Deepa Pakkala
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Can't believe that Deepa died 8 years ago and I just know about the tragedy through a college classmate whom I contacted through Facebook. I studied Commerce in Pre-university College with her in New Horizon Girls College, Bangalore. We girls had a lot of fun. We participated in class plays, saw movies, joked and enjoyed college life. She was a bright and sunny person, a warm Leo girl. All this while, I thought I'd get in touch with her some day. I asked my friend on Facebook where she was and she told me that she's not with us. I will miss her. I offer my condolences to her parents, whom I met many times. Her Dad loved her crazy and she was so very precious to him. I can imagine the pain they went through. I am truly upset and extremely sorry. My condolences to Sampath and Trisha. Trisha dear, your mom would love to see you as sunny and happy as she was.
Lakshmi, Friend
Oct 23 2009 1:52PM
I am shocked to know of Deepa being killed in the incident .May her little child & her husband gather enough energy to bear the loss. I was her classmate in engineering , and always remember her smiling. I pray that you are well. God bless. And God bless all of the families of those touched 7 years ago today.
sudhir, Friend
Feb 3 2009 4:55AM
my last name is pakkala its finnish
josh pakkala, Friend
Sep 24 2008 4:18PM
Thrisha, I worked with your Mom at Oracle. She was always very gentile, very kind, and she always had a big smile on her face. She used to let me share her lunch with her because I really love Indian food. She was very good at her job, and everyone liked her. I want you to know your Mom was very proud of you. Every time I would talk to her she would talk about you and how proud she was of you. She took a bunch of pictures which she would share with everyone. I know it must be sad to not be able to hold onto your Mom, or give her a hug, or show her a picture you made, but she can see it and she is still proud of you. Don't ever forget that so long as you keep your Mom in your heart her spirit will live in you always. Sampath, I pray that you are well. God bless. And God bless all of the families of those touched 7 years ago today.
Tim McCollum, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 11:20AM
she is a lovely mother even if she died but I hope her wish will be compl.eted
trisha pakkala, Family
Mar 22 2008 4:42PM
I dont know if she was part of my family but, my last name is Pakkala too. All my family members have been in the army and wars. I know she must have been a wonderful and brave person. That is what Pakkala stands for. Im only 11 and I hope that I will be like her.
Kristine Pakkala, Family
Nov 22 2005 3:50PM
I have been deeply touched by Deepa's demise. I feel for her husband and the young child. I have not met or talked to Deepa but have come to realize what a lively person she was. May her soul rest in peace.
Sheela Sastry, Friend
Jan 28 2003 2:08PM
On 9/11/2002, the one year anniversary, I attended a tribute to those lives lost at a ceremony in Santa Barbara, California. Each of the thousands of people who attended received a different badge with a name of someone to be honored. I received Deepa Pakkala's badge. I have found her picture on the web and read about her husband and child. Her husbands tribute here is so wonderful. I wish I had a chance to meet this terrific lady. I am including a link to this tribute page on the home site of the city of Santa Barbara ( Sincerely, John
John Dickson, Friend
Sep 13 2002 11:42PM
I was deeply touched by the tribute here from Sampath Pakkala, Deepa's husband. I did not know anyone of them, but as a fellow Indian, thought that I should express my grief to the family on their loss of their beloved. Sampath, my sympathies to you, as I can imagine the hollowness it brings in one's life when a close associate departs. Time can, to a certain extent fill it up. May Deepa's soul rest in peace.
Adheesh Prabhavalkar, Colleague
Sep 13 2002 9:30AM
Deepa was a very loving and devoted wife. She was very hard working and always ready to work long hours to complete her job. She was a very caring and gentle lady. Her big smile with dimples always brought sunshine for her family, friends and everyone around her. She was an easy going person and a very patient individual. No matter what the situation, she always managed to lighten up a room with her smile and laughter. I met Deepa on Dec. 2nd 1991, and got married on January 23rd 1992. We arrived in Washington, DC on Feb 1st 1992. Since then, Deepa and myself lived together until September 11th 2001. We loved each other very much. Both of us were excited very much for having Trisha in our life. Trisha was born on Jan. 23rd, 2001, on our ninth wedding anniversary. Both os us were planning to start a home based business so that we could spend more time with Trisha. Deepa was a very bright young lady who was very talented. Deepa managed to work full time, be a wife, mother and friend to anyone she met. She did not preach people. But she showed in her interpersonal relationship the essential qualities of human beings as they should be if we want to live in a cohesive, harmonious and peaceful society. After the birth of our first child Trisha, I requested Deepa to leave her present job and spend more time with the baby. She was very cordial with her colleagues, friend and family. She will always be remembered by her Husband Sampath, Her daughter Trisha and her family for the rest of our lives.
Sampath Pakkala, Family
Sep 10 2002 4:24PM
A Tribute to Beauty and Order We had a pathetic visit to U.S.A in November 2001 consequent on hearing the thunderbolt news of the involvement of our daughter-in-law Deepika K Sattaluri in the ghastly tragic event of WTC crash of September 11. While interacting with the families of the victims we came across the husband of one of the victims who invited us to his house. The victim whose name is identical to that of our d-in-law, Deepa, also used to work for MMC in the same 97th floor of the first of the fallen towers. Both were in early thirties and belonged to the category of experts .Deepa’s photos were there everywhere in the house. There was an inexplicable feeling of familiarity and affection we felt on seeing her photo. Hence this tribute . While taking us around the house he described with emotion her obsession for beauty and orderliness which we realized to be verily true. Lo and behold ! Every arrangement deserved a second look. Keats must have visualised such a beauty before he wrote his famous line A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. The serene Sri Radha-Krishna photo and the niche for daily prayer were superb. How we wish we had met her in flesh and blood.We know many instances where despite having wonderful looking glasses people have no time to admire their own beauty. In a way Deepa had a similar misfortune. May God grant her much deserving tranquility. Padmanabhachari Sattaluri Kusumakumari Sattaluri, Hyderabad, India. ,
Padmanabha Chari, Friend
Sep 2 2002 10:21PM