Charles Mathers

Here is the man you want in a crisis: while everyone squawks, he is listening. A great bear of a fellow, his eyes bright blue and calm, white- haired head nodding, he says, 'Hmmmm.' Then, 'I’ll take care of it.' And he does.

Charles Mathers, 61, whose quiet sparkle attracted innumerable friends, clients and employees, spent a lifetime handling crises. As a young man he served in the Navy for six years, much of it in a nuclear submarine. In Sea Girt, N.J., where he and Margaret, his wife of 39 years, raised three children, he was a volunteer firefighter for a quarter-century. He traveled around the world, consulting on insurance for utilities, including nuclear power plants.

But for all his responsibilities, Mr. Mathers, a managing director at Marsh & McLennan, was hardly slathered with gravitas. On the contrary.

This summer, at a conference of utility clients, insurers and brokers in Chicago, Mr. Mathers’s company was host to a dinner. Mr. Mathers made brief remarks and introduced an executive client. 'And here’s one risk Chuck may not have considered,' the client said, then planted a shaving-cream pie in Mr. Mathers’s face. Several hundred otherwise staid people gasped and fell all over with laughter.

Mr. Mathers had planned the entire stunt.

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22 years cannot dim the senseless loss of Chuck. I , once again, offer my profound sympathy to Chuck’s family for their loss. His memory remains with me in the fondest sense. Kevin Dwyer
Kevin Dwyer , Friend
Sep 11 2023 6:26PM
Chuck was a good friend. We met at J&H in NY soon after he became head of the Nuclear Group. Other members of that EXCLUSIVE group were Tom Germany, and Glen Camp. I had a client Transnuclear that ARRANGED for the transportation of Nuclear material. No underwriter would touch it. With chuck’s help we were able to find an underwriter willing to accept the risk. Chuck and I spent a lot of time together. He always talked about his family and his love for them. I transferred to Dallas in 1981. Chuck would occasionally visit and we would always find some time
Kevin Dwyer , Friend
Sep 10 2023 6:31PM
Chuck, I played Bach for you, Jim and Mike today in remembrance of 9 11. The world is less for your loss.
Francesca Vanasco, Colleague
Sep 7 2023 8:27PM
I would like to pay my respects to this victim of the 9/11 terrorist attack and his family. America will not forget you.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Oct 2 2022 6:02PM
Every 9/11 is difficult for me, so many colleagues lost. I try and balance the grief with fond memories of Chuck, J&H then Marsh, friend and mentor. A wonderful gentleman.
Nick Cianci , Colleague
Sep 13 2022 4:11PM
Thinking of you, Chuck. You were a big part of my life. I learnt so much from you.
Hamish Roberts, Colleague
Sep 10 2022 6:46AM
I think about Chuck often. He was a special friend and mentor.
AnnKeller, Colleague
Sep 10 2021 11:19PM
This 20th anniversary of that sad day brought back memories of working with Chuck at J&H. Chuck was a friendly approachable guy who was always implacable on issues with problem clients. Condolences to his family.
Richard Turner, Colleague
Sep 10 2021 10:58PM
Chuck was a great guy and mentor. Great memories of our times together.
Eddie Monteith , Colleague
Sep 13 2021 6:07AM
It’s been 20 years since Charles was taken away so suddenly. While I only know Charles from this memorial, and his kindness years ago in getting my Cousin, Bill Ng a summer internship at Marsh. I paused to reflect on 9/11, and wish his family God’s comfort and grace.
Tat Wong, Colleague
Sep 10 2021 5:03PM
RIP Chuck, you are not forgotten. The passage of time will only burnish your memory.
john nolan, Colleague
Sep 15 2021 8:12AM
20 years can’t dim the special person Chuck was to me and everyone he knew. The senseless actions of perverse people only serve to strengthen our resolve to condemn them. My sincere sympathy to Chuck’s family. He did not die in vain. Kevin Dwyer Friend and co worker
Kevin Dwyer , Friend
Sep 5 2021 2:43PM
Thank you for continuing this site. It is very comforting to read the tributes and visit with the wonderful people who touched our lives.
Margaret Mathers, Family
Oct 4 2020 0:04AM
I had the pleasure of working with Charlie since our office worked with a number of national utility firms. He was a consummate professional and a great colleague. My thoughts are with you and family today 9/11/20
Stanley Jablonowski, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 9:52AM
I was never fortunate to have met, Mr. Mathers. I started working for Marsh in 2002. They gave us a list of all the heros lost that day and Mr. Mather's name stuck out to me and it's a name I have never forgotten. Every year that goes by I still remember and send a prayer and thought to him and his family. THinking of you, Mr. Mathers
Amanda , Friend
Oct 26 2017 5:13PM
I have often thought of Chuck through out the years - wonderful colleague, even better man. I started off knowing Chuck as a colleague which evolved into friendship and he and Marge always made me feel like family....
John Samuels, Colleague
Sep 13 2016 4:50PM
I remember Chuck from college. He was a very caring person. Level headed and someone who cared for everyone. Miss you Churck.
Roger Dreikorn, Friend
Dec 19 2014 12:53PM
Chuck, Prayed for you this September 11. Still miss the days we worked together on the 99th floor. Thoughts are always with Marge who misses you I'm sure!
Francesca Vanasco, Colleague
Oct 3 2013 9:45PM
i first met Chuck in J&H;, LA in the early 70's when he visited, and later met and worked with Willis, John, Tom & Glen in the nuclear group. I retired in March 2001, and was out of the country on 9/11 and didn't know of Chuck's death until later. He was a special person... kind, scary smart, and always a friend. I miss him, and often think of him. I am proud of calling him a friend. Just wish I had said this earlier.
Paul Frease, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 10:21PM
Charles W Mathers, a wonderful husband , father , friend, and grandfather. He was always making sure we were smiling and having fun . I am more then honored to call you my grandfather and I will remember your bright smile and your hearty laugh till I die , I wish we spent more time together but God had better planes for you , I love you , and I miss you so much no matter how many years pass. I hope your enjoying the giants up in heaven (:
Shannon, Family
Sep 9 2013 8:04PM
Still thinking of Chuck and Marge through this year.
Francesca Vanasco, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 11:00AM
He was a important teacher and guidance during a short but relevant moment of a new beginning in my long standing career in Marsh Brazil and for that I will always revere his memory.
Mauro Leite, Colleague
Sep 20 2011 11:50AM
Chuck, we still miss your talent and professionalism at Marsh and are thinking of you and your family on this 10th anniversary of 9/11. May you rest in peace.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 7:51AM
Dear Chuck, In the ten years since 9/11 the depth of your loss has not abated for me. Every day I felt I was the luckiest person in the world to spend the day working with you in our beautiful, sun-filled office on the 99th Floor of One World Trade Center overlooking the Hudson River. Your deep character, quiet confident leadership and respect for your team, your colleagues and your clients were a rare gift and an inspiration. I am honored to have been part of your team. You and your loving wife Marge and your family will remain in my heart and thoughts forever.
Francesca Vanasco, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 6:25PM
The first time I met Chuck was following the acquisition of Sedgwick by Marsh. I was part of the Sedgwick Power team in London and I travelled with our Power Leader to meet our new boss! Following on from that visit I worked with Chuck as we developed Power in EMEA. There were many trips I made with Chuck but the one I remember most was to Poland when we got into our Hotel in Warsaw late from a delayed flight to find there was only one room left so we topped and tailed! We were pitching for Polish Grid the next day and won the business. To this day I still have Chucks mobile number in my phone. As we approach 10 years my thoughts are with Chuck a great man, colleague, mentor and friend, his family and all of the colleagues we lost that day.
Mark Popplewell, Colleague
Sep 5 2011 12:49PM
Chuck I only met you briefly, but you were a wonderful human being. I think about you every time I go to the Holy Loch here in Scotland. xx
Stephen Henderson, Colleague
Sep 1 2011 6:19PM
Enjoyed working with you in the good J&H; days...never forgotten, Chuck!
Mackey Hughes, Colleague
Aug 19 2011 9:55AM
Thinking of you all day today, Chuck.....and Marge too. As I watched footage on TV today I felt a tremendous sadness. Many of us will never forget your warm personality, integrity and strength of character. Keep us all in your prayers as we plow through without you.
Susan Germani, Friend
Sep 12 2010 1:44AM
I want to see your face again grandpa,i love and miss you.Please come back
Caitlyn, Family
Sep 11 2010 1:04PM
I worked with Chuck at J&H; and Chuck was the best. When we needed Chuck in Minneapolis to fend off competition or bring the needed expertise, he was there. Chuck exuded a calming confidence; great to be around and very much missed in the industry.
Mary DeMorett, Colleague
Feb 3 2010 12:43PM
I am the fourth child of Charles Mathers my name is caitlyn.I was young when my grandfather died but i will never forget the love that he brought into my familys hearts.I will never forget what kind man he was and will always love him forever.We miss you grandpa Love,Caitlyn
Caitlyn, Family
Jan 29 2010 10:02PM
Today I was asked if I knew anyone who perished in 9/11 and Chuck was one of too many who came to mind. The memories are priceless, the inspiration endless, and the pain still real. My life is much better for having known Chuck. Continuous best wishes to all who knew and loved him.
Mark, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 12:39PM
I was looking through some 33mm slides that I had taken while serving aboard the USS John Marshall (SSBN 611) in the 60s and came across one that was memorable. Why was it memorable? Because, there was a slide of Chuck, “The Nose”, Mathers, doing what we all dreaded, but had to endure—“holding field day” A.K.A. clean up the Boat!!! And clean we did! I decided to “Google” for Chuck and see I if I could find him and low and behold, there was a picture of the “The Nose” and a tribute no less. And after reading it over several times I realized that it was part of a tribute to the people that had perished in the 911 attack on the WTC. My heart skipped a beat and then I remembered all of the good times we had shared in good old Scotland, the JM and partying together after Patrol (just a little) and just enjoying the time as it was. He will always be “The Nose” and a cherished memory. Respectfully, Art Coria
Arthur M. Coria, Friend
Mar 14 2009 2:28PM
My name is Colin Hartigan. I am my grandfathers Grandson. I can remember even after all these years that the day before 9/11 we went to an air show. There was a small incident and i bent my finger back and it hurt like heck, but the last words he told me before he died was 'Be strong'. And so I have been. We miss you Grandpa. Love you always.
Colin Hartigan, Family
Nov 12 2008 2:15PM
I worked closely with Chuck at J & H in Hartford. We belonged to the same church. After I transferred to Tulsa, I worked with Chuck on a national program he was managing. And I got to see him after I transferred to Dallas when he visited to assist on energy accounts. Chuck was an example to me of how to conduct myself in the business and how to conduct myself in life in general. I think of him often.
Bob Moody, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 10:21AM
I had the honour to meet and work with Chuck on projects here in Scotland. He even knew of a pub in Edinburgh called 'Mathers' and took me to see it - and the grave of his Great Uncle near where I live ! I was stranded in Chicago on 9/11 so it still leaves a huge imprint on me - but nothing close to my sorrow at losing a wonderful colleague, a gentleman and someone I'm proud to call a friend
John Nicholson, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 8:20AM
Thanks Chuck Sr. and Marge for being a dad and mom to me when my own were thousands of miles away. Never forgotten.
Bill Ng, Friend
Sep 11 2008 8:09AM
I worked with Chuck at J&H; for years starting in NY when he was in the 'Nuclear group' Tom Germani, Glen Camp and John Deichman were part of the group too.I had a small account with nuclear exposure and was, I am sure, a thorn in the groups side. In any case, I was always given the best of attention and professional help from Chuck and I admired his capabilities. Most importantly, when I left NY for Dallas I knew I would miss Chuck because I didn't have any accounts here that fit his area. Nonetheless, whenever Chuck would come to Dallas to help us, he would always manage to take time from his hectic schedule to stop buy and we'd swap a few jokes and catch up with each other. I regret I never met his family. They are, I am sure, as special as Chuck is. I hope they know what an impact Chuck had and the lasting legacy he has left with so many. I miss his bright smile and great humor and always will. Kevin Dwyer
Kevin Dwyer, Friend
Sep 10 2008 11:36AM
Chuck, I always enjoyed seeing you at J&H;, Marsh & industry events. The Aegis conference is always missing an industry living with your passing. But, you will never be forgotten and you were a true gentleman to meet, know a bit and our world and company was better place because of you. Thank you & we will continue to work hard for our clients, colleagues and most important...Our families. Sincerely, Greg wessel
greg wessel, Colleague
Aug 6 2008 12:57AM
Marge and Family, There are several times throughout the year that I can't help but stop and remember our years at J and H - but only because of you and Chuck. Your kindness over the years and genuine caring was an indication of your integrity and life's work. Tom and I will never forget Chuck or you. We hope that you and your family are comforted by wonderful memories of past years as a family. We're still in Minneapolis and still working in Real Estate. Love, Susan and Tom Germani
Susan Germani, Friend
Jun 12 2008 8:29PM
I wanted to drop in again to say that the years haven't diminshed our remembrance of Chuck, his influence, or the ability for our memories of him to bring us laughter, and tears. Such grace and dignity, self-effacement, humor and love in one person...we will always miss him and we hope his legacy (and antics) are a source of comfort and blessing to his family - Marge, children and grandchildren. Peace to you all.
Debra Fritts, Friend
Sep 13 2007 12:20AM
There is a bench on the boardwalk in Sea Girt that is dedicated to Chuck: Loving husband, father, grandfather, firefighter and friend. We miss you every day. We miss your kindness and humor. Our thoughts and prayers are with the faimlies of those who were with you, Mark,Tom,Jim,Mike and Steve.
Marge Mathers, Family
Sep 10 2007 10:20PM
God Bless.
Cheryl Price, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 12:05PM
God bless the entire Mathers family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and every day.
A Site Visitor, Friend
Sep 11 2006 9:44AM
Thank you for the wonderful tributes and also to Marsh for maintaining this site. The Sea Girt Fire Co. is having a service dedicated to Chuck on 9/11/06. Our thoughts and prayers will be with all of the families.
Margaret Mathers, Family
Aug 17 2006 10:53PM
May 14 2006 11:02AM
Four years have passed and thoughts of Chuck have not diminished. He was a wonderful person to work with and a wonderful human being to emulate.
Francesca Vanasco, Colleague
Sep 15 2005 12:15PM
I still come to this site to say Hello and read the kind words of my fathers peers. He was the most wonderful father any daughter could have ever asked for. Thanks for sharing your memories.
Marjorie Mathers Kane, Family
Feb 18 2004 1:17PM
A very kind and warm man who always made me laugh. God bless you and your family. You are greatly missed.
Marian Gallagher, Colleague
Sep 11 2003 12:25PM
It was March, 2001 when I took my daughter to NYC and had her meet Chuck, who took us to lunch. On 9/11 she called me hoping that nothing had happened to him. She responded to my unfortunate response with words that echo how I always felt about Chuck: he was such a nice, friendly man. Changes that come with time and time itself will do nothing to dull my appreciation of Chuck and his outlook on life.
Mark Greenwood, Friend
Sep 2 2003 3:39PM
I met Chuck only once. It was the Thursday before 9/11 for a dinner. I found him to be a man of few words, great presence and a man you just were totally comfortable being around. I have never had a single dinner that impacted me so much. I knew we would have been great friends and I am sorry I will be unable to learn from such a great man. It was a blessing to have met the man! God Bless you Chuck and God Bless your family!
Peter Strople, Colleague
Dec 20 2002 6:47PM
Tough to find words. What a master, what a teacher. Committed to his work. Always a friend. Will always miss him.
Rodrigo Fajardo, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 6:33PM
My husband and I knew Chuck when we were first married and living near and working in the City. We cherish the hand he gave us starting out in work and married life, through example, his graciousness, many kind deeds and thoughts. He was truly fine, and we miss him. Over this past year we have his family have been in our thoughts - Chuck's admirable self will always be a lamp leading the way for us, as he paved the way for us in those years. May his memory be a blessing to you. Debra and Jeff Fritts
Debra Fritts, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 1:14AM
Chuck came to Mexico first over ten years ago and was always a kind, gentle and professional colleague. We all learned a lot from him and will always remember his warmth. The last time I saw him, we were sitting together in Cancun in a dinner for a Marsh Latinamerican seminar, and I loved listening to Chuck and how he was so proud of his family and children. We miss him on this side of the border too.
Fernando Ortega, Colleague
Sep 4 2002 12:55PM
I first met Chuck in July 1992 when I joined J&H.; Although I was in the Oil, Gas & Petrochemial group and Chuck worked in the Utilities group, he couldn't do enough to show me the ropes as I became 'brokerized' after a dozen years on the carrier side. I was also lucky enough to commute back home with Chuck at the end of the day since we took the same bus down to the Jersey shore area where we both lived. I can't even begin to imagine his family's pain but I too will miss him always. He was a good colleague and friend.
Andrew Kadin, Colleague
Aug 11 2002 6:37PM
We knew Chuck in Los Angeles too. He flew out on a number of occasions to help us with presentations to major clients and prospects. He was the best. Always professional and brilliant. We could not done those RFPs and presentations without him and those of us who had the opportunity to work with him will never forget that gentle, helpful soul. He will be sorely missed within the organization as well.
Colleen Mikulka, Colleague
Jun 14 2002 12:34AM
Actually I was both a friend and colleague of Chuck's. I worked for almost 25 years for Guy Carpenter & Co. Inc. both in New York and Hartford. While working in Carpenter's N.Y. office I had the wonderul opportunity of meeting Chuck when we commuted together up to the City. He then worked for Johnson and Higgins. As his tribute shows he lived in Sea Girt, N.J. and I was in the next town over which is Manasquan. For a time I drove Chuck and another fellow up to work each day. Never in the almost forty years in the insurance/reinsurance business did I ever meet a more professional person or a finer man. Chuck was the best and I will always be proud that he was my friend. God bless his wonderful family and his memory forever. Thanks for the chance to do this.
John Cosgrove, Friend
May 29 2002 4:03PM
A wonderful tribute to a strong man and an outstanding father. Thank you for your kind words.
Marjorie Kane, Family
May 27 2002 1:00PM
I had the opportunity to work with Chuck on a utility client during the time I was in the Dallas Marsh office. Of course anyone from Texas is naturally distrustful of someone from New York. However, once Chuck informed me that one of his favorite musical artists was Jerry Jeff Walker, I knew we had common ground to tread. I'll miss Chuck!
Richard Taft, Colleague
May 22 2002 12:11PM
I have this vision of Chuck staying behind to help others until it was too late when he could easily have saved himself. He was that kind of a man. A gentle man, a gentleman and a true friend. A tragic loss.
Charles Binford, Colleague
May 14 2002 10:29PM
Chuck hired me in 1978. He always had a love of life, Marge, and his children. He took on the jobs that were tough, and succeeded. He always had a warmth and sparkle to him that made working with him special. Our paths would divide professionally, however, whenever we came together, we would enjoy the moment. Chuck seemed to enjoy all the moments.
Glenn Camp, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 9:56AM