Mike D'Esposito

Family Tribute:

Michael D’Esposito, 32
Morganville, NJ

When Michael D’Esposito was 12 years old and all the boys in the neighborhood were getting Nintendo games, he wanted a computer that he could program. His parents bought him a TRS-80 color computer, and he became the neighborhood expert, helping everyone out whenever they got computers.

Mr. D’Esposito’s early aptitude let to a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science at Pace University and a career in computer programming. Most recently, he was self-employed as an independent consultant contracted by Marsh & McLennan.

The 32-year old Morganville, NJ, resident was at his office on the 96th floor of 1 World Trade Center the morning of Sept. 11, and is among the thousands missing since the day of the attack.

He was born in Staten Island, NY. Mr. D’Esposito played hockey from the time he was 7 through his years at St. Peter’s Boys High School, Staten Island, where he graduated in 1987. He continued his interest in hockey as a passionate New York Rangers fan.

Mr. D’Esposito met his wife, the former Grace DiBenedetto, in 1986, when both were working for Pathmark. After they married, the couple lived in Westerleigh, Staten Island for four years until they bought a house in Morganville in 1997.

The most important thing to Mr. D’Esposito was spending time with his wife and their daughter, Mrs. D’Esposito said. “His idea of a vacation was to stay home,” she said. They enjoyed cooking together, and he had recently branched out to experimenting with recipes picked up from the Food Network. His most recent endeavor was a recipe for ribs.

The birth of their daughter, Ashley, two years ago added a new dimension to their time together. He gave up the diversion computer games had become when she was born. “He wanted to be with her,” said his wife. He had recently started a Saturday music class with his daughter.

Ralph D’Esposito still has his son’s TRS-80 in his garage. He hung onto it for sentimental reason and now he is glad he did, because, he said, “It was a great part of what Michael did.”

After graduating from Pace, his son was employed as a Microcomputer systems analyst at Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA-CREF), Manhattan.

In 1997, he began working for APPCITY, a computer consulting company that placed in at Marsh & McLennan.

From 1999 until last year, he worked at APPCITY’s offices, when they had become more of a software development company. Late last year, he became an independent computer consultant and was contracted by Marsh & McLennan.

Although father and son did not share the same profession – the elder D’Esposito is a Certified Public Accountant who has worked as a chief executive officer for various companies and is now is public practice with a CPA firm – Ralph D’Esposito often deals with computers.

With a son who was up on the latest in computer technology, he had come to rely on him for technical support. “Hardly a week went by that I didn’t call him with computer questions,” said Mr. D’Esposito.

He was one of the few people I know who is happy with their life,” he said. “He loved his job, he loved his family, his wife and child. He always had a smile on his face.”

In addition to his wife, Grace, his daughter, Ashley, and his father, Ralph surviving are his mother, the former Carol Ann Castellano; his brother, Robert; his paternal grandmother, Ann D’Esposito, and his maternal grandparents, Anthony and Anna Castellano.

A memorial mass is scheduled for Oct. 12 at 11 a.m. at the Church of Saint Clement, Matawan, NJ.

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Grace and Ashley: Grace you are always on my heart, but it is stronger on this day. Every year I honor Mike as the all thosee who were lost by giving blood. This is all I have to give back to you and you dauther. The same kindness and support you gave me when we worked together. May the peace of God continue cover you and your daughter.
Debora F. Reid Hill, Family
Sep 14 2011 10:20PM
It's hard not to smile when thinking about Mike! Remembering the coke and 2 Krispy Kremes that kick-started his day and how hard he worked with such a great attitude that would spread throughout our team. I miss you Mike and sending my thoughts and prayers out to Grace & Ashley.
Stephanie Eckersley-Ray, Colleague
Sep 6 2011 3:42PM
My thoughts and prayers go out to Grace through these most stressful of times. I also think of Ashley without her daddy. You were a good man Mike, you will always be remembered and always thought of.
Jim Dacey Jr, Family
Jan 30 2010 3:30PM
Our thoughts and Prayers are with you more than you know. We miss you and loved you very much!! We have fond memories of Christmas together at Mama Vit'a and Papa Joe's putting together the swing set and doll for Jackie. We also have another son James who is now 7 and I am telling him about you and he is now learning about you and feels that he knows you and asks for you. We Pray for your Peace, miss your smile and may GOD KEEP YOU IN HIS CARE. We miss you very much. We are Blessed to have known you. 9*11*08 Love the Spagnuolo Family/ Benjamin Family
Bonnie Spagnuolo/Benjamin, Friend
Jan 30 2010 3:30PM
Grace and Ashley - We think about you and your family this hard day. I never forget the great fun time we share at the Italian Restaurant. Our prayer is with you
Hiroko McVey, Friend
Sep 11 2002 10:40AM
Like our other colleague Dina Rugani, I also sat near Mike during my time at Marsh McLennan. The three of us had a joking-antagonistic relationship that we carried out via email and by yelling over the tops of our cubicles. Mike was a tremendous wit, a brilliant programmer, and a great film aficionado. I am sad that I never spoke to him after I left Marsh. He was a very funny guy and a great person.
Rob Lawrence, Colleague
Aug 23 2002 4:43PM
I sat next to Mike for most of the time I worked at Marsh. I can honestly say there isn't a person on earth I had more ridiculous conversations with. The day of "Why all food tastes better when eaten off a stick" is one I won't soon forget. And of course, there is the now legendary day the Mike told us all he would never want to live in a world without cheese. Nevermind the day he called me a communist when I told him I thought bacon cheeseburgers were just wrong. It seems we can all remember such hilarious stories about Mike, he made us all laugh all the time. At first I thought it would be more appropriate to remember some more serious way he touched my life, but then I realized what a tremendous gift he was able to give all of us who got to be around him. Mike had a smile for everyone, a goofy comment for every moment. I can't think of a more important or significant way to touch the lives of the people you know than to make them laugh every day. I'm so grateful that I got to know him and that I got to see him everyday and that everytime I think about him, I smile and laugh.
Dina Rugani, Colleague
Jun 24 2002 7:31PM