Suresh Yanamadala
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He is my friends big father , after listening to his story , I am deeply saddened by his death , RIP .
Harsha Karnati, Family
Mar 17 2024 2:07PM
I am Harshith.Yanamadala. He is my big father. Behalf of my family I thank everyone who shared their happy moments with him. We miss him a lot Can't forget all the good times spent with him Rest in peace
Harshith.Yanamadala, Family
Sep 18 2020 1:17PM
I am Harshith Yanamadala. He is my big father. Behalf of my family I am thanking you all who is shared their lovely moments spent with him. Even miss him. Rest in peace
Y.Harshith, Family
Sep 12 2020 9:40AM
I worked with Suresh in the late nineties in Minneapolis/Columbia SC. He was an always pleasant and fun person. Bright hard working and generous. A fun guy to be around. I will never forget his laugh.
James McCormick, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 4:57PM
Suresh worked for me at Fleet Mortgage back in 1996. He was one of the kindest people I ever had the opportunity to work with. God rest his soul.
JM Miller, Colleague
Dec 13 2014 5:18PM
I am the friend. Just left G0. I miss my friend
Rossy, Friend
Jul 26 2014 11:06PM
I met Suresh in 1996, when we both worked for a Bank in Columbia, SC. He was one of the most humble people I have ever known. He taught me so very much about being a decent person. And a genius. I was much older than him, so he was sort of like my son-friend, as many of my co-workers were; I took on the role of protector from the predators, but he was so well-liked that he needed no protection. A mutual co-worker from that era called and told me of the sad news that "our buddy" was in the Tower. My heart has been sad ever since, but I am also so very glad to have known Suresh for the short time I did. I pray for his bride and all his family.
Neatta Zaragoza, Friend
Jul 11 2014 7:30PM
Suresh is my Cousin. We the family members lost met him in 1999 during his marriage. He was planning to travel India some where in the end of September (or) in the Mid of october 2011.But this incident has taken him away for ever. He was my inspiration for studies and everything. May his soul rest in piece.
Muralikrishna, Family
Aug 17 2012 2:14PM
I did not know Suresh, but today in church my 6 year old son pulled his name from our Tribute basket. I wanted my children to know who we are praying for and his family. I am sure that after a decade, it is still very difficult to consider his loss, but please know you are being prayed for... Rest in peace.
kimberley, Friend
Sep 11 2011 12:11PM
hi hello
mallik, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 1:34PM
I rememeber meeting Suresh in March of '96 in the spring time. We used to attend happy hour after work and was always funny and like to crack jokes. Always looked forward to seeing him at company functions and going out afterwards also. Everyday I saw him he always had a smile on his face as well as a wisecrack or two. That's what we would expect from Suresh. I remember getting the news about his dying and my heart almost stopped and all I could think about was his laugh and his jokes. all my memories of him are positive and good ones and feel honored to know him and call him my friend.
Keith Allen, Colleague
Feb 11 2009 12:02PM
Although I worked with Suresh for less than 1 year we became good friends very quickly. He was my lunch buddy on those days he didn't bring food from home. He was the kindest and gentlest of souls. He was also good natured, easy going with a great sense of humor. I left Suresh and Marsh on June 2001 for Chicago and a new opportunity. Though I was in Chicago, I stayed in touch with Suresh. I remember that fateful morning. I had just returned from a long overseas trip the night before. Walking into the office my friend mentioned that a plane had hit the towers. Watching it from TV I knew that the building was where Marsh and Suresh was located, 97th floor. I called Suresh's mobile phone and it just kept ringing. I called up his home phone number and his wife Ajitha hadn't heard from him. I tried calling all day but the phone just kept ringing. All day I was hoping that I would get the call from Suresh to tell me that he is okay. I never got that call and that day I lost a friend, Ajitha lost her dear husband and the world lost another gentle kind soul. I attended Suresh Yanamadala's memorial but was not strong enough emotionally to give a Suresh a eulogy he deserved. To Ajitha and Suresh's family I offer you my deepest and sincerest condolensces. Suresh will always be remembered. May he rest in peace.
Billy Chandra, Friend
Sep 11 2007 9:10AM
I worked with Suresh for two years in WTC and sat in the cube next to his. We talked a lot about many things and often went down for coffee to the mall below. We became good friends. On that fateful day, I was hoping against hope that he would have gone down for his daily coffee, but no... My deepest condolences to his family.
Pallab Gupta, Friend
Jun 29 2005 4:43PM
I met Suresh in 1995 when I began work for Andersen Consulting. Suresh was working for our client Fleet Mortgage at the time. There seemed to be a smile on Suresh's face at all times, and if it wasn't there, it was only seconds away. Suresh and I became instant friends which meant he became friends with all of my friends because everyone liked him almost before they knew him. I have thought about him often since last seeing him in 1996, and when I saw his picture on your website when I was trying to find out where he was, it was an awful feeling. Anyone who knew Suresh is most definately a better person for that. Suresh was an amazing person. He was one of those few individuals you meet in your life that make a lasting impact on the people that crossed his path.
Mike Frederick, Friend
Oct 21 2003 7:40PM
We met Ajitha in December 2001 in Edison, N.J. By then we have not recovered from the shock of the impact of September 11 tragedy in which our daughter-in-law Deepika Kumar Sattaluri a consultant at MMC was also involved. Suresh Yenamadala, Ajitha`s husband a consultant at MMC was very much in his seat in the first of the twin towers when it was hit and collapsed .The conclusion was obvious. There was intense gloom and sepulchral silence prevailing in the families of the victims. Even so that something special of Ajitha that impressed us was her self-control, her stoic attitude and behaviour. She wore a deceitful face by controlling her feelings and emotions from finding a place on the face. She must have realized that the inevitable was not debatable. That who deposits has the right to withdraw. Mysterious the ways of God. Their purport will be revealed gradually. Pitch dark as it is, it is not wise to make it darker by closing the eyes. Ajitha as name indicates, does not yield. The sweet memories of her married life, though of as few months as the years of her age, have the potentiality to provide her the necessary sustaining capacity and strength and stamina to carry the life forward on a smooth pitch. May GOD be kind to her and bless the soul of Suresh Yenamadala. S.P.Chari and S.Kusumakumari. Hyderabad------INDIA.
S.P.Chari and S.Kusumakumari, Friend
Sep 19 2002 11:37PM