Roger Mark Rasweiler
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I took Mark and his spouse to see Bruce Springsteen as a business outing. Great memory of a very nice man.
Dan Mahoney , Colleague
Sep 11 2023 5:57PM
I didn't know Mark. I came across this site and wanted to read about everyone listed, so the victims of 9/11 could become real, as opposed to unknown names on television. It has become such an insightful journey for me. Mark sounds like an amazing husband, father, friend, and professional. To his family, I hope that since that awful day you have found peace, and have been comforted by his memort. We will NEVER FORGET.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 15 2022 11:27PM
They lost a great man! My uncle was the one of the best human beings, but most of all he was my uncle. We must never forget those we lost and thanks to all those who protect our great nation.
Jason , Family
Oct 4 2021 11:06PM
Mark and I graduated Carle Place High School in 1966, bowled together for many years, and were great friends. In Ms. Selig's 8th Grade History class, we used the same encyclopedia source to do reports on the French and Indian War---he got 2 points higher that gave us a good chuckle. I got him back, years later, beating him in a bowl-off (we both rolled 236, high league game), I got him 175-136. Never Forget, NEVER. God Bless him and his family.
Sep 11 2021 6:59PM
Mark taught me so much. I was new to the risk consulting world and Mark taught me the fine art of putting together proposals, pricing engagements and performing proposal presentations. Furthermore, Mark was a genius in the field of environmental safety consulting. But, most of all, Mark was a patient, kind and caring mentor and leader. I could not believe that Mark was in the WTC on 9/11. He typically worked from home or was out in the field visiting clients. The world lost a wonderful man in Mark Rasweiler. Until we meet again, Mark, God Bless You and Your Family.
Mike DuBose, Colleague
Sep 12 2021 0:42AM
I worked with Mark at JCPenney at 1633 Broadway. He was a great guy and we had a lot of laughts together. Mark and his wife were the first friends to visit iur new home in Coram. I learned of his passing at the WTC I saw his picture posted among the missing on a wall poster in Penn Station. His memory is always with me. May he rest in peace and may his family chetish all the good time. Peace and love Tom Mollo
Sep 11 2021 2:45PM
20 years ago seems like forever that you have been missing from our lives. Thanks for being the big brother I will always be proud of. Love you!
Diane Rasweiler, Family
Sep 11 2021 2:26PM
I remember Mark at different times throughout the year, but especially at this time of year. Mark is the father of my best friend from high school. My fondest memory is of Mr. Rasweiler taking all our pictures right before the senior prom. I learned of Mark's fate from one of the many fliers his family posted in the days after 9/11. Thinking of you and the entire family this week and holding you all in my prayers. ~Eve
Eve, Friend
Sep 10 2012 2:09PM
I thought I posted this, but here is a youtube song I wrote on 9-11 inspired by Mark's kids asking on national TV if anyone knew where their father was.
Will Moreno, Colleague
Sep 5 2012 10:37PM
I didn't know who Roger Mark Rasweiler was before Sunday. I donated blood in his memory on 9/11/11. My prayer is for his family and friends that you would be comforted by God.
Shauna, Friend
Sep 13 2011 4:00PM
Our thoughts are about Mark and with his family. We miss seeing you out and about town in Flemington. Your kids and our kids are grown and now have families of their own. May their children never have to witness such a tragedy. God Bless.
The Polinski Family, Friend
Sep 12 2011 2:13AM
I never knew Mark. But he is who I think about and seek to hear his name in the roll call of names every 9/11. I worked with and knew his parents for a short time on Long Island. My heart sinks and eyes water when I think of Fran and Charlie, and their loss -- your family's loss -- of Mark. Peace be to him and God bless your family.
J. Burghardt, Friend
Sep 11 2011 1:02PM
I came across your name as I was reading a book 'This is New York' about 9/11. You'll be in our prayers and thoughts when we remember that terrible day. Jan from the Netherlands
Jan stegeman, Friend
Aug 21 2011 11:08AM
I was asked recently if I could prepare a brief description of where I was and what was happening around me ten years ago on September 11, 2001. Looking back on that day brought many, many tears to my eyes. I also remembered my friend and colleague Mark Rasweiler. I had been hoping against hope that he was not in his office on the 104 floor that day. We had met there with him and Mike DuBose just days before the attack to discuss our strategy on a project. I remember him often and when I do I always say a little prayer for him and his family. We miss you Mark.
Jennifer Carey, Colleague
Aug 17 2011 3:53PM
I didn't know you and only today learned of your name as someone who was lost nine years ago today. I Googled your name and came across this site. Please know that even as a stranger, I honor your life today. May you rest in peace and may your family and friends find comfort in your memory.
Patricia, Friend
Sep 11 2010 4:22PM
I miss you today as much as I did 8 years ago. You are always in my heart.
Joanne Menke, Family
Sep 11 2009 11:08AM
I awoke this morning thinking of Mark Rasweiler (I knew him as Mark). He was a colleague and mentor to me and others; I found him to be one of the sharpest, brightest professionals I've met, and a kind, caring, and charming person. Judging by these remembrances, he was a devoted family man as well. He will continue to be missed by all who came in contact with him- a truly unique individual who touched many people with his warmth, generosity, and spirit. We lost a great deal on that fateful day.
Tim Slauson, Colleague
May 21 2009 5:57AM
I recall attending the Bruce Springsteen concert with Mark and his spouse as part of a business function. We had a blast. He is remembered as an ethical and competent safety professional. God bless his family.
Dan Mahoney, Friend
Sep 11 2008 10:11AM
You are in my thoughts today. We remember.
Alan Bressler, Friend
Sep 11 2008 10:11AM
I have known Mark since around 1982. He was the JC Penney Safety Account Manager at Liberty Mutual, and I was the local San Diego guy. He moved over the JC Penney Corporate and still worked together. I left LIberty. We lost touch but then we both ended up a Marsh in the mid 90s and had lots of stories to tell. He told me about his family that he loved so much, his kids, wife, his life in NYC. He made me want to visit the big city someday, and I finally did. But we also saw each other at throughout the country as Marsh Environmental Consultants met in places like Denver, Colorado, Orlando, Las Vegas, etc. We were always sitting at the same table because he was so easy to talk to. To make the day less tedious, we would draw pictures, tell jokes, etc. Anyway, I had spoken to him the first week of September 2001. I was just laid off from Marsh Los Angeles, and wanted to take a vacation 'sometime after Labor Day'. I had my plane tickets and reservations at NYC and was going to visit Mark on 9-10 or 9-11. My plans were scrapped when my vacation was denied. On that fateful day, I was at home and heard the news. I called Marsh often to try to track down Mark and Harry Taback, Marsh's Director of Loss Control. I heard about (but didn't see) his kids looking for their daddy on national TV. I am still heavy with sadness at his loss. Years later, through all the sadness, I still remember the laughter he would often provoke with his comments. Trule a great guy, with an awesome sense of humor. Thanks for the great times Mark. You are greatly missed.
Will Moreno, Colleague
Apr 28 2008 5:40PM
Dad, Thinking of you on birthday. I miss you so very much and think of you all the time.
michael rasweiler, Family
Feb 3 2008 4:23PM
Mark, happy B-Day #59! there is a very bright star in the direction of Santa Cruz that I see from my window and I think of it as 'Mark's star'. Still hearing your chuckle... 'Dar'
Doris Helen Rasweiler, Family
Feb 3 2007 3:14AM
I never got to meet you, but I have fallen in love with your son. I know you are missed.
Kelsey, Friend
Jul 29 2006 6:29PM
In 2006 one man came up with the idea of using 2996 blogs to remember the 2996 people who died on September 11. It has been my honor to be given your name, and to learn of your life, and to honor and remember you this year. You can track this project at, or
Michelle, Friend
Jun 14 2006 1:51AM
On the 2nd year anniversary of September 11th, my high school gave out stickers of all of the names of those who lost their lives on 09/11/01. I chose Roger Mark Rasweiler. I don't know him, but I do know that he will never be forgotten. I just wanted to say that I'm sure it is hard for those of you who were affected by that horrible day, and i want to give all my love and support to all of you. God bless.
Ali Pitt from St. Louis MO., Friend
Sep 11 2003 10:50PM
Mark, Your wife and your children were truly blest to have you in their lives. Not all of us grew up sharing a life with someone who was such a fine example of a loving caring person. You had so many fine qualities that were and are to this day admired by your family and friends. As a friend of yours and your family, please know that I will continue to support them and to especially keep Susan under my wing here on earth, until we are all together in Gods house. With Love, Gloria Wargo
Gloria Wargo, Friend
Sep 10 2002 10:59AM
Mark, Because of the wonderful man that you were, your wife Susan and your children have been truly blest. Not all of us grew up sharing a life with someone who was such a fine example of a loving, caring person. You had so many fine qualities that were and still are admired by your friends and family. As a friend of yours and your family please know that I will continue to support them and especially keep Susan under my wing here on earth until we are all together in Gods house in his loving care. Love, Gloria Wargo
Gloria Wargo, Friend
Sep 6 2002 1:13PM
It is almost a year ago that you were taken away from our family. It is almost a year ago that a piece of my heart died with you. I feel your presence often and know we will meet again my brother. Love Joanne
Joanne Menke, Family
Aug 16 2002 6:40PM
Mark's family is a reflection of the way he was, loving, caring, devoted and open. I know he is one of the proudest men in heaven. May you feel his love beaming down on you in every ray of sunshine. God bless, Cathy Miller
Cathy Miller, Friend
Jun 13 2002 6:00PM
How do you put into words the life of someone so special? Mark Rasweiler was a devoted husband and a dedicated father / father-in-law. His love for us showed in everything he did. He absolutely adored my mom - so in love with each other even after 32+ years. He was always there for us kids giving us a hand, lending an ear, offering words of advice, or just to hang out with. My dad was the person I always wanted to be. Smart, strong willed, dedicated, hard working, and a sincere love for all who entered his life. He had such a corny sense of humor but you couldn't help to laugh at his silly jokes, especially when he was laughing. He had the best laugh - harty and contagious! I think his favorite joke (he had been telling it to us since we were kids!) is 'What's new? NY, NJ, NH' - that would send him into hysterics! What I would give to hear that again.. Dad, we miss and love you soo much!!! Love always, Susan, Caryn, Lindsey, and Michael
Caryn Rasweiler-Wiley, Family
Jun 11 2002 3:44PM
Para nunca más olvidar!! Per non dimenticare!!
Carlos F. Poli, Friend
May 14 2002 7:55PM