Mark Shulman

Mark Shulman was a 'kind of quiet guy who loved sports,' said his wife, Lori, suggesting the personality profile of an average Joe. But there was more.

He was, undeniably, a sports fan, attending Giants and Rangers games as often as possible, or taking them in on television at home in Old Bridge, N.J. But overriding all was a dedication to his daughters, Jamie, 13, and Melissa, 17, in whom he instilled a zest for accomplishment.

Mr. Shulman was the coach of Jamie's soccer team, the Old Bridge Road Runners, spending weekends traveling to games across central New Jersey. He had been looking forward to Jamie's bat mitzvah, which was celebrated on Nov. 17, a day Mrs. Shulman recalls as 'bittersweet.'

He was also working closely with Melissa, a high school senior, on college applications. His advice was 'go for the best,' Mrs. Shulman said, adding that 'he would have been so proud' when news came this month of Melissa's early admission to Princeton.

A 47-year-old mechanical engineer, Mr. Shulman worked as a fire protection specialist for Marsh & McClennan on the 100th floor of the World Trade Center.

'He did evacuation plans for clients,' Mr. Shulman said. 'If anybody knew how to get out, he would have been the one.'

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Mark was an amazing person. We played softball together and we were in a couple of bowling leagues. He was a fierce competitor who will be missed by all who knew him.
Mat Eisenstadt, Friend
May 2 2024 3:49PM
I had the privilege to talk to Mark few months before the tragedy. I worked for ITT in Italy and he professionally and kindly assisted me (Marsh was our broker, at that time). I cannot forget his availability, knowledge and openness; and he sent me his business card with greetings. After 20 years, he is still in my prayers, every September 11… Rest in Peace, Mark
Dutto Franco, Colleague
Sep 10 2021 7:12PM
I know Mark Shulman since I was 18 years old. He was my manager of our softball team for so many years. His parents were extremely caring parents. Before our softball games , his mother would give us breakfast at his house.He was such a nice guy He is so missed. God Bless.
Barry Reich, Friend
Sep 11 2021 2:50PM
Hi, I got to st.thomas Aquinas. Today is 9/11 and I was given mark's name to look up and find info about him. I saw this site and just wanted to say he is in my prayers. I'm so sorry for your loss. Be strong and stay positive!
maci mckerchie, Colleague
Sep 12 2011 10:07AM
I met Mark while working fot TI Automotive in Warren, Michigan.For four years, Mark and I would make safety inspections and water tests at our various plants.What started as a business relationship quickly turned into a warm friendship. I knew Mark as a caring and loving husband and father. During dinner conversations he often discussed Lori and his two daughters as well as his best friend, Barry. He talked me into joining his fantasy football team and I in turn introduced him to the game of golf. I still recall one dinner conversation when Mark mentioned his daughters were JAPS. Being naive, I said, 'I didn't know your daughters were Japenese.' He laughed and said,'No.- Jewish American Princesses.' I miss you, Mark, and value our past friendship.
Terry Felt, Friend
Sep 8 2011 9:13AM
I was lucky enough to have met Mark, when my Father and him, took me to a Detroit Tigers game back in 1989. I was 27, and he was a friend of my Father from being involved in United Way Organization. I had the best time with those two, and actually had a hilarious event happen that Sticks with me today!. I thought he was one of the nicest guys I ever had met, and my heart is heavy for his Family. I will never forget the great day, he had made for me.
Paul Felt, Friend
Sep 8 2011 12:09AM
I met Mark when I worked for ITT in northwest Ohio. Even though I only had a few hours with him every year or so, he impressed me with his knowledge, easy-going nature, and interest in helping others. It's been 8 years now Mark and we haven't forgotten you or your impact on those you met. May God bless you and your family.
Jeff Hildreth, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 3:18PM
I met Mark when I was working for Terra Industries in Sioux City, IA. He was a wonderful man, and I loved talking to him about our respective families. On one of his trips to Sioux City, my wife and I both had dinner with him. I remember my wife remarking about Mark's kindness. It was that same trip that Mark told me about the auto accident in which his daughter had been involved. He went on to say that that in the weeks following the accident, all he could think about was how much he loved his family; how much he cherished each family member; and how they would always be his number one priority. I remember the tears in his eyes as he spoke these words to me. Mark and I had a number of business conversations after that, and he never failed to say something about his family. To Mrs. Shulman and the rest of the family -- ever since 9/11 I wanted to share with you some of my memories of Mark; however, I could not get your contact information. Hopefully, you will read this and know that Mark loved all of you very deeply. I miss him and will never forget him. 9/09/09 David Varney Franklin, TN
David Varney, Friend
Sep 9 2009 5:15PM
I am a couisn that never knew Mark. I have seen his name many times on the flag of Honor. I am Artie and ednas daughter,Sams grandaughter. I wish Marks entire family peace and strength on this day and every other day Shelley schulman
Shelley C. Schulman, Family
Sep 11 2006 5:38PM
I remember Mark with great warmth. He was an avid sports fan - an incredibly loyal team mate in both softball and bowling and just a terrific all around human being. I can remember the phone call I received from Mark's best friend Barry like it was yesterday. Until that call, I thought I had 'escaped' the tragedy of 9/11. What a loss for humanity. Mark and I went to Sheepshead Bay High School together. He always knew he wanted to be an engineer!! I remember many years ago, Mark, his dad Ira along with Barry all playing softball with us. The world is not as good a place without Mark in it. I have never had the privelege of meeting Mark's wife or children, but knowing Mark, I am sure they are all terrific people!! I have said many a prayer for them since this senseless tragedy.
Mat Eisenstadt, Friend
Dec 26 2005 5:19PM
I met Mark through the Old Bridge Girls Soccer League. We coached several recreational teams together. As we watched our girls growing up, Mark became very involved in the Soccer League, Joining the Executive Committee and taking on a travel team as Coach. Mark was very Passionate about his girls, always instilling good sportsmanship and the Joy of The Game. My fondest memory of Mark was during one of our annual soccer picnics; Mark set himself behind a plastic sheet and had a Hit Your Coach with a water soaked sponge contest. The Girls Love it. Working in Lower Manhattan not a day goes by that I don’t think of you buddy. I will miss you. My prayers are always with you and with Lori and the girls. Your Friend David Virelles 10/23/03
David Virelles, Friend
Oct 23 2003 9:03AM
I met Mark when I worked for one of the Casinos in Atlantic City. Mark was probably the most atypical insurance person you would ever have met.. He loved sports, especially the Giants football team. Marc was very social and extremely intelligent, but what really made him special is that he truly cared about his work, his family and people in general and you knew it the moment you met him. I was out of touch with Mark for several years and quite frankly learned only last year that Mark was a victim of this abhoration. I was deeply saddened for his family and I will miss him.
Bob Feith, Colleague
Sep 11 2003 8:48AM
I worked with Mark years ago at Factory Mutual Engineering right before he went to work in New York. What I remember most is his sense of humor, his infectious love of the Giants, how his face lit up when he spoke of Lori and how thrilled he was when Melissa was born. I hadn't seen Mark in almost 17 years but immediately remembered his smile. I'll keep that memory with me always. What an incomprehensible, senseless waste. His family is continuously in my prayers.
Jenny Manzella, Colleague
Sep 12 2002 11:30PM
Mark had a fantastic personality! He loved sports and had lively conversations with Harry Taback and Sal Gitto on Monday morning after the Giant football game. They would sometimes congregate around the pretzel dish to munch and discuss the wrong moves of the players. I have found memories of the times the office went on the Summer Baseball get together in a park in New Jersey. Mark was in charge of buying the food and his choice was excellent. We played baseball and then gathered for lunch and small talk. It was a great way to gather with the folks you worked with and bond with them away from the office. Mark and I also compared the Beanie Babies we were collecting. He loved Lori, Melissa and Jamie and would talk about their achievements and goals. He couldn't wait for Melissa to go to college. I miss him - his winning smile and infectious laugh. Your friend Terry
Terry Terenzi, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 3:22PM
Mark was a great guy. His humor and good spirits were always appreciated.
Ken Ross, Colleague
Apr 10 2002 7:42AM
What a sad loss Mark was a great friend and the dedicated work he carried out for our Company in the USA will be sadly missed To his family my sincere condolences and my thoughts will always be with you Steve Lowder Risk Manger (now retired) Southcorp Australia
Stephen Lowder, Friend
Apr 4 2002 6:32PM