Arthur Warren Scullin

Arthur Warren Scullin schmoozed with everyone, even telemarketers. 'He never hung up on them,' said Mr. Scullin’s widow, Cathy. 'He’d ask them where they were calling from. He would ask them what the weather was like, what time it was.'

His gregariousness could get on the nerves of his children, Warren, Jim and Nora, when they were younger. When everyone else was, say, cruising through the tollbooth at the Throgs Neck Bridge, they would be sitting there because their father was chatting up the toll taker.

As a senior vice president and director of taxes at Marsh Inc., Mr. Scullin, 57, traveled all over the world. Naturally, he talked to everyone he met. 'He would ask people, `Do you know anybody in New York?’ ' Mrs. Scullin recalled. 'If they said no, he would say, `You do now,’ and he’d give them his business card.'

Born in Woodside, Queens, Mr. Scullin met his wife at the Lowery Street subway station of the Flushing IRT 36 years ago, and together they migrated to Auburndale, Queens. Every week, Mr. Scullin would return to Woodside to visit his mother, Ethel, 90. 'He used to say that when he retired, he was going to move back to an apartment in Woodside so he could return to his roots,' Mrs. Scullin said. 'I would say, `I’ll send you a postcard from Arizona.’ '

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I worked for Art Scullin as he was a fine, decent individual who was always by my side supporting me and nurturing me in the field of taxation. I miss you dearly my friend and thank you always for your grand support.
Maurice Benitez, Colleague
Jan 17 2022 11:03AM
Today I went to Ground Zero to pay my respects to Art. Being Jewish I said Kaddish (the memorial prayer) for him there, in front of his name. I was based in the UK working for the professional services firm KPMG. I worked with him and always looked forward to our encounters. I have never forgotten the horror of hearing that he was in the office when the plane struck. He was a good, generous hearted man and I am confident that even after these years his memory lives on with those who knew him. I was struck by the surviving tree at the site of the memorial today and how it lives on as a triumph over the ideas of those who committed this terrible act and how memories of those who knew Art as a work colleague but also his family and friends are, by contrast, a proud testament to the durability of the memory of him and of others like him who died that day. May he rest in peace.
David Finn , Colleague
Sep 14 2016 10:24PM
Remember you alwasy Warren, so sweet and so funny. God bless you and the family love jeanne kelly
regina (jeanne)kelly, Family
Sep 11 2012 11:30AM
I did not know Mr. Scullin but have the privilege of knowing his daughter, Nora. He must have been a great man because Nora is such a wonderful person. Our thoughts are with you and your family today Nora. -Caroline & Bill
Caroline, Friend
Sep 12 2011 12:10AM
Art, you were the main 'tax' man who I routinely called from the Philly office. You have been missed so much. God bless.
Diane Brown, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 8:49PM
Every moment I spent with Art at Marsh was such a pleasure. You just knew from the moment you met him that the guy loved people, would go out of his way to help you, and found joy in the little things. He got me to watch the Sopranos and listen to U2. So many good people were lost on 9/11, and I think of Art often as a representative of all those souls I didn't know personally. Art would have put his arms around them all and said with a warm smile, 'Wasn't life a blast.'
Gary Hirsch, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 12:00PM
You were always so warm, friendly, and easy to get along with. A good story and a quick smile made the day a little lighter and easier to deal with. God bless you, Art.
Edward Verlander, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 10:19AM
Warren was one of the sweetest men I've ever met. He was a terrific host and was tickled when people just 'dropped in'. He made us laugh with his stories and jokes and he had a tender faith in God. He loved Woodside where I was born as well and always said he would return there when he retired. The rest of our friends moved away, some to Connecticut, like us but most moved to Long Island. He could never understand that attraction to anyplace other than 'The City' although he did love to visit Ireland. Cathy and he shared a special relationship and were truly blessed with their 2 sons and daughter. I miss him and Cathy too! May God continue to keep Cathy and Warren, Jim and Nora in His comforting arms.
Peggy McCloskey, Myrtle Beach
Sep 10 2011 12:35AM
loved warren and miss him god bless him and family love jeanne
regina kelly, Family
Sep 8 2011 3:41PM
My name is Barry. I just completed the 'America's 9/11 Ride' which is a motorcycle ride that runs from Somerset, PA to the Pentagon, then to Ground Zero. This is the third year that I have made this ride. This year, the coordinators gave out cards, with a name of someone who lost his or her life on that tragic day. This allowed participants to not only remember the terrible event, but to get a little more personal, as we were riding in rememberance of a specific person. I picked up the card with Arthur Scullin's name on it. Today, when I got back to work, I began to Google the name, to see what I could learn about him. I have prayed for his family much this weekend, and will continue to do so. Obviously, I do not know how they are faring, ten years after the incident. I hope and pray that they are well, and that GOD has given them peace. Mr. Scullin was apparently a very kind person, as reflected in the tributes that I have read. I am sure that he left a legacy that will live on forever. May GOD bless his family. Barry Bledsoe Fairmont, WV
Barry Bledsoe, Friend
Aug 22 2011 3:39PM
I did not know Mr. Scullin personally but I knew his son Jim very well, unfortunately we lost contact many years ago but please let him know that i feel very sorry for his loss....
Beata SUBA (Betty), Friend
Aug 17 2010 8:19AM
I was fortunate enough to work with Art, mostly by phone and email, the first part of my Marsh carrer. He always took the time to listen and respond, even with the most mundane of questions. His thanks for providing a small bit of help was always heart felt and just made you feel better after talking to him. Art came to the Los Angeles office for business on one occassion and he made it a point to ask where I was located and came over to see me in person. You just didn't see that in the corporate world often and I will never forget that touch of warm kindness and wish his family all the best.
Roy Simpson, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 12:27PM
I did not know Mr.Scullin, but Mrs. Scullin was my high school teacher and she is such a nice person. I want to send my thoughts and payers to her family.
Cristina Q, Friend
Sep 11 2007 7:19PM
my thoughts and prayers remain with your family, always... Haley
Haley Powers, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 3:36AM
I did not know Mr. Scullin directly, but was great friends with his daughter, Nora. We had met in high school and unfortunately lost touch throughout the years. We have recently been in touch again and had no idea how Mr. Scullin had passed. I just found out and alot makes sense now about Nora's attitude towards the attacks of 9/11. I am truly sorry for the family's lost but Nora, I beleive now after so many years that your father was one of the angels protecting my husband while serving in the front lines. I must thank your father from above for looking after my Marine and the so many that made it back safely. Mr. Scullin is and will always be a HERO!!! My sincerest regards and condolences to the whole family.
Marisa Rodriguez-Deck, Friend
Jun 4 2007 7:57PM
Seldom has anyone left such a lasting impression on me. I met Warren, his wife Kathleen and his daughter (wee) Nora in summer '98 when they acted as a tour guide to me and my family when visiting NY. We had first met him a few months earlier. He was a great guy, who loved his family and loved life. Even now, 5 years later, itt saddens me to think that his life was cut short in the atrocities, and every year i pray for him and his family. He was an inspirin character. May he rest in peace
Eamonn McKeever, Friend
Sep 12 2006 5:18AM
Just a note, 5 years later, that although we weren't directly related...(that I know of) I have kept you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. I too live in New York City and on that day I got calls asking if you were my family member. In my heart, I adopted your memory and think of you on this anniversary with the same warmth as I do a lost friend. When I read your obituary, it could have been the very same Scullins I grew up with in the mid-west and California. Absolutely true that schmoozing is a Scullin trait!!! May you watch over all of us here still struggling on earth and send us love , strength and a sense of humor. May there come a time in Eternity that our souls can meet up, share a good story and a jolly laugh. God Bless you, your family and all who knew and loved you.
Kevin Scullin, Friend
Sep 11 2006 11:46PM
Warren Scullin was an amazing man, and 4 years after his passing he is still missed. He could always find a way to make you laugh, and often encouraged me to take part in extra cirriculars in school, ESPECIALLY track ('the purest of sports'.) I know he watches us from heaven, chatting away.
Aisling Bennett, Family
Sep 11 2005 12:23PM
I was drawn to this memorial because of the name and was taken with the description of Mr Scullin. Schmoozing is definitely a Scullin trait. I wonder if Mr Scullin was aware of his Irish roots - the Scullins are originally from Co Derry in Ireland. He sounds like the sort of relative I would have loved to meet and of course I'm sorry he departed in this way. My condolences to his friends and family.
Eamon Scullin, Family
Jan 22 2005 1:33PM
Oct 22 2004 9:56AM
Art, king of the schmoozers you had a special insight to the inner workings at Marsh which you never abused nevertheless the support you gave me long after I left Marsh I am forever indebted and I credit you sir with giving me one of the best pieces of career advice a person could ever wish to receive.'Thanks buddy' .. My thoughts are with your family whom I never had the pleasure of meeting but heard so much about over the years. PS if they have access to the web up there check out my tribute to Steve G , a day I will never forget
stephen b evans, Colleague
Apr 30 2004 4:48AM
I was just watching the news regarding the second year anniversary of 9/11 and saw someone holding up Mr. Scullin's picture and decided to read a little bit about him online. From what I've read I know that we've lost a truly special man. It made me think about how I choose to treat people. He's still an inspiration even though he's gone!
Ai-chan, Friend
Sep 11 2003 1:07PM
I grew up with Nora, his daughter. I remember we used to wait for the same train into the city in the morning. He would say hello and talk for a bit, and he'd say, 'I have to stop now because Nora says I talk to her friends too much.' The funny thing is, he was the only parent of a friend I didn't mind making small talk with in the morning. He is very missed.
Elisabeth Gibbons, Friend
Oct 8 2002 2:35PM
Warren Scullin was one of the most positive, fun- loving people I ever met. His involvement in Saint Kevin's School/Parish was outstanding-nothing was ever too much for him to do. He was well respected and loved by the Staff of the School/Parish, Members of the active Youth Guild, Children/Parents of the School/Parish, members of the Altar and Rosary Society and Holy Name Society, plus the Lectors.... Having worked with him on many projects within the school/parish, I was fortunate to know him and witness his Gospel values. His wonderful spirit will continue to permeate Saint Kevin's Parish and, of course, within his family and circle of friends.
Dorothy Reaver, RSM
Sep 20 2002 1:08PM
Warren has been one of the most influential people in my life.... from childhood 'car dancing' , his encouragment and interest in my college classes and then to talks about working in 'the jungle' he always made me laugh and will always been a important part of my life.
Colette McArdle, Family
Sep 16 2002 4:49PM
Warren was a special person. Our family get togethers are not the same without him.
Josie, Family
Sep 13 2002 2:28PM
Thank you Warren for the times you made me laugh and for all your guidance and encouragement. Working with you at St. Kevins was an experience I will never forget. Love, Brenda Molloy
Brenda Molloy, Friend
Sep 13 2002 10:26AM
Thank you Warren for all of the times you made me laugh and for your help and encouragement when working with you at St Kevins. I will always remember your smile and your kind words. Love, Brenda Molloy
Brenda Molloy, Friend
Sep 12 2002 11:46PM
For many years I had the pleasure of being acquainted with Arthur (Warren) at St. Kevins. Whatever parish activities he was involved in, and there ware many, he made it all seem effortless and fun, both for himself and those lucky enough to work with him. Like many others it is difficult to get used to the notion that he will not be outside Mass to share a quick conversation, smile,or a laugh with. God speed dear Warren. we will miss you.
Anne Costello, Friend
Sep 11 2002 9:44PM
I just wanted to say... I used to worked on the 2nd floor of 1166 and each and everytime I saw Art he had a smile and a story. He took time to listen to others stories and laugh.. even if they werent too funny. He was a special person.. God Bless...
Connie, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 4:57AM