Steven Giorgetti

Steven A. Giorgetti worked for Marsh & McLennan for 20 years. Dashing, hard-working and unfailingly in a good mood, he worked his way up to senior vice president. And beyond.

Recently, Mr. Giorgetti, 43, had been nominated for a promotion to managing director. He worked at the company’s midtown offices, but was at the World Trade Center for a meeting on Sept. 11. He was given the promotion posthumously.

Mr. Giorgetti lived in Manhasset, on Long Island, with his wife of 18 years, Arminé, and two children. On a rare occasion when he had to miss one of his son’s Little League games for a business dinner, Mr. Giorgetti telephoned his wife not once but three times, asking for updates.

His daughter was his princess. 'Who’s going to push me on the swings?' she has wondered lately.

Mr. Giorgetti decorated his home office with pictures of Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle. At work, his office was unmistakably that of a Daddy, adorned with arts and crafts projects galore.

Walk inside, said Patricia Hagemann, a long-time colleague, and you knew where Steven Giorgetti’s heart was.

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Steve may you Rest In Peace !
Stanley Jablonowski, Colleague
Sep 11 2021 0:56PM
Yesterday evening, I attended the Candlelight Vigil at the 9/11 Healing Field Memorial in Tempe, AZ. Attendees were encouraged to place their candle at the pole of a standing flag following the ceremony. I walked up to the field and put down my candle at a standing flag. Then I looked up the bio-card attached to the flag to discover the name of the hero that I was honoring and it read - Steven Giorgetti. And his name remained with me for the rest of the evening. This morning I decided to put a face to the name. And my search led me to this space. I will never forget his name nor his face. His legacy lives on. - Marie J.
Marie J., Friend
Sep 12 2019 7:15PM
Dearest Armine, I am so saddened that your life together with your children and family was changed forever at the hands of despicable individuals. In memory and honor of your husband Steven, receive my condolences and know that I will keep you all in my prayers. I will never forget meeting you and how you made me feel as I shared my sadness with you. Enjoy your time with your daughter in London and tell your son I will cheer on the Yankees for him as well. God Bless you all today and always, Nancy and Jimmy xoxo
Nancy Mazurek, Friend
Jun 24 2019 9:34AM
Steve was an excellent colleague who knew his stuff. He always took the time to get to know people and I remember how excited he was to discuss the best baseball gloves for young players. I miss you , Steve.
mark lastner, Colleague
Sep 11 2017 5:27PM
I can remember working in the department with Steve my Bosses Boss. and she would tell me to take a look at Steves Computer I was always afraid of him cause he always had the WORKING FACE and I did not want to interrupt such an intelligent man doing his daily work duties ,,,I was afraid of senior level people.... for what reason I don't know.. But steve spoke to me and my fear was gone. He was a good manager to us... I can remember avoiding that office where he sat in....I wish I would have spoken to him more often instead of good morning and hello...I always liked his suits
Antoine Mc Cants, Colleague
Jul 23 2014 11:49AM
I worked the Marsh office in Pittsburgh where I had the opportunity to meet Steve. He was a very positive and nice person. I was very sadden to hear that he was in the building on that horrible day. RIP Steve.
Cheryl Tokay, Colleague
Sep 10 2013 6:58PM
When I worked at the Marsh Philadelphia office, I had the pleasure of working with Steve, spending time with him in New York and at the BUG meetings, and even reporting to him for a while. He was always positive and loved his family --- all of his family. I think of Steve often and hope that Armine and the kids are somehow moving on. I'm sure that you are in heaven.
Diane Brown, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 8:48PM
Un pensiero a Steven e un abbraccio grande dalla Repubblica di San Marino a tutti i famigliari. paolo
paolo, Friend
May 2 2011 9:52AM
I had an ex girlfreind who worked for Marsh in SF. Long story short but we didn't talk for a few months and she saw the name Steven giorgetti on the list of people who lost their lives in 911. She thought it was me!!!! My heart goes out to you and the family to lose such a wonderful person. I'm not related but I hope to carry out the name and be recognized as a great person just like your uncle, father, friend etc.. God Bless..
Steven Giorgetti, Friend
May 28 2010 12:08PM
Every year on 9/11 I come back to this page to see what others have written about my uncle and it only helps get through the day a little easier. Thank you everyone for your kind words and memories. We miss you uncle Steve.
A family member, Family
Sep 11 2009 1:01PM
I have debated whether to post this for the past 7 years but I wanted to share a very special moment I had with Steve on September 10, 2001. Many of the Property colleagues and other Marsh folks were asked to play in a golf outing hosted by AXIS at a club in Westchester County, NY. Many of the Marsh faces were the same as most of the invites went to the same people. There was one special person there that was Steve. There was a cancellation and Steve was asked to come to the outing. I saw him on the putting green and he was so overjoyed to be there and looking forward to a day away from his desk. People from his area of finance etc did not get as many opportunities to participate in these outings. We spoke about golf, family, where we lived etc. As usual, he had a smile on his face and a glimmer in his eye when he spoke especially when bringing up his family. After the round, we spoke brieifly but I think he left early to go home for a family commitment. He was a great guy, colleague and human being. I wont forget this moment and I am sure that he didnt either. God bless Steve and his family. Scott Patterson September 10, 2008
Scott Patterson, Colleague
Sep 10 2008 1:09PM
I think of Steve often. My thougts and prayers are with you & your family always. Happy Birthday in Heaven, Steve.
fghjkl, Friend
Sep 29 2005 9:16AM
I regret having lost contact with Steve when I left Marsh , he was a great guy. He is responsible for a story I have recounted hundreds of timesover the years his role in this true story will always keep him in my thoughts. Somtime in the late 80's or early 90's I was visiting NY from London when Steve and another colleage A decides we should go to a Yankees game ( versus the Sox) anway colleage A orders up a car to take us to the game but Steve has a better idea ,he wants me to experience the subway system so we set off on the subway . I am impressed as the train travells out of town it begins to empty , soon there is just the tree of us and some mean looking individuals at which point the penny drops and Steve exclaims with some concern that we were on the wrong train, apparently we were heading into some bad territory (name withheld) where they would take exception to city dudes in suits. Steve decides that we have to get off next stop. We get off , no one on the platform, Steve suggests that we wait on the platform whilst he scouts about up top ( to equip himself for this he removes his tie ) Within a minute he races back advising that the coast was clear and that we should all remove our ties and when we get to street level walk fast but most of all look 'tough' but do not make eye contact with the locals. This was only my second time in NY I was naturally a little scared but no less up for the task. We played out our roles well (least I thought so) after a few blocks we still had not found a cab office but we was stopped by a guy in a car who just happened to drive with a baseball bat on his lap who took pity on us looking so dangerously lost. We took a huge risk getting in the car but the attention we were getting on the street left us little choice. The driver thought were were crazy and our tough look hilarious. We made it to the game on time . Thanks Steve
stephen b evans, Colleague
Apr 29 2004 10:26AM
I found Steve to be a most gentle, loving, and friendly person. We had common allergies and we were usually sneezing in the Spring, comparing allergy medicines, and trying to figure out which worked the best. We had come to the conclusion that they are all the same. I think of Steve often. I pray for his family. God bless, Ronnie
Ronnie Thyben, Colleague
Sep 12 2002 11:20AM
Hello to the Giorgetti family, My name is Beth Brown-Payton I was Steve's secretary in 1987 - 1988. Mr. Steven Giorgetti was a very nice boss and he will be missed. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family. May God bless you all!
Beth Brown - Payton, Colleague
Jun 13 2002 12:36AM
I didn't know Mr. Giorgetti that well. But I know his son, Paul, very well. I thought I was going to lose my own father. But he came home, and Paul didn't come to school the next day. Or the next. I hope Paul knows how much we appreciate and like him for who he is. I hope that Mr. Giorgetti is partying with the big guy upstairs. You will forever rest in our hearts, for evil has taken your life away. God rewards the pure and innocent.
Matty Roberts, Friend
Apr 28 2002 5:39PM