Steven Weinstein
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Steve and I had many fierce but always cordial discussions working together at Sapient. My last encounter was when I was trying to get a job at Marsh in August 2001. We had lunch at the WTC Plaza fountain. He was very encouraging: "Don't worry, Howard, it's a big bureaucracy not like Sapient, you'll make it through the process and you'll love it here. For the first time in a long time, I'm happy at work." It took me three days to gin up the cahones to call his house. His wife answered. "I'm so sorry, but this is all new to all of us so I don't know how to do this. Is Steve home?" "No, he's not coming home." Rest easy, brother, we'll be meeting down the road.
Howarrd Mannella, Colleague
Sep 13 2021 5:39PM
Steve was a mentor to me at Sapient. We worked together - he was my senior. He encouraged me to seek my path with the NGO/Humanitarian world. I pursued that after 9/11 happened. Prayers and best wishes to his family.
Sonia Karkare, Colleague
Sep 12 2021 0:17AM
Steve and I worked together at Sapient before he joined Marsh - one of my earliest mentors, he was always kind and generous with his time and willing to offer his years of experience to me as a sounding board. I think of him regularly but especially today (9/11/2021)
Francis Shanahan, Colleague
Sep 11 2021 11:19PM
Thinking of family and friends of Steve's today. God Bless!
Diane Lynn Wren, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 7:21PM
Steve was a very pleasant and generous young man, and the husband of my sister's Matron of Honor, Kathy. My deepest condolences to Kathy and his daughter Annie. I will never forget that in 1999 when my father passed away, he drove my friend from Garnerville, NY, right to her door in Brooklyn. God Bless his family always. Barbara Mangano, Matawan, NJ
Barbara Mangano Bauer, Friend
Sep 11 2019 4:15PM
Steven was the greatest Husband, Dad and friend. His colleagues from his years in IT work at Monchik Webber, Citibank, Sapient and AIG loved him and stayed in touch. He and the several other Sapient friends who in 2001 went to work for Marsh and were early to their desks on the 96th floor are missed by those left behind. Steve's Marsh bosses told us at his memorial that even though he was pretty new he contributed immensely to projects and they found that they complemented him constantly with the remark 'Steve we love you!!' Well Steve we will always remember and love you. It would have been your 51st birthday on April 13th - Steve. It seemed somewhat sad but appropriate that the tribute lights on the Twin Towers were turned off on the birthday you did not celebrate. I will certainly never forget the 50th birthday New York Brooklyn celebration last year cooked Vegetarian Chili for your friends and your celebration came complete with the greatest New York knishes. from some place in Brighton Beach where your parents took you as a child...nor will I forget the weekends our families spent exploring and evaluating Zagat's restaurant ratings with Kathy your wife and Ann your terrific daughter...nor the weekends in the country...nor watching you help Kathy transport windsurfing gear to Plum Beach Brooklyn and anywhere else in the Metropolitan area (reservoirs that so permitted included) and world that seemed good. You must have a special place in Heaven Steve for being a man willing to take Paternity leave to watch Ann when you were at Citibank, and for supporting and loving and admiring your wonderful wife and my best friend of 30 years...Your love and study of the Italian language and dreams of working and living in Milan someday, traveling with Kathy and watching and caring for Ann your wonderful and much loved beautiful brown eyed curly haired New Yorker just like you were taken from you too soon. The promises and creed your lived by - 'Harm No One', 'Work Hard' 'Enjoy New York' 'Take time for nature...whether it be camping in the Adirondacks...strolling Shore Road in Brooklyn...gardening in the Brooklyn Botanical Garen...' will be kept by us your friends and family. Tanti baci e affetuosi Stefano ...... Helen, Fred, Marguerite & Agatha
Helen, Fred
Apr 28 2002 12:46PM