Zhanetta Tsoy
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My friend was working on the 95th floor, and when the first plane struck, He lost his life. R.I.P to all those people who died on this deadly and terrible day, especially Zhanetta.
Fuen Juanita, Colleague
Mar 30 2024 8:13AM
This September our family visited the 9/11 memorial and found your name by the fountains, to pay our respect. On this day we remember you as the kind loving person we were so glad to have in our lives.
Richard Radford, Colleague
Sep 11 2023 9:05PM
Twenty years ago, that we realised you were in The World Trade Center on your second day at work in your new role. Zhanetta, we remember you twenty years on for the fine person you were.
Richard Radford, Colleague
Sep 12 2021 7:38AM
Hi. I am with Space Coast Daily media in central Florida. Each year we select a name at random, from the approximately 3,000 that died on 9/11, to recognize during our 9/11 ceremony. Our intent is to show that each one of these names is a person with a story. This year we selected Zhanetta. God Bless Zhanetta and her family.
Steve Wilson, Friend
Sep 7 2021 2:51AM
Semper Unitas
Dmitry, Colleague
Sep 12 2011 12:36AM
In September of 2001, I was working at Marsh in Chicago office. I didn’t know any of the victims personally, but I was shocked by what has happened to them. It took me almost two months to be able to express my feelings in a poem that I dedicated to all the victims of 9/11. I want my poem to also become a special memorial for Zhanetta. May you always be alive in the hearts of your family and friends! God bless your spirit! Barefoot Dream /Dedicated to all the victims of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001/ Bare-footing through the broken glass, through concrete ash and bloody mess, through melted steel, through roasting fire, I'm waking up with one desire. I wish someone could turn back time and to protect New York's skyline, to change the fate of tallest twins and save the lives... My night begins with silent prayer in my mind to keep the horror from mankind, to soothe the pain and stop those dreams, sleepwalking through the chilling screams. Still, every time I close my eyes, I see the smoking hole in skies... My mourning heart is hurt so deep - I dare not to fall asleep. Marina Dudanova November 2, 2001.
Marina Dudanova, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 4:01PM
The employees of Marsh (Insurance Brokers) LLP, in Almaty, Kazakhstan, have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Zhanetta Tsoy since September 1997 when she first joined our company as Chief Accountant. Since then a close bond of friendship and comradeship developed within our team. She became a strong member of our staff, dependable and professional in all aspects of her work. Zhanetta Tsoy was born in Uzbekistan, in 1968 and has one brother. She was educated at the Almaty Institute of National Economics between 1987 and 1991. To further her academic skills she then completed an MBA between 1994 and 1996 at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management Economics and Strategy Research (KIMEP). During 2001 she obtained a United States green card, enabling her to work in the USA. Given the pre-eminent position of Marsh Inc as the world leader in delivering risk and insurance services and solutions to clients, we were delighted to assist her to transfer to a new position in our global finance department in New York. Along with her husband and young child, she moved to New York in August 2001. She was thrilled by the prospect of working in the worlds financial capital and delighted to work for Marsh in the World Trade Center along with more than 2800 colleagues. Events of 11th September came as a great shock. Our working community suffered profound losses as we realised that Zhanetta Tsoy was amongst the 295 colleagues who were missing after this tragic event. Financial contributions will help to support dependant family members, but alas we cannot replace the loss of our colleagues. As we reflect at this time we can record our memories of Zhanetta Tsoy. She was a loving mother for her daughter Alexandra and husband Vyacheslav. A daughter that her parents could be proud of, succeeding in all elements of her life, but compassionate and kind with all people. A thoroughly professional and committed employee and a great friend and colleague for all who worked with her in Marsh. She will be deeply missed and will never be forgotten. Richard Radford General Manager Marsh (Insurance Brokers) LLP Almaty Kazakhstan
Richard Radford, Colleague
Apr 3 2002 10:26PM