Mannie L. Clark

Family Tribute:

Mannie Leroy Clark, deceased at the age of 54. Employed by Advantage Security as a security officer, he was assigned to their client, Marsh USA, Inc., located on the 93rd floor of One World Trade Center.

Although death was inevitable at such heights, we remained optimistic for several weeks. He will forever be loved and missed by many individuals whose lives he touched.

-Tanya K. Davis, daughter

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Dear Uncle Mannie, as I sit here in Afghanistan on a dusty Sunday evening 3:30PM Sept 11, 2011 my thoughts are on you and my family. One hour from now I will attend a memorial service titled A Day of Remembrance. For many the tragic event that took you away from us seems to be centered around your death but at Clark family gatherings my aunts and uncle only seem to concentrate on how you lived. They inform us all just how special you were to them. So, we all miss and love you Uncle Mannie. I promise you that your nephew Octavius "Ocky" Clark will always keep your memory alive.
Octavius Clark, Family
Sep 11 2011 6:57AM
Hi Daddy, This is your baby girl you know I just learned today that I have to have a ticket to come see your resting place now i might not get to come to Ground Zero to visit you but I will still be there.Now I might not get to come visit you because I need a ticket and I might not be able to get one just so you know I will still be there no matter what I Love You Daddy!!!!! Your Baby Girl
Tanya K Beale, Family
Jul 20 2011 11:46PM
Mannie, it has been almost 9 years since you have been taken from us, but it seems like it was just yesterday that this terrible occurence took you out of our lives. We think of you and talk about you every day, about all the good times that we shared. Whenever we get together with other family members you are the senter of our conversations and thoughts. We truely, truely miss you and you will always be forever in our hearts. Love you "Mannie Boy"! Your sister, Ellen and Your great niece, Jasmine
Ellen and Jasmine Kelley, Family
Apr 20 2010 8:25PM
What a handsome man! So many folks miss you and your beautiful smile. As I glance through a copy of "The Empty Chair", a book about coping with lost during holidays, my heart goes out to all the families of September 11. It hard to believe that this is the second Christmas since the tradegy. I know you are looking down on us --my guardian angel. Forever in my heart. Love you.
Tanya K. Davis, Daughter, Family
Dec 17 2002 12:58PM
"Nothing that is loved is ever lost, and no one who has touched so many can really pass away because some beauty lingers on in each memory of which they have been a part." People always commented on Tony's good looks, but he never allowed it to go to his head, nor did he get caught up with the materalistic side of life. Family and friends was the most important thing to him and whenever anyone needed help, he was the first to give a hand. I am thankful for the unforgettable years Tony and I spent together and often think of the many precious moments we shared, even the morning of 9/11 saying goodbye at the front door, the last kiss, and his last words. Although Tony is gone, I thank God for bringing him into my life and allowing me to experience such a beautiful relationship with a wonderful, caring, sensitive and loyal individual who has a great sense of humor. Tony, I love you and am no longer afraid of death, but instead look forward to being with you again. Retel Retel
Retel Bronson, Family
Sep 19 2002 2:39PM
Never in a million years would I imagine that Mannie would resurface in my life in this capacity. Although I haven't seen Mannie in several long years, he is still remembered in my heart as my "DAD". Spending most of my early childhood until my young adolescent years with him has left a lasting impact on me to such great extremes. Despite the fact that him and my mother Liz seperated in the mid 80's, I have never forgotten the mannerism, vision, sense of style, or value of life that he instilled in me as a child. I thank him for creating the foundation that made me into the woman I am today. I would have never phathomed that I would wake up on September 11, 2002 and finally have the answer to his whereabouts after so many lost years. Because of this horrific act of violence I have been robbed of the opportunity to rekindle the relationship that was so abruptly taken from me. No longer can I fantasize about sharing my joys and triumps, cry with him over my defeats and mistakes, or allow him to love his "three granddaughters". Although they are familiar with his great smile and spirit via fond memories (I told them of) that are etched so deeply in my heart and mind, they will never have the chance to hold those greatly manicured hands, check out his dapper style of dress or witness that crazy dance he loved to do! So many times I desired to find a way to contact him and to think that the day before this inexcusable act (Sept. 10, 2001), I spent my lunch hour walking around the WTC looking for an ATM to deposit a check in the North tower. Never would I have known that I was so close to him, but yet so far. Since hearing of his untimely departure, not a second has gone by that I wish had been more persistent in locating him. My heart goes out to all his family, wondering how they are; wondering how they are dealing with the fact that they will never get to see him in this lifetime again. Now that the pieces to life's puzzle have slowly come together, I can rest assure that he left this earth a noble man..."DAD I miss you more than words can desribe...Know that I love you and hope that you reserve a safe, secure place for me up in heaven...Till we meet again...Kee
Sakeena Brooks, Family
Sep 15 2002 10:52PM
To Tanya K. Beale and Family, Even though I've only know you a short time through your cousin, I've heard great things about your father, Mannie L. Clark. Know in your heart that prayers for closure are going to the heavens everyday and also for each and every one of your relatives. You're a blessing to us and I'm sure your Father would be very proud to see the growth in you, also know that God has his arms wrapped around your Father and that He is safe in the Masters care. Love Always, Pat & Jesse
Patricia A. Pryor, Friend
Sep 12 2002 6:41PM
Mannie was a special person, and I am deeply saddened to know that he is gone. As a consultant working with MMC, I would see Mannie many times a day as he did his rounds. Sometimes he would stop, we'd shake hands, and chat for awhile, and I would always enjoy his company. Last summer, after being away for six months, I returned to my cubicle at the World Trade Center. Mannie remembered me like I had never left, and stopped to catch up during his rounds. He was a part of my every day life at MMC, and will always live in my memories. His family should be proud of him, he was a kind, friendly, likeable man, and as was his nature, and I'm sure he died trying to help others.
Chris Venne, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 12:36PM
Dad I know that we did'nt get spend alot of time together. But you will always be in my heart. I will always LOVE YOU ! You will never be forgotten . Because you will always be my daddy.Thank you for that wonderful woman Retel. She is the greatest you could'nt have asked for anybody greater.I wish that I had known you more than I Miss You! LOVE YOU ! I MISS YOU! ALWAYS YOUR, DAUGHTER TANYA KIM BEALE
Tanya Kim Beale, Family
Sep 6 2002 1:45PM
Mere words cannot express how much we miss having you around, my brother. We could always count on a lively conversation the moment Tony (as he was known to his friends) walked into the room. We miss your laughter, we miss your thoughtfulness, we miss your kindness, we miss your caring, and oh how we miss that “DANCE” you do. Even now we cannot bring up his name and not remember something good that Tony did or said, to us; that’s the epitome of a good person. Yes, you are missing in our lives, but you will live on in our hearts forever. James & Joyce
James Wesco, Friend
Aug 12 2002 4:07PM
Dad you will be dearly missed by your three Grandsons and myself. For me, New York just doesn't shine in my eye like it used to. I miss you Dad. Love Clyde Leroy Beale
Clyde Leroy Beale, Family
Jul 19 2002 2:16PM
Mannie (Tony) was a very special person with a kind and caring heart. He was dedicated to his family, friends and colleagues with never a bad word to say about anyone. He will be dearly missed by all who knew him.
Coral Kirkwood, Family
Jul 15 2002 4:18PM