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This note is going to a very divergent group of Daphne’s friends and family. Daphne died September 11th, at age 36, a day that we will never forget. Daphne was going about her normal routine of going to work that day. Our comfort was that Daphne didn’t suffer very long as she worked in the first Tower on the 97th floor at Marsh & McLennan. Daphne was pedantic about punctuality, we only wish that she was running late that day!

The write up in NYTimes was well done, but neglected to note other important details about Daphne. Daphne is survived by her son Justin Christopher, her parents Jimmy and Josephine, siblings Stacy, Derrick and Valerie Elder, 'Granny', and host of aunts, uncles and cousins. We are proud of Daphne’s accomplishments at work as well as the fine job she was doing raising her son and of this she was most proud of. We often remember Daphne as the 'fitness buff' always encouraging us to be more conscious of eating better to make it a lifestyle change.

The past months have been and continue to be hectic. Those who 'have traveled this path' know only too well what we mean. But the outpouring of love and concern from friends has been most heart warming to us.

As a family we chose to tribute/memorialize Daphne is this manner. Words cannot express all the memories we have of Daphne, but it’s those memories that we cherish and hope everyone that knew Daphne remember the loving and caring person she was.

(With permission from Jimmy and Josephine Elder, parents of Daphne Elder, New York)

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Daphne and I worked at Reliance National in different departments and never worked together. Our relationship began at our lobby-less building during breaks. I was drawn to her friendliness, beautiful smile and knowing eyes. She was a real lady a true positive force in this grueling world. When I learned that we had lost her I was overcome with sadness and grief. I think about her often still after 13 years. May she be resting in peace watching over her son, her pride and joy.
Diana Ramos, Colleague
Sep 11 2014 4:37PM
I met Daphne when she joined Reliance National in New York, I always would joke with her, I'd like to think that we were friends of sorts. When Daphen moved on to M&M; we would see each others names on group e-mails. Just before this tragedy happen Daphne saw my name and e-mailed me just because, and what was so funny about this, I decided that I wasn't going to delete her message. I felt then that she was so sweet to scream at me and ask where I had been and to wish me well, that I felt at that time I will treasure this e-mail, now that she is gone, this three line e-mail means even more. I love you Daphne, I still have a tear for you Daphne, God bless you Daphne.
June Sanders, Friend
Sep 20 2002 3:59PM
I worked with Daphne at Reliance National Insurance (77 Water Street) in the capacity of Technical Support for the Actuarial Department from Oct. 1998 to June 2000. Another collegue asked me yesterday if I had ever known Daphne Elder, and I said, 'Of course! She was tall and beautiful, and was always dressed immaculately.' Then I was told that she was working for Marsh on Sept. 11, and I was beside myself. She was always so patient whenever I came to repair her PC, and she always had a smile for me when passing me in the hallway. I offer my deepest sympathy goes to her family, her loved ones, and anyone who was lucky enough to have been enriched by virtue of having known her.
Dominique Dowsing, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 1:18PM
I thank God that Daphne and I met at Prudential Securities in 1989-90. Although she didn't stay at the company a long time, we kept in touch. I will always remember the wonderful time we spent together at my house on Thanksgiving '97. That's when I met her son Justin and her sister, Stacey. Daphne and I spent a great deal of time together during the spring/summer of '98. That's when I met Granny for the first time. I'll always remember Daphne's fragrance...Sweet Patchouli, which she gave me as a gift just because. I still have a little left in the bottle. I'm trying not to use it too often but when I do wear it, I cry pretty much all day. My daughter said to me on Thanksgiving Day of 2001, 'Mommy, how come you didn't invite Daphne, Justin and Stacey over for dinner?' I replied 'I really should have but I got so busy and didn't get the chance.' It wasn't until the Monday after Thanksgiving I learned of Daphne's death from her sister Stacey. Needless to say...I was devestated. She'll be missed and I will always have a special place in my heart for Daphne and her family.
Sylvia Kearney, Friend
Apr 25 2002 11:17PM