Steve Wong

At first New York scared him. Everything seemed so big, so fast, so tough.

But it did not take long for Steve Wong — who came from Hong Kong in 1996 on a temporary assignment with Marsh & McLennan — to stop feeling like a stranger. 'Steve loved to be here,' said his wife, See See. 'He could learn more here, see more, visit more different places, talk to more different people.'

Mr. Wong, 34, and his wife rented an apartment in Jersey City, had a baby girl, Jacqueline, and decided their future was in America. He dreamed that one day Jacqueline would go to an American college and he would join her there to get his Ph.D. in philosophy. Then he planned to retire from Wall Street and teach others how to define what is important in life.

Mr. Wong already had a clear sense of how to rank life’s offerings. He and his family traveled widely, read voraciously, visited every museum, zoo and historic place they could find. He hated being away from his family but he went to Scotland for his M.B.A. because the British pedigree of his Hong Kong education was recognized there. During his year away he learned how to play the piano and wear a kilt.

'Steve took advantage of all the business, cultural and personal growth opportunities that life afforded him,' said Clyde Fritz, a friend and colleague. 'He had his priorities aligned properly.' Later this month, Mr. Fritz, Mrs. Wong and Jacqueline will fly to Edinburgh to pick up Mr. Wong’s degree.

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Thinking of family and friends of Steve today. God Bless!
Diane Lynn Wren, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 5:53PM
Many fond memories of Steve. I knew him when he was our resident insurance consultant at Westinghouse in Orlando.
Chuck Ruschak, Colleague
Sep 12 2019 3:42AM
Thank you for remembering Steve! I am very sorry that I didn't write back sooner because I just found this website today. My daughter, Jacqueline, and I were touched by the messages that you wrote. We are happy to tell you that we're doing fine, and still live in New Jersey. All the best to our friends and colleagues. Fondly, SeeSee & Jacqueline
SeeSee & Jacqueline, Family
Nov 27 2013 5:08PM
I work for Marsh in Canada and I thought I'd visit this site to read and get to know some of my fellow colleagues in New York so they may not be forgotten, to me they are all heroes. My prayers go out to Mr. Wong and all the others we lost on that day.
Princess P, Colleague
Sep 8 2012 10:24PM
SeeSee and Jacqueline, Today I see Steve out there with Clyde cooking up a scheme to accomplish who knows what...they will put everythng into it. I also sense Steve is so proud of both of you and wants more than anything for you to be ok and to keep growing as you have these 10 years. Love and hugs, Maura & Ellyn
Maura Garych Fritz, Friend
Sep 11 2011 10:48AM
See See, I think of you often. My thoughts and prayers are with you this weekend.
Marge Mathers, Friend
Sep 10 2011 9:15AM
The last time I wrote a tribute for Mr. Wong was in 2004. I just wanted the family, friends and colleagues of this man know that he remains in my thoughts. Best wishes. Anne
Anne Morin, Friend
Sep 8 2010 4:54PM
Hi, Im Vivee. Im sure Jacqueline remembers me. I went to school with her in York. We went to OLC pre-school. I comforted her in school when she was upset. If she looks into her yearbook i'm sure she would reconize me. I've been wondering how she's been doing. Please Write Back, Vivee Tranle
Vivee Tranle, Friend
Jan 16 2010 5:24PM
I am a school counselor in Las Vegas and I told Vivee, Jacqueline's friend, I'd help her find Jacqueline. Vivee has been thinking about you, specially every year on 9/11, and wonders how you are doing. She regrets having lost touch after moving to Vegas, would like to connect with you again and sends you her love.
Ms. Zee, Friend
Oct 9 2009 5:29PM
Dear See See, Hope you still remember me. I was the 'Fat Girl' who worked with Steve in our old day with J&H; since 1993. After ten years, I joined Marsh HK in this August. I still rememebr Steve teach me how to be a good broker. He was laughting at me when I bought my first new 'brief-case', as I did not know how to use it. Our first client's meeting at Christmas Eve. I sent baby cloth to Jacqueline when she was borned in the winter of 1997. Steve's good attudite and positive thinking enlighten me not only being a good broker but a good people. Take care of yourself. Jacqueline is a blessing present to you and Steve. Send my regard to Jacquline. Write to me when you have time. Love Fat Lulu
Lulu Chan, Colleague
Sep 10 2008 9:02PM
Dear See See, My thoughts and prayers are with you today.
Marge Mathers, Friend
Sep 10 2007 10:08PM
I never had the pleasure of meeting Steve Wong (Siu Cheung Wong); I certainly wish I had. He must have been a delight to know. I enjoyed reading the article on your site about him. I loved that he wore Mr. Rogers sweaters, probably to celebrate his connection to his precious daughter. I hope she is thriving. Since I'm of Scottish descent, I also admired Steve's courageous decision to try the wearing of the kilt! I also admired his strength; it takes guts to leave family and friends for an entire year in the effort to complete one's education. If you are still in contact with his family, please convey to Mrs. Wong and her daughter my admiration and respect for their loved one. Tell them that, just after the 9/11 tradegy, as a way to remember just one of its victims, I was given a little white calling card with Siu Cheung Wong's name on it. It was comforting, although I was unable to find his name listed anywhere at that time. I ran into Mr. Wong's card today and decided to look to see if I could find information about him. I was lucky; I found this lovely remembrance of him at your site. What a delight! I live about as far away from New York as you could possibly live and still be in the USA - in Portland, Oregon. Tell the Wongs that, even this far away, their loved one is thought about and remembered by a stranger who feels like she actually knows who Steve Wong was. Thank you.
Anne Morin, Friend
Nov 6 2004 4:19PM
In 1999 Steve came down to Chile to support us in a special contract review work with one of our major power clients. He showed great professionalism and knowledge in the subject but above all he was very enthusiastic about discovering new things. Because of his tight agenda we worked together through a complete weekend and then on the saturday lunch break I took him home for lunch so he could get the look & feel of a typical Chilean family (with 5 kids - now soon to be 6). The surprise came when he saw an artichoke in his plate as a starter which he thought was a decoration and not something to eat. At the end he ate the artichoke and we all laughed a lot. We will always remember Steve as a very nice and friendly person.
Andres Alcalde, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 1:53PM
When I first met Steve, as part of the Power Group, I was taken by his calm manner and dry sense of humor. I will never forget his Mr. Roger's sweaters and tremendous work ethic. Les
Les Hayward, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 12:35PM