Patricia DiChiaro
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My memory of Mrs. Dichiaro goes all the way back to the 70’s. We lived across the street from the DiChiaro’s. My brothers & I went to the same Grammar school as her 2 sons James & Thomas. I remember my older brother was a Cub Scout and Mrs. Dichiaro was the Den mother. Back then the Cub scouts had meetings at the Den mother’s house every week. Which consisted of great snacks and a lot of playing. My brother Rob & Mrs. DiChiaro’s son James were cub scouts. I’m not sure if Mrs. DiChiaro’s other son Thomas was a Cub Scout but he got to be there because the meetings were held in their house. I remember one day Mrs. DiChiaro asked me if I wanted to come to the Cub Scout meeting with them. I remember being really excited and asking my Mom if I could go. Even though, I was to young to be an actual Cub Scout & I was also pretty sure my Brother Rob did not want me going and cramping his style, he eventually allowed me to tag along. I always remembered seeing Mrs. Dichiaro with a big welcoming smile on her face. Through the years whenever I would see her, I would always say hello to her and her Husband. They were two of the nicest and kindest people. I only found out about her passing about 7-8 years afterwards. But since then, every year when 9/11 comes around she is the first person I think about. I’m sure Mrs. DiChiaro had a first class ticket straight to Heaven & May she rest in Eternal Peace. Thank you for being extra kind to me!
Greg, Friend
Sep 8 2021 6:05AM
I travelled daily with Pat on the Q67 in Middle Village for about a year or two. I was expecting my first child and was often ill with morning sickness. She felt bad for me told me many stories of her husband and sons whom she clearly adored. I saw her "MISSING" flyer in St. Margaret Church following the 9/11 attacks. I felt and still feel bad. She was so sweet to me. I pray for her and hope she didn't suffer. May she rest in peace.
Christine, Friend
Sep 11 2015 9:32PM
Pat was my father's secretary and our family loved her. Not only did she take great care of my dad, she always was so kind to the rest of his family. I remember calling up my dad and Pat's pleasant voice saying, 'Mr. Belger's office' and then always referring to me as 'honey'. Hearing her voice on the phone just made me smile. Being a young single woman, Pat and I used to talk about my 'dating' life and she used to always tell me that someday I would meet 'mr right' Well Pat, just to let you know I finally did get married and now have 3 children! Although I am sure you probably knew this as you are one of our angels up in heaven. Sent with lots of love, thoughts and prayers. Mary (Belger) Cunningham xo
Mary Belger Cunningham, Friend
Sep 12 2011 4:03PM
i thought that pat was a very kind person and i will never forget her i miss you pat and we will never forget you in a million years
Jacinta, Friend
Dec 7 2009 9:48PM
As an educator at Hawthorne Middle School, I had the distinct honor of working with and for Pat. She had a dedication to bringing out the best in all with whom she came in contact.Focused on calling to be an educator par excellence, she has a special place in our memories and surely in heaven.
Bob Stauf, Colleague
Aug 22 2009 4:48AM
Pat DiChiaro was the sister-in-law of my sister-in-law (Pat's husband's sister). We were together at many family events as our children were growing up, and attended a family wedding together not long before we lost her. Pat was an enthusiastic, loving person. She made friends wherever she went, and we who knew her well loved her more than words can say. We love you Pat, we will never forget you. Barbara Forgione 9/11/07
Barbara Forgione, Family
Sep 11 2007 9:23AM
I'm a french colleague and I didn't know Patricia, but today I want have thinkings for her and all my others colleagues died in this tragic event. Thinkings for them indead, but for theirs families too.I'll pry for all of them I hope that you can forwarded this message to the others families.
Vincent BOUCHARLAT, Colleague
Sep 8 2006 10:33AM
I knew Pat and her husband Joe through several choirs. Her love and support for her family were so evident, so strong, that it spoke volumes about her as a person. She is missed by all who were lucky enough to know her.
Karl Muller, Friend
Jun 17 2005 2:30PM
I often spoke with Pat when I was trying to get in touch with Charlie McCrann. She was always so pleasant and helpful. I remember one particular time when I called and Pat was planning a trip to Washington, DC, where I live. She kept me on the phone for several minutes, asking questions about where to go, what to do, what to see. She was very excited to see DC and I hope that she enjoyed the trip. Godspeed, Pat.
Nicole Allen, Colleague
May 17 2005 9:02PM
I worked with Pat more than 10 years ago. In my opinion, Pat was an angel. She had a heart of gold. . .very caring. It is true Pat and computers didn't go together. They were from two different worlds. She often spoke of her boys (Tommy and Jimmy). Even though Pat and I no longer worked together, we would exchange X-mas cards and follow up on life's events. She was so caring and concerned about what was going on. 'Pat, you will sorely be missed and remembered. I am happy that you came into my life and we were able to know one another.'
Patty Maldonado, Colleague
Mar 11 2003 11:57AM
May 17 2002 11:38AM
I had the pleasure of working with Pat in the same group for 7 Years. She was a hard working, dedicated Lady, who was devoted to Don Belger and Charlie McCrann. Pat had an infectious laugh, which would crack ever one up within hearing range. Bob Kennedy use to Love to tease Pat because she would give it right back, which sent the group into fits of hysteria. We never laughed as much as when Bob Kennedy and Pat would banter. My favorite memory of Pat is her stories about the old days when there use to be Secretary Supervisors who measured Skirt length and word-processors where Secretaries who could use a Dictaphone, take short hand and use manual typewriters with carbon paper. (Pat and computers did not get along). Pat had two famous lines “In My Day” and “How are you Honey”. A truly Wonderful, Funny Co-Worker and one that I will always remember with a smile in my heart. You are Missed Pat.
Pat Foy, Colleague
Apr 22 2002 8:23AM