Danny Correa

Family Tribute:Keep on playing, Danny, we hear you. The music of your heart lives on forever through our daughter, Katrina Alexandria, The greatest gift our love created. I thank you. We love you, we miss you, you are in our hearts forever!!!

Love Always,

Nina and Katrina

Danny A. Correa: Poetic Journey

Danny A. Correa wrote this: I dance in the clouds and soak in the haze. What about you?

That lyric query was in an e-mail message that Mr. Correa sent to a friend a few weeks after he started working on the 98th floor of 1 World Trade Center. The routine of ascending the building’s summit quickly spawned images that fed his poetry.

'Danny loved to write,' said his father Helman Correa, who brought his family to the United States from Colombia in 1979. Danny Correa, 25, represented the fulfillment of his father’s dream of a better life. Berkeley College had placed him in a job at the accounting department of Marsh & McLennan in July; he was to receive his bachelor’s degree in accounting, with honors, this fall.

He was the father of a 4-year-old daughter, Katrina, and founder of a basement rock band called Lucid-A. He played lead guitar, but he also could handle drums, keyboard and horns.

'He was amazing, quiet and kind of mysterious,' said Erin McAteer, a friend. 'He never talked too much about private things, but you could tell that a lot of him came out in his music.'

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Danny, Yesterday we went to visit you .. once again giving us signs of your presence. I’m so sorry you had to suffer like that. Walking throughout the museum we relived that horrible day.. we miss you so much and love you dearly. My kids never met you but they know so much about you and say how much they love you. We will never ever forget you ! Please continue looking after all of us and never stop giving us those signs. I will keep your memory alive always. I love you ❤️🥰😘❣️😇 Love your cousin, Eliana
Eliana , Family
Sep 22 2019 1:02PM
To all those who have lost a loved one, I want to say that I'm sorry. 9/11 was a human tragedy. I was in New York about a month ago and I made a video to show my friends what I saw. I came into a chapel close to Ground Zero and I recorded the memorial altar inside the chapel. Danny is there. I tried to made my video with respect. If you want to watch it please contact me at my e-mail address cosentinogiuseppe@hotmail.com. Sorry for my english. Giuseppe.
Giuseppe Cosentino, Friend
Jun 14 2014 6:02AM
Dan, It's been a while since I have writen to you on this message board, but you are always on my mind. Many years have passed, but I still think about you quite frequently. I'm thankful knowing that I was with you the weekend before you died. I'm humbled by the knowledge of the conversations that we had. I am in awe by your music, still. I always loved your poetry And your way with words. I know how much you loved your daughter! I remember you let me hear a voice mail message she left for you. You had the biggest smile because her voice was so cute. You were a proud father, and I hope one day she comes across this message board and read all of the love you had for her . She will know the ways you have touched people, and she will be proud of you. It was a terrible thing that happened to you and all of the other people on 9/11. I can't help but wonder what life would be like if you were still here . You always live in my heart. I love and miss you always. - to Jessica, I'm sorry for the loss of your brother. I know how incredible he was. I'm always sending my love to your family! To Helman- I need a new cd!!! :-)
Erin, Friend
Jan 15 2014 6:57AM
Our childhood was wonderful. I remember you and my brother Rolando were the best of friends while you guys went to school at Jefferson. I remember all the wrestling matches, video games and the adventures we had as kids. My name is Danny, because my brother requested my parents name me after his best friend Danny. He was five and couldn't be happier. I am proud to be named after you, and thank you being part of my amazing childhood. I hope you are resting peacefully. Much love to you and your family.
Danny Morillo, Friend
Sep 11 2013 10:55AM
Danny Not a year goes by that I do not think about you. To this day I will never forget the images of watching the plane hit the towers from outside my office window and then watching them crash down. Then coming home I get tha call from my mom telling me you were in the tower. I can tell you that my heart sank of the thought of you not being with us. I know that as we got older we did not see each other as much as we used to, and even though we are not blood related you will always be my beloved cousin. My self, Lynda, Anyssa and Rafael hope that you are singing withe angels and watching over all us. We love you and miss you. German
German Mesa, Family
Sep 11 2013 7:18AM
Danny, our precious Katrina Alexandria Correa graduated 8th grade a few days ago. For that reason we celebrate, because her triumphs are ours as well. I cannot believe that she's already 14. We've missed her so much. On 9/11 we sadly lost you both. I know deep in my heart that sooner or later you will lead her back to us. She deserves to know that she is thought of, cared for and loved by her daddy's family. After all, she is what you left behind for us, she is part of the Correas. Watch and guide her steps as she makes the transition from middle school to high school. It's a big step! I remember when I graduated 8th grade; you, Nina and Katrina were there. Surround your little girl with strength, humbleness, wisdom, compassion, laughter and love. In your own unique way let her know that daddy loves her and will never leave her side. She knows she has a special guardian angel in the heavens. Love you & miss you my dear niece, Katrina. Love you & miss you my dear brother, Danny. Thinking of both of you always, Aunt Dessi Baby
Jessica, Family
Jun 24 2012 6:25PM
It still seems like yesterday because the emotions and pain are still so raw. I still question myself why? Why did you have to be there? Why did this have to happen at all? In my naive mind I still feel that perhaps you're just a phone call away, or that I will see you at one point in the day. You just CANT be gone. My heart refuses to let you go. Everyday I feel is the day that you are going to call me and tell me you suffered amnesia or were lost or just something, anything, I won't even need an explanation. I just want you back. Please come back! There was so much for us to do as adults that we never had a chance to. We were supposed to celebrate our graduations in 2002 but only I attended both ceremonies. You were supposed to be there when I left for college and for my first drink when I turned 21 but you were absent. The bottom line is that you were supposed to be there for that and much more and yet you weren't. My heart aches and breaks for you every single day since 9/11. There's always something that reminds me of you or makes me question myself, 'what would Danny think of this?' Yet I have no answers. I have to say that there just has to be something after our bodies die on Earth, there just has to. I pray that there is a heaven amongst the clouds. A place where I may see you again. How cruel could this thing called 'life' be if there is no such place called heaven. Otherwise what would be the point of all this. I pray with every ounce of my being that there is such a peaceful place where the souls of those who depart earth go. I will wait my turn to see you, I will wait until I'm called. I miss you, I love you big bro. Your sister, Jessi 'BABY' Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling From glen to glen, and down the mountain side The summer's gone, and all the flowers are dying 'Tis you, 'tis you must go and I must bide. But come ye back when summer's in the meadow Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow 'Tis I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so. And if you come, when all the flowers are dying And I am dead, as dead I well may be You'll come and find the place where I am lying And kneel and say an 'Ave' there for me. And I shall hear, tho' soft you tread above me And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be If you'll not fail to tell me that you love me I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me. I'll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.
Jessica, Family
Sep 11 2011 10:25PM
Wow, it's been 10 years and I still can feel the same hurt and agony as I did that dreadful day. I clearly remember my brother calling me to tell me that you were lost in the towers. We couldn't believe it was true. You and I were never close so to speak but you were in my older brother's class in Jefferson and though we had a five year age difference I remember that you were quick to look after me and walk me home from school. I thought (and still think) very highly of you. You possessed wonderful qualities and putting a smile on peoples' faces came easy to you. It's a shame how you were taken from the world. You had so much 'good' to give. You are sorely missed. I surely will NEVER FORGET. Hope you are resting peacefully old friend.
Laura S,
Sep 11 2011 10:25PM
Danny...I think about you often. We worked together so many years ago at Loews in Secacus...You protected me there behind the scenes...such a great soul. I still have the lion you gave me for Valentine's Day.....when you handed it to me, you simply said 'he wears his heart on his sleeve, just like me'. That you did. We lost contact throughout the years, but you were always there in thought....I still have your scarf as well...after 9/11 I slept with it under my pillow for awhile...I will always remember the good times and experiences we once shared. Here's looking at you kid ;)
Erika Cicchino, Friend
Sep 11 2011 9:33AM
Danny, I am still in awe of you and the life you left behind. My life was totally altered by knowing you. I was with you the weekend before you died, and it's bittersweet knowing I had the chance to say goodbye... I love you, still.
Erin McAteer - Costa, Friend
Sep 4 2011 6:13PM
I worked with Danny at the WTC... He was a great guy and fun to be around. We bonded that year because Colombia had made it to the finals and won... I will never forget him... Today the world became aware that Osama Bin Laden was killed, and all I wanted to tell him is that justice has been served. May God bless him and his family always...
Natalia, Colleague
May 2 2011 12:23AM
I think about you always and pray that you are resting peacefully looking down at your beautiful daughter with a smile on your face. Words cannot describe how much you are missed by so many people. Just know this your memory lives on in our hearts forever. We miss you and love you always!!!
Danielle Schecter, Friend
Sep 11 2007 6:28PM
I recently came across this memorial and memories of you came rushing back. We grew up together - from the 2nd grade until high school graduation. The thing I remember most is how you always made me laugh. It didn't matter if I was sad, mad, or just plain bored. You were always able to put a smile on my face. For that I am eternally grateful. You were taken from your friends and family too soon in life but it is comforting to know that you are in Heaven watching over all of us.
Aileen Alvarez, Friend
Jun 3 2007 3:28PM
Wow! As I was browsing the web I came across this news somehow. I am in somewhat of a state of shock, but feel compelled to comment. Danny and I were in the same class for 3rd and 4th grade in Jefferson Annex. We also had some classes in H.S. together. Jefferson Annex School was for the 'Gifted and Talented'. I remember feeling, when I met Danny in the 3rd grade, that he personified everything the school was about. He had an awesome personality (everyone loved him), was talented in many ways, and he was so smart. Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to become really close. I always admired him and respected him from afar as it seemed he’d have the world in the palm of his hand one day. After reading some of his history, I am glad to see that his talent went to his music and his smarts were applied to his career and higher education. I hope the family finds the strength they need to cope with this loss. I can’t imagine how painful this must be. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
Carlo Aranda, Colleague
Jan 5 2007 11:28PM
I knew Danny for a couple of years while I worked at Loews Theatres, he was the sweetest, most understanding and loveable person and he is definetly a great loss to this world. For all that knew him know what I mean and for all who didn't just know you missed the opurtunity to know one of the last decent men in the world and you would have loved him too. I mourn you along with your family Danny and my heart weeps for them. GOD Bless Your Loving Soul Danny and GOD Bless Your Family. Love Always, Kina 'Mama' and Kianna Danielle
Kina Dixon, Friend
Sep 13 2006 2:04PM
Its hard to believe its been exactly 20 years since we first met, and exactly five years since you have been gone. I think about you alot from time to time, some days more than others. Today was one of those days that i thought about you alot. Your friends and family miss you dearly, as you touched us all in your own way. To me, you were one of my best friends from when I was a child though out my journey to becoming an adult. You taught me values of friendship that make me a better person because of it today. You will always have my respect and friendship, and well meet again in another place one day.
John Bassin, Friend
Sep 11 2006 10:57PM
It has been 5 long years for your family and friends. My prayers and thoughts are with them. My memories of you in Jefferson School are always nice ones. Seeing you in Emerson HS, how you were loved by so many friends, both students and faculty...they may be memories, but they are sweet ones. May memories of you remain much longer than your short life was. May God keep you in his memory and your family see you again soon in a much better world.
Irene Valdes, Friend
Sep 11 2006 4:35PM
You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. A POEM FOR THE GRIEVING Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there, I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow, I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain, I am the gentle autumn's rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there, I did not die. Wishing you enough, Melinda
Melinda, Sydney Australia
Sep 9 2006 10:39PM
Danny was one of the few people in this life I've come across who had such good karma, an incredible aura around him --- and I only knew him for about six months when he was working as a film projectionist at a movie theatre in Clifton. We'd talk about music a lot, and his deep appreciation for his craft...what he wanted to become...how much his family meant to him. In such a short time I was infected by his personality. That was simply his way. Seeing this site only gives you a slight indication of how much he is loved and how much love he carried with him through his place in the world. ---that is perhaps the most beautiful thing about him. Sincerely, Chris.
Chris Kline, Friend
Sep 11 2003 11:40AM
We had good times & some bad, but you were always there for me you were my best friend. I can't tell you how much I miss you, knowing you was definately a privlege & you will live in my heart & memories. Jennifer
Jennifer, Friend
Mar 31 2003 12:33AM
We all miss you Danny, but I think I miss you more than anyone else in this world. One year has past, another year just begun, but my sadness and tears still remain. I lost more than a son, I lost part of my soul. I'm in a middle of the ocean trying to survive but at the same time feeling that I am drowning because I don't care any longer. I look at the distance, smell the air, listen to a son ( your music ) trying to find you, but what I really find is emptiness. Every day I come to work, I lok at the passanger seat that you sat at 7.15 am. My only reason to stay alive and survive is your sister Jessica. You can't even imagen how much I miss you. I love you with all my heart my Guardian Angel. Lord help me.
Helman, Family
Jan 16 2003 4:26PM
Danny, how I miss you my son ! Help me please, don't leave alone, my entire life is up side down, I'm in a big deep hole and I can't to find the way the way to get out, every moment is worse. I always protected you, know I need your protection my Guardian Angel. Teach me how after all of this I can wake up every morning like a normal person, because i'm not normal any more. Love you more, day after day. Daddy.
Helman, Family
Oct 16 2002 11:01AM
Sep 12 2002 9:48AM
Danny, As a fellow Phi Theta Kappan, it was an honor to meet your family at the Phi Theta Kappa International Honors Society's annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee this past May. I feel cheated that we never met. But, your father did a fantastic job in being one of the torch bearers in your honor at the Convention. It took a lot of courage for him to do that. With that, you must have been a very special and courageous person, too. From talking with my fellow Kappans in New Jersey, I knew that you always proudly displayed your Phi Theta Kappa certificate in your office. In our society, it is the courage that we, as Kappans, always feel that we can move mountains. I write this with tears running down my face. But, I know that God will continue to take care of you. I will continue to pray for your family, especially on this day. As we always do in Phi Theta Kappa when greeting a fellow member, we give a big Kappa Hug. I can only offer my prayers now, but, hope, that someday we will be able to give each other that 'official Phi Theta Kappa handshake'. Sincerely with love, Kevin Shields Pennsylvania State President Middle States Region Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society
Kevin Shields, Friend
Sep 11 2002 9:17PM
Hello Danny, I would like to take this opportunity to share some of my feelings and thoughts. Well I spent most of my life growing up with you from Jefferson Annex to Emerson High school. I remember all the fun times we had back in the day. All of my interests and passions have been affected by you in some way. You were my best friend in grammar school and into high school. You were one of the few in grammar school who actually understood what I was about. You gave me a chance when others wouldn't. Remember playing baseball and football by Todd's house on 15th street. I listened recently to the tapes of us rhyming and singing at my house. Those were the good old days. I credit you with keeping my mind open and stirring my creativity. I credit you for my love of sports and passion for the games. I wish you could see my brother Ice now, he's all grown up and taller than me. I read here that your sister just graduated from high school, I remember her when she was a little girl. I can also remember your parent's faces and I send all of my positive thoughts to them. If they only knew how much you influenced other people's lives. I don't recall the exact moment when our frienship began to subside, I believe it had to do with a girl. I wish things could have continued as they were. You were a valued friend who will never be forgotten. I hadn't seen you in a few years and I never had the chance to meet your daughter, but I know you can read my thoughts. We were meant for big things in this world, and I think we knew this when we were younger. Our paths were meant to split, but I will use the memories of our friendship to strengthen and propel me too my goals. My colombian brother you will be missed. Gabriel
Gabriel Fortoul, Friend
Sep 11 2002 4:06PM
Danny, A long time ago I walked into my 7th grade class at new school and met you and became friends (through all the Guille mess remember those times). 2 years after that I once again was happy to be placed with you in the same high school in the same home room, same classes. Never once in all those years that I knew you were you every rude, mean or conceited, you were sarcastic, funny and a wonderful friend. No one in this world will ever come close to having the wonderful uplifting personality that you had. You were one of a kind. And i know that you remain the same up in heaven. Those Angels must be laughing up a storm with you around them. Remember all those songs that you wrote our freshman year. I still have those and I treasure them. Some day when your daughter is grown, I will show her those songs and those pictures of your childhood, so that she can see that her father was a great and talented man. She will grow up to be proud of you. Missing you with all my heart, Sugey
Sugey Benavides-Cruz, Friend
Sep 11 2002 2:52PM
Danny, I remember all of our years in high school. You were a true friend to everyone, because that was just your way. I often look at our yearbook and the pictures of you and me in the back -- your parents and my parents split an 'ad page' and wrote how proud they were of us. You always played around with me and told me that you would have been valedictorian if I hadn't been so darn persistent! I'm very proud of you and the steps that you took to better your life. I remember the day I went to visit you at Loews and you showed me the picture of Katrina -- you were so happy. I will always remember you as the happy guy that hated it when anyone wrote down his name as 'Daniel'. Remember --- I did the homeroom roll call for HR320 with Mr. Angelosante and you told me the first day of school -- make sure it says 'Danny'! I miss you, my friend. You were a true gem of a person -- you and I always understood each other. If I can ever do anything to help your family, all they have to do is call. Your friend forever, Moni
Monica Valdes, Friend
Sep 11 2002 12:34AM
Danny, you were a good friend to our son, Brian. Not too many breaths of fresh air pass through our lives, but you were one. It was our privilege to know you, and your presence is so missed. No one ran a Superbowl pool like you! Maria and Dennis and Christina
The Alamo Family, Friend
Sep 10 2002 3:38PM
Many times I blame myself for writing down all my feelings and letting people know what is going on with my life. But, I said, 'I don't care because I lost my son. It is my pain, he is my baby and this is the only way to release the feelings that are in me'. I'm burning without control. I hear everybody making comments about what thoughts they might have for an event, memorial or program to remember September 11th . Honestly, I don't want that day come. I'm afraid. I lost my son Danny that day and it will always be very painful to remember. He is not here anymore. Since that day my life is not the same. Every passing day my life is in torment and pain. That day.........Heaven won a new Angel...but I'm without MY SON.
Helman, Family
Aug 6 2002 11:01AM
I am so sad that such a bright and creative person is gone. Your presence is sorely missed.
Oreste Rodriguez, Friend
Aug 5 2002 11:47AM
My silence says everything, I miss you so much
Helman, Family
Jul 26 2002 9:46AM
Danny, Jessica, your sister, has just graduated from high school. I know you are proud of her, just as we are. Help her, my Guardian Angel, to keep her moving ahead. She has so many dreams and aspirations. Guide her, and guide me to be there, whenever she needs me. God, blessed Mami and me with both of you. Love you and miss you so much. Play a song for your sister. The more I listen your music, the more I like it.
Helman, Family
Jun 27 2002 1:38PM
Danny, yesterday was graduation day. The culmination of 4 years came to an end last night. So many people cheered as my name was called to receive my High School diploma, but one stood out the most. It was you Danny. I know you were watching from the heavens and cheering along with everyone else. Thank you for never leaving my side. Guide me through the years I have ahead at Old Dominion University. I love you and I miss you so much. Your little sister, Jessie
Jessica, Family
Jun 25 2002 4:58PM
My beloved son I miss you so much, you are present in every second of my life. I love you my Guardian Angel.
Helman, Family
Jun 13 2002 9:00AM
May 30 2002 10:50PM
We miss you Danny. I don't know what to say except that losing you has been really difficult for us. Love, Liz and Damien Farley. Don't touch please.
Liz Farley, Friend
May 26 2002 11:10PM
Today I have the necessity to write to you, I would like to tell you how much I miss you. Time pass by, sadness and emptyness are larger. Jessica and I brought to your 'Mom' a little dog, to give her de opportunity to focus on something, because your absence is consuming her totally, and you know how much she always loved and love you. Help her, help your sister Jessi, help me and help our entire family. Today we just have cherished memories about you. Forever in our hearts until we meet again. Love you so so so much. Your father.
Helman Correa, Family
May 21 2002 10:37AM
Today, April 18, 2002 is your Graduation Day my son, my Hero. Today, more than ever I'm very proud of you...... I want to said many more things about you but honestly I can't do it, I'm crying like a baby. I lve you and I miss you so so so much.
Helman Correa, Family
Apr 18 2002 8:59AM
7 months have passed and it is normal day for most people, but not for me. My life will no longer be the same. I think and act like I have no sense of feeling or guidance. I tried to straighten out my life and give it a purpose, but my sense of direction is gone; I am completely disoriented. My beloved son, before I protected you; my Guardian Angel, now protect me, help me and sustain me for I am destroyed. Now more than ever I need your strength and the strength that God gives me. I am an inconsolable father with a piece of my heart missing; the other half of my heart, belongs to my darling daughter, JESSICA.
Helman Correa, Family
Apr 17 2002 8:59AM