the darkest depths of grieving, shines the light of love, healing and community. Somehow we move forward, together, rudderless at first, and never the same. Yet with time our raw pain fades into memories that give us warmth, courage and inspire us. You guide us with the gentlest of hands, the most beautiful of memories and you give us hope. You are our light. 20 years later - we will never forget.
Pete Walther,
Sep 2 2021 7:11PM