Paul R. Hughes

Family Tribute:When I must leave you for a little whilePlease do not grieve and shed wild tearsAnd hug your sorrow to you through the yearsBut start out bravely with a gallant smile;And for my sake and in my nameLive on and do all things the same;Feed not your loneliness on empty days,But fill each hour in useful ways,Reach out your hand in comfort and in cheerAnd in turn I will comfort youAnd hold you near;And never, never be afraid to die.For I am waiting for you in the sky.

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As boys, my cousin “Buddy” and I had so many fun times together. I miss that we can not reconnect and relive those days.
Michael waite, Family
Sep 11 2023 9:19PM
Paul Hughes and I worked together at the Port Authority of NY & NJ and he convinced me to work with him at in 1996. I think about Paul, his wife and daughter Amanda who I visited at their home in Stamford. Paul is truly missed, my friend, devoted husband and father, thank you for letting me in your life.
Lophney knight, Colleague
Jul 22 2021 11:20PM
I was gifted a silver bracelet after 9/11 with Paul’s name on it. The name is randomly chosen and sent to purchaser. I have worn it on all anniversaries of this tragedy. I was teaching in Highlands Elementary at the time, directly across the water. I could see the towers and the smoke. I could see those who got out on the ferries and wandered aimlessly about the town waiting to be picked up. I read about Paul every year, he is remembered by a stranger every year and I wish his family well.
Lisa E, Friend
Sep 11 2020 7:24PM
I have never met Paul, but recently had the pleasure of meeting his wife Donna on a cruise to Alaska. I was so moved by speaking to her about her husband and the 9/11 tragedy, that I thought I would send along my condolences on this website. I have been thinking about Donna and how much strength she had to get through that extremely difficult time period and raise a wonderful daughter on her own!
Agi Chapman, Friend
Jul 30 2016 10:43PM
Paul and I worked together at AT&T.; I believe we were both consultants at the time. He was always very soft spoken and sweet. If you ever needed help, Paul was there. Today, 13 years later it makes me sad to view his picture. He was the only person I knew who was taken on 9/11. I'm sure he's helping people with their technology in heaven!
Marcia Sandford, Colleague
Sep 11 2014 10:30AM
Spent some time remembering Buddy today on 9/11 anniversary. Love you and miss you Cous.
Mike Wolf, Family
Sep 11 2012 9:16AM
I had the pleasure to work with Paul when he was at AT&T.; Paul's intelligence, generosity, and sense of humor certainly made my job a little easier. He called me regularly after he left AT&T; in our last conversation, we discussed what kind of computer he should get for his young daughter. When I later found out that Paul had perished in the WTC attack, my sadness became ten times worse.
Ed Oliveri, Friend
Jul 12 2012 10:07AM
Sunday at the SF Giants LA Dodger game, the Giants passed out flags with the name of someone who lost their life in 9-11. My daughter brought hers home and it had the name 'Paul Rexford Hughes' on it. So I searched him on the internet because I wanted to see the face behind the name and wondered if he had a family. 10 years have passed and We Will Never Forget!! To his family, a family in California thought of your husband, dad, and brother that day and said a special prayer for you. I now will remember Paul Rexford Hughes and will save my flag in memory of him and his sacrifice.
Kim, Friend
Sep 14 2011 2:26AM
To Paul's family and friends, on this tenth anniversary I hope you all have peace. I didn't know Paul at all: his name was one I picked at random on this tenth anniversary. My thoughts are with him today and with you.
Jaime Taurosangastre Candelas, Friend
Sep 11 2011 2:45PM
I found a business card that belonged to Paul R. Hughes. If anyone can find his wife, Donna (found in a book) or any of his family members, let them contact me a Since the contact will go to my junk mail, please make the subject '911-Paul R. Hughes'. To avoid possible pranksters, the contact will need to tell me, company name and/or building and/or floor and/or phone number and/or e-mail address. Although this card is precious to me, it may be even more precious to his family since it may be the closest thing to him that survive on 9/11/2001 I know Paul R. Hughes only in my heart and would like to give the card to his family if they would like it. God Bless. My name is Jewel.
Jewel, Friend
Sep 11 2009 10:31PM
Paul and I were in the same homeroom from 7th grade at Broadway Junior High through our senior year at Southside High School.He always had something good to say,even when he was the subject of a joke.It saddens me to think that it was one of those things how friends drift away from after graduating High School,but we all move on.How sad it is when we do drift away and never get to say goodbye until we make an entry in a memorial for someone we never took the time to tell how much of a friend they had been and you miss them. Tonight at the Memorial service at Teal Park I'll say a few words about him and how sad it is that he's gone. The worst part is I'll never have the opportunity to tell him in person how I truly enjoyed his friendship while we were growing up. I miss you Paul.
Jeffrey Greatsinger, Friend
Sep 11 2009 3:29PM
I was a consultant who worked at MMC from 1997-1999 on the technology side. I dealt with Paul many times both professionally and personally (various lunches) during that time. He was truly a wonderful man and just remembering him and seeing his picture after all this time still brings a smile to my face. He had such a great, easy going personality and will always be remembered.
Glenn G, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 12:08PM
My students and I want to let you know Paul is in our thoughts and prayers...on this the 8th anniversary of Paul in Heaven...High School students of Millbrook
Daytop- Millbrook, Friend
Sep 11 2009 9:58AM
Happy Birthday little brother. I miss you more than words can express. Your Sis
Lynn Hill, Family
Sep 14 2008 12:43PM
I worked with Paul at AT&T; in 1988. He was a great guy. Always there to help. I am sorry to have seen his name in 2001 when browsing the boards in Grand Central. He is the only person I knew personally that died that day which is just one more reason he is special to me. I hope his family is doing well and my thoughts will always be with him and them.
marcia sandford, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 1:14PM
my dad was a huge part of my life and thank you to all for your prayers. i am now 16 years old and i still remember him and miss him terribly. i love you daddy.
Amanda Hughes, Family
May 21 2008 11:03AM
I was thinking of you a lot today. I still miss you so much. Life is so unfair. Another holiday season is here and you are not. You should be here with your family. Your daughter has grown to be a beautiful person. I'm so proud of her. Words can not express the love I have for her. I know you are OK and still with us in spirit but I can't get rid of this hole in my heart. I Love You little brother. Lynn
Lynn, Family
Nov 20 2007 6:01PM
Paul R. Hughes was our teacher's loving husband. He was very caring and important to her and their daughter. We think of him in our prayers. He seemed like such a nice respectful intellegent man. Our teacher loved him very much and we appreciate her feelings and thoughts about the situation. He was a good man and he now shines the light of hope on our faces....and will always be remembered. Love, Mrs.Hughes Class of 2007. P.S. Every day when we say the pledge of allegance we think of him in our moment of silence. He lie in our memory and hearts.
Mrs.Hughes's class of 07, Friend
May 14 2007 9:06AM
Paul r. Hughes was a loving, unselfish man. He cared and loved many peaple and was very genourus. Paul r. hughes is my teachers husband. Donna hughes is my teacher. We hope you are watching over us and we hope your doing well up there with our holy father.
Ayesha, Friend
Jan 17 2007 5:32PM
I lived across the dorm hall from Paul my Freshman year at Clarkson. He was an intellegent, kind and humorous man. While the rest of us were partying, Paul would be reading a book or listening to music. I was just back at Clarkson and saw the beautiful Memorial they erected as a tribute to Paul and the other three Clarkson alumni who died. I thought it was a fitting tribute to Paul.
Peter Bridges, Friend
Jul 13 2006 9:18AM
Altough I unfortanly never got the chance to met Paul I sure would had loved to. I look at his pictures as tears roll down my cheek. I am sure he was a great man. god bless
Lara, Friend
Aug 1 2004 2:03AM
I met Paul when we were in 7th grade together in Elmira, NY. We spent many days playing Euchre over the next 6 years during our lunch period. Paul was truly a wonderful classmate and friend. The last time I saw Paul was at our 20 year Class Reunion during the summer of 2000. He was very happy to be working in the World Trade Center. I, along with many of my former classmates, think of Paul often and really miss him. Rest in peace, Buddy!
Alan Cecce, Friend
Jan 8 2004 9:11PM
Had the pleasure of working with his terrific daughter during her 5th grade year-the year she lost her dad...Her strength and courage were inspirational.. I think about the family often
Ed Bond, Friend
Dec 3 2003 11:05AM
I live in Pinellas Park, FL, and was at Eckerd with my 2-year-old son, when I walked past the magazine aisle, and they had one with a list of the victims. I had never seen a full list, so I was surprised to see my own name in there. I felt somewhat of a connection at that point, as I had not known any of the victims, though most people I know did have some connection. I will be holding Paul's family in my prayers today.
Paul Hughes, Friend
Sep 11 2002 9:00AM
I worked together with Paul for about 2 years at Marsh. I frequently had to visit the computer room where Paul worked. We had a lot of laughs together and I knew I could depend on him when I needed something done.
Ron Vestuto, Colleague
Sep 10 2002 12:24PM