Steven Leon Howell

Steven L. Howell: A Short Ride Lasts 10 Years

They met 10 years ago on the Staten Island Ferry on a half-hour ride to Lower Manhattan. She was a secretary. He was a technician, the fellow who often got beeped when computers at Marsh USA went on the blink.

And although they married two summers ago, Steven L. Howell and Debra Upton still behaved like newlyweds. The weekend before Sept. 11, he surprised his wife with three days at Mount Airy Lodge, a Poconos resort famous for its heart-shaped tubs. The resort, which shut down in October, was on its last legs, but she took no notice. 'We loved being with each other,' Ms. Upton said.

On Sept. 11, the express bus from Staten Island dropped them off at 8:15. He reported to the 97th floor of 1 World Trade Center. She went to the 40th floor of 2 World Trade. They had been apart all of 15 minutes when she called to see how his day was going.

When the first plane hit, she said, she made it out, but he never had a chance. Lost, too, was his best friend, Martin Giovinazzo, who was hired by Marsh about a year ago.

Mr. Howell, 36, who left Ms. Upton with a roomful of Nascar collectibles, was helping support his father, so they were not sure they would have children. 'He was my kid,' his wife said.

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Hi my name is kristy folasco im 16 years old . I have never met steven but i have heard so many storys about him. My fathers also named Steven too was he was vary close to you guys . you guys were in my parents wedding video and it tears me up just thinking about it . RIP steve fly high <3 and to debra im am so so so sorry for your loss the folasco family loves you !- 9/12/19
Kristy Folasco, Friend
Sep 12 2019 11:31PM
Steve you are truly missed.
Brian Williams, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 8:36AM
Everyone who reads this should know what a great guy Steve was and can only hope to know someone of this caliber. He would always go the extra mile for me and for anyone who needed assistance. He was like a marine - just give him his marching orders and he attacked any task, giving it 100%. I remember asking him where Century 21 was (on Liberty St.) and he insisted on escorting me there because he said I walked around 'like a tourist' in NY and he didn't want to find out his 'boss' got hit by a car. Then he refused to go in the store and stood out in front to have a smoke until I was done shopping. Thanks for that. Deb, hope you're ok.
Georgia, Friend
Sep 11 2008 6:21PM
im so sorry deb on your loss im sure he was a great guy again i will pray for u and the loss of your loved one hopefully time will reunite u guys together forever some day all my love jeff
jeff c, Friend
Jul 15 2007 11:24AM
Steve, Five years later and I still think of you racing to the rescue to keep BASYS up and running. Every time there are computer problems I wish there was someone around as patient and kind as you were to fix them. May you keep Heaven's server online and up and running. We miss you. Yvette Marsh (1995-2004)
Yvette Guidry-Robinson, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 1:59PM
Steve you were a Pleasure to work with. We miss you and wish you were here. Martha Soto
Martha Soto, Colleague
Jun 5 2002 4:25PM
Steven, You and Martin are together in heaven, we miss you guys so much. Dorothy
Dorothy Giovinazzo, Friend
Apr 10 2002 1:00PM