Aida Rosario

Family Tribute:Aida, if it was written that you would die so tragically, I pray to God that you did not suffer. Know that your daughters are being taken care of in the best possible way I know how. Look upon us from heaven and rest assured that they will not suffer while I’m around. We love and miss you.

Amy, Jasmin and the Family

Aida Rosario: Working Hard for Her Girls

Aida Rosario's family always knew when she was around: she was playing her music loud, or laughing hard, or leaving for work with a crying 3- year-old in tow on the way to day care.

Ms. Rosario, an assistant manager in the re- insurance division of Marsh & McLennan, shared a three-story family house in Jersey City with her mother, two brothers and a sister-in-law. She occupied the top floor with her daughters Amy, 14, and Jasmine, 3, and a 6-month-old granddaughter, Marilyn.

'She was very excited about having a granddaughter, although she was very unhappy about the fact that her 14-year-old was having a baby,' said her sister-in-law, Minerva Rosario. 'She worked very hard so the children would be provided for.'

When Ms. Rosario had started working on the 94th floor of 1 World Trade Center three years ago, her family questioned her wisdom in light of the previous terrorist attack. 'She said, `I have to feed my daughters,' ' her sister-in-law said. 'She said: `So what? If the building's on fire I'll jump out the window.' ' But it was a joke. Ms. Rosario, 42 and divorced, never dwelled on the potential danger, instead focusing her energies on taking care of her girls. Now her family is haunted by speculation about what really happened to her. 'You just wonder,' Minerva Rosario said.

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Dear Aida, Although we only knew each other briefly during your visits to the Pediatrician with your girls, just know that you are thought of often, especially today. May you rest peacefully, & God always watch over your family! ❤️🙏🏻
Kim , Friend
Sep 11 2021 2:53PM
Rest in Eternal Peace my dear friend. 17 years later and I still can't believe you are gone. Taken way too soon.
Liz D'Ambrosio, Friend
Sep 11 2018 3:53PM
Aida in heaven, this is your cousin a.k.a. Curly. I just faxed my resume to Marsh & McClennan at 121 River Street in Hoboken. I hope you can share your intelligence and love and smile down on me. I hope Marsh & McClennan will give me a part-time job due to my head injury. Rember my car accident 12/07/89. Hopefully you will be lucky for me.
Mr. Sandy Rivera, Family
Dec 17 2013 9:24AM
Dear Aida,We shall never forget you, your smile, your voice and your laugh. We shall keep this day as a sacred remembrance of you and what we lost in a moment.We carry on but we never leave you behind. Thank you for helping us daily to carry the tears and the sadness in our hearts but still to move forward with strength and determination. God Bless You and your family today and always. Patricia & Charles Barraza
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 10:41AM
Oh Aida - what a wonderful and fun friend you were. Amy, Jazmin, and Marilyn - Aida lived and worked for you. Aida, thanks again for being at my bridal shower and wedding. Love you and never forget you - Judy.
Judy Cellini, Friend
Sep 11 2011 6:56PM
Seasons change, time passes but what remains the same is your imprint on our hearts. Your smile, your face, your stories & jokes are forever ours. Rest in peace and may God Bless you and your family today on the 10th anniversary of that terrible morning. We miss you and we are better for having known you. We remember you today and always...
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 12:06PM
I met Aida when she came to work at Willcox Barringer in the 80's before she was married to Jimmy. We shared many laughs together when we worked there. Through the years I always met her when she came to work in the 180 Maiden Lane Building where I worked for a different Company. Each year on September 11, I always think of her smiling face and know that She became one of God's angels that day and remember her in my prayers. I just found out that I could post my thoughts about Aida and want her family to know that although she is gone she will never be forgotten as long as the people who loved her remember. My thoughts and prayers go with her family. - Diane
Diane D'Ambrose, Colleague
Sep 1 2011 10:57AM
I miss you my friend. Love, Judy
Judy Cellini, Friend
Sep 11 2009 8:44AM
Aida, Remembering you on this sad anniversary. God Bless you and your family today and always. Pat
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 10:05AM
i loved my aunts smile , i loved what a good mother she came to be for her two daughters amy and jasmin and also her grandaughter marylynn we miss her alot and since she has been gone the whole family in its entire mass hasnt been the same with out her laugh ... aida was a rock some one you could tell your secrets to and never worry about her gossiping ... she was the one who loved you despite your faults and she never judged a soul i love and miss her its been so long since she has been gone but the memory is still fresh in my mind and i hope she is in heaven looking upon the family and i.... i loved her smell you just knew when she walked in the room it was either her loud music or her laughter or her scent my aunt was breath taking she is an angel and a saint that will never be forgotten
kristina, Family
Dec 14 2006 10:07PM
More than a moment of silence, on this day and everyday may we use our lives to honor and respectfully remember you. With careful consideration we continue on where you could have gone, good left undone, countless gifts not given. We will not fail; we will not forget you, our precious family, our dear friend, our inspiration. Patricia & Charles Barraza
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2005 7:24AM
I am aidas Niece Kristine arce and as lond as i have known her aida was always the tough one in the family the one who alway put a smile on every bodies face. Her laugh was contageous people from all around the block could hear her laughing. Thats what i loved most about her. inever spent much time with her being that she lived in jersey and i lived in bayonne but now i wish i did. She was the one who kept the family together . when the plane hit her tower i was in school and i saw the whole thing happen i sat there hoping she was ok and came home to my mom later that day i hope for months that maybe she is in a hospital some where far and she is in an comma but then i realized she wasnt coming back. Aida i love you and i hope your in a better placeand i hope god is taking care of in peace.
kristine arce, Family
Mar 15 2005 10:59AM
With a terrible sadness we mark this day, the third anniversary of the morning we lost each of you. In the end it is only a marker. The grief, sorrow and the incredible possibilities that we lost in those horrific moments remain with us every day. We weep, no, sob from a place deep, deep inside that has been left empty by your absence. And we pray, for you, your families, your friends, and your colleagues. And for ourselves may God give us the strength to go forward and honor you with our lives. We will never forget you. Patricia Barraza
Pat Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2004 9:24PM
Remembering - Just today I was looking at the picture from our summer 2001 outing where we were standing together smiling. I can remember that day so vividly, laughing and sharing that group moment. I wanted to write to say we remember you and think of you as we go on. We miss your being, but feel your presence. I believe that your spirit is our angel watching over us in a dangerous world. Remembering you keeps you with us and brings us peace in turmoil. In this season of renewal and everyday since we “lost” you we keep you and your loved ones in our thoughts and prayers. Peace to you.
Pat Barraza, Colleague
Apr 2 2004 1:26PM
Aida, I still think of you every day, especially when I look at the picture I have in a frame of you, Nancy and me at my Bridal Shower. You started out as my boss and became my good friend. Love, Judy
Judy Cellini, Friend
Oct 8 2003 4:20PM
Every day we are reminded of what we lost that terrible day. Aida, I think of you often and I pray for you and your family. Pat
Patricia Barraza, Colleague
Sep 12 2003 2:58PM
Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the softly falling snow. I am the gentle showers of rain. I am the fields of ripening grain. I am the morning hush. I am the graceful rush of beautiful birds in circling flight. I am the star shine of the night. I am the flowers that bloom. I am in a quiet room. I am the birds that sing. I am in each lovely thing. Do not stand at my grave and cry; I am not there.I did not die.' ...Mary Frye, Baltimore MD, Circa 1933 Alive in our hearts forever... In loving memory of dear Aida Patricia & Charles Barraza 9-11-2002
Patricia & Charles Barraza, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 11:22AM