Marlyn Carmen Garcia
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Till this day, I am completely at a loss without you. Thinking of you often, missing you and smiling when I think your laughter. I can honestly say I knew an Angel. Rest easy princess.
Eddie Roman, Friend
Sep 11 2023 10:00AM
21 years later and my dreams of you still make me smile. I will always remember you for your laughter, compassion and integrity. I will never stop missing you, loving you forever and a day.
Edwin Roman, Colleague
Sep 13 2022 10:03PM
Hoy después de 20 años ,se conmemora la tragedia del 9/11 Donde mi sobrina Marilyn del Carmen García ,perdió la vida .un día muy triste para la Familia .
Carolina Canó , Family
Sep 11 2021 2:49PM
I was walking down 43rd St in Sunset Park today and noticed the road was named after Marlyn, so I looked her up. I read about her and she seems like a wonderful person. Sorry that I never got to meet her. Best wishes to her family who is in my prayers. All the best.
Lindsey, Friend
Jan 10 2021 5:58PM
Still remembering Marlyn, My prayer is that her mom, dad and family members find somewhat a little bit of comfort knowing that she was an amazing star that influenced positively many people even though she was so young. God bless you all, and God have mercy on us, the ones she left behind.
Ingrid Jimenez, Friend
May 23 2019 2:17AM
marlyn its me edwin, im writing to tell you that they finally got the s.o.b. that did this to you and that i hope your resting easier now that hes gone , i still miss you greatly and your laughter plays over and over in my mind forever .! i will always love you and i will always have a fond place for you in my heart . your friend and old laughing partner edwin.
edwin roman, Friend
May 2 2011 11:27AM
today marks 8 yrs since you have been gone.. youd be bt 29 now... i miss u everyday. me and titi talk about you often... im 18 now.. we were supposed to go out for my 18th birthday, remember...? anyways.. just wanted to say i love you with all my heart. see u soon..
dominique rosario, Family
Sep 11 2009 6:42PM
marlyn, remember in 3rd grade, us walking thru the hallways of brca holdin hands..?? lol i bought you a ring from the book fair that cost 5 cents lol... i still remember that long convo we had when at mcdonalds in 2000... we need to finish that convo... see u in heaven...
john a rolon, Friend
Nov 5 2008 7:22PM
hi my name is dominique rosario. i am georgina gonzalez's niece. marlyn was my 'sister for life'. and always will be in my heart. and in the heart of BRCA.
dominique m. rosario, Family
May 31 2007 5:53PM
Hey manita, another year has gone by I love and miss you very much. we'll be together again some day causing trouble. I love you god bless.
Indira Cano, Family
Sep 10 2006 11:47PM
This March 6th my cousin , sister, and best friend Marlyn would've been 26 years old. It's still had to belive and grasp the reality that she is no longer with us, and even though you aren't here physically you will always be here in mind, spirit, and soul. I love you forever manita
Indira Cano, Family
Mar 8 2006 10:02AM
I met Marlyn at El Puente when she was working as a Peer Educator in Teatro El Puente. I worked with her for a brief moment but in that short amount of time I got know her. She was smart, kind and energetic. When I heard that she was at the towers when the first plane hit my heart dropped. She was talented and bright. May God bless you Marlyn. Rest in Peace. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.
Jackie Rosa, Friend
Feb 28 2006 1:34PM
My name is Cristian Dario Botitta A.K.A 'Ziggy'. I was Marlyn's classmate at El Puente Academy for Peace and Justice. I heard about her passing three days later while watching Univision News. At first it was a shock i felt like crying but i said no instead im going to celebrate because now we have more angel looking over each of us. May we all remember Marlyn by what she was and is an angel.
cristian botitta, Friend
May 28 2005 5:25PM
I had the good fortune of meeting Marlyn a few years ago through a friend of mine. She was such a beautiful person, inside and out, that we stayed in touch for a short time. It was so easy to be friends with her. My heart goes out to her family and friends. My regret is that I did not get the chance to know her longer. But I feel blessed for having known her for as long as I did. My sympathies go out to her entire family.
Brigid Milligan, Friend
Feb 11 2004 8:26AM
To be sung to the tune of 'Come All Ye Tramps and Hawkers' (traditional Scottish ballad). A cappella or with the accompaniment of pipes. New words by Steve Suffet, El Puente Academy © 2003 My name's Marlyn Garcia and I come from New York town, I was working on the hundredth floor When the walls came tumbling down; I died amid the steel and glass, Amid the smoke and flame, But your guns and bombs and bullets bring Dishonor to my name. In school I learned of Gandhi and Of Cesar Chavez, too, I learned of Martin Luther King, And thought their words rang true; In church I learned of Jesus Christ, And the Sermon on the Mount, And now I’m asking all of you: Do their words even count? I was only twenty when I died That bright September day, I’ll be twenty for eternity, For eternity I’ll say: Mourn not the dead, For they are gone, To the wind or to the grave, But mourn instead the living whose Lives you still can save. I seek no vengeance for the wrong, That was done to me, I seek no retribution and I only ask of thee, To work for justice and for peace, And some day you shall find, An eye for an eye can only leave, Everybody blind. My name's Marlyn Garcia and I come from New York town, I was working on the hundredth floor When the walls came tumbling down; I died amid the steel and glass, Amid the smoke and flame, But your guns and bombs and bullets bring Dishonor to my name.
Steve Suffet, Friend
Jul 13 2003 4:22PM
I met marlyn in high school and i knew then that she would be a great part of my life , i lost friends in my days but losing marlyn was a devastating thing for me , marlyn was a great inspiration for me and we shared great things in life together and i heald her in my arms as she cried and she did the same for me these are the things i cant let go of. i will forever love you marlyn, your smile, and laughter lives bright and deep within my heart.
edwin l roman, Friend
Mar 10 2003 8:46PM
I work for Mercer in Los Angeles, and from the very first time I saw the picture of this beautiful young lady I was touched at the light radiating from her. I am at a loss for words but please know that I am keeping her family in my thoughts.
Jean Saunders, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 4:29PM
Marlyn and I went to elementary school together. I knew and loved her ever since i was 6. She was truly a caring, loving, and beatiful person inside and out. She always had a smile on her face and thrived on helping others. It was from that I learned what living a Christian life was about. I miss you so much Marlyn, I'll never forget you. Your friend, Alexandra
Alexandra Maertens, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 2:02PM
I knew Marlyn as my 'next door' neighbor. She worked at her mom's store located below my apt. We used to chat about school and what we would like to be doing in the future. She always had a smile. We will all miss her. Her family is in my prayers. May God watch over her family and bless them.
Claudia, Friend
Sep 11 2002 12:05AM
Marlyn, May the Lord have you in his glory, May he also comfort your family and heal their wounds.
Ada, Colleague
Sep 10 2002 3:27PM
I been reading over so many, sad stories and even though I work for Mercer in Australia what seemed a world away seems so close now. I didn't know Marlyn and I noticed a tibute has not been left for her. Maybe it's too hard for her loved ones to express in words. I am sure she is sadly missed by all who knew her. May you rest in Peace. Jodie, Melbourne Australia.
Jodie, Colleague
Sep 10 2002 12:12AM