Malissa White
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They say time heals all wounds, and deep down, I want to believe that. But how do you fully heal a wound that cut through the depths of your soul? Thinking about your beautiful angelic soul on this day. I will never forget; your memory will live on forever.
Melanie, Family
Sep 11 2023 0:29PM
Malissa, As the years have passed, I still remember your bright smile! My family misses you every day, wish you were here with us. Remember that little kid you took to the Christmas party at your work place, he turns 33 this Thursday. He loved you so much and remembers that day. Rest In Peace My Friend!!! ❤️❤️❤️
E. Dean Frederick, Friend
Sep 11 2022 7:50PM
Words will never be enough to tell your story of the deep compassion and love that you expressed to everyone who you encountered. I believe you were an angel sent by God to bring light to our hearts and minds, and on 9/11/01 your mission was fulfilled. And though you are missed, your essence flows through all your friends and family. I hope that your soul is performing the important work that you were created to do, and that your light is shining brilliantly for others to see. I love you and will never forget...
Melanie, Family
Sep 11 2021 7:39PM
I will always remember your loving spirit during our years at Grambling State University. Our moments working for the Gramblinite newspaper will forever remain in my heart. You were a great person to learn from when I joined the newspaper in college. I will always remember you, and my continued prayers for your family will live on. A colleague from college.
Lisa Page Gibson, Colleague
Sep 11 2021 4:01PM
Gone but never for gotten! I never forget our times of growing together our talks! Malissa I know your in a better place I would just love to hear your voice. Save a seat for me🙏🏽🙏🏽
Tammy Starks, Family
Sep 8 2021 2:59PM
Thinking of family and friends of Malissa's today. God Bless!
Diane Lynn Wren, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 7:17PM
Remembering Malissa White today and honoring her life. A beautiful woman who touched the lives of many and continues to do so. Sending prayers to her family as they miss her and honor her today. Spreading love and kindness in Malissa’s name.
Sally Slaybaugh, Friend
Sep 12 2020 1:08AM
Malissa, as the years have passed, I still think of your lovely smile, and your welcoming personality. Miss you as My Friend and Sister.
E. Dean Frederick, Friend
Sep 11 2020 6:17AM
Remembering your wonderful soul on this somber day. Your smile, your kindness, your love was a true gift from God. I will never forget and I am so very blessed that I had you in my life. I find comfort knowing that your love lives on in the hearts of all your family and friends. An angel, gone too soon...
Melanie, Family
Sep 11 2019 1:19PM
It was good seeing you this year 9/11/2017 aunty M I'm so happy when I seen your name. As I was rubbing your name from side to side i automatically bring back so much memories & I automatically brake down tearing up you was all about joyful , laughter ,& happiness. You was the coolest aunt I ever had & ALWAYS SAVED ME FROM MY MOMS JOB TO BRING ME TO YOUR JOB & have fun on weekends yu was all about making me have my freedom cuz you knew how strict your sister was with me lol you was always about me & you made sure I was always in top of my game when it comes about basketball ð you was strict with me with that you knew how much I loved playing ball. I love you so much aunty M you was the coolest & most importantly you understand me & you treat me like I was your own son made sure I was always good that's most of the time you be making me think I was your only nephew lol that's what I loved about you so much. You was the realist ð ¯â ¼ï¸ bye I love you. #auntyMtgerealist #iloveyou #imissyousomuch #9/11
Beejay Anthony mcdonald, Family
Sep 13 2017 4:48AM
Just thinking of your beautiful spirt. Your name sake NeJahrie Lyssa Baptiste turned 13 a few week ago I can't believe that this much time has passed. I think of you often my friend...think of you often.
Wendy Murray-Baptiste , Colleague
Sep 11 2015 10:35PM
My sweet cousin Malissa another year has come it has been 12 years. I miss you more & more each day. I love you I wish we could talk so much is going on in my life. Just continue to shower down on the family. You may be gone but never forgotten.
Tammy McKinney Starks, Family
Sep 11 2013 2:51PM
I can not let this day go by by without acknowledging and remembering Malissa. I will never ever forget how she took my family in when our place caught on fire. Malissa was the only one at my church that I can remember who offered us a place to stay. I also was her personal beautician for a period of time. While sitting in my chair, she always brought up me going to college or to do something I loved to better my life. I wish I could tell that I didn't go back to school but I did become the office manager for a syndicated television show. I would like her to know that I found my passion. Although I am not working now due to the economy but I did find something I a was passionate about. If it were not for her mentoring me and encouraging me that would not have been possible. To me, Malissa was the epideme of the word LOVE!!!
Angela Lee, Friend
Sep 11 2013 2:25PM
Thinking of you today and always. It's amazing how 1 person could have such a huge impact on the lives of so many people. You were an amazing soul, a true gift from God. Your love and legacy lives on, we miss you dearly.
Melanie, Family
Sep 11 2012 7:16PM
Melissa - its been 11 years and I still think of you often and remember your great smile, laugh and unwavering kindess to me when you hired me to work at Young & Rubicam where you were head of HR. I will never forget how you gave me confidence in knowing that I would be ok and I still hear from Bill Green as well. You are my treasured angel in heaven and I will never ever forget you. I pray that you are looking down on us as you sit beside God as one of his treasured angels. Your family can rest knowing that God picked you that day as a beacon for all. You changed my life that day, I would have been there with you, but the night before, you called, changed the time to noon, and said 'Don't worry' you are getting the position at Marsh and it'll be ok. You read me the email and said 'I'll see you tomorrow'. That tomorrow never came, but I know in my heart that I will see you again. Blowing a big hug in the sky for you my treasured friend.
Catherine Tompos, Friend
Sep 11 2012 1:11PM
Hey my Angel friend, another day, another year, and your presences is still prominent in my thougths; not just on today but throughout the years. Ms. Nejahrie Lyssa Baptiste turned 10 years old last month; she still asks from time to time about why I chose her middle name and it always gives me some special kind of joy to share that it was inspired by knowing you.
Wendy Murray-Baptiste, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 9:47AM
My beautiful cousin you are missed dearly. I know you are smiling down on all of us with that great smile. Can't wait tip the day I see you again. Love u and miss u
Cindy White, Family
Sep 11 2012 12:56AM
This is my favorite cousin Malissa I miss you so much! God knows we had plans for us to travel an grow old together. It seems like we just spoke to each other as our usual talks each morning.So much has happened since you left this world. Now I know Aunt Future has joined you now cause each year Aunt Future an I would talk about you an how wonderful you were to everyone. Malissa I have a handsome grandson Terron Jr he is my world I showed him your picture letting him know this was my favorite cousin. If only I could call Heaven to speak with you because I could tell you anything in the world.Please continue to look after us I love you forever & ever.
Tammy Starks, Family
Sep 11 2012 12:42AM
Just reading the things that people have said about you on this site and the others that I've visited over the years shows the amazing person that you were. Many times I've questioned as to why Heaven couldn't wait to get you, but I know that the Almighty God we serve doesn't make any mistakes. We all miss you dearly but we know that you are looking down on us, SMILING that big pretty smile of yours. I will continue striving to be that person that you had a hand in helping to shape.
LaShawn Pettis, Family
Sep 11 2012 12:24AM
I met Malissa in 1998 when a dear friend put me in touch with her. I was living in a small town in North Carolina and looking for work after having graduated college. My friend worked in Tech Support at Young & Rubicam where Malissa worked in Human Resources. He gave me her phone number. From my first conversation with Malissa over the phone, I was amazed at how big her heart was. Anyone who has done business with anyone in New York knows that it is a very efficient system and small-talk and hand-holding are extremely rare. Malissa took the time to explain to me how I could submit my resume to placement agents in Manhattan. She faxed me a list of the top placement agencies and contacts that Y&R; used when they were looking for an employee. I followed her instructions of planning a trip to New York, calling the agencies, faxing them my resume and setting up interviews. I arrived in New York shortly thereafter for a three-day visit. As a small-town girl, I was extremely overwhelmed to be in the city by myself walking the street with my huge 'I don't know what to pack 'cause I never been nowhere' suitcase. There was no place with a public restroom and I needed one. My North Carolina cell phone didn't work there and I needed to make a few calls. New York felt very overwhelming and cold and this little country girl was on the verge of tears but trying to hold it all together. I arrived at Malissa's office as she had instructed. She welcomed me warmly and offered me a beverage, a seat at a desk with a phone I could use and told me where the restroom was. She let me leave my huge suitcase in her office as I went on my interviews for the day. She explained that she was also from a small town and knew exactly how I was feeling. I felt instantly calmed and extremely appreciative. She had reviewed my resume and submitted me for a position at Y&R; to round out my interviews with the placement agents. After three days of interviewing, I returned to North Carolina on a Saturday. On Monday, I received three job offers from New York, including one from Y&R.; The following week, I was living and working in Manhattan. Malissa made that happen for me. Living and working in New York was a critical time in my life, a coming-of-age. I was able to launch myself as a professional because of the genuine care and concern shown to me by this magnificent woman. From the first contact, she treated me like family. I will always have a special place in my heart full of gratitude for Malissa. She has always been an angel, even as she lived. Thank you, Malissa, for changing my life!
Shaun Blair, Colleague
Jan 25 2012 10:13AM
I met Malissa when I worked at Young & Rubicam. She interviewed me for a spot with Bill Green who managed all of the conference planning events and the Army account. He was diagnosed with Diabetes which my mom subsequentlly died from. She saw the drive in me to work with such amazing people. Once I was layed off from Y&R;, she always contacted me to see how I was doing and if I had a job somewhere else. At that time, I was temping but wanted something permanent. Malissa always kept me in mind and when something that she thought I would make a good fit for, she would always call. A week before 9-11 Malissa and I connected for a position on the 101st floor of the 1WTC. I left that day wondering with being so high up = if there was ever a fire, how would I get out. It scared me and I always would feel the building swaying when I reached those high floors. Malissa called me the night before 9-11 to change my appointment time. She said, don't worry they are offering you the position and want to take you to lunch that day to offer it to you. I was upset because I didn't think I could make it back to my temp job and couldnt afford to lose it if this wasn't true. It didn't trust it or myself and again Malissa said - don't worry the job is yours for the taking. I never forgot that or how if she had not changed the time of my appointment I would have been in the 1WTC at 8:00am and would have perished. I was spared that day because of Malissa. She is my angel in heaven and I will always remember her smile and comforting words. As God needed another star in heaven, he took Malissa from our sight, but I know she lives on in each and every heart she touched. I will always miss her, but have fond memories of her life, cut too soon for us, but sitting right by God's side and watching over us. Love you Malissa RIP until we see each other again.
Catherine Tompos, Friend
Sep 13 2011 4:43PM
My name is Judd Hunt and I work at Houston Co. High School in Warner Robins, GA. Last friday one our social studies teachers passed out name tags with the names of the fallen of 9-11 and I was honored to wear Mrs. White's name on my uniform for the day. I just wanted to tell Mrs. White's family that she was being thought of and remembered personally by someone who never knew her, but would have been proud to have met her. I can't speak for anyone else, but I give you my word that I will never forget and I will honor your loved one until I get to meet her with our lord. God Bless you all.
Judd Hunt, Friend
Sep 13 2011 10:11AM
10 years have passed but your legacy still lives on in our hearts. We love and miss you dearly. We will always keep your memory alive...Malissa Angel...Gone Too Soon...
Melanie, Family
Sep 11 2011 9:51PM
10 years lady, and I still think about you often :-) Miss you my friend; but I have peace knowing that your essence has been established as a guiding principle in my life. I still don't have your patience, but I believe that was God's special gift to you. Nejahrie 'Lyssa' turned nine this year and she has quite a bit of you tongue in cheek personality. I truly enjoy being her mom and sharing our lives with her. Malissa, I know you are looking down at us as often as you can, I thank God for still sharing his angel with us.
Wendy Murray-Baptiste, Friend
Sep 11 2011 12:07PM
That someone so radiant on earth is now with God makes the sun shine down on us that much more brightly. You were always a beacon of positivity during my time at Y&R;, you will always be remembered. ALR
Angel L. Rodriguez, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 11:50AM
Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of your passing, and I remember you every year since then. You provided me an opportunity to advance my career at Y&R;, and we both giggled when you told me what my new salary would be. Your caring ways will never be forgotten. My prayers to your family on this very difficult day.
Kenia Nunez, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 10:04PM
Well Malissa it has been 10 years an I will never forget you! My best friend/cousin I know you are that angel that continues to look after me an let me know that everything will be alright. I remember your birthday every year saying to myself boy me & Malissa would want to do this for our birthday. I miss our conversations and now Terron has a son I remember when you came down to Tulsa when he was born now he has a little Terron you would love him as much as I do. I love you an will always keep you near to my heart!
Tammy Starks, Family
Sep 7 2011 7:04PM
I worked with you many years ago at Young & Rubicam, I never forgot how kind you were to me. I think about you often and I will never forget you!! Rebecca Perez
Rebecca Perez, Colleague
Sep 3 2011 1:49PM
we love you and all miss you!*
DeJa Banks, Family
Sep 12 2010 9:58PM
Auntie Malissa, I will always remember you. You taught me many lesons in a short period of time. I know you are up there with God. I'm glad you are in a better place now.. I miss you. Love your niece, Sierra DaShae White
Sierra White, Family
Sep 11 2010 9:35PM
Malissa, You brought joy to so many. That you continue to bring the joy of having known you is a gift. -ALR
Angel Rodriguez, Colleague
Sep 11 2010 1:06PM
Malissa, words could never express how much we love and miss you. God knew what he was doing when he created memories. We should all live our lives like you did creating so many GOOD memories. It doesn't take away the pain that this day brings, but it make it much easier to know that your life was lived to the fullest. We all miss and love you very much!!
Valencia Boykin, Family
Sep 11 2010 12:19PM
My memory of you lives on now and forever...
Melanie, Family
Sep 11 2010 2:32AM
Another year has come and gone but your memory still lives on. I know you would not want me to be sitting here crying but it is hard thinking about you not being here physically with us. I know that you are looking down on us still and we all can only wait for the GREAT FAMILY REUNION. I'm trying my hardest to make it to where you are although sometimes I don't walk and talk the way I should. I know that I'm still here because GOD is not through working on me just yet. I will do my best to be the person that you would have wanted me to become. Rest In Love, Your Cuz Shawn
Shawn Pettis, Family
Sep 10 2010 9:50PM
Malissa is my cousin (our mothers are sisters). She greatly impacted the lives of everyone she meet from a person on the street to her family. She is the epitome of generousity, love, selflessness, compassion, and humility. Her handprint will be left on hearts for generations unknown. I'm grateful for the many ways she helped to shape my life. ONE of my MOST memorable moments with Malissa was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour. Malissa RAN to the front of the church and stood with me. I didn't understand her tears at the time. However, now I know that she knew I had made the best decision of my life! Of course, she, Sylvia (her sister), and Aunt Bertha (her mom), helped me prepare for my baptism in my mother's absence. I could tell many many many more stories, as Im sure you all could, but this is one of the most memorable of my time with Malissa! As our family is saddened by the void in our lives, we know that she is with our Heavenly Father. Allison Yamamoto, I pray you read this. I remember our encounter in New York in September of 2002. Thank you sooooo much for EVERYTHING you did for me! I appreciate all of the gifts. I have you picture in my bedroom, and I sleep with my pillow EVERY night although it's worn! Thank you for your support! I will never forget you!
Marva Baker-Holiday, Family
Sep 11 2009 9:47AM
Malissa every time this year rolls around my heart is hurting. We have gotten older now I know we would have been hanging out with each other. I told Tanner how close we were and we had that special bond an hopefully one day she will have someone special like you in her life. I haven't been to BK in awhile but I always talk to your Uncle Yak my brother to catch me up on BK and the family. Its so hard writing this because tears flow each year man I wish you could talk to me on the phone or visit me. But I know your watching over all of us. I love you Malissa!
Tammy Starks, Family
Sep 10 2009 11:22PM
My friend; I miss you. Eight years have gone by and I am not crying as much anymore, but I feel a sadness that would never go away. Until we meet at the gate; you are always a thought away.
Wendy Murray-Baptiste, Friend
Sep 10 2009 9:51PM
Malissa, Just sitting here thinking about life and how much we all miss you. You would be so proud of where some of us have gone in life and would be an encourager for those of us who haven't found our true purpose in life yet. I hope one day to be a person who character like you. Oh, how I wish you were around to see Princess Carrigan...she is well on her way to becoming another 'Monique.' I know you are having a good time being united with all of our loved ones who have gone on before us and I can't wait until the day that we are all together once again. Love Ya Cuz, Shawn
Shawn Pettis, Family
Sep 9 2009 12:10AM
As I completed the third question, I thought for a second and responded family. I say family because Melissa was my sister in Christ. We did not have the connection that she Charlene and Nancy had but we were connected by the blood of Jesus Christ. I was blessed by knowning her. Watching her give unselfishly even when those she help did her wrong. She had the most beautiful smile. Melissa was a Jewel to the Calvary Church family. I think she was one of the people who always asked herself 'What would Jesus do?' Melissa is greatly missed. Marilyn
Marilyn, Family
Sep 15 2008 9:42PM
I met Malissa at church. We were instant friends; Malissa, Nancy and me. We spent most of our free time together, especially Saturdays. Saturdays started with breakfast at 7:00am at a neighborhood diner and the rest of the day was spent shopping. The day ended with dinner at one or the others home. We talked about everything; our hopes for the future, our desires, our sorrows. We laughed together, we cried together. Nancy and I have both moved out of state, however we keep in touch and we always remember and talk about Malissa. She is sorely missed. One day we'll be together again.
Charlene E. Holmes, Friend
Sep 12 2008 9:52PM
Malissa I Miss you so Much. You are My Sister and i Your Brother,Thanks for the encourage words you gave and just being you.So much i would like to said to you but (crying0 Love you
David Dixon, Friend
Sep 12 2008 9:33AM
She was such a wonderful and beautiful person to be around. She always had encouraging words but they weren't just words she really meant what she said. She helped me get a job in Y & R in the computer department. Malissa is very near to me and I will always remember her. When the scripture said be the salt of the world, I can say that she was the salt because she made a difference in our lives. So my dear friend is with the LORD now. Love you, 'J'
Janet 'J', Friend
Sep 12 2008 9:22AM
Malissa gave me a chance at a career, when all doors were closed. Because of her faith in me, I have been able to accomplish greater things in life. The world would be a better place if we all would encourage someone to reach for more. I will always remember her.
CELC, Friend
Sep 11 2008 10:34PM
Malisa was one of the nicest people you could have ever wanted to come in contact with. She had a love for people that you just don't find everyday. We would ride the subway together on mornings to work Malisa would always say girl i'm running. I thought it was quite ironic that i didn't see her THAT morning of 9/11. I just want to say you are surely missed by your family at Calvary Church. Ross
ROSS, Family
Sep 11 2008 6:44PM
I happened to be one of the family members she took in and was also at one point her beautician. My family and I won't ever forget what she did for us. It was a selfless act. One she did not have to do but, because of the kind of person she was, she did. She made us feel at home and wouldn't have it any other way. Malissa, often encouraged me to follow my dreams and pursue my goals. For years after 9/11 I walked around with her ID in my wallet and came across it last night. How ironic is it that I received this email today? Ironic no, God yes. I won't ever forget the impact she has made on my life. There is no doubt in my mind, that Malissa has already earned her wings and soaring on high with the rest of God's special angels.
Angela Lee, Family
Sep 11 2008 5:54PM
Wow, I just want to say that I really miss Melissa. Even tho she was soft spoken and we didn't speak often I can remember her smile and her kind words. She would often tell me to 'stay encouraged' or tell me that I could make it. So on this anniversary day I just want to say Continue to RIP Melissa for I know this angel as truly recieved her wings.
Eric Styles, Friend
Sep 11 2008 5:02PM
Girl, it's another year, but it still hurts like it was just yesterday. I think of you often (especially when someone is working my last nerve) I can't help but remember the day when you sat and talked to that employee for three hours. Malissa you had such a big heart, and I know you are working and charming everyone in the big H. FYI I started going to chucrch again, didn't even know I missed it until I started. I know for you that is good news. Miss you. Your girl Wendy
Wendy Murray-Baptiste, Friend
Sep 11 2008 11:42AM
Malissa I cannot express how much you are missed. A day doesn't pass that your not on my mind I just want to talk. I remember all the good times we had together.We will always be sisters/cousin you mean the world to me. I know your looking after me the kids are all grown up Terron is in college. Your Uncle Yak an I still keep the fire going that we all had together. Lord the tears are flowing from my eyes because you are not here to talk with me. One day Yak an I talked he told Sylvia how he went to some trip and had to stay in a hotel with haunted noises he knew you, Slyvia an I would have been scared and crying. That was us always scary but always wanted to try something.I love you Malissa!
Tammy Starks, Family
Sep 10 2008 3:47PM
You're in my thoughts today and always...
Melanie, Family
Sep 11 2007 1:43PM
Malissa was a motivater and mentor. Great example! I learned a lot from her by the way she carried herself, gave counsel and her leadership in the church and community. I was watching and learning from her even at times when no one realized I was. She is a big factor in the success I have today and I will always love and remember her.
Charles Barber, Friend
Mar 25 2007 9:49AM
I spoke to her the night before... She lived the most beautiful life; keeping god first and working her hardest always for her family. While traveling all over it was her I counted on when I needed a voice of reason or finances. She always over gave to me. I couldn't believe how religious and kind she was. She always promised a prayer. I still remember she wanted me to shower after getting off the subway and I had to wash my hands when I came in the house. I miss her more than all, thats selfish I know, but no one can convince me otherwise.
Marlon Higgins, Family
Mar 14 2007 7:52AM
Your amazing spirit lives on.....
Melanie, Family
Sep 13 2006 2:11PM
I would have made a tribute sooner, but was unaware of this site. How does one begin a tribute to such a wonderful woman? It still has not set in that I will never see you again on this side. I can still recall the morning when I first became informed of the devilish act. I had no idea that it would hit so close to home. It was not until later that day that I found out that you were a victim of this terrible crime. I have so many memories of you and the inspiration that you were to me. I can remember coming to Grambling to visit you and how sad I was when you moved to New York. You were truly a great woman and cousin. I never heard you say a bad thing about anyone. You were just a peaceful person. We need more people like you. I have no doubt that you are in heaven with so many of our other family members. I miss you. I pray that you will watch over us and that I will see you on the other side. Love, Yolanda
Yolanda Pettis, Family
Sep 10 2006 9:26PM
My grandmother(Ruby) and cousin(Malissa) were taken from me, how could God let this be? It hurt me so much to have to see them go, but, GOD touched my hand to let me know. Then just like that they were gone, many nights I wondered what I did wrong. Was it something I did? Or something I said? to cause my grandmother and cousin to be dead? I had a dream just the other night I passed through the clouds and saw a bright light. I saw a older woman as beautiful as can be, as a matter of fact she kinda looked like me. She walked up and told me her name, and when she did a smile came to my face. I looked down at her and she smiled the same. I told her I loved her and I missed her so, more than she would ever know. Then, a younger woman with eyes so brown, comes up and says I have been waiting on you. My name is Malissa the cousin/sister you never met, Please tell me sis that you didn’t forget. I get on one knee and say sis you don’t know, how much I love you so. Then Malissa tells me its time to go home, but don’t be afraid because your not alone. As a tear ran down her face, she tells me live your life and have not a minute to waste. I grab her hand and said I'll see you again, we will be together again in the end. As I walk away she gives me a wink, and then just like that they were gone in a blink! Love you Malissa I will never forget it is going on five years. I've made it I'm getting ready to work on my Master's. I tell you being in my forties is just like we thought it would be lovely. I keep you in my heart always.... #1 Cousin Tammy LaFaye Starks
Tammy Starks, Family
Jul 24 2006 11:54AM
Malissa It is now three years since we last spoke on the evening of September 10 2001. You wished me good luck with my course and we promised to see each other that Friday; in some ways I feel like I am still waiting for Friday. I can vividly remember everthing about that day, as I can your smile, your big heart, your leadship, and your warmth. In the six months I had known you, I can say I truly admired you; your compassion for people, your professionalism, your ability to rise to the occassion. I am quite sure that you were not aware that you were my mentor :-) FYI, I went ahead and had my surgery on September 21, 2001. I was scared, but I kept hearring your voice saying 'Wendy take care of yourself.' I Miss You! Roland and I did get married in 2003, but we went ahead and had another baby first :-) NeJahrie (daughter of a warrior) 'Lyssa' (gentle one, my interpretation) Baptiste was born on August 29 2002, she is as gentle and sweet as you were. I think of you a lot and often try to imagine what you were doing when the tragedy took place, I see you eating breakfast while preparing for your meeting or at the copy machine making a final copy... I know that I might be jumping around with my thoughts, just bear with me. I see you taking care of the others wherever you all are right now. You are busy comforting, assisting and being selfless. On days that my heart is really sad I try to remember the funny times we've had and although I wish we had the time to ge to know each other better, I will always remember the few special moments and know that you will always be in my heart. I wish I did have the opportunity to cook you that West Indian dish I promised,in fact if you can listen to your cell phone, I promised to do just that if you called me back on 9/12/2001 I have to go now, I hope to see you in the future.
Wendy Murray, Colleague
Sep 13 2004 2:49PM
With yet another year that passed since this terrible tragedy, I found myself thinking about how wonderful you were. You were a very special person that came into my life for a reason and I will always keep the memories of you close to my heart forever. Love You
Melanie, Family
Sep 13 2004 2:44PM
A beautiful GODly women with a beautiful spirit. So sharp and classy. Thank for the opportunity and getting me on board at Marsh. So devistated and baffled for words for the lost of so many. You are truly missed, but I know GOD has you now. Gwendolyn
Gwendolyn, Colleague
Nov 11 2003 3:05PM
MALISSA'S BIRTHDAY-JUNE 6TH It's another birthday It's another day of reflection Happy birthday doesn't seem like enough to say to someone who means as much to me as you did Someone who floated in and out of my thoughts day by day and shows up in my dream at nights Someone who makes life unpredictable for me, who takes me into doing crazy things that wouldn't be fun with anyone else I can't describe the feeling I get when I see you from a distance, with that smile on your face It's part excitement, part anticipation, part nervousness, sort of like the days of old Let me just say on this special day when you were born, I am so very glad you were Rejoice in your V I C T O R Y!!!!!! Fondly Remembered And Missed By: ROCKY, KAL, MARLON, WESLEY, KAY-ANN, MELANIE, JULIET, CASSANDRA, VIN, ANGELLA, RAYON LUCIE, BARNETT AND THE REST OF THE GANG.
Wakeland Higgins, Family
Jun 5 2003 10:46PM
I had the honor of meeting Malissa's cousin Marva recently in NYC for the family memorial services. Though I did not personally know Malissa, what an incredible treasure she was for the many lives she touched. Malissa, may your soul rest in peace. As an angel in heaven, please look after your family. I send your family much love and prayers for healing.
Allison Yamamoto, Friend
Sep 20 2002 11:34AM
Malissa your my friend & cousin until the end. We grew together an had secrets know one never knew. I can remember the days that we couldn't wait to play or go to dance class. I look at our pictures of us growing in our ballet outfits. You were more than a cousin you were my sister. Lord knows I miss you! I find myself dialing your number on your birthday I said your older than me again. You would always say I'm not going to play with you until you get my age. You & Yak would always be the oldest but you would end up playing with me anyway. I've been through alot but I always try to remember you saying Tam it's going to be alright.It's almost been a year since I had the surgery on my arm we talked the day before this terrible tragedy. We always had our talk each morning an before you leave work I miss that I don't have anyone like that anymore. I always wanted to be like my cousin Malissa. Because you had the heart of gold an no one can take your place. You made anyone who ever felt low feel like they were high in the sky. When the Remembrance comes I know your light will shine high above the sky. You will always be my favorite an someday we will meet again. I love you Malissa Yvette! I feel your presences looking over the kids & myself. I want say goodbye I just say I will see you soon!
Tammy Starks, Family
Sep 9 2002 11:33PM
I didn't know Malissa very well, however I do know how much she meant to a family that I consider my own. I know how she touched so many lives, I know that her legacy will always carry on. Malissa is my best friends aunt. I will never forget the first time I met her. She was full of smiles, and so friendly. My only wish is that I had known her better. There was never an unkind word said about her, I wish I had known the loving, caring, and generous woman. She was and still is a rolemodel to so many. I personally want to thank you, Malissa, for joining a family that means so much to me, and for that you will never be forgotten in my heart. Anyika
Anyika, Friend
Jul 3 2002 12:28PM
Malissa was my favorite aunt.She is pretty.nice,and had all of the characters.She will always be missed! I LOVE YOU!!!
Monique Ball, Family
Jul 2 2002 2:56PM
Malissa White: An Angel, Gone Too Soon Malissa you are one of my favorite people in this world. I love you more than you probably know. You became more than my Aunt, you became my mentor, my guide, my motivator, the person that I aspire to be. You have touched and changed the lives of many and left behind a legacy that will never be forgotten. My last memory of you at my graduation has been embedded in my mind and I will have that with me forever. You were there to support me on one of the most important days of my life and I am just so happy that I had a chance to share that moment with you. Now you have gone off on a greater mission, to inspire even more people with your angelic soul while spreading the timeless gift that you brought to our lives. You are truly loved and missed by many. Thanks for all that you have done. I'll close with a few lines from Elton John's song 'Candle in the Wind' Your legend ever will Loveliness we've lost These empty days without your smile This torch we'll always carry For our nation's golden child And even though we try The truth brings us to tears All our words cannot express The joy you brought us through the years....... I love you. Melanie Johnson, Niece
Melanie, Family
Jun 21 2002 12:08PM
You're thought of today because its your Birthday You're thought of always because you were special You were a blessing in this world, a gentle soul, unique and rare. You always lifts our spirits with your tender loving care. I know this day is special to you so we will continue to celebrate this day with you. Your dreams are dear to us and we take great pride to embrace them in your name. YOUR FAITH LIVES ON!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Wakeland Higgins, Family
Jun 19 2002 10:54AM
Malissa: I thought of you today, as I often do these days. I never realized how much I looked to you for advice, until after you were gone. You were a true mentor and a friend to me. I enjoyed meeting your family in September, after hearing you speak so fondly of them. Your Aunt Emma is wonderful woman. She gave me comfort at a time when she probably needed it more then I did. It was amazing how much your brother reminded me of you in both his looks and mannerisms. I went to your church for your Memorial Service and I now know why you were so dedicated. Your congregation welcomed me as if I was a memeber and always had been. It was heartwarming to hear you spoken of by people that knew you outside of work and how much they too admired you. You'd be so happy to know how many lives you touched. When I think of you, I try to remember that big smile of yours and that you're smiling down on us. I miss you Malissa and I'll never forget the short time we had together. Always in my heart, Kara
Kara, Colleague
May 15 2002 10:55AM