Salvatore Gitto

The Gitto family did everything as a unit. They raked leaves together. They painted together. They fixed lights together. And everyone piled into the car for trips to the supermarket.

The only thing Salvatore Gitto did by himself was pilot planes. He had been flying airplanes longer than he had been driving cars. But being a Senior Manager of Risk Management for Marsh & McLennan, he was cautious not to take his wife along as a passenger.

Yet even his weekly trips were planned around his family. On Sunday mornings, Mr. Gitto, 44, would fly out of the local airport, in Old Bridge, N.J., and be back home by noon to spend the rest of the day with his wife, Angela, and two sons, Stephen, 4, and Gregory, 10.

His next big step was to buy his own plane. Being a pilot let him see the world spread out below him, not through the tight oval window of a Boeing 747 but in a glorious panorama.

Now, Stephen knows that his father is in heaven and that heaven is in the sky. When he is bigger, he says, he's going to go up and bring dad back down.

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My heart breaks for Sal's family. I wish I would of known him. I saw his name ticker through the tributes this morning during the ceremony of the 22nd anniversary as I waited to see the name of my friend's husband who was the co-pilot on United Alirlines Flight 175 who's plane went into the South Tower. A horrible day for everyone but especially all those that lost their loved ones. We will ALWAYS AND FOREVER REMEMBER and NEVER FORGET. God Bless Everyone.
Gina Marie Scorsone , Colleague
Sep 11 2023 3:21PM
Very touching story. I am sorry for your loss.
Jason DeNivo, Colleague
Sep 9 2022 8:53AM
Sorry to hear of your loss, will pray for your family.
Ruth Salas, Colleague
Sep 9 2022 9:26AM
I met Sal a couple of times - he was a highly valued and respected colleague across the global Marsh Risk Consulting family. This 20th anniversary moves me deeply. I remember where I was (safe in our London office) and my thoughts are with Sal's family at this emotional time.
Martin Chalons-Browne (Marsh London), Colleague
Sep 10 2021 2:12PM
I never met Sal. Until an unspeakable tragedy caused his picture to be placed here, I didn't even know what he looked like. He was, however, a colleague who it was always a pleasure to speak to and, once business was done, someone who brightened my day with laughter. Sal, it's been 10 years and I can still hear you laughing! Rest in peace, my friend.
John F Wallis, London
Sep 11 2011 3:57PM
To My Dear Friend Sal, Sal was our best friend, a true friend, a loyal friend, our family, an uncle to my children. I remember visiting him with Angela at Nelly Bly, Going to the Junior Prom and Senior Prom with Angela & Sal. Sal teaching Angela and I how to drive. Being part of their wedding as the Maid of Honor, and my husband being one of Sal's ushers. I will remember the many trips we took together, the stories Sal always had, the many laughs (especially Sal's) we shared as friends, the many parties and dinners we had together as close friends, and just 'hanging out'. I remember how proud Sal was of his two boys; Gregory and Stephen, and how Sal and Angela did everything together, even sheet rock. I will always remember Sal's hugs. I would be under his chest. They were wonderful bear hugs. To Sal: I will always cherish the last time I saw you and the last hug we shared. I can fill pages of wonderful stories of my friend Sal. The memories will never be forgotten. I miss you, my dear friend, and I always will. You will always have a special place in my heart. No one can ever replace the friendship we had. You were a true friend and true friends are never lost. Thank you for being a special friend in my life. Thank you for being a part of my family and letting me be a part of yours. Love and friendship forever, Mary Ann & Mike Petrozzo
Mary Ann Petrozzo, Friend
Sep 10 2011 10:56PM
We miss Sal's knowledge and smile at Marsh. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family on this anniversary and always. Rest in peace, dear Sal.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 9:09AM
I visited the memorial in NYC about 2 years ago and stopped in the gift shop. I purchased a bracelet with Salvatore's name on it in remembrance of WTC which I wear every day. I pray for Salvatore every day as well as for his wife Angela and his two sons Stephen and Gregory. I agree with Stephen that his dad is in heaven. I sincerely pray that Salvatore's family is doing well. Thank you and may the peace of Christ be with you always. Lillian Sawyer
Lillian Sawyer, Friend
Mar 20 2011 10:18AM
Sal was my manager. He was a born leader and was very fair with me and my colleagues who worked for him. I was hired into the MRC department by another manager and was sort of thrust upon Sal as his direct report. Despite this, he treated me like any of his other employees and was always quick to commend me when I succeeded. I felt like we were really beginning to grow close just before 9/11. I remember seeing him a few days before in our office on the 100th floor. I was with Mark Rasweiler, another employee who perished. Sal was in a great mood and had a beaming smile, just like the smile in his picture on this page. He joked with us and asked about the project we were working on. I recall thinking, 'boy is he happy today! Things must be going really well'. Who knew what would happen shortly therafter. I won't forget you Sal and all you did for me. I learned so much in the year I worked for you. Rest in peace boss!
Mike DuBose, Colleague
Feb 24 2011 5:49PM
I visited the WTC Museum yesterday while I was visiting NY and purchased a bracelet at the gift shop. I got Salvatore's name on the bracelet and want you to know that I wear this bracelet with pride for him. I will continue to keep all the victims of 9/11 in my prayers, but I will say extra special prayers for Salvatore since I received his name on my bracelet. Although I did not know him, it sounds to me that he was a very special person. I am sure everyone misses him very much. Prayers and blessings, Lillian Sawyer
Lillian Sawyer, Friend
Dec 29 2008 9:27AM
Dear Sal, To this day I miss the conversations we used to have about flying. I would loved to see where you may have been today with your passion for flying.I continue to pray for you and all of other victims of 911. If any of your sons would ever desire to learn and follow your passion of aviation, I would be more than proud to help in any way possible. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your friend and old colleague William H. Grimes
Bill Grimes, Colleague
Sep 7 2008 9:28PM
I am proud to be a part of remembering ' Salvatore Gitto' - His named was handed to me in a ceremony in San Diego CA. on 9-11-02. On a public Radio I stated 'I was honored to Remember a fellow Italiano' (then I read his name) and hoped that the lord look over Salvatore in heaven and look over his family and rest of the families that lost a loved one on September 11th. Thank you for letting me Honor Salvatore. Sincerely, Joseph Anthony Salvatore.
Joseph Anthony Salvatore, Friend
Sep 11 2002 6:21PM
I remember working with Sal on a large project in the early 1990's when I was with Continental Insurance. I remember him as friendly, gregarious and a thorough professional. He liked to get hold of a problem and bring it to a successful resolution. He was always eager to help meet customers' needs and brought perspective to many discussions. Our professional backgrounds were similar and we got on quite well rather quickly, although we were at somewhat juxtaposed positions. I and the industry will miss him.
Owen Kurin, Colleague
Jun 10 2002 1:35PM
Sal loved to fly his airplane. One day last summer we played golf and Sal drove the cart. At one point, while he was driving, writing the scores, and putting a soda can in the holder, he drove into a ditch. For a split second we were weightless as we hung in the air. Then we bottomed out and drove out of the ditch. Sal said 'You like this? This is how I fly an airplane!' Sal loved his family, his friends, and he loved to laugh. We miss him everyday.
Frank Mastroianni, Colleague
May 15 2002 2:53PM