Linda Colon
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I never met Linda, but back in 2010 I began researching my family’s roots and found out that Linda was a second cousin on my grandmother’s side (Hernandez). September 11th was such a heartbreaking day for all of us, but knowing that I had a family member die at the World Trade Center was devastating to learn. I think about Linda every year and pray for her family. Reading all of these beautiful messages and hearing what an amazing lady she was fills my eyes with tears. We should all aspire to leave behind such a legacy.
Carol McGraw, Family
Sep 12 2021 5:45AM
Linda, You are missed so much! Thinking of you on this 20 th Anniversary from the last time we spoke on Sept 10, 2001. Rest in heavenly peace my beautiful friend. It still hurts. We will never forget.
Annarose Fatto, Friend
Sep 11 2021 1:43AM
Tributes, Respects from Texas. We will never forget!
Rodney Cruz, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 5:34PM
Always thinking of Linda and her daughter (Christine) on this day. Always praying for them. Trevor Noble 619-550-8259
Trevor Noble, Friend
Sep 11 2017 0:54PM
I met Linda only once on an interview to be her executive assistant. She impressed me so much that I wanted to work with her and would have had 9-11 never happened. She was about to offer me the position when the towers fell. She had an infectious smile and was radiant. I never forgot her face and my prayers go out to her family who lost such an amazingly bright light.
Catherine Tompos, Friend
Sep 13 2011 4:34PM
It's 4 years to the day I last spoke to Linda on Sept 10, 2001. Tomorrow is 4 years from when we lost her and so many others. It still hurts. I miss my dear friend. May you be in God's arms watching us all from heaven. I think of you always. You and all the others we lost will never be forgotten!
Annarose Fatto, Friend
Sep 10 2005 10:12PM
I had the pleasure of working with Linda's daughter, Christine, during the summer of 2001. I was an intern on the 99th floor for Marsh's Professional Development department, and frequently talked with Christine. One day as I was leaving work down the elevators of the WTC, I ran into Christine and she was with her mom. She introduced me to Linda, and I must say she was the kindest individual I have ever met. I was completely alone in the big apple that summer, and Linda's comments always helped me. She would say to me, 'Trevor, you should be grateful you get to work in this building at such a young age.' She was right: A great building held a great woman. I have been persistently trying to get in touch with Christine, so if any of you have her contact information I would appreciate it. Thank you. Trevor Noble Marsh USA May 4 2001 thru August 23 2001 2064194127 TNoble at Seattle WA
Trevor Noble, Friend
Sep 10 2003 7:23PM
I had the sincere pleasure meeting Linda as MMC's national account manager. Linda always impressed me with her outstanding organizational skills and determination towards each project faced. I will always remember Linda and the warm welcome she extended to me during my first visit to NYC. God Bless the entire family! You remain in my thoughts and prayers daily.
Michael Holmes, Friend
Jan 27 2003 11:43PM
Although I live thousands of miles from Ground Zero, just as millions of other individuals, I was impacted by the horrendous act of terrorism that took place on September 11, 2001. I did not know Linda Colon, but I wear a bracelet in her honor and I shall continue to do so as long as possible. My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.
Floyd Colon, Friend
Oct 9 2002 11:40AM
During the national days of prayer (September 6-8, 2002) University United Methodist Church in San Antonio, Texas gave out cards each with the name of one victim. I received Linda's name and with it I promised to keep her family and friends in my thoughts and prayers. Romans 8:38-39
Stephanie Daniel, Friend
Sep 10 2002 6:21PM
We last spoke on Sept 10, 2001 and last saw each other on labor day weekend 2001, a year ago. It hurts so much. I miss her terribly. That last time together she and I talked of how long we had been friends - since 1978 and how her and Rob and just celebrated 24 years of marriage. We worked together for 4 years but remained dear friends forever. She was Aunt Linda to my kids.I am godmother and Aunt to hers. We met as young adults and grew up together. She was able to reach many of her dreams- she had a successful career and a beautiful familly. She was an incredibly positive and motivated person- a little dynamo that could coordinate the most complex project at work or arrange a party at home down to the last detail. If Linda was involved you can bet it was done right! I used to complain to her that she had to relax a bit more and get more rest. She never slept many hours, she fit so much into each day. It's ironic, God knew she couldn't waste what time she had left, sleeping. She was so proud of her husband Rob and daughters, Christine and Tracy. I know her love is shining down from heaven on them. Chris has just started Villanova! I know how proud Linda is! To those of us who knew her we were very blessed. To the person who wears her bracelet- you could not have a better person to honor.
Annarose Fatto, Friend
Aug 30 2002 10:10PM
I did not know Linda. I ordered a bracelet with the name of a person lost that day(9-11), Linda's was the one I received. I will wear this bracelet in memory of her with pride.
John P. Ingram, Friend
Aug 3 2002 4:48PM
Our thoughts go out to Linda, and to those whose life she touched.
A colleague, Colleague
May 24 2002 10:15PM