Alan Jay Richman

Family Tribute:When I can’t get to sleep I like to read over the beautiful e-mails people have been sending me regarding Al. I can’t tell you how comforting their words are to me. Maybe I’m crazy, but the words keep him alive. Let me share some of them with you:

Alan was a kind, unassuming gentleman who always had a smile for everyone.

I always found Alan to be a high quality person both professionally and personally.

I worked with Alan for 7 years. During these years, I contacted him countless times and he was always helpful, prompt and pleasant. He always worked hard and seemed to truly enjoy helping others. Alan’s expertise will be sorely missed by me and other Marsh EBS employees around the country.

Alan’s name has always been synonymous with amazing within the EBS practice here at Marsh.

I am sure all the qualities that made him a great co-worker made him a wonderful brother and son.

Alan’s dedication has helped us so many times with assisting our clients, and without a doubt, he has always made us look good.

Alan was so wonderful. He always came through for me whenever I needed information. I called him Mr. Dependable, because he never failed me.

Alan is the epitome of class and professionalism.

While we at Marsh all mourn the loss of this very special man, we know that you and your mother are grieving in a way we can’t understand. I hope that, in some small way, it comforts you to know that there are hundreds of us throughout the country who are praying for you and your family. We will never forget Alan and I will always be grateful that I came to know him as I did. May God’s peace be with you.

My thoughts are with you and I still pray he will magically appear, just as he used to work his magic for me.

As you can see, Al was truly respected and liked by his peers.

I never recall being mad at Alan. At a very young age I learned how much I needed him. When I was 15, Dad told me Mom had cancer and might die. Alan was 20, in college and I was starting high school. Alan & I worked together as a team to keep life as we knew it together. Al could drive and would take mom and me to Monteflore Hospital. I would sit and read a book while mom had her treatments. Alan would take us home. He would go food shopping and I would cook. Let me tell you it was a team effort. Our love for our mom kept our family together. Our love for each other kept us strong. I always knew Al would be there for me. I was only 15 and I was very scared. Alan was a strong shoulder for me to lean on.

On a funnier note, I went off to college (Binghamton) for 4 years. I was very happy to be away from the folks. Graduation day – Mom, Dad and Al came up and Al helped me pack up my stuff. I couldn’t stop crying. I really didn’t want to go back home. Alan just looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Janie, don’t worry, Mom and Dad aren’t THAT bad!!”

Alan and my husband Ken really had a lovely relationship. Alan was always cutting out articles for him on dentistry and other topics he thought Ken would be interested in. They were truly brothers. Just on Sunday before the accident Ken and Alan worked out together at the Whitehall Club – I’m so glad Ken spent that time alone with Alan.

As for Jen, Alan adored his niece. The picture I made up for mom is very special to me. It was taken 7/31/94 – Al came to see his niece for the first time. He was amazed at this new life. Alan has always been sweet and gentle and very generous when it comes to Jen. They liked to tease each other – Alan pretended he didn’t like her special blanket and stuffed teddy bear. This would get Jen’s goat and they would make each other crazy. I loved to watch them play a game together. Alan was patient. Sometimes he didn’t let her win – but that was OK too.

Well, I’m finally tired so I’ll say goodnight. One last thing, if I had a chance to write my own final e-mail to Al, it would be as follows:

Al, I hope you know how much I love you. I have been so lucky to have you as my brother. I’ve always depended on you for comforting words. I’ve relied on your strength to guide us both through tough days. I’ll try and be strong and keep our little family safe and healthy. I’ll miss you every day for the rest of my life.


JanieJane H. Gewant10/14/01

Alan was one of the most kind, sincere, sensitive people I have ever known. He was always upbeat – he exuded positive energy. He loved his family deeply. I will never forget how he took such wonderful care of his dear father, Martin, and how he was constantly concerned for Ruth’s well-being. He was a beloved brother to Jane and a devoted uncle to my daughter, Jen. To me he was my brother, too – not just an in-law. I felt very close to Alan, and I, too, have been deeply hurt by his death.

Alan will be missed by us all. However, thinking about him and remembering funny times makes us happy. One thing about Al that will always make me smile is how I would constantly be amazed at his capacity for food. Alan would eat prodigious quantities of food, but always at a slow pace. At the local delicatessen, he would finish one turkey sandwich and politely ask the waiter for a second sandwich, and polish that one off too. After some gentle teasing from me, his response was always, “slow and steady wins the race.” We would all laugh.

And Alan was steady – always there, always reliable. The kind of person you could always count on – always with a ready smile, a laugh, a positive vibe…an uplifting guy to be around.

Alan and I worked out together at his health club the Sunday before the catastrophic events of September 11th. We took a slow walk back to the apartment together, chatting about his plans for the future. Who could have imagined what would happen? If there is anything positive to he had from all this, it’s that we must all love and appreciate our loved ones every day, and be thankful for every day together.

Kenneth M. Gewant10/14/01

My family and I have suffered a loss too painful for me to face at the moment. A part of my heart and soul are gone.

When Alan was only 4 and a half he came down with a serious chronic illness that kept him a virtual invalid for many years. There were many times I felt G-d was about to take him, but He was good to me and let Alan live until he was 44 years old.

All the letters, calls and comments we have received from friends and those I do not even know, have been of great help to our little family and I thank you all for the great comfort.

Now he is in G-d’s hands and with his father, Martin, who died only 6 months ago.

Ruth L. Richman10/14/01

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I didn't know Alan until today after reading his obit on Alan seems like he lived a life of quiet dignity, enjoying opera and theater. I would like to extend condolences to his family and friends for the loss of a life well lived.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 18 2022 9:44PM
Every 9/11 I think of Alan. We spoke several times prior to 9/11 about legal info on employee benefits. He was always very professional. He was the only coworker that I knew in that office. RIP Alan and God bless 🙏🏻 ❤️
Lois Jones, Colleague
Sep 10 2022 2:37PM
Alan, you were such an incredible, dependable resource to all of us in the field. “The Librarian” was so thorough and so spot on. You wer always even keeled and I always knew that Alan would help me impress our clients - pre-google…and better! RIP my friend. Thank you.
Mick Young, Colleague
Sep 11 2021 1:29AM
20 years passing have not dimmed my memories of Alan. While we didn't work side by side in New York, it always felt like Alan was part of the Minneapolis Marsh EBS group...he was our "go-to" person for all things compliance and he was an detailed in his responses to our clients' inquiries or requests for data. His work and dedication have stood the test of time and each time I visit New York City and the memorial, I touch his name and remember what it means to deliver excellence. Still remembering you...
Karen Lyn Peterson, Colleague
Sep 9 2021 0:57AM
I remember Alan as a kind and generous colleague. I was located in our San Diego office at the time and even though we had never met in person, he was always there to provide research, insight and knowledge on so many topics. When I think of the terrible losses that we suffered on 9/11, Alan is always the first person that comes to mind. He was the epitome of collaboration and professionalism.
Nancy Vick, Colleague
Sep 8 2021 7:11PM
Thinking about you Alan, miss you, peace...
Bob Braddick, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 2:08PM
I worked with Alan at J&H/Marsh. He was such a kind man and a hard worker! On many occasions Alan did research that helped a client or helped me gain a client. He took his work very seriously and did it exceptionally well. I lost a handful of acquaintances on 9/11 and each year Alan's name is the one that comes up first because of those who were lost on that day, Alan is the one I worked the longest with and the closest with. May he forever rest in peace and may his family be blessed for they have lost a wonderful person.
John Rutledge, Colleague
Sep 2 2020 3:30PM
Another year, the emotion and loss no less, miss you buddy. B
Bob Braddick, Colleague
Sep 11 2019 11:10PM
On this day, like most days, I think about the terrorist attacks and how they extinguished the lives of so many people and affected the lives of their family members and friends. I honor the memory of those lost and the memory of my friend and colleague, Alan. Alan was a gentle soul, a kind and helpful person and a respected colleague. Whenever I am in New York, I put a stone in his memory on the memorial at Marsh & McLennan headquarters.He lives forever in our hearts.
Ellen Feinberg Blitz, Colleague
Sep 11 2019 7:36PM
Alan, thinking of you again today. Finally got the courage to go to the memorial this year. Remembering you always.
Bob Braddick, Colleague
Sep 11 2018 9:07AM
Remembering Alan today.
Geoffrey Alderson, Colleague
Sep 11 2016 4:50PM
Thinking of you Alan, and family, on this 15th day of remembrance, hard to believe this time has passed and is so vivid as if yesterday. Kind, thoughtful, genuine, committed, Special. You stay with me,
Bob Braddick, Colleague
Sep 11 2016 0:48PM
I worked for Alan for 2 years at Foster Higgins, I was his secretary. He was always so kind and thoughtful. One day when I was getting breakfast early in the morning before work and I was using the automatic tin foil machine and my fingers accidentally hit the the teeth of the machine and punctured a hole in three fingers. I took the elevator up and the only person there that early was Alan. I went into his room crying and bleeding and guided me into the girls room (lol) and took care of me. I will never forget that. I was 23 at the time. It was over 23 years ago. That is something I will never forget and always be grateful for. May you rest in peace and know you will always be remembered. Kim
Kim Gallagher, Colleague
Sep 28 2014 1:16PM
Remembering Alan today. He was a genuine, dedicated great guy to work with. I could always rely on Alan. My thoughts and prayers with you today. I will never forget Alan.
Ann Hubler, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 11:57AM
I met alan in high school at new rochelle academy, and alam was always pleasant, kind and respectful a person, extremely bright and a nice person to know. Im so saddened as to just finding this out from a friend. My prayers and love and memories of the person he was and will always be remains in all our hearts.
karen bessette, Friend
Jan 1 2013 4:37PM
Alan - 11 years of technology has still not caught up to the proficiency you showed when I needed information for a competitive situation or client question. You are the epitomy of knowledge management and research excellence. RIP my friend.
Tom Flynn, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 8:55PM
Today I learned that Alan was lost to us on 9/11. Like Patty, we grew up together in Riverdale. The world is a sadder and emptier place with him gone -- I will cherish my memories of him and hope this cheers his family.
Cathy Silverstein Cooper, Family
Feb 16 2012 10:16PM
I first met Alan in high schoolat New Rochelle Academy, and he became my best friend there.I wished I was around to add to this tribute this year of Sept. 2011, soI'm glad to be doing it now.
Ken Fried, Friend
Oct 6 2011 12:45PM
Alan was the nicest man anybody ever met and only seemed concerned about helping you solve your problem. I had the chance to work with Alan during the time he was with Foster Higgins prior to the acquisition by Marsh Mac. I think of Alan frequently, as I'm sure all who knew him do as well. He was very special.
Bob Eicher, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 11:18PM
I never met Alan, and never actually spoke directly to him. But on several occasions I left him a voicemail message with a research request for a client. Alan was utterly amazing, and I thought this annecdote would bring a smile to those that knew him. A former client contacted me with what I figured was an impossible request. She worked for a government contractor, and asked me if I were able to find out if the Status of Forces Agreement between the US and Japan applied to part-time employees. Of course, I had no idea what a SOFA agreement was or where to turn as I had been working for Marsh about 3 weeks at the time. So I decided I would give Alan a call. You never seemed to get him on the phone, at least I never did. I always left him a voicemail. A few hours after leaving him a message, I got a voicemail message back from him that he was looking into it for me. I can still remember the sound of his voice, and I remember the enthusiasm I heard in his voice in the message. I imagined that here was a research assignment that he could really sink his teeth into, rather than some mundance typical request he probably got on a daily basis. The next morning I had a voicemail message back from him. He told me that a copy of the SOFA agreement was on its way to me with the pertinent section highlighted. He had also placed a call to someone in the Pentagon who had negotiated the agreement, and gave me his name and number as he was expecting my call. Utterly amazing! Alan made us look phenomenol to clients. I really wish I had met him, and I certainly miss him to this day. Hopefully we will meet face to face one day Alan!
Richard Keatley, Colleague
Sep 9 2011 1:56PM
I think about Alan so often and miss him so much. He was always there to help. He gave so much to all of us who worked with him, whether there in New York or across the country in all the other offices. As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 comes upon us, I send a special prayer to his family for this wonderful man.
Joan Jacobson, Colleague
Sep 7 2011 11:10AM
I continue to think about Alan. One day, he was there helping us in that unqiue way of his, and then the next day, we lost him. I still hope that he knew how much we appreciated him and how he made our jobs easier. We miss you, Alan.
Trish Farrell, Colleague
Sep 5 2011 3:27PM
Every 9/11, I come back to the MMC site because I think we owe to our friends and colleagues who, just because they worked in a tall building in NYC, lost their lives. Alan - I know he didnt know me - but I knew him, everyone at Marsh EBS knew him as a great resource for colleagues. Anytime I called he was there to help. I hope your family is doing well and know that we continue to pray for you.
Jackie Kelty, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 8:25AM
Alan and I were classmates at New Rochelle Academy, a private school in Pelham, N.Y.during the mid 70s. It was more than a privilege to know such a kind hearted,empathic human being. Alan loved life, set examples for others , and was always receptive to new ideas and other points of view. Though reserved, he radiated an inner peace and strength that made others look up to him. His academic achievments were his hallmark.By no surprise, Alan was voted most likely to succeed. Posing in the headmaster's chair, Alan was pictured in our yearbook. Although we had not been in touch for quite some time, Alan has always been a constant in my thoughts and memories.My heart goes out to the Richman and Gewant families.
craig batchker, Friend
Jun 5 2008 3:00PM
I never had the opportuntiy to met Alan in person. He and I had many email and phone conversations. It was a great day that I discovered Alan--and his bank of information and his willingness to research the toughest of questions from me and my Marsh EBS clients. I remember writing him an email of thanks--after he found the data I needed--I compared him to a New York Yankee slugger hitting a home run for me. It was easy to see that Alan put his heart into his job and swung hard at every pitch he was given. I miss Alan and have told so many family and friends about him over the past five years. He is still remembered and still missed!
Leonard Grover, Colleague
Sep 12 2006 6:54PM
I grew up with Alan in the same building in Riverdale. I hadn't seen nor spoken to him since we were both about 17. But we had a 'crowd' of us that hung around together when we were younger. He always made all of us laugh. I even remember having a brief crush on him! I knew of his illness, but never knew of its severity. Thank goodness he was able to have a full and happy life before that terrible day came. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. I was so saddened and shocked to find out he was part of that terrible loss of Sept. 11. I will think of him with wonderful memories and love. Patty
patty (skinner) nazionale, Friend
Aug 9 2004 2:21PM
Alan had a very sweet soul indeed.
Stephanie Poe, Colleague
Sep 11 2003 9:03AM
I had the pleasure of working for Alan for about 7 years. And I must say that Alan was the most kind, sweet, and intelligent person I have met. Alan had this very serious look that some people will judge as a bit intimidating, he was just so shy and kept to himself, but I had the opportunity to see him laugh and joke many times; and thats how I remember ALan. When I obtained my bachellors degree he joked and said 'well hald of that diploma belongs to me' I'll never forget that it puts a smile in my face everytime I remember. Since Alan took time to help me obtain my degree, by correcting my many papers and giving me ideas on how to study hard subjects in college. Alan was my mentor, and friend, and I must say that I learned so much from his passive ways, and his kind smile. Lissette
R. Lissette Gutierrez, Colleague
May 16 2002 10:57AM
I did not know this man - in fact until today I did not know he existed but the testimony of the people who paid tribute to him makes me aware of my great loss in never having met him.
Elaina Pecora, Friend
Apr 19 2002 1:10PM
I did not know this man - in fact until today I did not know he existed but the testimony of the people who paid tribute to him makes me aware of my great loss in never having met him.
Elaina Pecora, Friend
Apr 19 2002 1:10PM