Susan Santo
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I really miss you
Tami, Friend
Sep 12 2021 7:56PM
Another year has passed and we're once more reminded about this horror. I lost a friend. But all I can do is making sure we do no forget.
Markus Schadwinkel, Friend
Sep 12 2020 0:32PM
Susan and I met in Stella Maris, she became my best friend when I was a Sophmore. Someone that I always could to go for everything. I miss her everyday. I still look at her picture she gave me and read what she wrote me. I miss her all the time.
Melissa Carbone, Friend
Sep 11 2012 9:05PM
In memory of Susan on this 10th year...always in my thoughts and your family is always in my prayers. I remember so many times chatting with you online at the yahoo single parenting chat room. I remember how much you adored your daughter and your family. I remember your love of Mike Piazza (I'm not a baseball fan, but that always stuck with me). Unfortunately, I remember the day when I found out you were there in the North building of the WTC on that horrible day 10 years ago. Even though we never met, I will still think of you each year and always make sure I look at your picture and tributes to keep you in my memory. Much love to your family. Sherrie from Milwaukee, WI
Sherrie, Friend
Sep 11 2011 10:37PM
Suzie Santo was our best babysitter.She was a smart, uncomplicated 12 year old that showed up on time and went home afterwards leaving us with a happy child. She liked to talk and she liked to listen.Suzie had large features, as they say.Her eyes. Her head.A big frame: all built to grow into.She asked questions of us; sometimes saving the question for days until she came over to babysit.For an adolescent daughter in this, the poorer side of Howard Beach, directly under the final approach to JFK's runway 13, where aspiration extended to being accepted in the Teamster local or at least landing a city job, the fact that she would ask questions alone made her stand out.
philip lombardo, Friend
Sep 10 2011 7:35AM
Its been 9 yrs since the last time my phone rang with you calling to chat on my way to work in the mornings. I so miss being able to talk to you. so much has gone on in life that I couldve used your help with. You always put everyone else above yourself, and for that we all loved you to death. I know youre looking down on me and all of your family and friends and smiling and guiding us in your own special way.
MV, Family
Sep 11 2010 10:49PM
It never gets any easier Sue! You are loved and missed and you, Chrissy and your dad are in our hearts and prayers.
Kathy, Friend
Sep 11 2010 9:57AM
MB! I love and miss you still my friend. The years have gone by and I remember our first pedicure we had together. There is a dolphin and a bobble head of matt piazza next to a pic of you in my house to this day. You will never be forgotten and your light will ALWAYS shine. xoxoo
rose papandrea, Friend
Sep 9 2010 12:06AM
i hate this day, i will always hate this day. this day eight years ago took you away from us. i find solace though that you met God and he embraces you for us. there will never be a day that i don't think about you, my friend. you are our angel. xoxo
rose papandrea, Friend
Sep 11 2009 12:33PM
Sue it has been almost 8 years to the day, and this past Monday it has been 8 years to the day that I laid eyes on you. I really hope Crissy is doing well. I wish I knew how your Dad is doing. You spoke so much of your family they by proxy became a part of my day to day life. I miss you so much, I miss our friendship. I miss everything about you. Your life was cut so short, but when you left this earth, I hope at the very least you realized what a huge impact you made on my life, and the life of many others. I love and miss you. Allison
Allison Doty, Friend
Sep 10 2009 5:08AM
hey susan miss you!! i hope chrissy's doin good i know she dont remember me but i will always remember her and i want her to know she got family she could come see! stephanie im her dads niece.. well if u even want to talk to me here my email.. love u nd miss u guys R.I.P SUSAN SANTO!!
stephanie, Family
Jun 17 2009 8:36AM
You are missed by a lot of people, Susan. My sister misses you so much. I never got the chance to communicate with you, but I will in the World-to-Come. G-d will give us the chance. G-d created a very special young lady in you. You are now in His loving arms. G-dspeed, honey. We all miss you, MBossy.
Jessica Snow, Friend
Feb 9 2009 9:39PM
Susan and I went to Stella Maris H.S. together. We weren't close friends but knew eachother and commuted together on the A train. When I heard of her death I was really saddened. I seem to recall that she also grew up without a mother and how sad it would be that now her daughter would also grow up without her. I watch the memorial on TV each year and am still shocked to hear her name. Rest in peace Susan.
K, Friend
Dec 25 2008 1:11AM
I met Sue when she and my daughter Samantha started High School at Stella Maris. From the moment I met her, she captured a piece of my heart - so beautiful and loving! And then came Chrissy - an extension of wonderful Sue! Sue's short life will flourish through her daughter. My prayers always include Susan and her wonderful family. We miss you!
Nancy Brown, Friend
Sep 10 2008 4:23PM
It's been almost seven years since you were taken from us, Susan. I still think of you every single day. Your laughter and your spirit will remain with me and many others for eternity. I definitely miss those talks about hockey, the Mets and especially Metallica. :-) I still talk to you to this day and I truly believe that you can hear me. You were always there as one of the most genuine and sincere people I've ever known. Your daughter and the rest of your family will remain in my prayers and I know that everyone who has ever known you will continue to celebrate your life and be forever grateful for the blessing of having you in ours. I miss you and love you, Susie. Thank you for everything.
Steve Fox, Friend
Jul 14 2008 12:52AM
Praying for you any Chrissy.
Deepak Tejwaney, Friend
Oct 16 2005 9:08PM
I miss you girl. One day I am going to go to New York and get me some of that Juniors Cheesecake that you always talked about, that lasagna, and to go to a New York Mets game. As I have already posted your little girl Chrissy and your dad have a very special guardian ANGEL watching over them day and night. I do miss you like crazy. Someday we will meet in HEAVEN. Love ya and miss ya, Carla Snow
Carla Snow, Friend
Sep 12 2005 3:06PM
Yesterday was 4 years since it happened. I happened to be in NYC on business and had some time before I left to catch Sue's name on t.v. It physically hurt to hear her name and see her picture on t.v. It still hurts like it did that day. Sue was a friend of mine for a short time, like 5 years or so. Not a day goes by that I dont think of her or miss talking to her. Yes I am STILL angry that I dont have my friend to talk to anymore. Yes I am STILL angry that the major culprit has not been caught. I dont think I will ever stop being angry. Lives were lost and we are none the better 4 years later. I know my friend Sue wouldn't have wanted us to be so complacent. Forever your friend MB, Ro
rp, Friend
Sep 12 2005 10:14AM
May God bless you and hold you, forever.
Jim, Friend
Oct 26 2004 4:55PM
Lot's of love for for Susan and Chrissy. You will be always in our thoughts and prayers. Deepak
Deepak Tejwaney, Friend
Sep 11 2004 8:29PM
It's September 11, 2004. It's hard to believe we're now at the 3 year anniversary. I left my tribute to Susan last year but I wanted to come back to this site just to remember her. You'll never really be gone Susan because so many will always remember you. Peace to you & to your family. Jen
Jen, Friend
Sep 11 2004 12:51PM
I knew Susan in high school. I lost touch with her after graduation and it broke my heart when I heard she was lost on 9/11. Even now, more than 2 years later she is constantly on my mind. She was a very determined, strong, loyal and caring person. I was going through a hard time in the months before we graduated and she had the courage and heart to confront me and try to help. I was a stubborn 17 year old at the time so I brushed off her efforts, but I definitely never forgot them. She was a rare gem and the world is a little darker without her in it. My deepest sympathies go to her family and friends. I hope that one day Chrissy reads these thoughts and finds comfort in them. Your mother was one of a kind- full of love, joy and intelligence. I know you will grow up to make her proud. You will always be in my thoughts, Jen
Jen, Friend
Sep 17 2003 2:06AM
Susan will always be a part of my life. Deepak
Deepak Tejwaney, Friend
Sep 11 2003 9:10PM
Susan and I would chat on the internet, it was all about Mike Piazza or Dale Earnhardt. If it wasn't those two it was about her daughter Chrissy. Susan I am going to miss you like crazy. The Lord has you in his care now, and Chrissy is being looked after as well by the Lord. Miss you kiddo. Love in Christ, Carla Snow
Carla Snow, Friend
Sep 4 2003 3:17PM
I meet Susan in Berkeley College. From the beginning I liked her. She was so caring and a great friend. She was always there when I need here. I remember the time we were in typing class and I was going to fail and she helped me. I remember her talking to me about Chrisy and how much she loved her. She was her everything. The last time I spoke to Susan was maybe a year before her death. When I saw her picture on T.V. the day of the attacks my heart dropped. I was so upset. I asked god why Susan. Why her when she has so much going on her her life. I prayed that she was found but I found out from her father that she was not. At her memorial I sat there and listened to her cousin talk about what a great person Susan was and I was so mad at myself for not speaking to Susan that whole year before she died. I was upset because we lost contact. Till this day I wish I could speak to her one last time. God Bless you Susan. I know you are watching over Chrisy and your dad. I miss you.
Jessica Urbina, Friend
Apr 18 2003 11:56AM
Sue, I miss you like I have missed no other. Because of you I know what it was like to have a true friend. I only met you once, it was one of the precious moments in my entire life. I pray for your daughter on a daily basis, as well as all your family. I can't believe you are gone, and I still have daily conversations with you in my mind. I miss having someone care about me, and letting me know on a daily basis how much they care. You are one of a kind, and you live in my heart, forever.
Allison Doty, Friend
Jan 29 2003 11:26AM
Susan and me worked together at DDK, her job before MMC. We shared the same office for almost a year. She often spoke about her love for baseball (Mets/Piazza), hockey and BareNakedLadies. Chirpy, strong and full of life, she was my only source for office news. She learned everything about everyone because she cared. She had seen more of life than most other people. A great mother to Chrissy, she once mentioned wanting Chrissy to grow up fast so that they could go to a bar together. I remember congratulating her when she got the job at MMC. She was so happy about the medical benefits Chrissy would now get. She was very good at her job and a quick study at anything new. I always respected her and spoke highly of her work with our management. She choose not to say goodbye to me on her last day at DDK. I will always regret this because I always cared for her. She did not give me her contact information. (I left DDK soon after she left.) I remember checking the MMC web site for any information about Susan soon after 9/11 last year. Saw nothing about her then. Today I see her name in the Wall Street Journal. I too will always remember and honor. Deepak 09/11/02
Deepak Tejwaney, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 9:06PM
Sue was a dear friend of mine. Ive had a hard time expressing myself in words how this has affected me. I feel deep sorrow at her young life lost, sorrow for her daughter losing her mother and deep sorrow losing one of my closest friends. I miss Sue spending weekends at my home... I miss Sues wonderful humor... I miss hearing the cheesecake stories from work... I miss our concert outings... I miss my friend. Sue will remain in my thoughts and prayers for the rest of my life as will her father and her daughter. God Bless you Sue... I miss you lady.
anonymous, Friend
Sep 10 2002 11:38PM
Susan and I went to a number of Barenaked Ladies concerts together. We also went to a Mets game and took Chrissy along with us. It was my first baseball game, and there were Sue and Chrissy cheering for Piazza. Sue and I got very close in a very short time. We would go have lunch everyday, get frozen yogurt and take a quick walk through the Gap. On the morning of September 11, I was driving to work. When i heard what had happened, I immediately called Susan's ext., and no answer. I could hardly make it to work just thinking about everything that was happening. I spoken to Sue's father, Joe, about 5 times that day and we were trying to talk in code so Chrissy wouldn't understand. Susan I love you so much and miss you dearly. I know God is watching over you and is making sure that Chrissy and your Dad are safe.
Hilla, Friend
Sep 7 2002 7:04PM
While being in NY for an internship I met Susan chatting on the internet as 'mbossy'. I even had the chance to see & meet this wonderful girl in real life during some chatter parties in ´98. After my return to Germany we mailed every now and then were she kept me up-to-date about Chrissy and herself. I will never forget her.
Markus Alexander Schadwinkel, Friend
Sep 7 2002 6:55AM
Susan you are missed, everytime I see Mike Piazza I think of you. I pray that the Lord has you in his glory and that he comforts and blesses your Father and Chrissy!
Ada, Colleague
Jun 27 2002 2:39PM
As a single parent, Suzie worked hard to do the right thing in raising her daughter Chrissy. Chrissy was her life. Her death has been such a shock to our family and it continues to plague us every day. Suzie was an incredible person. She gave to everyone around her and was a wonderful cousin and friend. We love you Suzie and you will never know how much you are missed.
Jill Santo, Family
May 10 2002 4:31PM
Sue was a good friend of mine. I remember when she told me she got the job at MMC, she was so happy. Sue was a single mother, this job meant that she could provide for her daughter Chrissy better. She liked her job and her collegues. She was always there for me when I needed her. My prayers go out to her dad, daughter and Brothers. She was one in a million. Thank you for the opportunity to type my feelings out.
Roseanne Papandrea, Friend
Apr 18 2002 11:17PM