Susan Ruggiero
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Every year I come over to this site, first to see her handwriting on the Marsh memorial and to read and re-read all the message left for her. They make me smile and make me cry. Our family has grown so much, with Mom and Dad still leading the way! You now have 9 nieces and nephews, 4 more than when you were taken from us. They are all wonderful people and you would have loved knowing them. I dread this day every year but we have kept with our tradition of attending the Sunrise Memorial at Lido Beach, meeting everyone at the cemetery and hitting the diner after for some great conversation and memory sharing. I wish we could of grown old together.
Peg Asciutto, Family
Sep 12 2023 10:25AM
I just recently went to the 9/11 Museum and saw your picture, Mrs. Ruggiero. I was a neighbor of Susan's, I was 5 years old when she was taken away from us 21 Years ago on 9/11. What I remember about Mrs. Ruggiero is that she had a great smile, loved the Yankees, was always kind to me and my brother, great friends with my parents, and always loved Mr. Ruggiero and their dog Rocco. In my house, I have two yellow plastic cups and two purple plastic cups, my mother got at a Tupperware Party Mrs. Ruggiero was throwing. Another item in my house is a snow globe with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in it, and if you wind it up it plays music. Whenever I see these items I think of Mrs. Ruggiero. Every September 11 I think of her, and on her birthday because she shares the same day with my mom. Mrs. Ruggiero, my family and I miss you every day. Rest In Peace, Mrs. Ruggiero. Your Neighbor, and Friend, Anthony O'Shea
Anthony O'Shea , Family
Oct 12 2022 1:14AM
It’s been 20 years. The time has not dulled my memories of Susan. I visited the 9/11 Memorial not too long ago and saw Sue’s picture on the wall from her wedding day. I could hear her laugh and see her smile. It’s an awful tragedy that we don’t have her with us. Susie, your bright light still shines on us from above. Still miss you and all of our friends and colleagues that perished that day.
John Marren, Colleague
Sep 11 2021 2:38PM
I cannot believe it will be 20 years since that horrific tragical day that you were taken away from us I miss your smile & laugh and most of all your speed talking I always told people if they knew you well enough they could understand what you were saying I cherish all the great memories that I have of our friendship from 7th grade up until that day I love and miss you my beautiful friend 💖
Stacey Cupolo , Friend
Sep 3 2021 11:59AM
oh Suzie! so full of life, so energetic, so bright! so unfair. You are with me always, with all who knew you, you continue to uplift.
Edward Haas, Colleague
Sep 8 2021 3:16PM
Susan, your wonderful bright light still shines on. Thank you for your wisdom, your sense of humor, your ability to take any subject and impart your knowledge of it to others. You inspired me when I was but a junior J&H; person. I try to use some of what you taught me when helping others deal with challenging training subjects.
Susie Hess, Colleague
Sep 12 2013 5:46PM
Hi Susie, You were a colleague when we worked together at J&H; and then Marsh, but you were also one of my best friends and always will be. I always think of you on your wedding day in your beautiful white gown with all the joy and happiness showing on your face. That is the way I think of you the most, but I also remember all of the fun we had at 'work.' Somehow it didn't seem much like work when we tackled projects with Ed, John, Mario and the others. We were such a good team together. It's been years now Susie, and I still can't believe that you are gone, but please always know that we miss you and you will always live on in our hearts. God bless you.
Maggie Hepworth, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 12:32PM
I went to bed last night and looked at my girlfriend, I said to her 'ten years ago this was the last night my friend Susan ever went to bed'. It made me so so sad. I read these tributes from Susans colleagues and I realize she was the same person when we lost her as she was when I knew her 30 years ago. The last time I saw Susan was 20 years ago, for about 5 years from 7th to 12th grade she was a fixture at my house. She was one of our inner circle of friends and ALWAYS made a room a happier place when she was present. In the entire time I knew Susan I can say with 100% certainty I never heard a person utter a single disparaging word about her. She was so sweet, so kind, so funny, and so authentic that even when we were kids we knew she would do great things in the world. No words could ever express what I want to express. Just know Susan that I know you are watching you family from above. We love and miss you and are so so devastated that you are gone. I truly hope I live my life with enough integrity that I myself get to heaven, if I do I then I know I will see you again.
Peter Falcone, Friend
Sep 11 2011 11:53AM
I cannot believe it has been 10 years since you were taken from us. I will always cherish the years we spent together growing up and all the good times we shared. But most of all I will always remember your smile and your laugh. Your memory remains with me always and I often tell my children about you and how much you are loved and missed by us all.
Deena Boyne, Friend
Sep 11 2011 11:23AM
Suzy, it's all said in all these tributes, and is always there with us. You gave us happiness, brightened every day, and still do. I can hear your voice and see your smile remembering. We've stumbled on without you, but not really, because your life, your spirit, that which makes you 'you' is still here, just in the other cube, just around the corner. Smile on us, and peace to Frank and Rocco,
Ed Haas, Colleague
Sep 9 2011 1:55PM
Hi, Susie, Whenever this day revisits me, I'm saddened by the tragedy that befell so many. But at the same time, my thoughts are always first brought to you...and I smile...because my rememberances of you are all happy and joyful. I was in New York this week at Marsh, only as a client now. Oddly, while everyone was painfully aware of what day was approaching, no one was preoccupied with it. I guess that is a good thing...I guess. While there, I had lunch with an old friend and business associate whose father was lost that day, too. We didn't talk about it, although I am sure she would have had I privately asked. What struck me, though, was how happy she is. It reminded me of you. Always positive, always a kind word, always seeing the bright side of things and the best in people. While we will never be able to repair the damage of that day, the enduring memories of the people like you that touched our lives give me hope and that extra zeal for life that you always had. That is your legacy with me. Susie, my thoughts of you are so vivid it's as though you're with me always. You were a colleague, but also a friend, and it is the friendship I will always cherish. Godspeed, my friend...I miss you.
John Marren, Colleague
Sep 12 2010 12:28PM
Another year has passed but Susan was one of those rare people whose memory never fades. Her smile and energy brightened so many of my days when we were growing up in our teenage years. Although I had not seen her in a decade the loss of such a special person is really hard to take. It was in 2001 and it is just as difficult in 2010. I can not comprehend the pain Frank and the grigonis family feel every september 11th. Please know that I pray for her and her baby often.
Peter Falcone, Friend
Sep 11 2010 11:24PM
Another year has gone by since that terrible day in September 2001, but my friend Sue is never far from my thoughts. She was such a fun person, an excellent co-worker, but also one of my most treasured friends. Sue...we miss you.
Maggie Hepworth, Friend
Sep 11 2010 4:22PM
There's not a day that goes by that you don't enter my mind. You are so missed! You are and always will be in my heart. Love and miss you deeply. Until we meet again.....
Karey Conklin, Friend
Sep 11 2010 2:55AM
I wish someone would post a picture. I miss your smile.
Lori, Colleague
Sep 10 2010 9:30AM
With the new year upon us I just want to say I still think of Susan often. When I think of that terrible day I wonder how many truly wonderful amazing people like Susan were lost. Please know as the years pass Susans smile is still with me. I am sure she is with god watching over her family.
Peter Falcone, Friend
Jan 4 2010 9:02PM
What can I say that hasn't been said over the past 8 years....Sue was an amazing full of life and love! Even though we had a falling out years before and missed out on many years of friendship together, somehow we found each other again about a year before she was lost and I cannot thank God enough that he brought her back into my life before this tragedy. Only the good memories remain with me and there were SO MANY! I think of Sue all of the time and know that she has so many to watch over because she was loved by so many, and that I was just a small piece of her life at that time, but I feel her presence and she has given me strength at some of the toughest times in my life. She will always be my angel! Love and friendship always Sue!
Debbie Jaffe, Friend
Sep 11 2009 6:58PM
Another 9/11 - you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Rest in peace . . .
Angela Savino, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 8:52AM
Sue, You are so deeply missed every day and especially on this day. Eight years ago you became an Angel among us! Always remember you are missed and loved! Rest in peace! Love and Friendship always, Karey
Karey Conklin, Friend
Sep 11 2009 7:30AM
We have been long time friends of the Grigonis family,and Margie was my special friend in N.Y; we were neighbors in F.Park and our children grew up together,and played together.The news of Susie's passing was very hard for us to accept; Margie, Susie's mom babysat for our children and I babysat for hers; Susie and Vik our son were the little ones and all of us have precious memories of her and her siblings. We have remained friends after so many years and I attended her memorial; flew from S.Francisco and was so glad to be there and visit with Margie, Paul, Bill and Peggy. We look at the children's photos once in a while, and enjoy seeing Susie sitting inside her baby carriage and our son Vik inside too; they were very close in age.Our family feels so close to Susie and her family and we will miss her always. Martha N Purohit, 5.21.09 Copperopolis, California
Martha Purohit, Friend
May 21 2009 10:18PM
My Dear Susie, It was so long ago since I last saw you. I think it will be 35 years ago this July. You were 4 and I was 5 and we were each other’s first friend in life. I remember your lovely smile, a smile from ear to ear, and the two of us chasing each other as innocent children so adorably play. Those are priceless memories for me; wonderful memories from years so long ago. The saddest memory from those days was the day my family and I left Floral Park. You, your mom and dad, Peggy and Bill, and others were there to say goodbye to us. And as we loaded up the car and said goodbye to everyone, I remember being in the back seat of the car and seeing you. We waved at each other one last time. Although we never saw one another after I left NY in the summer of ‘74, you have always been with me. As I grew up through my rough teens and needed a friend, I would think of you, My Dear Friend, my first friend in life and you would bring a smile to me. Your image as a young child stays with me, and you’ll always remain that way for me to adore. I’m so very sorry that I never told you how much you meant to me, but your unconditional kindness, from so long ago, has given me strength throughout life. I wish I could tell you now, but I can’t. Please forgive me. Since your passing, it’s been difficult for me to think of you. And this is very hard for me to write. The memories I have are so sweet, it makes me cry revisiting them. And I never cry. This memorial has given me a chance to tell you how I have felt about you over the many years here in California, growing up without my friend. We came into this life together and now you’re gone. But I promise to live life not only for me, but for you as well. I’ll always remember you for all my days, locked in my memory as that beautiful child. I’m so thankful to have met you. Vik
Vik Purohit, Friend
May 19 2009 5:39PM
I knew Susan through work. I worked for the client, she worked for the broker. Susan was a great girl. I shared many a laugh with Susan, many a lunch with Susan, even attended a dinner at which Richard Gere was in the very same restaurant. There was a lot of laughing and fun that night. She was so fun-loving and cute, especially with her fast-talking ways. We also e-mailed each other occasionally - especially the tear-jerker type emails - she had a lot of heard an was quite empathetic - and I've often thought what Susan would have said and felt about 9/11 had she not been lost in it. I attended her memorial service and was so touched when her family spoke. I spoke with her husband, Frank, afterwards but I could barely choke out my words of sympathy to him. I was so overcome with sadness and still in disbelief over the whole horrendous event. I stopped working in December of 2001 when my baby was born. There hasn't been a 9/11 since then, that I don't sit in front of my TV waiting for the R's to start so I can see her picture and hear her name read. When it is, I have a moment of silence when I remember her and say a prayer for her. I've never forgotten Susan and I sincerely pray for her husband and both their families who loved her so much. Susan, rest in peace. You touched many lives - you'll never be forgotten.
Angela Savino, Colleague
Sep 16 2008 12:29PM
Missing you always. You are not far from my thoughts everyday. Until we meet again. Love and miss you deeply, Karey
Karey, Friend
Sep 11 2008 1:38AM
Missing you always!
Karey, Friend
Sep 7 2008 3:31AM
Another year has passed, Sue. Though it doesn't make it any easier. You are truly missed. There isn't a day that goes by that you aren't though about. You and your family are always in my prayers. You were and still are a very special person and you will always hold a special place in my heart. Love and Friendship always, Karey
Karey Conklin, Friend
Sep 11 2007 12:45PM
Words seem so inadequate. You lit up the room. I'll never forget you.
Lori Palermo, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 8:57AM
Hi Sue, I’m so sorry that it has taken me so long to write but I have been searching for the right words for all these years. Please forgive me and thank you for your help. For Sue’s family and friends, Sue and I worked together at J&H; for a few years in the property loss control department and then at Marsh. As Sue would describe me in her laughing manner, He’s the engineer that didn’t go to my wedding …because of his son’s first communion… No Excuses!!! Sue liked me because I could laugh just as loud as her plus I loved to make her laugh. Our department of Maggie Hepworth, Ed Haas, Rich Moller, Mario Herbello, John Marren and others all loved her and our days together were priceless. When she got her promotion and moved to another floor we were happy for her but sad because our time together was over. On 9/11, I was in Utah while my desk was on the 100 floor of the WTC. I wish I could heal the hole in your heart but hopefully time has made the edges around the hole less sharp. When I close my eyes and remember Sue … I think of her smile, her laugh, her wit, her charm and her love. You should remember the love that she gave you and have sweet dreams of her until you hold her again in another lifetime. I do not know why Sue had to die but I do know why she lived. Sue was a gift from God … a special angel from heaven. Sue was so full of life and love that she would make your head spin and laugh at the same time. She became friends with everyone and when she smile and laugh, you felt one with her. Sometimes I see parts of Sue in other people and I smile. Sue would want us to live our lives as she lived hers … so happy to be alive and full of love. Sue’s life has taught me that Life is a Gift that does not go exactly as we planned so try to make this world a better place in the time that we have. To paraphrase a book called Home with God in A Life that Never Ends by Neale Donald Walsch. We are like the Wave that lands on the beach, we change form but we do not cease to be, we recede back into the ocean of God’s Love. In Death…you and God become One. But in Life…you and God can also be One. I can hear Sue saying now … It’s about time Crawford. Happy St. Patty’s Day Your Irish Buddy, JC P.S. I still don’t believe you’re really Irish. Ha. Ha.
John Crawford, Colleague
Mar 17 2007 7:45PM
em,susan as i can read from other tributes was a kind women!!!!!!!!!!!HERE OVER IN IRELAND MY MUMS FAMILY MISS HER VERY MUCH!!! XXX-UR COUSIN-XXX xx-zoe-xx
Zoe O'Donnell(O'Connor), Family
Dec 20 2006 5:56AM
Another year has passed and you are never far from my thoughts. There usually isn't a week that goes by that a memory of you will pop into my head, or a cheesy Bon Jovi song will play on the radio and I feel like you are there with me! I feel bad that I haven't posted recently on this site (I have been posting on for any of you that wish to view that site as well). So many people were touched by you and your laugh and fast talking silliness! You could always make me smile and I am sure you are cracking many up where you are today! The strangest thing happened today.......John O'Connor called me after years of not talking, and once again it was all because of you! You still have a way of bringing old friends back together, and hopefully one day soon we will have an opportunity to get the old gang together and celebrate all the good times we all shared! I am sure that there will be a ton of 'Sue' stories going around and we will all be laughing like only you could make us laugh. I miss you and will always cherish all the times we had together. I am sure we will meet again and share more good times!Until that time, you will always be in my thoughts. With love and friendship always, Deb
Debbie Jaffe, Friend
Sep 12 2006 6:44PM
I had moved to Los Angeles and had lost touch with Susan some time before but I was no less affected by the news after 9/11. I remember great nights hanging out at the 'courts' and Susan was an integral part of that group. She was always smiling and laughing and I'm sure she's making some people upstairs very happy. My thoughts are with Sue and her friends and family on this five year mark of that horrific day.
David Warshawski, Friend
Sep 11 2006 8:34PM
I was a friend of Sue's back in HS and still remember how happy she always was. That laugh and the speed at which she spoke always made me laugh. She was truly a great person and I'm almost ashamed that it has taken me this long to find this tribute page for her and type a little something. Although we hadn't seen each other in many years other than an occasional hello and goodbye at Penn Station when I worked in Manhattan you are truly missed Sue. John O'Connor
John R. O'Connor, Friend
Sep 11 2006 11:52AM
Your are truly missed. Your family are in my prayers and thoughts.
Margaret Middione, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 11:49AM
I am always finding myself thinking of the past. All the funny things we all did together. (You, Stacey, Debbie, Eileen, and me). It brings tears of sadness and happiness. Sadness since you are gone but happiness for the time we had with you. You really don't realize what someone means to you until they are gone and it's to late. I try and cherish everyday now. Sue I want you to remember that you are missed and loved by so many people. I believe you are an Angel and one day we will all meet you again. I love and miss you always, Karey
Karey Conklin, Friend
Sep 10 2006 4:06PM
I met Susan when she was working in the property loss control area of Marsh and on the Colgate account. I was an employee of Colgate. We became friends, went to lunch on quite a few occasions (especially to japanese places) when she was in our office and e-mailed jokes back and forth, etc. I well remember when she got married and bought her house in Plainview. She always talked about her husband Frank and the remodeling of their home and their families, etc. She was a really warm person with a good sense of humor. It was always fun to be around her. I went to Susan's memorial service at her local church and tried to express to Frank who I was and how badly I felt. Unfortunately, I was truly reduced to tears and doubt if he even understood what I was saying. I was pregnant at the time, so my hormones didn't help things, but the shock of her losing her life and the very touching and sad service really was unbearable and I probably would have been just as emotional had I not been pregnant. I still sometimes cannot believe what happened to Susan - and to our country, for that matter. I only knew her through work, yet I find myself being reminded of her on a pretty regular basis - when I'm in Plainview, when I pass the place where she got married (which has since changed names). Each September 11th, I watch the memorial and wait for Susan's name to be announced. I see the picture of her on her wedding day and I say a prayer. Just last night I dreamed about her and I'm glad I have the chance to enter my thoughts here. I can't imagine the pain that Frank, Susan's parents and both familes feel. I'm sure they've learned to move on with life, but I know things will never be the same for them. Susan - and all of you - remain in my thoughts and prayers. May she rest in eternal peace and happiness.
Angela Savino, Colleague
Jan 11 2006 8:47PM
Happy Thanksgiving Sue. Thinking of you today and always. Love and miss you, Karey
Karey Conklin, Friend
Nov 21 2005 2:46PM
Sue, Four years have passed and it seems like yesterday that we got the news. You are missed and loved just as much as that day. You are always in my prayers and thoughts. Not a day goes by that you don't pop into my head. It's still hard to believe that you are gone. I love and miss you deeply, Karey Conklin
Karey Conklin, Friend
Aug 22 2005 11:42AM
Dear Sue: I can't believe another year has gone by that you were taken away from us. I miss you dearly every day, and always think of you when I see my daughter Susan (your namesake)I just found out today that your sister had another beautiful baby girl, Olivia Rose. I know that you are looking down from the heavens above and watching all of your nieces and nephews grow up. I still remember the picture of Thomas on your desk at J&H;, and that you always called him Mush man. I miss you all the time, but you are forever in my heart. Love and Friendship always Stacey
Stacey Cupolo, Friend
Aug 13 2005 10:41PM
I have been trying for three years now to write a tribute to Susie and all of my other friends and co-workers who were lost on September 11th. Susie was special, however, and I still can't believe that she is gone. We worked together in the Property Loss Control Department at Johnson & Higgins and later at Marsh, and those were some of the best working days of my career. We had a good and fun group that was made even better by Susie's presence. She was always as lively as a bottle of champagne that had been shaken and ready to pour. It was always a pleasure to be around her and experience the joy and pride she felt for her husband, her family and nieces and nephews (not to forget Rocco her dog). She always challenged us with her fast speech patterns, and would make us laugh when she complained about how long it took for the folks in the southern offices of J&H; to get to the end of their sentences. She was also bright and an excellent worker...but mostly she was my good friend, and I was honored to be asked to sing at her wedding. I think that is how I will always remember a beautiful bride on her wedding day. We miss you Susie..all of us..Mario, John, Ed, Rich and me.
Maggie Hepworth, Friend
Oct 12 2004 3:07PM
Sue was, as everyone here has already written, one of the truly most amazing people I think I will ever know. She had a gift of lighting up a room, brightening someones day and making you laugh uncontrollably. I was friend's with her all throughout middle school and high school and into our early college years. She was like a sister to me and unfortunately we had a 'falling out' and lost touch for years. Thankfully we 'found' each other again about 2 years before she was tragically taken from us. I thank God every day for bringing her back into my life if even for a brief amount of time. She will forever be remembered by all of her friends as one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. Her family became our family as well because those were the kind of people they were. I know that the loss of Sue for them is tremendous and no one can ever fill the void. Sue was loved by all she came in contact with and her huge heart is still with us now in the memories we have of her. She will forever be an angel to me and I truly believe that she is watching each and every one of us and getting a few good laughs! Until we meet again.I miss you so much Sue. Love and Friendship Always Deb
Debbie Jaffe, Friend
Sep 12 2004 11:06PM
Sue was a wonderful 'daughter'(as I always refer to my daughters friends).I had the pleasure of seeing both Sue and my daughter Stacey grow into beautiful and intelligent women. Sue was the kind of person who would do anything for her family and friends. The last time I saw Sue she popped over to my house, while visting her Mom & Dad, to say hello. As always she was full of life and laughed while telling me things that were going on in her life. Its been 3 years and I still cannot believe she is gone. She is truly missed by all but especially her Mom & Dad. My heart and prayers are with them always. 'Sue if you can hear me, please rest in peace & remember we loved you'. Since I now have a beautiful granddaugher who is named after you I shall think of you constantly and keep you in my prayers always. Peace Be With You, JoAnne McDougall
JoAnne McDougall, Friend
Sep 10 2004 7:36PM
Well Sue its coming up on another years anniversary. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about you. Love you and miss you always Stacey
Stacey Cupolo, Friend
Sep 1 2004 9:40PM
I did not know Susan, we have the same name and Ijust wanted to say how sorry I am to what happented to her. Take Care Everyone
susan ruggiero, Friend
Jul 13 2004 8:32PM
I went to school with Susan from 7th to 12th grade. During those years she and our close circle of friends used to spend every weekend together. We would either be at the school yard (JHS 172) or in my parents garage playing pool. She was such a sweet person with that timid little voice and used to talk so fast that I always used to have to ask her to slow down. The thing I remember most about Susan was she never had a bad thing to say about anyone. She always looked for the best in people. I can also recall that in the years Susan and I were friends, and of course the years after, no one ever had a bad thing to say about Susan either. She was truly a wonderful, quality person. I had not seen Susan in literally a decade or so and found out about her death through a mutual friend. I think of Susan often now and sometimes talk to her knowing full well she is in heaven with all the other good people we lost on 9-11. This web site through the people in her life gave me a chance to catch up with the life of an old friend. For that I am grateful. Sadly of course this occured under the worst of circumstances. Frank I know words from a stranger can provide little solace after losing an angel like Susan. However know that she is watching and you yourself must be a truly quality man in every capacity for her to have accepted your proposal of marraige. Susan I am sorry we lost touch as happens when we all leave our parents homes and start are own lives. I just want you and your family to know you made a lasting impression on myself and many of our friends.
Peter J. Falcone, Friend
Nov 17 2002 6:59PM
We lived in Plainview from 1954 to 1969 at 95 Briarwood Lane. We had a daughter Barbara Susan who passed away in 1974 at the age of 18. When we saw a list of the victims at WTT we were deeply moved and felt compelled to write to you. Of course, we truly understand your loss and want you to know that you are in our prayers. We would appreciate it if a family member could contact us to determine if we are related in some way. God bless all of you. Rose and Joe Ruggiero may51951@yahoo,com. (San Diego)
Joseph & Rose Ruggiero, Friend
Sep 13 2002 5:27PM
My friend, Susan Ruggiero I remember when my former manager told me that Susan Ruggiero would be joining our group. It was my responsibility to get her up to speed as quickly as possible. Initially, Susan was supposed to assist me with my responsibilities. However, those of you who knew Susan knew that she learned as quickly as she spoke. Soon she had her own responsibilities and was making outstanding progress coming to IT from the business side. I learned a lot from Susan, personally and professionally. I also learned a lot about her. It’s unfortunate how you sometimes never realize what others have taught you indirectly until they’re no longer around. Sue loved to talk about her husband (Frank) and her dog (Rocco). I am also a dog-lover and would always get a kick out of Rocco’s mischievous tales. I’m sure one of the reasons I became close with Susan was her sense of humor. It was eerily similar to mine. I knew Susan was a true friend when she started needling me and breaking my chops all the time, she was good at it. We would take a walk to Duane Reade together and anything I bought (shampoo, soap etc) she would laugh out loud and tell me I was a sissy. Other times it was sports. Sue loved the Yankees. Everything was Yankees, Yankees, Yankees and Tino Marinez. She even got a chance to meet him once in Midtown, after a client meeting on the street. She immediately called me gushing and I almost gagged on the phone. I was very happy for her though. Unfortunately for me I never had any recourse since I am a Mets fan and we all know that story. During the playoffs last year I came into work one day to find my entire cube Yankee-ized for lack of a better word. She used ribbon to pinstripe everything in my cube. She had little Yankee paraphernalia everywhere. As I drew closer I could hear her laughing hysterically. Again, she got me. I tried pulling one over on her. Her computer was a Yankee and Tino Martinez shrine. She left her desk for a meeting and while she was away I turned her background and screensaver into a Mets and Mike Piazza theme. Upon her return her jaw dropped and she started laughing, but we both knew I still couldn’t get her as good as she always got me. There are a lot of things I liked about Susan. She was straightforward, funny, compassionate, fiercely loyal and most importantly, a true friend. I was in downtown Manhattan at the end of August and I decided to call her to see if she could meet me for a few minutes. We met up and she yelled at me for not telling her my new email address and then she made fun of my haircut. After that we hugged and talked for a while catching up on our lives. I’m so glad I called her. I told her how much I missed her and now I’m saying again how much I miss her. Whenever Sue heard something that really made her laugh, she would always lean her head back laughing, her eyes closed, slapping her leg saying “Oh my God!” I’ll always remember her laughing. We were always there for each other when it came to work. But I know that we both were aware that we were more than co-workers, we were friends. I miss you Susan, you’ll always be loved and remembered.
Christopher Browne, Friend
Sep 11 2002 9:28AM
Susan was probably my first friend in the office when I started at Henry Ward Johnson nine years ago. She became my lunch buddy, forcing me not to eat alone (I was quite a bit overwhelmed and out of my element in an office setting, and in my own strange shyness I wanted to hide away, but she had none of that). I got to know her over those lunches . . . as she began dating Frank, got promoted, got engaged, got married, got promoted again and again. She got to know me as I made my own way into the corporate setting, through my various relationship disasters, taking graduate class, and finally deciding to leave New York. If you knew Susan, you know she was great talker, a perfect fast-talking New Yorker -- but she was also a great listener. It was at Susan and Frank's wedding that I had my first date with the man I eventually moved away with (she came up to him at her wedding and exclaimed, 'Jeff! I'm so glad I finally to got meet you!' His name is Rick. It was just so perfect!). A couple of weeks ago, I came across my table number from Susan and Frank's wedding, which had their picture, Susan wearing a red sweater and a radiant smile. It gave me a moment of real joy. I remember how Susan gave so many people so much joy, and I can truly say I was lucky to be one of them.
Stacey Lonegan, Friend
Sep 10 2002 11:27PM
Although we lived miles away we always remember Susans beautiful smile and love for our cousin Frank. Susan you will always be in our hearts. Maria Serianni & Gina Storckis and Family
Maria Serianni & Gina Strockis, Family
Sep 9 2002 8:54PM
I wrote this poem in loving memory of Susan. It was read at a memorial mass we had for her here in Florida. I woke up one morning as anyone does... happy and content and full of love. I didn't know that today was the day... I was chosen to be taken away. We don't know the reason why... I never got the chance to say good-bye. But in my heart I will always know... that faith and love will always grow. And if I were there with you today... I would get on my hands and knees and pray that there would be peace on earth everyday. With love, Aunt Theresa and Uncle John
Theresa Tagliaferro, Family
Sep 9 2002 8:43PM
It's hard to believe a year has passed since we lost my sister-in-law, Susan. It's still difficult to accept. She was so dearly loved by my family, and we cherish the memories we have of her. We miss her so much. I recently read that our loved ones can never die as long as they are remembered. Susan is part of us. She will live with us forever.
Laurie Pittelli, Family
Aug 28 2002 11:48PM
I worked with Susan for several years at J&H; in coordinating Property Loss Control activities for a major client. I had not seen her since retiring in 1998 and was shocked to hear that she was lost. She was a pleasure to work with, a dedicated professional who had a wonderful way with people. I know how much she will be missed by her clients and associates alike. Karl DeFoeAugust 17, 2002
Karl DeFoe, Colleague Aug 25 2002 10:21AM
August 17, 2002 Karl DeFoe, Colleague Aug 25 2002 10:21AM
Susan was one of those special people you are so happy to get to know on the job. When I started working with the 'InMind' team at Marsh, Susan was already there doing the work of about four people. She was the first person to sit down with 'the new guy' and would forever be the one person you could always turn to when you needed anything from the group. Getting to know Susan was a joy! She was so funny, self-effacing, and easy going. Yes, inspite of her 100 mile an hour speech patterns and thick 'Longgg Giland' accent, Susan kept it all in perspective. She loved her family. Loved her Husband. Spoke with her sister every night! Hated to travel on business because she didn't like being away from any of them. Would light up every time the conversation turned to family. She supported her managers when no one else would. Always returned your phone call or email. Was genuinely concerned about everyone around her. Was sharp as a tack. There are not enough people in the world like Susan Ruggiero. If you ever want to make my day, ask me to tell you some stories about working with Sue. I miss her. We all miss her. Al Clark, Marsh San Francisco.
Al Clark, Colleague
Jul 17 2002 5:45PM
What do I know about Susan Ann Ruggiero? I know that she had an incredible smile, one that always made me feel better. I know that she was always happy when I saw her, always talking very fast, always lively and enthusiastic. She always had a story about her nieces and nephews and how amazing they all were... I knew Susan through her sister-in-law, Susan, one of my oldest and dearest friends. I remember when Frank and Susan got married, how she went from 'girlfriend Susan' to Susan Ruggiero-Sue and I thought that was so funny because they had the same name. I remember the day Susan and Frank stopped by our new house when we were painting, getting ready to move in. She was thrilled about the fact that I had moved so close to her sister, Peggy.We didn't know each other too well, but amidst all the confusion and dropcloths and paint, she made me feel so good about my little house just by being excited about it and telling me how wonderful it was. Susan and I saw each other at the Ruggiero family occasions. I remember stopping by her house at a party and how excited she was to show her house to me. How she gave so much of the credit to Frank-he did this, this was Frank's idea. It was so obvious she adored him and he adored her. Do I consider myself lucky that I knew her? Absolutely-I am blessed as we all were that Susan touched each one of us in whatever way. Her smile, her enthusiasm for life, her loving way with her family, her kind words, a phone call, her amazing cakes. Whatever our relationship with her, we are all the better for it...Now she can show the angels in heaven how it's really done. May God Bless her and her families. Joanie Acierno 0.0
Joanie Acierno, Friend
May 24 2002 4:10PM
The one thing that always stands out in my mind when I think of Susan is laughter. She was always happy and truly enjoyed life. She loved her nieces and nephews. She was so honored when I asked her to be godmother to my son. My family misses her so much. We will never be the same again. Rest in peace, Susan. We love you. Love, Susan Nagy and family
Susan Nagy, Family
May 24 2002 1:45PM
Susan was my sister-in-law and my friend. She was a part of my family and left a terrible void when she was taken from us. I can still hear her laugh, see her smile light up the room. She was loved by all who knew her. A gift that so few have. She was our angel. Susan, it was an honor and pleasure to have known you. My life was truely blessed by your friendship. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you, wishing you were here. Rest in peace, sweet Sue. I will always love you. Love , Lisa
lisa seigies, Family
May 20 2002 10:04PM
'Say that again?!' I often found myself asking Susan to repeat things. My ears couldn't keep up with her! But that was but only one of Susan's unique and endearing qualities that I miss. I only had the fortune of working with Susan at J&H; in the Property Loss Control Department for a little more than a year, but we worked together with a few memorable clients and struck up a friendship that lasted long after I left the company. She was one of the most thoughtful people I have known. When I moved on to be a client of Marsh, and Susan moved into MIS, I could always count on her for the inside track on things and the latest scoop on things. She made sure I was up-to-date on our former colleagues and friends. She arranged a going away party when I left J&H; NY and she and JC gave a lot of thought to a goodbye gift; a mini-keg system for a fledgling homebrewer! I still use it. Occasionally, I find myself scanning through emails and I'll come across one from Susan. I can't erase it. I won't erase it. That's my memorial of her. Susie, even though we didn't see each other much in recent years, your's is an indelible memory for me. You were one of the people in this life that made other's lives a little bit better. I will always be grateful that you were a part of mine.
John Marren, Colleague
May 17 2002 9:10AM
I miss Sue's nightly phone calls, I miss her smile. I miss her laugh, I miss her stories. I miss hearing her hopes and dreams, I miss my only sister, my best friend. She was my maid of honor, godmother to my son. Even though she was younger than me, I miss her adivce and words of wisdom. She was a special person-all who knew her know what I mean. Forever young Sue-until we meet again - I love You - Peggy
Peggy Asciutto, Family
May 16 2002 10:07PM
Susan and I were friends for many years, I even had the privelage of working with her at Johnson & Higgins (which she helped me get the job). There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about her, and miss her dearly. Her laughter, her smile her speed talking which you really had to know her to understand what she was saying, which I was lucky enough to have her friendship since Junior High School. I always keep thinking how unfair it is that she was taken from us so soon, but I am also glad that I was able to become such good friends with her all those years, and she is watching from above, our angel and I will miss you always, and your always in my thoughts and in my heart. Love and friendship always Stacey
Stacey Cupolo, Friend
May 13 2002 5:09PM
This is from Susan's Eulogy written by her brother Billy and sister Peggy as well as my own thoughts. This is a little insight into the person she was... Susan was successful at most everything she did. She excelled through high school, was the SO Vice President, represented the NYC area with the Future Business leaders of America and was very popular. She went on to studying marketing at St. John's University, where she and I met. She graduated and started her career with Johnson and Higgins which eventually became Marsh. She moved quickly up the ladder and met some terrific people along the way. Her job allowed for her to travel extensively, allowing her to experience so many places and cultures. Shortly after beginning her career there, she accepted my proposal for marraige. I consider myself one of the luckiest people ever to have been able to share with her a third of our lives, all of our adult lives. After a few years of marraige we bought a house and settled in Plainview. Shortly there after we bought a dog. At first she was not too happy with the thought of having a dirty animal in her house, but soon they became buddies and he became her pride and joy. After 9/11 he spent most of the first few months laying looking at the front door, waiting for her to come home. Susan and I were blessed with two great families, from which 13(now 14) neices and nephews came. She was so proud and loved every single person in her family and loved to come home and tell me a story about a neice,nephew or relative that would always have her laughing hysterically. She was a master cake maker and couldn't wait to make a new creation for one of the kids. She came from a huge family and could not wait to see them all at the family picnic or any get together. Susan will be missed by many. She brought happiness and love and smiles to hundreds of people. I will always be thankful for the time I had with her. She was a great friend, she was my life. She left me in the hands of some of the greatest people in the world, her family, my family, our friends. Our life together had led us to our home and the luck of meeting our neighbors whom she loved spending time with and have all become part of my family. Susan was finally laid to rest on December 22, 2001 in Holy Rood Cemetary in Westbury, NY. She has left this earth, but will never leave our hearts and thoughts. I thank her privledge of having to know and love her and will forever miss her.
Frank Ruggiero, Family
May 9 2002 8:02PM