Patricia McAneney

Family Tribute:Pat was my only sister. There was a large difference in our ages. When Pat was growing up she was closer in age to my daughters, so she grew up more as a sister to them than as an aunt. As Pat grew older, she became my friend as well as my sister.

Pat was a loving, kind, generous and loyal person. When Pat made a friend, she kept that friend for life.

She was especially generous with the time she spent with her elderly aunt and her young nieces and nephews. When Pat was in their company she always found time to listen to them or play games with the young ones, especially her goddaughter, Morgan. Whenever the family is together, first come the tears of sorrow and loss, but then the smiles and laughter take over as we remember something funny Pat has said or done.

Wherever we are, Pat’s spirit is there with us. She will always be missed and in the hearts of her family and friends forever.

Her Loving Brother, James McAneney & FamilyPatricia McAneney: Like a Firefighter

As a little girl, Patricia McAneney was rarely without her toy fireman's hat. She grew up honest and conscientious, embodying the firefighter ideal. Ms. McAneney never joined the Fire Department, but her strong principles brought loyalty from friends and admiration from co-workers. She was the fire marshal of her floor of 1 World Trade Center, where she worked for the insurance company Guy Carpenter.

'If one of us committed a crime, Pat would be the last person we could go to because she would turn you in,' said Margaret Cruz, who shared a home with Ms. McAneney for nearly 20 years. Ms. McAneney's droll sense of humor shined through when Ms. Cruz teased her about this. 'She said she might give me a few hours' head start,' Ms. Cruz said.

Phyllis Libretti, a friend since childhood, cherishes a plaque given to her by Ms. McAneney. It says:

The reason why we're such good friends/ is very plain to see

I understand the things you do/you have respect for me

No complicated folks are we/no striving to be clever

Yes, friends may come and friends may go/but we'll be friends forever

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You were more than my colleague. You were, and still are, my friend. I think about you often, and only remember our seemingly endless laughing together. My heart ached so badly when that laughter had to end. But here it is, nearly 20 years later, and my thoughts of you and our friendship are once again filled with laughter, and great memories of your one in a million smile. I do miss you Met fan, but soon this Yankee fan will be joining you, and you'll have to put up with my teasing all over again.
Lorraine Pepe, Friend
Jan 22 2021 5:11AM
I came across your name just today. My memories of you are delightful. We didn't know each other long and sometimes I guess we disagreed, but you were kind, funny, and a reliable co-worker. I know you are in a good place now, despite the fact that I'm so sorry to have learned that you are gone. I will pray for you every day, as well as for Margaret, for whom I wish only the very best.
Pat (Ignatovich) Flood, Colleague
Jun 9 2018 0:12PM
This site asked me to describe my relationship with you "friend" or "colleague"? Friend first, colleague second. I miss you so much. Barely a week goes by when I don't think about you and your wonderful smile. So many laughs Met fan, from this Yankee fan who will remember and miss you forever. Thanks!!
Lorraine Pepe, Friend
Jun 18 2016 10:45PM
I just came across this and realized that Pat and I graduated from All Saints High School in 1968. Let me express my condolences to her family and friends. I am so sorry that this happened. Rest in Peace Pat.
judy sniegocki (whitley, Friend
Jan 30 2012 3:15PM
My mother was Helen Oster nee McAneney. I just stumbled across this tribute and was moved to introduce myself to Patricia's friends and family. I suspect we are distant cousins. Best Regards from Ottawa Canada
Michael Oster, Family
Nov 8 2008 9:38PM
Pat, tomorrow we begin a new bowling season and I'm reminded of our bus rides to the Chelsea Piers and how we'd make each other laugh. Good times. We weren't the best bowlers, but we sure had fun. God bless.
Debbie Bouchard, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 10:35AM
Peace and healing to you Margaret and the McAneney family. We will never forget Pat.
Jose Rosado, Montclair
Mar 21 2008 11:34AM
What a very very sad loss. I am sat here on a very dark night in my house, with my now legal 'husband' after our 20 gay years together, and our 3 wonderful children sleeping in their beds, with tears rolling down my face after watching Ms Cruz on the BBC talking about her loss. Ms Cruz, you are an inspiration to many of us and we wish you all the love in the world. The Drewitt-Barlow Family London-UK
Barrie & Tony Drewitt-Barlow - England, Friend
Sep 10 2007 6:03PM
It's been almost 6 yrs. now, but not to me. To me it was yesterday!! I think of you every day, every time a stupid litle thing happens that we would just crack up at...The great times we had growing up together and, of course, 'the Catholic High School Days'. Those years were the BEST time of my life. You're my BEST FRIEND, and I'm lost down here without you. But, I know you and Bily and Barney are up there watching over us all. Do me a favor OK, have a beer for me!!! I love you Patty. You were MORE than my friend, you were and always will be MY FAMILY.... Love you, Phyllis
Phyllis LiBretti, Friend
Aug 21 2007 9:00PM
Pat, you were as lucky to have had Margaret Cruz in your life as she was to have you. I'm sure you saw how eloquent and loving she was in her speech during this year's memorial service at the WTC. I know you were so proud. Bless you Margaret. I hope to meet you someday, so we can compare stories about Ms. Met. I'm sure yours are a lot better than mine! Pat, the Mets are 3 games from clinching. Keep it up Baby!!
Lorraine Pepe, Friend
Sep 13 2006 12:08PM
Pat may god bless your soul. I had the privilege of having Margaret come into my life because of both of our losses. I know how much you were and still are loved. My prayers are with you and with Margaret. I pray you are at peace and that Margaret heals. You touched many when you were here on earth, and you are still touching peoples lives now. Margaret I am so proud of you for everything, I thank you for the support you have given me and I hope you know you will always have my support. Pat I lit a candle for you this morning when I lit my candle for Ken. May you rest in peace enjoy your paradise and watch the Mets once again win the World Series!!!!!!!!!!! you have touched so many as I had read and heard thru stories, since I never met you. You have touched even more after your time on earth. Thank you for giving Margaret the strength to get through life with you physically gone, I know you will always be with her spiritually and emotionally, you never left. God Bless Maggie Suddath
Maggie Suddath, Friend
Sep 11 2006 4:04PM
I saw Pat's partner, Margaret Cruz, read Pat's name at the 9/11 Memorial and I could not believe the courage it took for her to express her love for the whole world to see. If something good has to come from a horrible tragedy, perhaps it is to show our gay brother and sisters as loving, caring, individuals who have meaningful relationships with partners they love. I will keep Patricia McAneney in my prayers as I will keep Margaret.
Steve Bluestein, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 1:49PM
I was just reading Lorraine's tribute and here it is, 5 years later and we still think of you and miss you. And how many times I thought that you are pulling strings as I look at the paper and see that Met lead getting bigger and bigger. It must be you. I wish for one more time when you would tell your stories and have us all laughing. Chipper is still thinking of you.
Larry Helmes, Friend
Sep 8 2006 6:11PM
Well Ms. Met it's been almost 5 years. I cannot believe it! I think of you often and still miss you today as I much as I did in September of 2001. It's funny how sometimes you can forget how a person looks after not seeing them for awhile, but your great face and smile are as clear to me as if we just had one our invigorating arguments about the Mets and Yankees and, as usual, you just walked away from my desk either laughing or huffing. By the way, what strings are you pulling, or whose HAIR are you pulling, to have the Mets be 14 games in 1st place on August 25th??? Hope you're enjoying it! I miss and love you and wish more than anything that you were here. God bless you my friend. I'll see you someday when I get there.
Lorraine Pepe, Friend
Aug 25 2006 2:49PM
Even though I never met Patricia McAneney, I think of her often. There aren't many of us with this surname so you never know... we might be from the same patch of ground where our Celtic ancestors passed on those grand tales of days gone by. I am saddened when I read these touching tributes; that your family, friends and loved ones are missing you and that I did not know you. It is clear that Patricia is loved by all she knew and made a positive and profound difference in the lives of many, many people. That takes a very special person. God Bless you always Patricia. Tom McAneney
Thomas J. McAneney, Jr.
Jun 18 2006 3:18AM
It still brings tears to my eyes whenever I run across Pat's name on the Internet. You see, I recall the day in 1950 when Pattie's older brother Jimmy and I were sitting on the stoop of their apartment house ... and her mother asked me to hold little/newborn Pattie while she straightened out the baby blanket in Pattie's carriage. Soon afterward, her mother sent Jimmy to get Pattie some baby formula (Pablum or something like that), and I accompanied her brother Jimmy to the grocery store on Guernsey Street to buy it. Pattie was just a tiny newborn then, and that was the only time I ever met her. I left for the service in 1953, so I never recall ever seeing/meeting her again ... even though it seems like yesterday that I held her as a baby. Pat's brother and I were good Greenpoint, Brooklyn street buddies back then (and we still are), so her loss is like someone in my own family. I just know she was a good person, because she came from a good family. I pray for her and her family ... and may her soul rest in peace.
John F. Wise (aka: Blackie), Friend
Jul 18 2005 10:29AM
Patricia's name caught my eye when reviewing world trade centre victims. My mothers name is Noelene Patricia McAneney. I guess we're your long lost cousins from Australia. Though distance and generations pass between us and I never met Patricia I will always remember the sadness I felt when I read her name. G-d Bless Sam
Samantha Ehrenfeld, Family
Nov 10 2002 11:50AM
I work for Applied Materials in Austin, TX. As a one year tribute to the victims of the 9/11 attacks, wrist bands were created which had the name, age and location of each person. Each employee picked one up in the lobby on their way in and wore it for the day. I picked up the one that had Patricia on it. Obviously, I don't know Patricia, but it made me think about who she was and I said a prayer for her and her family. I decided to look her up on the internet today to see what I could find out. I'm glad I could put her face with the name. Upon reading the family tribute, she sounds like a wonderful woman who was loved dearly and in return gave love. God bless Patricia and God bless her family. Sincerely, Eric Christie 34 years old Austin, Texas
Eric Christie, Friend
Sep 12 2002 4:18PM
I never knew Patricia, but when I searched the names for the United In Memory Quilt, for some reason her name just called to me. So it was with great pride I made by Block in remembrance of Patrick McAneney. May God hold her in the hollow of his hands. Sincerely, Patricia Johnston
Patricia A. Johnston, Friend
Aug 16 2002 1:21PM
You are the mightiest Met fan that ever lived and for that, this Yankee fan will always admire you. You were, and I'll bet still are, as fiercely loyal to the Mets as you've been to every friend you ever made. I consider myself blessed to be among those friends. I miss arguing with you about baseball. This season hasn't been any fun without you. All these other Mets fans down here don't have your sense of humor and slant on things! But I miss you for so many other reasons as well. Especially your great smile and laugh and the way you always made me laugh. I love you Pat and am so honored to have known you. Keep rooting for those Mets and complaining about the Yankees. I wouldn't have it any other way!
Lorraine Pepe, Friend
Jul 23 2002 3:22PM
If you are fortunate enough, every once in a while someone comes along and your life is enhanced ten-fold just by their presence. This someone was Pat.Sweet, kind, gentle, loving and loyal, are simple words that only begin to, describe her. Good natured with an easy going manner, you always felt comfortable being near her. Never fully knowing her natural gift, Pat’s dry, witty sense of humor could make you laugh even in spite of yourself and sometimes in spite of herself.I first met Pat in 1980 when she was transferred over as our new supervisor. Hard working, humorous and fair, it didn’t long before she won over the entire office. Pat became so well liked that we all argued with one another just to work with her. There was never a shortage of volunteers for work on Saturdays if Pat was managing that day. She would later say that these were some of the best times she ever had.Born and raised in Brooklyn, she had spent the last 23 years in Rockland County and by 1999, we had moved into our first new home, a house that Pat fell in love with when first walking through the front door. She especially enjoyed the spring and summer seasons when deer roamed the backyard and ate the grass as we sat and watched from the deck. Pat was always happiest at home whether relaxing or entertaining our good friends and family. I wish we could have had more time together in this house, though I know she is forever imprinted here.A caring and loving sister, aunt, godmother, niece, partner and friend, Pat was devoted to all those she loved. After the passing of her mother and concerned for her last maternal aunt, Pat began a lovely routine of visiting her once a month on a Saturday. She would drive to Greenpoint, Brooklyn pickup aunt Gertie, take her out for lunch, and then they spent the afternoon chatting and catching up on the latest news.Every spring she rooted for her favorite team, the Mets, and every fall she grumbled at how they managed to screw things up again. Liberty fans, both Pat and her best friend, Phyllis would go to the games and cheer until their voices became hoarse from the wear and tear.Pat was a rare and special person in many, many ways. We were all very fortunate to have known and loved her and to have her love returned in kind. She will never be far from our thoughts and will always stay in our hearts.May God rest your beautiful soul. I will love you forever,Margaret
Margaret, Friend May 13 2002 2:51PM
Margaret Margaret, Friend May 13 2002 2:51PM
There is now a place to say how the deep sorrow is still there because of what happened to my friend, Pat. And a place to remember how much fun it was to work with you. Thanks for the laughs you gave to us, for those funny little remarks when I would pass on my way to the coffee room, for sharing your excitement when you won a few dollars on a scratch off ticket, but most of all thank you for your friendship. I cherish your good-luck and Christmas cards. Chipper is thinking of you.
Larry Helmes, Friend
May 7 2002 6:25PM