Timothy Haviland

'Titanic' was just hitting theaters when Timothy A. Haviland earned a promotion from computer programmer to project manager at Marsh & McLennan, a jump that took him from an office on the Avenue of the Americas in Midtown to the 96th floor of 1 World Trade Center.

Just like Jack, the movie’s hero, Mr. Haviland thought that he had it all. 'After his first day, he was jumping around the house saying, `This is New York! I’m king of the world!’ ' said his wife, Amy L. Haviland. 'This man, you couldn’t get the smile off his face when his position moved to the World Trade Center.'

Mr. Haviland, 41, met the future Mrs. Haviland online almost five years ago. They hit it off immediately but had one big problem: he was in St. Paul, Minn., and she was on Long Island. He decided to visit. She said their love affair began in the baggage claim area at La Guardia Airport and led to a wedding two years ago. It was a four-ring ceremony: one each for the bride and groom and a ring for each of Mrs. Haviland’s children, Nicholas, 14, and Jesse, 12.

Mrs. Haviland’s brother, Robert W. Spear Jr., a firefighter, also died in the attack.

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It has been many years since 9/11. I'm watching a program on 9/11 and can't help but think about Tim. I worked with him at Norwest Bank. I don't think we had yet become Wells Fargo. I vividly remember him sitting in my cube and telling me he had met someone special and was moving to New York. I know your pain will never go away but I am happy you both found each other even if it was for a brief time. Wishing you and your family peace.
Connie Hinton , Colleague
Mar 19 2024 0:59AM
I grew up in Ames (Garfield Ave) Lived In Connecticut on 9/11. I sit here in Nov. 2023 teaching my daughter about 9/11. We wanted to let you all know that we will never forget what happened that day. God Bless America. May you all know peace.
Prochaska, Friend
Nov 15 2023 5:03PM
I grew up with timothy haviland in ames, iowa. Tim lived on Wisconsin street. I lived on the corner of Ross Road and Wisconsin street. We played together as children. I still live in Ames, Iowa near the old neighborhood. I hope to see Tim's sister Susan next year at our 50 year high school re-union. Prayers to the Haviland family.
tracey lambert, Friend
Oct 23 2018 11:36AM
I remember Tim well when we both worked at Lawson Software in Minneapolis. He actually sat right behind me. I will always remember his tall lanky body strolling in off his bike w/ a backpack on his back. Always a smile and usually something academically witty to say. He is missed - we need more Tim Havilands in this world. Never forget.
Eric Lopez, Colleague
Sep 8 2014 6:01PM
I never met Tim, but we both grew up in Ames, Iowa, though he was some twenty years my elder. Our parents have long known each other as well. I think of Tim and the twinkle in his eye in this photograph whenever 9-11 anniversaries come along, or on visits to Manhattan, and I try to imagine him as a student at Ames High School years before he made his way to Manhattan, or as the devoted husband and father saying goodbye to his wife on the morning of September 11. Sending prayers for the Havilands as this 10-year marker arrives, as well as a reminder that those of us connected even in very small ways to Tim still think of him and his family and mourn his loss.
Kirsten, Friend
Sep 11 2011 2:40AM
My dear friend Tim, It's a beautiful day weather-wise here in Minnesota. The sun is shining (I know you're looking down on us!) and there's a cool breeze. You'd like it. A perfect day for bike riding, taking a walk, or grabbing a bite. I vividly remember discussing your extreme excitement (over Chinese food, of course) about going to New York, becoming a husband and a dad. Please know that I carry our friendship in my heart and think of you often. I'm so sorry that there's been much tragedy through your family over the past several years. I continue to miss you and think so fondly on our times together my dear friend. May you and yours rest in peace.
Ellen, Friend
Sep 11 2010 12:00PM
Timothy was my 8th cousin once removed, according to genealogical theory. I never met him, but since 9/11 I have spoken with his father. For his father lost another close family member in a national tragedy: his sister's daughter, Timothy's first cousin, Astronaut Laurel Blair (Salton) Clark died in the Space Shuttle Columbia crash on 1 Feb 2003. My heart and thoughts are with them and their families always.
Christopher Sirmons Haviland, Family
Mar 18 2007 11:32PM
Upon the July, 2004 birth of my son, Timothy, I entered his name into a search engine, curious as to the results. I often do this with my own name as well as those of family members. Normally there are few, if any results of significance. Of course this time the results were different. Though I am sure that we are not related, I hope that Mr. Haviland's friends and family will take comfort in knowing that his name lives on. Though it was unintentional, and though we never met, I will always be reminded of Mr. Haviland and that terrible day whenever I hear or mention my son's name. May God bless Mr. Haviland, the rest of those who perished, their families, and the United States of America.
Dennis Haviland, Friend
Sep 11 2006 10:54AM
'I gotta get my mocha-java'...I remember that. He had an almost swank way of going about his morning ritual of getting his coffee. Tim sat about three feet from me on the 96th floor of tower one. He was one of the finest people I have ever worked with. He worked incredibly hard, but we usually talked about everything but work. I remember him talking fondly about his dad (who I think was/is an Episcopal minister). I remember him talking about the differences between the 'twin cities'. I remember him talking with real meaning about his concern and love for his wife's children. He was a great man. I wish he was here now. I was one of the lucky ones. I left Marsh four months before 9/11. Afterwards I was very upset because I couldn't remember a book Tim had recommended to me. It might sound odd that a simple book would cause me to worry, but it did. I don't know why. Well, at any rate, about five months later I did remember: 'The Well Tempered Sentence'. . . He was right, I did like it. Well, I miss him now. I hope one day we meet again.
Timothy Sinnott, Colleague
Jan 9 2006 11:50PM
On September 11 I was shocked to find out the twin towers had been destroyed. I was later to find out,that my uncles brother had been in Tower 1. A few months later, Tim's cousin LAUREL CLARK, was in the Columbia Tradegy. I am trying to get everyong to realize that what you have is very special. LOVE YOUR LOVED ONES BEFORE THEY ARE GONE. Elly Olson
Elly Olson, Family
Nov 6 2003 3:12PM
I did not know Timothy, but have come across his name on this memorial site. I just want to say how sorry I am to all his family and friends for their tragic loss. And to also let them know that many people are thinking of him today.
Melissa, Friend
Sep 11 2003 7:51PM