Patricia Massari

Family Tribute:We did not know the pain you hador hear your final sighWe only know your life was overWithout a last good-byeGod knew you had to leave us,But you didn't go aloneFor a part of each of us went with you,The morning God took you homeTo some you will soon be forgotten,To others just a part of the pastBut to us who loved and lost you,Your memory will always lastGod gave us strength to face it andCourage to bear the blowBut what it meant to lose you TrishNo one will ever know.

Love EternallyYour HusbandLouis Massari xoxoxo

They Learned That Day, She Was Pregnant

On the morning of Sept. 11, Louis and Patricia Massari had a special reason to get up early. Louis ironed Patricia's clothes so she wouldn't be late for work, while Patricia did a home pregnancy test in the bathroom. The result was positive.

'She cried, I cried, we talked,' said Louis. 'I was overwhelmed with excitement, and at the same time ... was like, 'What do we do? What do we do?''

The 25-year-olds had been married two years and were both trying to finish school while working full time. As he saw his wife off to her job as a working capital analyst at Marsh & McLennan that morning, Louis said, 'Don't worry - everything will be OK.'

That was the last time he saw Patricia, though he was speaking to her on the phone when the first plane hit Tower One, where her office was on the 98th floor. 'The last thing I heard from her was 'Oh, my God,'' he said. Then the phone went dead.

Later that day, Louis said, he was glad he had ironed her outfit that morning.

'When I talked to investigators who asked me what she was wearing, I was able to describe it to a tee,' he said.

Though the pregnancy was not planned, Louis said, there was no doubt that the couple would have the baby. As well as mourning his wife, Louis is now left mourning the child he had only begun to imagine.

'I would switch spots with her tomorrow,' he said. 'Because then our family could go on.'

The Massaris had known each other since they were 15, growing up in the same neighborhood of Glendale. As teenagers, Louis said, 'I thought she was cute, she thought I was cute.' They started dating when they were 19, and were married four years later, in 1999.

'Our first year of marriage was very nice, and then the second year got very busy,' he said. The demands of work and school and of trying to save enough money to move out of her parents' house made it difficult for the couple to find time for each other.

Two days before the attack, however, the Massaris went to a church picnic together.

'Sunday was kind of a day that you could say we rekindled our lost time with each other,' he said. The couple played basketball together and learned how to play bocce. 'We hugged and kissed and did the things you do when you first start dating.'

Now, Louis said, 'I feel cheated that I'm not going to be able to have more of those. I miss her a lot.'

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I only heard that someone with my own surname was a victim of 9/11 when a cousin from Wales UK was at ground zero to pay her respects and saw the name Patricia Massari. The family came from Tuscany, Italy from a small town. I grieve for you and your family and the child unborn. Please accept my deepest condolences and to everyone impacted and affected. Riposa in pace Regards Luciana Massari Scotland UK
Luciana Massari, Family
Dec 1 2023 6:57PM
Louis,I never knew your wife, Patricia, but she sounds like she was a very lovely person. Your story really touched me, please accept my sincerest condolences on the loss of your wife and unborn child. I hope that in the years that have passed since that terrible day, you have once again found happiness. America will never forget Patricia, or any of the others who lost their lives the day our world changed forever.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 11 2023 10:53PM
Patricia was an exceptional colleague who joined our team at 1166. She was a consistently high achiever and always stepped up to assist whenever needed. Apart from being a great team player, she was such a warm person and loved by all. Our thoughts and prayers go to your family and friends. We will never forget you.
Raj P, Colleague
Sep 10 2021 8:49PM
After 9/11, I would read the Portraits of Grief on line that told the story of each person lost. The story of Patricia Massari, she found out she was pregnant that morning and was on the phone with her husband when the plane hit her tower. I had just met my husband the week before. And remember thinking how happy I was and how sad her husband must be. When we went to NYC in 2015, I wanted to try to find her name on the memorial. I walked 2 steps and there was her name. I was drawn right to it. Rest In Peace Patricia. We will never forget.
Laurie Sutandar, Friend
Sep 11 2020 7:54PM
I don't personally know you but your story on "last hour of flight 11" had touched my heart. I still get angry at how your life was cut short in a such horrible way. You were a beautiful person. It breaks my heart that people get to enjoy the good and caring person that you were. I wish you and your family peace and happiness.
Eric, Colleague
Jan 4 2018 9:21AM
Hi, Mr. Massari, I have been listening to 9/11 stories and heard Patricia's story. I am so sorry fir the dreams that never happened and the baby you didn't even get to have. I prayed for you today and will continue to do so when I think of you and Patricia. I.wish I could have wrapped my arms around New York on that day. I took the attacks personally because it was MY countrymen who were hurt. You have my heartfelt condolences. Heidi A.Dietrich
Heidi Dietrich, Friend
Mar 6 2017 4:51PM
Trish and I were in the same class at P.S 88 from Kindergarten through the 5th grade. She was my first crush. My mom invited all my classmates over for my birthday one year and she gave to me a Smurfs board game. We lost touch through Jr. High and reunited again during the high school years. It was always good to see Trish. We were a tight knit bunch in those years and we kind of watched out for one another. I didn't really know Louis and I met him shortly after hey had started dating. At that age if someone that you did not know began dating a girl from the neighborhood, you automatically did not like him but we all liked Trish a lot and we were all a little dumbfounded that we liked Louis from day one. He seemed to really care for her and when you are young, that is all you really want for your friend. We lost touch shortly thereafter. It was the Spring of "02" and I returned to the old neighborhood to catch up. Friends were playing softball at The Oval and I was sitting on the bleachers reminiscing with old friends when Tony sat next to me. We talked for a while and then he said to me "It's horrible what happened to Trish, isn't it?" I replied "what are you talking about?". That was the first time I had heard. Trish was one of the nicest people I have ever known and my childhood memories are filled with images of her. I will remember her always. Mike
Michael Lesko, Friend
Sep 11 2016 8:08AM
Dear Louis, i am just a 15 year old girl that has to do a project on a someone who lost their life during the tragedy of 9/11. I had many name's to pick but Patricia's name is the one that caught my eye. When i read her story for the first time, i broke out in tears (keep in mind i was in school) but this story touched a deep part in my heart because i love children. I feel for you is so many ways. I wish i would have been born a lot earlier so i could have met you guys. Love with all my heart Kiara
Kiara, Colleague
Sep 5 2015 3:08PM
Louis I am so sorry I did not attend your wedding so I would have met your wife.I did not even know till 5 years after.I am a dinasaur when it comes to tech stuff and am sorry it has taken so long to send my condolence.I hope your life has worked out despite this horrible tragedy.In case you don't recognize the name I worked with you as a carpenter.Good luck with everything you do.
Tim Mcallister, Colleague
Sep 11 2014 9:46PM
Patricia Massari - a great person lost on a horrible day. To hear that she had just learned of the first child her and Louis would be parents to is just sad. The 98th floor office where Patricia worked for Marsh & McLennan was in the impact zone, so it's sad that she was one of the many that died instantly. I never met you in this life, but I hope to meet you in the next.
Darren Plateroti, Friend
Apr 19 2014 11:03AM
What a beautiful person lost that horrific day. I'm sorry for your loss.
Rhonda, Friend
Sep 4 2013 9:45PM
I did not know Patricia or anyone who died in 9/11. However, I felt the urge to pay a tribute to Patricia after visiting the Memorial 10 days ago. Reading the phrase 'and her unborn child' really got to me and as I imagined my future, my life, my loved ones, I cried thinking of her last moments and the life of the little one she was carrying. She sure had a beautiful smile as you can see in the pictures that have been published online. We will never forget.
Martha Bucaram, Friend
Sep 11 2012 11:00AM
Trish, I think of you often...sometimes, I still get angry at how your life was cut short. You were a beautiful person, inside and out. It breaks my heart that people didn't get a chance to see what could have been. I wish your family the best this day, and every day of their lives. See you on the other side, my friend.
Linda Vogt, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 5:54PM
Lou, I hate that I feel like I only reach out to you on the anniversary. You're in my thoughts and prayers always. I'm glad you were able to go on and marry again and have beautiful children. You're an amazingly strong man. Patricia is up there smiling down on you. No one is as proud of you as she is. Love to you always, Kolleen
Kolleen, Friend
Sep 10 2011 12:43AM
Patricia I know that we've never met in this lifetime, but as I was watching the History Channel, I could'nt image losing my wife in the twin towers in New York,now it really gives me a lot of reasons why I should be greatful that I'm still alive and happy to weak up every morning and love everyone, I can. I know that our time on this earth is very short, but I want to think you for giving me the motavtion to go on with my life and continue to be a blessing spritually not only in your family's life; but also in my life as a human being and I hope to see you soon in heaven! I bless you and your family in the love of the Lord! God has a in my heart for you in my soul! Larry Taylor Jr 4/13/11 3:55:20 AM
Larry Taylor Jr., Friend
Apr 3 2011 4:56AM
I know that we've haven't met in this lifetime, but I can't image what it would be like to lose the love of my life, but I can relate to what your family is going through right now and on that day; God was calling for you. I know that your family loved you as well as the the rest of the world itself. But your in a better place now and that's at home in heaven with god. God bless you,and your family! 4-13-11
Larry Taylor, Jr
Apr 3 2011 4:30AM
Louis, I don't know you. I didn't know your wife. But I sure do now. It's 10 pm tonight 9/11/2010 here in Colorado Springs and I just met you and your wife on the History Channel's reenactment of Flight 11 crashing into your wife's office in the North Tower. I'm sorry we had to meet under these circumstances but I just wanted to say a prayer for you and for her. She is in a better place but death separates us from those we love. I am sorry you had to lose your wife. You sounded like you were passinately in love and with her being pregnant there was even more happiness on the way. Words can't express my sadness for you. But I said a prayer tonight for you and your wife. God bless you. Tim Daughtry
Tim Daughtry, Friend
Sep 12 2010 12:18AM
Louis, I do not personally know Particia, but saw the a segment about her on the History channel's show 'Zero Hour' May God be with you and I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you!
Renee, Colleague
Sep 11 2010 11:10PM
I went to Junior High with Trisha. We sat next to eachother in chorus. I remember what a lovely voice she had. Something also stayed in my head. I remember she had a hearing problem and got hearing aids. She explained to me about the different degrees of deafness. Years later I now myself have a hearing problem. At 13 or 14 uears old to wera. Glasses and a hearing aide would make most people that age self conscience. The one thing I remember asking her was 'are you embarsassed to wear glasses AND niw a hearing aide' and she didn't even bother to give it second thought and just said 'nope'. Of all the conversations she and I had. Of all the songs I remember singing. All the stage fright that goes with school shows. What I remember most is how confident she was yet down to earth. She was such a nice person. I saw the street sign on Catalpa and that's how I realized something happened. I'm just so sorry. Truly. Its just unfair. With deepest love. Tina.
Tina, Colleague
Jul 9 2010 10:17PM
I went to Junior High with Trisha. We sat next to eachother in chorus. I remember what a lovely voice she had. Something also stayed in my head. I remember she had a hearing problem and got hearing aids. She explained to me about the different degrees of deafness. Years later I now myself have a hearing problem. At 13 or 14 uears old to wera. Glasses and a hearing aide would make most people that age self conscience. The one thing I remember asking her was 'are you embarsassed to wear glasses AND niw a hearing aide' and she didn't even bother to give it second thought and just said 'nope'. Of all the conversations she and I had. Of all the songs I remember singing. All the stage fright that goes with school shows. What I remember most is how confident she was yet down to earth. She was such a nice person. I saw the street sign on Catalpa and that's how I realized something happened. I'm just so sorry. Truly. Its just unfair. With deepest love. Tina.
Tina, Colleague
Jul 9 2010 10:15PM
Trish i still can remember the day i heard the news. My heart was broken with grief and disbelief that you were gone....I became a police officer to protect people from bad things happening to them....I left the police department and now i am in the army again fighting to keep the ones i love safe and to stop anything like sept. 11 from happening is not what a person is beneath but what they do that defines them.....i pray for you all the time and ask that you look over me as i go overseas in oct. to the middle east to keep me safe and my family safe and that you would be my guardian angel....take care trish and i know that god is taking care of you and your family still on earth
Vinny DeCiucis, Friend
Sep 11 2009 3:24PM
you are never forgotten Trish.. We all miss you so muchh.
lisa, Family
Sep 11 2009 2:19PM
Patricia You and john spataro worked together, you two were always arguing but in a loving, teasing way. Miss you miss you, miss you. This is something no one will ever be at peace with. We'll never ever forget you. much love prayers and peace to your husband. you were such a sweet, loving caring fun loving person. sure you are doing the same in heaven. hope you and John are not arguing, but making each other laugh.
graceline, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 11:58AM
I don't know where to say anything anymore...everyone kind of went their seperate ways...but Trish's memory will always be shared amongst us. I stumbled on this page...and well..I think of Trish a lot...of course at this time...but I see pics of her all the time..and I remember the good times with Lou and Trish....and I miss them. were the best...and although things have changed around here...we all miss you and love you and will never forget you.
Mike, Friend
Sep 10 2009 1:42AM
To the family of Patricia, Patricia and I went to High School together and even though we weren't close, her smile and sweet way of being will always stay in my heart. The class of Newtown High School '94 recently had a mini reunion and it is then that I came to know of your horrific loss. I have a picture of her at prom and one of her in one of our classes. When I heard that Trish was no longer with us, my heart sank, especially when I heard that she and her unborn baby were lost. My condolences to you and your loved ones. I am so deeply sorry. She was greatly loved in High School and deeply missed at our reunion. Trish will forever live in our hearts. May the Lord bless you today and always. WE MISS YOU TRISH !!!! Love forever and always, Elizabeth Luna-Filion
Elizabeth Luna-Filion, Friend
Jul 20 2009 12:13AM
Patricia is a wonderful star in the sky, sono una ragazza italiana , mi ha molto colpito la storia di patricia, che il signore benedica la sua famiglia e possa riempire il vuoto che ha lasciato, grazie vi sono vicino
manuela gamba, Friend
Sep 12 2008 6:41AM
hi massari i love you very much and i am a big fan of your work i wish that you would reply on my e-mail
rayan, Friend
Aug 24 2008 11:09AM
to patricia's husband luis i am so sorry for your loss of your wife patricia she was so beautiful her smile lights up a room its sad to know that your wife patricia was pregnant with a baby that was to live i hate those's hijackers who took the lives of many people i know what its like to loose a loved one on 9/11 i lost my cousin onbord flight93 that flight fought back and am proud that my cousin fought back on that plane my thoughts and prayers are with you louis
jonathan, Colleague
Jul 14 2008 8:38PM
hi my name is jonathan iam so sorry for patricia she was so beaiful and i think you can see that in her photos of pretty she was and so happy she was and for me it was she was going to have child and um i know what it like to loose a love one i lost my cousin on september 11th 2001 and that for me is very hard i know that so love allways jonathan
jonathan, Colleague
Mar 14 2008 3:54PM
Even though I never met you work for the same company my brother Christopher Epps did and he alao perish in the WTC. As I went through the names I wanted to reach out to your family and tell then that I know how it feels to lose someone you love. May God bless you always. In Loving Memory Debra Epps
Debra Epps, Friend
Aug 13 2007 11:37PM
I love massari so much and wish that he reply me on my email
Alaa, Friend
Jul 4 2007 6:14AM
Patricia A. Massari Though I have never met you, I wear your name on my wrist. When they were selling silver wrist bracelets with names of those who died on 9/11, I had the choice of WTC, Fire dept., the Pentagon or police. I knew the the last 3 choices chose a job that had a risk, but I was feeling that when the people going to work at the WTC that day could not have known there could be a risk. So I picked WTC. They sent me a bracelet with Patricia M. Massari on it. I looked up her name and learned about her. I will never forget her either. What a beautiful woman. God Bless. Lisa McCulloch Newton, Ks.
Lisa McCulloch, Friend
Sep 13 2006 5:18PM
Trish, My friend and colleague. It has taken a lot to write this tribute to you, as I sit and stare at the beautiful wedding picture of you and Louis that sits on my table. I remember when you first joined Marsh and worked for Raj in AR and then came and joined the AP dept (even though you would later moved onto working capital). You were a pleasure to work with and an even greater delight to have as a friend and someone I could talk to. I pray for comfort and strength for your family as they remember you today and always. Continue to smile down on all of us, for your smile warms all our hearts. You are forever in my heart and prayers. Lovingly submitted Yvette Guidry-Robinson Marsh (1995 - 2004)
Yvette Guidry-Robinson, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 8:59PM
Trish and Louis; Not an anniversary of ours goes by that we don't remember you. Peter and I will always remember the fun time we had in Hawaii. Our friendship was just starting to blossom but I know we will see eachother agian someday. You are always in our prayers. Peter and Delia Espejo (your California friends)
Delia Espejo, Friend
Sep 11 2006 1:19PM
trish it has been a long time since i wrote you a tribute...i miss you like all the people lives that you touched....we all miss you and not a day goes by that i dont think about you and the little life that you were carrying..i know you are in a good place and that god is taking care of you....i know you are looking down on lou and that you are happy that he is doing have definitely had a hand on his happiness even though you are gone and i know that one day we all will be has been a while since i have talked to lou and the guys up in queens but he too is also in my prayers as well as his new is hard every year on september to see the memorial services because it really hits home and makes me upset because so many peoples lives were affected by that fateful day....michelle and i arent together but we still love you and miss you....michelle called me today and we talked about missing you and what this day means to us....we love you trish and you will never be forgotten....vinny
vinny deciucis, Friend
Sep 11 2006 10:56AM
Hi Trish! I can’t believe it has been five years since you left us. It seems like only yesterday that I was talking to you on the phone and making sure Jon (your boss) was taking care of you. “You better be taking care of my Patricia”, I used to tell him. I think it stuck, because not long after you and he left us, Jon came to me in my dreams to reassure me that you were alright and he was taking care of you in Heaven. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. Think about the fun, Leila, you and me had working at Marsh. Think about the fun we had listening to you plan you wedding. There are two songs that every time I hear them, whether alone or with some, I also say that is Trish saying hi. The first song, of course, is your wedding song. I will never forget the day when you came into work saying you found the perfect song by Shania Twain, From This Moment. The other song only select people might remember. It was from your bachelorette party, Whitney Houston’s, It's Not Right But It's Okay. I just remember all of us on the dance floor dancing and singing to it. Trish, no matter where life takes me, know you will always be on my mind, in my heart, and in my prayers. Love you and miss you always, Melissa
Melissa Cavallo, Friend
Sep 10 2006 9:56PM
I am so sorry for Patricia's Family and husband. Hang in there. It is such a tragic thing to have happened. My heart is with her husband and family. Sincerely, Chris
Chris, Friend
Mar 15 2006 5:22PM all i have to say..i saw this on television lastnight 'the last hour of flight 11' realy opened my eyes..i give my best wishes to her family and all the victims families on this tragic day. Now iam only 17..but seeing this tore me apart, actually made me blows my mind..:( I'm sorry for all your loses...i have los ta girlfriend to suicide once in my life..we were together for a year, and knowing how hard that was, i can only begin to feel your pain.. I wish you all the best :(<3 Landon xox (Ontario Canada)
Landon Carter, Friend
Feb 1 2006 4:17PM
I'm from poland and i hold in respect for all victims of world trade center. i seen discovery program and i knew story of patricia.I sympathize with all families of the victims 11.09.2001. also with family of Patricia Massari. God bless you-Patricia. God bless your family. even so I didn,t know you - I believe that you are in the heaven. Marcin (martin)
marcin, Colleague
Mar 28 2005 5:52AM
Patricia and my brother were the same age, and attended the same school together up until High School. We became friends and kept in touch on and off for those years. I went to college and came home to Ridgewood and it wasn't long before we were taking the train to work together. We would talk about my getting married and then she got married. I moved to Albany and hadn't heard from her. But while in NYC for a visit in December of 2000, I ran into her on my way to the store. We chatted briefly. I had no idea that would be the last time I would see or speak with her. Patricia was a wonderful friend. She was wonderful wife and would have been a wonderful mother. God bless her family and comfort those who miss her. I hope to one day see her again in Heaven.
Lauri (Oakley) Slaybaugh, Friend
Sep 11 2002 11:35AM
Happyt Birthday Trish, Happy, happy Birthday in Heaven you are a truly beautiful angel. THis is your day and will not be forgotten. It's a beautiful and special day. Thank you for everything and for comforting me in a way that no one else can understand. Thank you for everything. smile always! Love your friend and God bless you.......... Smile Love Carmen
Carmen, Friend
Aug 20 2002 10:48PM
Hi Trish, you know when I think of you, and that is everyday. I know that you feel me and I still feel you. I find that amazing. AMAZING I have to say and that word alone descibes you, it's a graceful and beautiful, like you. Your birthday is coming soon, I will never forget that day. I wish we crossed each others path in this journey of life so that I can have some memories of birthday cards that I would have mailed to you but I can wish you a Happy and peaceful celebration of your birthday in Heaven. I saw your parents in Genovese about two weeks ago. I found that to be AMAZING, that day was just a blessed and unexplainable in a good way. I know that I am fortunante to have you in my heart and I, in yours. Thank you for giving me the gift of being my angel and I hope you like all the music that I haved played for you, enjoy them. Smile Always! Smile your silhouette and smile your ways in Heaven with the amazing gift, GOD. It really is amazing how GOD answers your prayers, it's breath taking. You are so beautiful and always in my heart and although we never met I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.~ALWAYS~ Smile Always, your friend Carmen Bitar-Romero
Carmen, Friend
Aug 5 2002 9:49AM
I first met Patricia when I started to work as a temp for Marsh. Patricia worked with the Premium Group under Noreen Laplaski. After a while Patricia transferred to the Working Capital Department where I would also ultimately end up. As life would have it, we also lived in the same area and would run into each other on the ride home from work. I will always remember Patricia's beautiful smile and pleasant nature. She will forever be missed. Having attended her church service, the one thing that will always stay in my mind when I introduced myself to her dad were his 'words' to me 'Are you okay.' My husband and I both left the church in tears. Her family will always be in our prayers.
Miriam Cepeda, Colleague
May 16 2002 11:53AM
Trish I can't believe your gone. There's not a day that goes by that your face with that big smile doesn't pop up in my head. Your were always there for me to help me with my monthly reports. We made sure we had the same lunch hour so that we could go shopping or look at jewlery. We always found the time to talk to eachother. I remember all th good imes we had... our first trip with our husbands to Virginia Beach, the BBQ's, the Christmas parties and the fishing trip that you were sick the whole time while Louie was trying to fish with his new fishing rod he bought that day. You always looked out for Louie. I have known you since college and we have been through alot, I miss you so much, I wish I could see you one more time. Love you Trish and I'm always thinking of you!
Michele Sammarco, Friend
Apr 21 2002 12:39PM
Whenever you were having a bad day, you could always rely on Trish to bring up your spirits. She always had a funny story to tell you to make you laugh. She was a warm and loving person. Her husband, family and cats were everything to her. If there was an animal near her who was lost or ill, you could always count on the fact that Trish was bringing it home for keeps. I feel privileged to have met someone like her. I'm glad to know that I now have an angel on my side! I miss you, Trish!
Linda Vogt, Friend
Apr 17 2002 6:47PM
Patricia was a sweet, funny and uplifting person! She had a natural beauty and not just on the outside! Now she is a beautiful angel with the Lord!
Ada, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 11:28AM
I was honored to be Trish's friend and co-worker for seven years. She was thoughtful, caring and always a good listener. We shared so many stories over the years of eating lunch together almost daily. Trish was constantly in a good mood, cheering people up and making them laugh. I have so many wonderful memories of her that I will never forget. What I miss most about Trish is her beautiful smile. I miss you Trish and I love you.
Leila Elvebakk, Friend
Apr 4 2002 3:53PM
Trish was my best friend and she was part of my family. We were going to be sisters - and we will still be in my heart when the day comes that I marry her brother. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Trish or miss her. All I know is that there is this place in my heart that is empty now because she's not here to share in the future with our family.. I miss being able to call her, I miss her laugh, I miss her smile, I miss the talks, I miss her thoughtfulness, I miss the way should make these funny faces when she would talk to her cats, I miss being friends with her. I miss her more then I could ever express- I lost my best friend.. No one could even come close to filling the shoe's Trish walked in.. Like so many people that knew Trish there is now a huge part missing from our lives. I know my life will no longer be as happy as it would have been if Trish were still here. She will forever be missed.Trish you are always in my heart I love you and miss you so very much... If anyone would like to see the small homepage I have dedicated to Trish please visit: You can also read about Trish and see her guestbook at
Friend, Friend
Apr 4 2002 10:22AM