Barbara M. Habib

Barbara Habib was a senior vice president in the aviation division of Marsh Inc. who worked in Midtown. Known for her steadiness and dedication, she had worked for the company for 30 years, and was visiting the World Trade Center for a meeting on Sept. 11. She was planning to slow down in her work, said her husband, Raymond: 'She was going to enjoy the quietness of Bay Ridge, walking along the shore. She loved to walk.'

Mrs. Habib would have turned 50 yesterday, and the couple had planned a weekend trip to Boston to spend time in the North End, enjoying Italian food, the kind she liked to cook. She also missed the chance to enjoy the house in Brooklyn they had recently bought and renovated -- they moved in during August, but the new furniture did not arrive until the week after her death.

She took care of her aging parents before they died, and was a source of strength for her two brothers. 'She put others ahead of herself,' he said. 'That was Barbara. That was my wife.'

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9 years ago I left a tribute , I returned today because the sadness still persists . It is comforting to read the consistent tributes of others . I will never forget you .
Steve Evans, Friend
Sep 20 2013 10:47AM
There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you, Barbara. I didn't know you personally but have gotten to know a small part of who you were, and remain in fact, through all the relatives and friends who loved you. I hope wherever you are up there, you know that you left a bright light that shines brighter and bigger every single day.
Linda Miele, Friend
Dec 6 2012 7:30PM
I did not know Barbara. I live in Los Angeles, and on 9/11/2002, I attended a memorial service at a neighborhood church. As we entered the service, we were each given a strip of paper, with a name of someone who lost their life, their age, and where they were from. This is how Barbara M. Habib, a woman I knew nothing about, entered my life. Over the years, and several moves, I've held onto this tiny piece of paper. It lives on my bedside table, and I often say a prayer for her family, and friends. I've long wondered and imagined just who this woman was, that I've grown so fond of. Seeing her face today for the first time, and reading her story, on this tenth anniversary, was such a strange feeling. Looking at her, I feel as if I've known her forever. Today, and always, I will remember you Barbara. I pray that your family, and friends continue to find comfort and peace in your memory.
Robin A., Friend
Sep 11 2011 8:59PM
I can't believe how long she's been gone. I was recently married and I know she would have been there. I try not to be angry and to remember the time she was around, but it's difficult. A lot changed in our family after she died. I miss her.
Karen Ferriere, Family
Sep 11 2007 7:26PM
Dear Barbara, Tomorrow is 6 years since that horrific day. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I think of you often. Love, Celeste
Celeste Colliton, Friend
Sep 10 2007 10:51PM
Barbara - I'm still using a paper towel to open doors and I never let Morgan touch anything in the bathroom! Who else but you could understand my neuroses. I miss you, my friend. ---- Rose
Rosemary Nurse, Friend
Sep 11 2006 8:14PM
I think about Barb often. We miss you!
Sue Johnson, Colleague
Sep 10 2006 5:06PM
It's hard to beleive 5 yrs. have passed since that horrific day when Barbara was taken from us, but the pain is still there. Barbara had a smile that could light up a room and a personality to match. We treasure the memories of our growing up together - all the cousins and the family gatherings every week. She was very devoted to her family and found much happiness when she married Ray. The world was a better place with her in it but God must have needed another angel that fateful day. We love you Barbara and will never forget you and the others who shared your fate. God bless all of you.
Jo Todaro, Family
Sep 7 2006 11:57PM
As a former Marsh employee I got to know Barbara as a colleage and then later as a good friend . I cant quite recal when I first met her because she was the type of person who once you get to know her you felt that you have always known. I regret that we lost touch but she was always in my thoughts. She made me laugh but of all her qualities it was her kindness and generosity to others that always struck a chord with me. I will never forget Barbara. My heartfelt sympathy goes to her husband and family whom I know she loved dearly
Steve Evans, Friend
Apr 29 2004 9:09AM
I got to know Barbara through her husband and my friend, Ray. I discovered that once I earned Barbara's friendship, I kept it. Whenever she asked about how I was doing she really wanted to hear the answer. I will always miss the sincere caring that she exuded when I spoke with her. I am still struck with a feeling of disbelief when I think about how we lost her. Still, I am happy that I did get to know her while I had the chance.
John Cregg, Friend
Jan 20 2004 2:23PM
I Knew Barb for 20 years. She was always happy and upbeat and even though we were distant in our daily work, she was ALWAYS helpful and attentive to our Aviation Work that we provided in other cities across the US for Marsh Aviation. Barb not only put others 'first', but she was such a person with inspiration and exuded happiness. I recall meeting her husband at our Marsh Aviation Managers' Meeting in West Palm and how happy she seemed to be with Raymond after all of those years of taking care of her parents. I recall seeing them walking hand-in-hand at the resort prior to 9/11 and will always remember the two of them being so in love and so happy together. She was robbed of her life and future with Raymond and she leaves behind a legacy of joy and happiness with me.. always...
Charlie Tooley, Colleague
Dec 30 2003 12:26AM
I truly am impacted by this incredible woman. To tell you the truth, I typed in a random search and found Barbara Habib. Sometimes when we lose a loved one we wonder why God would do such a thing? Through my own experiences with my relatives, I have learned that in everything that happens God is in control and works together for good to those who love him. My prayers with her and the family...
Daniel Rainbow, Friend
Aug 7 2003 5:13AM
My beautiful cousin Barbara was always gentle and quiet. We grew up together in a close family with all the cousins together almost daily. We were lucky to have that, because that closeness never leaves you. Barbara was loyal and caring, especially to her parents and brothers. But she was that way with everyone. She was an intelligent and dedicated worker, and we were proud of her success. Looking back over the years, I know Barbara was never happier than when she married Ray. She finally found the perfect mate, and they were both glowing their wedding day. She touched everyone with that special way of hers and we are all the better for having known and loved her. We miss you so much, Barbara, and always keep you in our hearts. Jo
Josephine Todaro, Family
Sep 23 2002 10:11AM
My Aunt Barbara was a loving, caring and strong woman. Throughout my life, she was someone I could turn to for any reason and I truly believed she would always be there. The whole world turned upside down when she died. She was steadfast in her dedication to her work and to her family. I wish I could find the words to express what she meant to us. What I can do, is treasure my memories of her and share them with others as often as possible.
Karen Antoci, Family
Sep 5 2002 2:50PM
I can't believe almost 9 months have passed since 9/11. Barb was always ready and willing to help all of us. Her insight and offers of assistance helped me so much in my job. I enjoyed the few times I visited with her. She is missed and remembered by so many people. I wish I had known her on a more personal level.
Sue Johnson, Colleague
May 31 2002 6:32AM
I knew Barbara for over 25 years. She was both friend and colleague. We grew up at Marsh together and shared both happy and sad times. She holds a special place in my heart and is missed very much. My prayers go out to her brothers John and to George and his family and especially to Ray who made the last few years of her life very happy. I'm sure she is up there with St. Peter's organizing the angels.
Cathy Fortune, Friend
May 10 2002 9:30PM
I first met Barbara in 1973, she worked in Accounting then and I was in Aviation. Of all the people in Accounting, Barbara was always willing to go that extra mile to help you get the answers you needed. Not only was Barbara a hard worker, she was a great friend. She always took the time to see how you were doing,she cared about you. Even though I moved to Florida eleven years ago, each visit I took to NYC I would spend some time with Barbara. She never changed, still sweet, caring and hard working. I know she was very happy with her life. I will miss Barbara's smiling face.
Celeste Colliton, Friend
Apr 22 2002 11:14PM
Barbara was a special person and this was recognized by all of us who worked with her. She touched our lives. Not a day goes by that she is not in my thoughts. I miss the conversations, the laughter and her smiling face.
Diane Gallagher, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 2:57PM
Barbara was always there to offer a helping hand. I could always call her and ask a question, even if she didn't know the answer she would find someone who did. However, more important, she was always happy to help and afterwards, I always had the feeling that she gave more to me than just a simple 'business' answer, she gave me a piece of herself. I will miss her a great deal.
Kim Borron, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 11:35AM
Barbara was a true friend. There's not a day that goes by that I don't miss her and that I don't recall something she taught me. She touched many lives and her spirit will live on forever.
Rosemary Nurse, Friend
Apr 4 2002 11:18AM
Barbara was a special person - sincere, honest & caring, always willing to listen to, and help solve, a problem. She is, and will be, missed. Though she can't be physicaly here, those of us who knew her feel that 'she'll be in our heart'.
Merle P. Millman, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 7:33AM
Words cannot express how much I miss Barbara. She was a mentor, a Friend and I am sorry that I will never have the opportunity to tell her how much I truly appreciated her words of wisdom and her support. Barbara always made time to teach me and direct me. Barbara’s thoughtfulness and kindness will never be forgotten and I am forever grateful that I got a chance to know and work with her.
Patricia, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 6:49AM
Barbara was Mary Ann's colleague, but more importantly a great friend to our family. Common wisdom says that nobody is irreplaceable, but there is truly no one person who can fill the role Barbara played in the Aviation group, or the place she has in our hearts.
Mary Ann (Curnan), John & Lauren Rowinski
Apr 3 2002 10:43PM