Jerrold H. Paskins
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Sincere condolences to Jerry's loved ones. America will never forget.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 28 2022 5:04AM
All through high school and college Jerry was my best friend. We were always together. Circumstances and distance separated us after college but we always kept in touch. He will always be in my memory and I honor him and his family for a life well lived.
Robert M. Smith, Friend
Jul 22 2018 1:42AM
When I hear anything about 911, I always think about Jerry. I first met him when we worked together for State Farm in Omaha Nebraska. We fellowship at his church and he was a true Christian brother. I believe he is with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. My wife and I also think about his wife, Inez. God bless you!!! Pastor Earl Madison, Friend
Earl Madison, Friend
Sep 29 2014 7:32PM
I met Jerry when we were both students at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. Every time I review the 1969 year book I can't help but focus on the group photo of the staff members of the Gateway student newspaper with Jerry in it. I'm glad I got to know Jerry. He will not be forgotten.
Tim Connelly, Friend
Sep 11 2014 11:59AM
I didn't know Jerrold personally. I work for Marsh and want his family to know we have not forgotten all of our wonderful colleagues who lost their lives on 9/11. God bless America.
Mary Ann Simpson, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 4:06PM
I knew Jerry and Inez when they attended Wooddale Church in Minnesota in the early '80's. What struck me most was Jerry's incredible ability to reach out to kids. Even though my brother and I were just teenagers, he interacted with us as if we were close friends. My mother recently passed away, and like Jerry, suddenly, which causes me to reflect on just how short our time in this place is. September 11 is a difficult day for me, but I hold tight to memories such as Jerry's bright smile and then remember that God decided to call Jerry home a little early to prepare a little spot for his family where they will reunite in paradise forever. September 11 brought out the worst in some, but the best in many.
Laurel Falck (Erwin), Friend
Sep 10 2008 4:58PM
I worked with Jerry at Signet Star and ran the Corporate Challenge with him. Jerry was ahead of me for most of the race and I caught up to him with about 1/4 mile to go. I yelled, "Come on Jerry, let's go!", and we crossed the finish line together. Jerry insisted that my name be listed first in spite of the fact that we were tied. He was like that. In the fall of 2001, I ran the Chickamauga Battlefield marathon and dedicated the last quarter mile to Jerry. We shared an interest in the Civil War and he was fascinated by the fact that my grandfather had fought there (he was 70 when my mother was born). The day after Chickamauga was November 11. I am glad that something of Jerry was found even though we all have him in our hearts. He was an inspiration.
William Ayres, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 8:41AM
I just want Inez, Jerry's wife, to know that I am thinking of her and remembering her during this time of the year. We love you in your hometown of Omaha and will never forget you and your family.
linda templeton, Friend
Sep 12 2005 3:24PM
I knew Jerry from his days at Signet Star. I remember how he liked to organize the company team for the Coporate Challenge in Morristown NJ. I still have a picture of the team. He was inspiring,I'm not a runner and I never ran in a race in my life but he inspired others who never ran before to join the team just for the fun of it. I had to walk part of the way but I manage to run across the finish line and the team did get a trophy for the most colorfull racing shirts. On this second anniversary my thoughts and prayers go out to your family. It was a pleasure to have worked with and known Jerry.
Thomas Beesley, Colleague
Sep 11 2003 11:07AM
I worked with Jerry many years ago in New Jersey. He always struck me as the quintessential Midwesterner. Strong values. Even-tempered. Bright, caring and a really solid and respected gentleman. It seemed so striking to me how he was just in New York for that one week, that one fateful meeting and yet I cannot pretend that I believe that it was an accident. I know that whatever He had in store for Jerry it is much better than we have ever set our hearts on. My prayers go out to his sister. I read the article and I am so grateful that we New Yorkers have been good about this September 11th. I personally was deeply touched by everyone I saw that day and all of those who helped me make it through a very difficult time. I pray we all use our lives so that we are worthy of all we have been blessed with.
Helen, Colleague
Sep 27 2002 10:58AM
Jerrold, no one should die such a tragic and senseless death and not have more than just a name. I never knew you. Have not had any affiliation with anyone who died on September 11 that I know of, but my heart aches for the thousands who lost life on that day, and for the 10's of thousands who are family, friends, and colleagues and acquaintances whose lives will never be the same. I will remember your family in my prayers. Their pain must be tremendous in the wake of your death. I pray that you are at the banquet table of the Lord as I write this little note, where there are no more tears, no more sadness, no more pain, no more suffering. I pray that you lived a good and righteous life and that you knew love. Jeanne
Jeanne, Friend
Sep 15 2002 11:18PM