James Christopher Cappers
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I didn't know James, but I'd like to offer condolences to all who did. America will never forget those lost on 9/11/01.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 19 2022 9:35PM
I live in NYC, and had lost friends on 9/11 as most had, but only learned of Chris's passing some time after 9/11. Chris and I played lacrose together at Quiniipiac University, he is missed I'm certain.
Terence Geoghan, Friend
May 14 2012 12:09PM
Chris was one of my brother's best friends. He was also my friend. We all grew up together in Long Valley...LOTS of pizza, hanging out in the family room, TONS of laughs...The last time I saw him was @ my wedding in Atlanta. He & his wife had just found out, she was pregnant w/their 1st child. THEY WERE BEAMING WITH JOY! Chris, you will always be in my heart....Always Missed, Never Forgotten...
Charlotte Strunk-Tatum, Friend
Sep 14 2011 11:26PM
Chris was a business associate. Always very kind and helpful. Prayers of comfort go out to his family on this 10th Memorial 9-11.
CS, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 1:13PM
I grew up with Chris (good friend of his older brother). I learned about his death several years ago on the internet, but have had trouble contacting his family. He was a good friend. It brings chills to my spine every time I see a memorial for him. He is missed.
Doug Riggs, Friend
Jan 15 2008 12:00AM
My husband, Mark Anderson, grew up with Chris (everyone called him Chris-his middle name) in Long Valley, NJ. He was also in our wedding party back in 1995. I still think about the tragedy of his death and hurt for his whole family. Praying for the entire Cappers family. God bless- Alisa Anderson
Alisa Anderson, Friend
Jan 29 2007 12:26AM
Still remebering
Mary K. Duke, Colleague
May 1 2006 8:18PM
I don't have the words to describe the emptiness his absence leaves in our lives, but his spirit lives on in all of us who knew him. I would like to say thank you for all the support and warm thoughts.
Mark Cappers, Family
Dec 2 2005 2:34AM
Still remembering!
Mary K. Duke, Colleague
Mar 23 2005 7:27PM
James' dad Murray started me off on my Chemical Industry Risk Management career in 1969 while we were working for FIA in Atlanta GA. I just heard that Murray passed away in September 2002. It looks like that there are and could be more victims who were not in the WTC Towers.
Hugh Benziger, Friend
Feb 10 2005 7:44PM
I met Chris shortly after joining Marsh PCS. I had the opportunity to train with him for our similar job roles. Immediately we connected. We laughed together and always caught-up whenever we ran into each other at work related events. Not only were our work roles similar, we were similar, in terms of age, marriage and children. Chris was a good man, his family is often in my prayers, I trust that God will bless them.
Willem Erwich, Colleague
May 21 2003 2:53PM
Chris was a bright light I will not forget. Although I knew him in a professional capacity, his humanity always shone through. I hope his family can draw strength from his goodness.
Mary K. Duke, Colleague
Sep 10 2002 10:20PM
I only worked with Chris for a year or two, but I can say he was a hard worker and a good person. He was serious, but he had a good sense of humor. I'm sure his wife and two young sons miss him deeply.
Leila Elvebakk, Colleague
Apr 19 2002 2:01PM