Frank Deming
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Dear Frank, Frank, you are always with me and especially as the horrible day pases but really, your spirit lives on in me every day. You were a spiritual man and I know you understand what I mean. There was a back and forth that we had when we worked and played together. Your infamous quote about problems at work, "It's a non-issue" still cracks me up. I've been living in Killington almost 20 years now. My son Ryan still remembers your playing Monopoly with us in the middle of winter when you came to ski with us. I'll take a run on Bunny Buster at Killington in your honnor this year as I do every year. It is perhaps the favorite of many trails we skied together because we could both ski it well, side by side. You taught me how to be a pro when we worked at Beth Israel Medical Center. We shared our favorite lunch right accross the street, Chinese take out. We made work fun. Around noon one of us would look up from work and mutter "Chinese??". As if there were anywhere else to go. :)-), At play, you were patient as I stumbled my way towards being able to water ski. I could not get up on the skis all morning for 3 hours. You said "let's have lunch at the lake restaurant". Boom the first attempt to ski after lunch I was up and cruising. A day of fun that I will never forget. A day that showed again your perseverance and friendship. You are the best friend I ever had. Our friendship was much to short, but I carry you with me always. To this day, there are times when I need to make a decision or when I am feeling down, and I stop and I say: "What would Frank talk about to come to a decision. How might Frank handle this?" I smile and know that I am not alone and that my friend lives on within me. I miss you dear friend, Tim
Timothy Abraham, Friend
Sep 17 2006 2:11PM
It never get's easier. I'd only met Uncle Frank a few times in my life, but he was always connected to my family. My dad and Uncle Frank were best friends growing up. My brother and his son Brian were pretty good friends too. His youngest son, Christopher, is named after my older brother too. Frank was the best man in my parent's wedding, and I remember my mum telling me that Frank wanted a daughter so much when my parents found out they were having me. Every year in school, when we have a moment of silence, I'm always in tears, becuase all I can think about are those memories. We definately miss Uncle Frank all the time, when we're skiing in the winter, when we have picnics in the summer, and I remember him every time I see my dad.
Michelle Little, Friend
Sep 11 2006 10:13PM
Jeff, I was just thinking about Frank and I just read your tribute. I still think of your step father often and miss him dearly. I ski at Killington, VT where I live and always take a run for my buddy Frank on "Bunny Buster", one of the slopes we skied together. He taught me a lot. Whenever I have a business meeting on September 11 I always pause and ask that we remember Frank. He was such a good project manager I cant have a meeting on that day without honoring him. I never got to meet your mom but I know Frank was very happy that he found her and he spoke lovingly about his new family. If you would ever like to hear more about your dad as I knew him just send me an email at Either way, just know that he was a real pro at work and a great man. Tim Abraham
Tim Abraham, Friend
May 13 2005 10:22PM
I only just found this website today. I must remember to share the URL with the rest of my family. Frank was my step-father, and a good man. When he was still with us, he faced the same hurdle I imagine all step-fathers must; namely, he wasn't my "real" father. But, if I could've just looked past that, I would've seen that he made my mother truly happy and held this family together more than I ever realized. I wish I could thank him. We all miss him dearly.
Jeff Jamieson, Family
Sep 15 2004 11:07AM
Frank and I worked together at Beth Israel Medical center. Frank taught me how to water ski, was my lunch buddy, and we skied together in NJ and in Killington VT. Frank was a wonderful friend and lives on in my memory. He was an excellent Project Manager, a fun person, and a great friend. I miss him.
Tim Abraham, Friend
Sep 11 2003 8:44AM
I didn't know Frank personally but as a colleague and Christian I would like to extend my condolences to his family and I pray that he is resting peacefully, waiting for us to join him in heaven. With love, Michael Cantatore
Michael Cantatore, Colleague
Feb 3 2003 12:16PM