Gerald Olcott
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To Mr Olcott's wife and sons, America has not forgotten. Millions of people like me, who never knew you, continue to keep you in our thoughts.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 20 2022 5:13PM
I never met Gerald Olcott, but I had the pleasure of working with his son Doug and Doug's then future wife Jennifer on a soccer newspaper during the early 1990s on Long Island. Doug and Jennifer are also alumni of Adelphi University, which is also my Alma Mater. In fact, Doug's first year at AU was my last year there. I also know the pain of suddenly losing a parent (my father, who died as a result of a heart attack on board an oil tanker in Trinidad in 1985). Albeit the death came as a shock, the circumstances were not as tragic. So I cannot imagine how the family of Gerald Olcott (or any of the families affected by the tragedy) must have felt when the tragic events of 9/11/01 occurred. But I hope that his memory will endure and that God will give rest to his soul and grant peace to the hearts of his family. As we say in Greek, 'Aionia i mnimi' which means 'May his memory be eternal'.
Nicholas Koliarakis, Friend
Apr 28 2003 6:24PM
For those of you who may have known my father, Mr. One-More-Split Olcott, know that he is smiling down on us bec. MMC finally split 2 for 1! It is exactly what he wanted and was waiting for, especially after 26 years of service to MMC. My father - and everyone who lost their lives on September 11 are all heros. They lost their lives, so we can all live better ones. God Bless America. I love you and miss you dad!
Jill Olcott, Family
Jul 29 2002 5:13PM
Dear Gerry, I never knew you, but I have become friendly with your wife Lynn, and your sons, over the last 10 months. You have a beautiful family, and I pray that they -- and all of us -- wlll be okay. I hope that you are playing golf with my husband, John Rigo, in heaven. I know you two worked together on the 100th floor of Tower 1. John adored golf, and Lynn says that you did as well.
Betsy Rigo, Friend
Jul 26 2002 11:50PM