Daniel Robert Nolan
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A light went out on Earth The day you said goodbye And on that day a star was born, The brightest in the sky Reaching through the darkness With its rays of purest white Lighting up the Heavens As it once lit up your life With beams of love to heal The broken hearts you left behind Where always in some memory Your lovely star will shine
Lou, Colleague
Sep 11 2019 4:06PM
Dan, I think of all the times our kids played together in Hopatcong. I remember how kind JD was to Peter and Erica when their father died. Peter, Erica and I will never forget you and pray that Renee and the children find peace.
Melissa Nanni, Friend
Sep 10 2012 6:11PM
Ten years later. I met Dan when we work at Zurich in the 80's, my three favorite memories: The New Year's eve Bears game and the party at George's house later, what a great time we had! Being one of the select few that was there when Dan and Renee were married, then getting kicked out of a bar, never a dull moment! The first time Dan brought JD to our house and he met Madeleine, they were just babies. Dan, I missed you when you first moved away to Seattle, then back to the east coast. I appreciated all the supportive conversations when George I split. I still miss you and think of you and your family often. My memories will never fade, my thoughts of good things for your family will always be there.
Laura Biagioli, Friend
Sep 9 2011 11:26AM
Still thinking of you and was wishing for my last child to be a boy so Sabrina and I could name him 'Nolan.' We are still in Lake Hopatcong, and pass the house you built a few times a week. My wife and I will never forget you.
Thomas Hartnett, Friend
Apr 4 2011 4:04PM
Dan, As the years pass, people tell you this all becomes easier....It does in some ways, but, not in others. I still miss the GREAT times out crew had together and your thoughtful and 'electric' guidance. Miss you pal, JAN
Jan Brenner, Colleague
Sep 15 2009 12:43PM
I reported to Dan while I worked at Johnson & Higgins/Marsh McLennan, although I worked in LA. I saw him a couple of times a year -- our annual NY meeting would have about two weeks after that tragic day. His support, sense of humor, and deep down good-ness made it a great pleasure to work for him. He had that sparkle in his eyes -- real interest in other people and what made them tick. Dan, I'll never forget. I think of you every year on this date. M.M.
Maggi Michel, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 3:34PM
Dan, I always thought of you as Dan 'the man' Nolan. You were a fun freindly person and you always seemed to have a smile on your face. Im glad I got to know you and I hope that you are resting in peace. Love, Michael
Michael Cantatore, Colleague
Feb 3 2003 2:02PM
Dan, I will greatly miss working with you! When I first became an RTC, you were the one person that really helped me through the rough stage of a new position. You were always able to help no matter what the problem was. You taught me a great deal about being in the world of technology education. The most important thing you taught me is that you can be a wonderful, caring person and still be a success as a business person. I am grateful that I got to work with you and got to know you as a person. I think about you all the time and really miss your words of wisdom. May God be with you always. To Dan's Family, My heart breaks at your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Jennifer
Jennifer Carey, Colleague
Jul 9 2002 1:21PM
For my dear pal. Dan, You called me right after I was out of surgery on my back. You were your kind, joking self. I remember you saying that I should save some of the pain killers for you. A day later, I would hear your jokes no more. I miss you and know that you are in a better place. You will always be a special friend. May god rest your soul. JAN
Jan P. Brenner, Colleague
May 19 2002 12:14AM
Dan and I collaborated on a number of projects at work, and I spoke to him by telephone from my office in Tower Two just 10 minutes before the attack. We talked about the Centra conference we attended together last year and how we hoped to go again in October. We shared a love of James Bond movies, and I was happy that I could make a tape of all the 'James Bond openings' for him last year. Dan was a wonderful person, colleague, and friend, always smiling, always optimistic, always positive. I think about him and his family every day. I will miss you, Dan.
Roderick Andersson, Colleague
May 7 2002 10:00AM
While I have since begun to work with several Marsh colleagues on cross company projects, Dan was the first. We shared a joint interest in leveraging our firm's collective expertise on employee learning, and, while we didn't always agree on approach, I always appreciated his point of view. I have been thinking about his family quite a bit since that horrible day in September. He spoke about his two young children (he really loved being a Dad!) and his wife often, and I remember us discussing our kids and bedtime rituals. He said that rather than read books, he would make up a new story each night with his son. I know that his son was quite young but I hope he remembers this about his Dad.
Debbie Wheelock, Colleague
Apr 9 2002 2:27PM
Dan was my manager. He & I were usually the first two people from our team to get in every morning, and he'd generally have some new story to tell about something his kids did, or about how the construction was going on his new house. Of the 60 or so colleagues who died on 11 September that I knew personally, he's one of the ones I miss most.
Paul Zorovich, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 2:13PM