Laura Longing

Family Tribute:Laura M. Longing (nee Pettus) age 35 of Pearl River, New York, was an Assistant Vice President for Marsh USA. She worked on the 96th floor of the World Trade Center, North Tower, as a project manager in the technology information systems department. Laura worked for Marsh & McLennan Companies and their subsidiaries for ten years. She made the very difficult task of being a successful businesswoman and loving wife and mother seem easy. Laura graduated from Nanuet High School in 1984, where she played varsity soccer and softball. Laura received her Bachelor's Degree in Management from Pace University in 1988 and her Master's Degree in Finance from Iona College in 1994. As adoring mother of William and Bryan and loving wife and best friend to Chris, Laura was a guiding light to her family. She was the cherished daughter of Kevin and Anne Marie Pettus and caring sister of Keith and Peggy Pettus. Laura was loving aunt of Rory and Grace Pettus and Brendan and Erin O'Shea. She was the adored daughter-in-law to Helen Longing and sister-in-law of Dierdre Pettus, Donna O'Shea, John O'Shea, Lorraine Longing and Anne Longing. Our memories of Laura are an inspiration. Laura had a joy for life which will live on in her sons. She loved the outdoors, camping and playing golf and softball. We will never forget how she touched our lives and put the needs of others before her own. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her, but she will live in our hearts forever. Our love for Laura will live on into eternity.

The following is a poem Laura sent to her sister-in-law Deirdre shortly before September 11, 2001. We feel this poem was intended for everyone Laura loved.

I Prayed for You Todayby Donna Fargo

I prayed for you today, gave thanks for your life,wished you the best, asked the heavens to blessyou with good health and happiness. I sent yougood thoughts, surrounded you with hope andfaith and love. I asked your guardian angels toprotect you and keep you safe from any harmand to blanket you with joy and contentment andpeace and prosperity.

I prayed for you today. I asked that you be guided with wisdom to make choices to enhance your lifeand the awareness to make changes that are in yourbest interest. I wished for you a storehouse ofopportunities, the ability to meet your goals, andthe joy of your own approval and acceptance.I wished for you your heart's desire, every need met,every prayer answered, and every dream come true.

I prayed for you today. I asked that you be preparedfor whatever life hands you or whatever you're goingthrough. I asked that your spirit be strong and leadyou and guide you each step of the way down the pathyou take. I asked the universe to confirm for you thatyou are someone very special. I asked the earth to begood to you, and I asked God to show you his perfect way.I prayed for you today.

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Anniversary of Operation Neptune Spear 5/2/2011 - One day before what would have been your 45th birthday :(
Deirdre Pettus, Family
May 2 2023 2:37PM
Hi Laura. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since we last spoke and that your babies are now young men. I’m sure you have been watching over them as their guardian angel. We will never forget you and the rest of the colleagues we lost that day.
Cathy Incandela , Colleague
Sep 11 2021 3:01AM
Laura, I hope your boys have some memory of you. From my view, you had the career part down pat - hard work, follow through, team play. Thank you for being a fine colleague.
Ty Howe, Colleague
Sep 9 2021 7:41PM
Although I did not work with Laura at the time, I did go to Nanuet schools with her and found her to be such a kind and giving person. She had just returned from maternity leave and my husband had spoken to her on the train ride into the city. I pray her family has found the strength and love to carry on with their loving memories close to their hearts. May she rest in peace.
Carolyn Flood, Friend
Sep 8 2021 2:29PM
I never met Laura but this morning as I was listening to the names, one name stood out to me, "Laura Maria." That's my name. So I googled the person whose whole name was Laura Maria Longing. It turns out that she had gone to Pace University, had two sons and had gone to work that day, just as I had. But her sons were just babies, 18 months and 3 months old, and she had returned from maternity leave just the week before 9/11. The biggest difference between Laura Maria Longing and me, however, was that she did not return home to her family that night. May Laura Maria Longing and all the others lost that day and since that day rest in eternal peace, knowing that they will never be forgotten. And may we find some peace on this earth in their memory.
Laura Maria LoPorto-Eng, Friend
Sep 11 2020 3:32PM
Rest In Peace! Never forget those who perished on this tragic day.
Stanley Jablonowski, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 10:08AM
We never had the privilege of knowing Laura. We donated to a memorial “Field of Flags” and ceremony in Des Moines in 2002 honoring each casualty. A flag was dedicated to each person lost, ours was dedicated to Laura. After the ceremony, the flag was given to us. It flys in our front yard today with a yellow ribbon with Laura’s name attached as it does every September 11th. Laura will always be, in a sense, a colleague.
Keith & Patti Luchtel, Colleague
Sep 11 2019 6:36PM
missing you
Deirdre Pettus, Family
Sep 8 2019 0:52AM
I just heard your father is with you now in heaven. May you both be in peace... Miss you
Your Friend From Childhood That Still Misses You Very Much, Friend
Apr 11 2018 10:03PM
i miss you with all my heart. love you. rest in peace
a Friends , Friend
Oct 24 2017 11:38AM
16 years without you. Not a day goes by where I don't think of you. Forever in our hearts. From your loving niece, Grace
Grace Pettus, Family
Sep 11 2017 10:58AM
May you forever Rest in Peace. Fly High, Forever.
Kelly, Friend
Sep 11 2014 10:41PM
Just wanted you to know that I still think about you every year around this time. I did not know you personally, but my dad (Barry) knew a friend of your husband's. Thinking of you today and saying a prayer for your family that they stay strong.
Lauren O'Neil, Friend
Sep 11 2014 1:16PM
Hi Laura. It's been too many years that you perished in the Towers on 9/11. I miss your laugh and friendship.I think of you all the time, remembering all the good times we shared in so many family gatherings.Especially the last one we saw you the past Labor Day Weekend where we had our first Lennon family reunion.And may God and the Angels hold you in the Palm of his Hands forever.
Mary Anne Hannigan, Family
Sep 8 2013 3:17PM
I have been honoured to post my Facebook status in your memory. R.I.P. Laura
Jan sabella, Friend
Sep 11 2012 10:40AM
Hi Laura, Hard to believe it's been 10 years already. I was looking through old albums and found the pictures of you, me, Shirley, Marian and Janet. I can't believe you and Shirley are both gone. I think of you often and about how Chris and your boys are doing. I'm sure they know you are watching over them. Cathy
Cathy Incandela, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 4:21PM
My husband and I were priviledged to ride across country on the 10 year anniversary, with Laura's memorial card in the windshield. Passing through many states and over 1300 miles. Laura and her family were in our thoughts and prayers on the Americas 911 ride 2011. My husband a retired veteran shared Laura's name with so many during our travel. What a beautiful smile, God has blessed you with Laura. Paul & Tina
Tina Demou DPM, Friend
Sep 11 2011 11:33AM
Bristol, RI, celebrated the July 4th with the longest, oldest, 226th parade. Somewhere along the route, a basket of flags was set for the taking. Written on each flag was the name of a lost loved one in the 911 attacks. My flag had Laura's name. Her picture shows a warm smile; your comments show a loving, caring, well-accomplished women. Well done, good and faithful one. You are remembered today with prayers for those you left behind. Blessings!
Ann Marie Clarkson, Friend
Jul 4 2011 11:24PM
Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend who was taken from us 9 years 233 days ago. Your memory, your smile, your laugh, lives on with all those that loved you. As we toast you once again, near and far, we will hold our glasses high and know that you will live in our hearts forever! We love you and miss you Laura!
Maria Botto, Friend
May 3 2011 11:11AM
Missing you very much these days :( It does not hurt less, just less often. your sis'-in-law Deirdre
Deirdre Pettus, Family
Apr 22 2011 4:15PM
I did not know Laura personally, but her brother, Keith and I have been friends since we were in the NYC Fire Academy 25 years ago. On Sept 11, I was stationed in lower Manhattan, and lost 10 men in my firehouse. My heart and prayers goes out to Laura's family. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about it and I'm sure that Laura is always on your mind. My the Lord bless you.
Captain Carlos Vazquez, Friend
Jul 27 2010 11:36PM
Laura was one of the first people I worked with at J&H; Stamford. She had a great spirit, a desire to get things done right and an eagerness to change things for the better. I can recall her joy and excitement in the days leading up to her wedding and I remember the stress she shared with us as she and Chris prepared to buy their first home in Rockland. After moving there, she and I would often commute together, and I missed her a great deal when she left the Stamford office for Parsippany. Laura became a mother after I left J&H;, and I never got a chance to congratulate her. My prayers are with her family; she was a truly special person.
Stacy Hofmann, Colleague
Jul 8 2002 4:38PM
Since today is Laura's birthday I thought it was fitting to pay tribute to her. The first time I met Laura I had left J&H; but was invited to a night at the races at the Meadowlands. I remember how lively Laura was and how much she enjoyed herself. A few months later I was back at J&H; working for Laura in the start of the Focused Market Group. We didn't always see eye to eye on things but I respected her dedication to her work. After we moved on to different jobs we became friends and knowing how much Laura wanted a family I was thrilled when she became pregnant with William. I was equally thrilled to learn she had another son last May. I also hurt the most for her husband and two little boys who will not know their mother. I'm sure Chris will tell them how much they were wanted. Happy birthday, Laura. I know you're in a better place. Have a few beers for me. Cathy
Cathy Incandela, Colleague
May 3 2002 9:14AM
I knew Laura when she and I worked side by side at the former Johnson & Higgins office in Stamford, CT. She and I shared a few good memories from (prior to her getting married, at her bachelorette party and up until she left Stamford to work at our New Jersey office. When someone told me that Laura died during the events of 9/11, my heart hurt for sometime. Even now when I think about it, I cant beleive it. When I read the other tributes and realized she had a son, it was even harder to belive. My sympathy goes out to her family.
Kristy A. Dreher, Colleague
May 2 2002 3:20PM
Laura will always be remembered by her colleagues as a dedicated, persistent professional. I had the opportunity to work with her for approximately six months on a technology project. She was tenacious about deadlines and keeping projects moving forward. She never hesitated to question 'the old ways' and try to improve workflow and streamline methods to meet business needs. While she and I shared some common business goals, we also shared another bond: we were both pregnant with our first sons while working on the projects together. My oldest son recently celebrated his second birthday and I reflected on just how important our relationship is. To me the real tragedy in the loss of Laura is not so much as a colleague, but in the loss to her family and more specifically, her son's loss of a mother. I know she will be missed in so many ways by so many people. Everytime I reflect on the joys of my oldest son, I will think of her and the tragedy of her never being able to experience the joys of watching William Alexander grow up. She will be missed.
Kay Farrell, Colleague
Apr 9 2002 3:40PM