Donna Clarke
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Idk she was a good friend to my mom so I love you!
Daniela Perez, Friend
Jul 1 2021 1:32PM
Hi Dona, I know you never really new me, but I hope that you had the best life, and the best in heaven Love Sofia Perez
Sofia, Family
Jul 1 2021 1:31PM
Donna you are not forgotten. We didn't know each other, but your legacy at Marsh still remains. As a fellow Donna and around the same age, I'm sure we would have been great colleagues! We Donna's stick together. I keep you in my thought today on the 19th anniversary of your passing and my prayers are with your family as they remember and miss you.
Donna Anderson, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 9:08PM
While today is a day of national remembrance, I often think of you. I did not know you, but as my fellow American and a completely innocent person, I feel deep sadness when I think of the loss of you not being with us in person any longer. You are with us in spirit always. Today, I pray for all your family, friends and colleagues who have an empty place in their hearts.
Steve Cagle, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 6:05PM
When I met Donna we hit it off immediatley, I would tease her about how she couldn't handle drinking white wine. We had a lot of laughs in the short time we were friends. I was at her memorial and I think of her often. RIP Donna you are missed.
Pat, Friend
Sep 13 2012 4:15PM
I met Donna thru my sister Cathy and became fast friends. Then she started working for Marsh and joined my group for lunch. She always made everyone laugh. It's seven years now but it only feels like yesterday since the world lost such a wonderful person. I think of you often, especially when I see Mike and Stephanie. You are always in my heart.
Patty Mendogni, Friend
Sep 11 2008 8:14AM
I went to Lehman H.S. with Donna, Berkeley Business School and by chance we ended up working for Seagram's together. I always joked with her that she was 'following' me. She was a lovely girl who turned into a lovely woman. I was shocked and saddend when I heard she was in the WTC. She always talked about her daughter. My prayers go out to her family.
Josephine, Friend
Sep 6 2007 9:42PM
Donna was a very good sister. I think of you more now that I'm at the local mall trying to get ready for the upcoming Christmas season. I keep on thinking back to the days when we used to go shopping at Lord & Taylor. You used to teach me how to get great deals on good quality clothes. Now eveytime I walk into Filene's or JC Penney and dig into the fifty percent racks, I will always remember your philosphy on fashion. Now today I'm back in college trying to earn a BA in Journalism. I don't want to spend the rest of my adult life working as a cashier.I hate to say this but that too is a extremely dangerous job and I don't want any part of it.
Sharon McAvinue, Family
Dec 4 2005 10:31PM
Donna and I met at Seagram many years ago -- before our first marriages, before our children. We got pregnant around the same time and then continued our careers at Seagram. Although we were in different departments, we always continued to be working in a capacity where we were in contact with each other and maintain a nice friendship. We talked about dieting. We talked about our bosses and laughed. There was one guy she would do imitations of and I always laughed when she did it. We would hang out at company parties, drink and laugh. We'd talk about her daughter, my son. Our boyfriends - her fiance who I am sure misser her immensely. She left Seagram, but kept in touch occasionally. The last time I saw her, was at a bar in Throgs Neck area for a St. Patrick's day parade party. We laughed and had a good time. The Friday prior to Sept. 11, I was at a friend's wedding in New Rochelle --I ran into a girl from Seagram in the ladies room who told me there was another wedding going on and that Donna and a bunch of Seagram people were in there. I wanted to go by, but got caught up in the other wedding I was attending. I never got to see her and I'm sorry for that. I think of her often and I hope her daughter Stephanie is doing well. She was a wonderful person. Carol Garro
Carol Garro, Friend
Apr 11 2005 8:29AM
Donna was one of those people you dont meet too often in life. Her mere presence always brought a smile to my face because of all the belly laughs we shared over the years. I will never forget the hillarious spontaneous moments- like pranking the guy on qvc with the bad hair piece, or her shaking her butt to a jennifer lopez song to crack up the neighbors in Lake George. Her last day on earth with all of her friends and family gathered for the last time we discussed her plans for the future. You could see it written all over her that she was happy and in love and proud of her daughter who was about to graduate. That night we sang, we danced, and surrounded by all the people we loved- endulged in each others company till the early morning. It was one of my fondest memories in life and also my last memory of Donna. Everytime we gather in that same spot you cant help but feel her spirit all around you and for that we are lucky.
Laurie, Friend
Sep 13 2004 2:55PM
I knew Donna from Throggs Neck. She lived several blocks from my house. My brother Anthony had dated her in the 70's and even though they parted and went separate ways, we remained friends. We would often meet at the express bus stop on Bruckner and ride it down town. I remember it like yesterday! I was in total disbelief when I had heard that she was killed and a memorial at St. Benedicts was being planned. I will never forget her. Rest in peace Donna
Joanne, Friend
Jul 4 2004 11:11PM
I knew Donna for many years as part of my extended family. Her brother is married to my sister. Although we were on different sides of the family, we spent many ocassions together celebrating mutual family events. We were all one as a family. I know first hand how much she is missed... family events will never be the same.
Denise, Family
Jun 10 2004 7:38PM
I miss Donna an awful lot because she was such a great sister, she was a great companion whenever we went shopping together at the Mall in White Plains, went out to parties, weddings, and social events. I spend most of my awakening days thinking about her and wishing that she was still here on earth with me. Donna was such a frendly, out going individual, she wasn't selfish and never did anything to hurt anyone's feelings. Donna would go out of her was to help others. I really miss her kindness, gentleness, and sense of humor and I feel that the forces of evil we have here on earth have stolen her away from me and the rest of my family.
Sharon McAvinue, Family
Jan 15 2004 2:39PM
Donna was a very good friend of mine and I actually encouraged her to take the job at the WTC when she asked for advice. Se was the one who fixed me up with my spouse Mike (we are together 6 years now). He's a fireman and it was especially hard for him when he had to dig at Ground Zero. I still miss that contagious laugh of hers but I now hear it in her daughter. Donna's mother passed away shortly after 9/11 and I know it was because Donna needed her in heaven. I know I am a better person for having had the opportunity to be her friend. She is deeply missed.
Colleen McCarthy, Friend
Jan 14 2004 7:09PM
I knew Donna growing up.We had a pretty busy neighborhood and she was always hanging around as the guys played ball. Later I knew her as a young woman and she was always a nice girl.Nicer than most. I hope her daughter and family is well and I am sure they are proud of Donna
Art Pietrangeli, Friend
Jul 4 2003 1:10PM
I new Donna for short time only, just as she started working for Marsh. Within a couple of months she moved to WTC. Our cubicles were connected, leading to beginning a friendship. We connected as mothers. I'm truely saddened for her family, because she was so proud of her daughter's accomplishments and worked hard at providing for her. We also lived in the same neighborhood and I would occasionally see her on the way home. My heart goes out to the family.
Sandra, Colleague
Sep 12 2002 2:22PM
Donna and I never had the chance to meet personally, but we talked all the time on the phone. Her last position was as an assistant to my late husband Bill at Marsh. They had not worked together long, but Bill had spoken to me about her efficiency, good humor, willingness to help, and reliability. Whenever I called Bill's office, Donna always asked about my children, had something cheerful and supportive to say, and was generally a pleasure to talk to. I am so sorry we never had the opportunity to meet.My sincere condolences to her daughter and her family.
Leslie, Friend
Aug 10 2002 10:29PM
I met Donna when she first came to Marsh, she started at the Midtown office on my floor. She was always pleasant no matter what she was dealing with, she was a joy to have around. I remember once we went on a diet together, her yogurt with a fruit everyday was a must. When she went on to Barbados and brought me a gift back one I will always cherish. She spoke of her daughter always...Donna will never be forgotten..
Kathy, Colleague
Jun 11 2002 9:51AM
I only knew Donna for a short time. We sat next to each other in the WTC. We were always cold and took turns calling maitenance every other day. She spoke about her daughter often and was proud of her because she was graduating from high school last year. She was a nice person and I wish her family peace.
Leila Elvebakk, Colleague
Apr 19 2002 2:18PM