Carol Ann LaPlante
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McCall Carson , Family
Feb 15 2018 1:55PM
On 9/11, I was working at Mercer in Atlanta. I was so saddened by the news of the loss of so many of our MMC colleagues in NYC. On the anniversary I visit the MMC tribute page to read about one of my lost colleagues. Carol sounds like a warm, caring woman who touched so many lives. May she always be remembered.
Diane Ruffo, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 9:47AM
It was a hot 95 degree July day when I met Carol. She came for a studio visit, since I had inquired about exhibiting my paintings at St. Francis of Assisi church. I'll never forget opening my door and meeting her - she said : 'Hi I'm Carol, would you like a coke?' She had 2 cold sodas in her hands. Who does that? Someone so mindful as Carol! She thought no less of our community at St. Francis, always helpful - with snacks for parishioners after mass and many events, too many to list where she helped. She was also a lector at mass and manager of St Francis' art group, which has since disbanded. She was an artist and poet as well. After 9/11, several temporary memorials circulated around NYC that year. One of them used a melted steel beam from the World Trade Center and it was placed in Madison Square Garden. I was surprised to see so many notes from New Yorkers thanking Carol from the bottom of their hearts. I wish Carol knew how much she was loved. I will never forget her kindness and good heart.
Tom G. Irizarry, Friend
Aug 24 2012 5:04PM
I am the lady that bought the flag in Lubbock, TX. I try to remember Carol Ann every 9/11. My thoughts were with you all day although I never met you. Remembering you again on 9/11.
Lydia Hernandez, Friend
Sep 11 2011 10:44PM
I remember when I joined Marsh in March of 1998. Carol made sure I was all setup. She was very pleasant and sweet even when I would run into her on the streets for some strange reason. My heart dropped when I heard the horrible news. I will alway rember you.
Dino, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 12:48PM
I remember your open and friendly personality that always made me feel welcome. Your kindness and warmth has remained with me as a vivid image from the last day I saw you in the this. God bless you.
Edward Verlander, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 10:08AM
I was an intern at Marsh & Mclennan during college and Carol was one of the first people I met. There was always something so warm and sweet about her, and she always started my days off with a lovely smile and morning greeting. Carol was always helpful and kind, and I looked forward to seeing her every day. My mother came to visit me at work once and talked with Carol while waiting for me to come out to the lobby. Even meeting her for just 5 minutes, she commented on what a nice lady Carol was. I couldn't agree more. I still worked in 1WTC on 9/11/2001 but for another company. My thoughts immediately flashed to my coworkers from MMC, and the realization that they were gone. My heart fell when I searched and saw Carol's name amoung the lost. I remember Carol every year at this time, and other moments in my life as well. My heart goes out to her family and friends during this time and always. She was a wonderful person, a terrible loss, and will be missed.
Audrey Lee, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 11:09PM
Remembering Carol Ann this 9/11
Jessica Siegwarth, Friend
Sep 11 2008 7:51PM
On 09/15/03 I wrote the following: On 09/11/03, American State Bank in Lubbock, TX placed 3000+ flags off Indiana Ave. each to represent the victims of 9/11. The public was given the option to purchase a flag. My daughter and I purchased a flag and received Carol Ann LaPlante certificate to honor her. My daughter and I would like to learn more about Carol Ann if at all possible email us at Lydia Hernandez, 9/15/2003 5:49:28 PM' Today, I came to give my yearly tribute to Carol, I cannot express how much I appreciate everyone sharing their experiences with her. Her and I would have been good friends. To know that she as full of humility and a meek heart delights me in a way that is hard to express. I like that she carried daughter and I live in Kansas City, and in her honor I will carry gloves this winter to give to the needy. What a wonderful idea. Thank you Jeanne M. Kavinski for sharing about your sister. God bless Carol Ann's family. Lydia Hernandez 09/11/08.
Lydia Hernandez, Friend
Sep 11 2008 7:43PM
Carol was my neighbor and friend. We met when she bought an apartment in my building. I asked her to serve on the Board of Directors because she would always be fair and honest in her decisions. We often walked together in the morning. She, on her way to the Franciscan church, me on my way to the gym across the street. She amazed me. She always carried sandwiches, gloves (in winter) water (in summer), small dollar bills to hand out, along with information of where to get help for the needy and homeless she met along her way. I remember looking for her in the hospitals, notifying the police of my missing friend, posting photos of her around New York, asking if anyone had seen her. I had to enter her apartment and find information on her family. Her sisters were distraught at not being able to find her and I had to confirm their fears. I think of and miss her often, especially on September 11. The world lost a truely great, kind, generous person. I lost a friend. Kim Oliver
Kim Oliver, Friend
Sep 11 2008 3:53PM
Dear Friend: It was my pleasure to have known Carol Anne La Plante. She was and I am a member of the St. Thomas More Fraternity of Secular Franciscans, a secular religious order which meets monthly at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in New York City. She constantly gave us sterling examples of unselfishness which she extended to the Friars at St. Francis,and the community at large. The following is taken from a Fraternity newsletter of April 17, 2005: CHRISTIAN WITNESS The hot weather is approaching quickly, think of little things to do to make people's lives a little more livable: Knowing that there are always poor souls in need around the Church (St. Francis) and Penn Station, carry an extra bottle of cold water to give away. Holy Scripture speaks of the giving of a cup of water in Christ's name. Carol Anne La Plante, our former fraternity member- who died in the W.T.C. attacks, gave away numerous cups of coffee, drinks of water and more. On cold winter days whe would carry an extra pair of gloves with her, should she meet a person in need--nothing mink lined of course, just simple gloves. Christ told us: 'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for such is the kingdom of Heaven.' Carol was 'poor in spirit.' and was truly a member of 'The Kingdom of Heaven during her journey on earth. On 9.ll, she was taken on 'eagles wings' to her 'Master's Court', where I firmly believe she is enjoying now the Divine Presence in the company of the angels and saints, and her good friend, Friar Michael Judge, O.F.M., a New York City Fire Chaplain, who too lost his life as a result of that heinous attack. Sincerely, Bernard A. Flanagan
Bernard A. Flanagan, Friend
Sep 9 2008 1:01PM
Everyone who has written, thank you for your remembrances, this the sixth year since our dear Carol Ann returned to her precious Lord Jesus Christ. Carol Ann, Our Saint in Heaven, please intercede in prayer for us who remain.
Jeanne M. La Plante Kavinski, Family
Oct 15 2007 8:51AM
Carol and I went to St. Ephrem's elementary school and then again to St. Joseph's Commercial high school. Although there were 11 freshmen classes, Carol and I were not in the same class. We traveled every day by bus and train going and coming home. I always enjoyed our time together. May you rest in peace with God and his angels.
Margaret Palmento, Friend
Sep 12 2007 5:28PM
Hearing that they identified Carol's remains brought back memories. Carol & I worked at the same ad agency before she went to MMC. Not in the same department, but I knew her well enough to know that she was a gentle person & I often saw her going to & from St. Patrick's Cathedral. I was very moved when I went to this tribute page & found out that she was a Secular Franciscan. I'm also a Secular Franciscan -- today is the first anniversary of my profession. I was always a churchgoer, but didn't get involved in ministry until the months after September 11th & that's what led me to the Franciscans. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe that there were people in heaven who helped to guide me to find a deeper commitment to God. I didn't know until today that Carol was one of them. I'm grateful that we are both sisters in the great Franciscan family. Light, Happiness & Peace, Carol. Pax et Bonum, Carmela
Carmela Cangialosi, Colleague
Apr 17 2007 5:35PM
I'm a single parent, hispanic female from Williamsburg, Bklyn. If anyone from her family is reading this, I just wanted to say that my heart is with you and have read that her remains have been identified. I believe that she is a HERO... I, like many others, will NEVER forget that day..and now, she can rest..she is an ANGEL..:)
Jennifer, Friend
Apr 12 2007 10:23PM
Thank you to all who have written tributes to our dear daughter, sister, aunt, Godmother and friend. Unfortunately, our Mother died of a broken heart on November 30, 2001. Mom missed Carol terribly and would call out to her from her sleep. Mom wanted everyone to know that 'Carol always brought her mother flowers.' Over 5 and 1/2 years later, the pain is still raw, and memories of you are still vivid as we spent mom's 88th birthday together. Know we love and miss you so very much, Carol. Lydia, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your posting on the memorial site as well as buying Carol Ann's flag. She was a very special sister to me. Cathy, thank you for the quilt square. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I have it as my deskttop. Carol was a saint, a third order Franciscan (lay Franciscan) and Founder of the Creativity Group at St. Francis of Assisi Church. Yes, it is the same church at which Fr. Mychal Judge lived. The Creativity Group named the Gallery at St. Francis of Assisi in her honor. The Carol La Plante Gallery at St. Francis has hosted several art and photo exhibits since her death. Carol had 21 exhibits that she coordinated with the Creativity Group before 9/11. I sincerely thank you, her colleagues Bill Bowman, Eileen McGuire, and Peter Herring. To Duane Sherwood, thank you for the memorial picture. It is priceless. Thank you all for taking the time to care. It is very difficult. Jeanne, Sister of Carol Ann, MMC, 1 WTC, 97th floor
Jeanne M. Kavinski, Family
Apr 11 2007 9:25PM
I did a quilt block for Carol for the Unitedin Memory Quilt Project. I always pray for her and remember her family whenever I think of 9-11. I would just like to offer my sympathy and prayers, once again, to her family.
Cathy Yosha, Friend
Sep 11 2006 2:33PM
On 9/11/03, my daughter and I purchased a flag in Lubbock, TX in honor of Carol. Today, is 9/9/06 and I am remembering her again. Thank you for posting information about Ms. Carol. We will honor her again on 9/11/06. God bless the family of Carol and I know she now looks down upon us.
Lydia Hernandez, Friend
Sep 9 2006 7:54PM
I didnt know Carol, nor did I know anyone who knew her. Yet I consider her an un-met friend. I saw her picture hung in a memorial 1 week after the attack at the vigil in Union Sq. I took a photograph of it & placed it with others in a memorial image archive I have on the web. Her image has been one of the ones that I look at most and even tho' I never met her I mourn her loss. I just saw her sister on tv today (9-11-2005) describing her. She sounds like someone I would have been honored to call a friend. Rest in Peace Carol. (This site wont accept an html link, but if you want to see the photo, go to, into the archive of past image shows, o the 9-11 archive, and find the 9-18-01 vigil section)
Duane Sherwood, Friend
Sep 11 2005 11:11AM
On 09/11/03, American State Bank in Lubbock, TX placed 3000+ flags off Indiana Ave. each to represent the victims of 9/11. The public was given the option to purchase a flag. My daughter and I purchased a flag and received Carol Ann LaPlante certificate to honor her. My daughter and I would like to learn more about Carol Ann if at all possible email us at
Lydia Hernandez, Friend
Sep 15 2003 5:49PM
Every time I hear the birds singing in my garden I am reminded of Carol. Whenever she was trying to put a call through to me she would comment on how wonderful it was to be calling from New York and being able to hear the birds singing in my English garden. Always helpful and always friendly...............I know she will still be able to hear the birds................
Peter Herring, Colleague
Oct 23 2002 8:14AM
Remembering you on this day. My condolences to your friends and family. I'm sure you will be missed by all who knew you. Rest assured that you will not be forgotten.
Bill Bowman, Friend
Sep 11 2002 10:46AM
Carol was my Admin on the 97th floor. She was a wonderful woman. Always ready to help and worked hard. She had a good sense of humor and a nice laugh. I miss Carol's smile in the office. My condolences to her family.
Eileen McGuire, Colleague
Apr 17 2002 12:31PM