Edward Carlino

Edward Carlino was the senior vice president in charge of running the financial reporting systems at the insurance brokerage Marsh & McLennan. It was a job he loved. Mr. Carlino, 46, had both technical and financial expertise, according to a Marsh spokesperson, and he was responsible for assembling and analyzing financial data for the company.

'He worked hard,' his wife, Marie, said. 'He was at work more often than he was at home. He would be there at 7:30 a.m. and not leave before 9 p.m. He was one of the few people at his level who took off his coat, rolled up his sleeves and worked with the people that reported to him.'

The couple met more than 11 years ago in a club after work when, 'I literally ran into him,' Mrs. Carlino said.

They tried to take two vacations a year, Mrs. Carlino said, but that 'was like pulling teeth.' Mr. Carlino liked Paris and small Caribbean islands, especially St. Barts. The two were married and spent their honeymoon on St. Thomas in June 1995.

The latest addition to their family was Mandie, a mixed-breed dog from the North Shore Animal League. Mr. Carlino 'didn’t think he was a dog person, but he was,' Mrs. Carlino said.

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My favorite memory of my cousin Edward Carlino - Eddie worked with a very close friend of mine Tom Brown, at Marsh & McLennan. Eddie invited me to a cocktail party along with Tom Brown and his wife Annie. On the way to the party, I tell Eddie how I'm always mistaken for 'Boom boom' Mancini, of course Eddie just laughed and didn't believe me. So we get to the party, as we are getting our refreshments, who walks in but Joe Frazier. Joe Frazier walks over to me and shacks my hand. Then he hit's me in my arm and say's hey how you doing (as though he hasn't seen me in a while) you look good. I turn to Eddie and say see....I will never forget the expression on his face. We always had fun when we were together. That is just one of many memories of my cousin. Eddie will always be missed and never forgotten.
Louis Carlino, Family
Oct 5 2006 1:29PM
Lisa, I just read your tribute to your father. A Carlino is a very intersting perosn your DAD would be proud, Lou
Lou Carlino, Friend
Jan 22 2006 10:52PM
When I first met Ed I was taken back by his seriousness and dedication to the corporate cause. Many chinese meals later having got to know him I realised that there was a lighter side and it shone brightly.I regret that we lost contact after I left Marsh .It was a pleasure to have known him .Thanks Ed
Steven B Evans, Colleague
Apr 29 2004 9:34AM
Hi, daddy. I'd like to be able to tell you that dealing with this gets better all the time, but it just isn't true. i've been trying really hard to move on and build a better life your myself, because I know that you wouldn't want me to be sad anymore. i left my old job and got a new one at the bank. it's definetly a step up from retail! i work with alot of really wonderful people who have helped me deal with this more than you'd think co-workers would. i met a really wonderul guy, he reminds me alot of you. he works really hard to make sure that we have evrything that we need. we moved out together and got our own place. it's small but we've managed to make it a home. mom really likes him- iknow you would to. we have yur pictures up in the living room. i think about you every day. nothing will ever take away the pain that i feel in my heart. i love you -lisa-
Lisa Carlino, Family
Jul 2 2002 1:05PM