Elaine Cillo

Elaine Cillo loved to take pictures. Her two-bedroom apartment in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, might as well be a photo gallery, with pictures even crowding the walls in the bathroom. There are photographs of the Brooklyn and Verrazano- Narrows Bridges, of apples in a basket, of autumn leaves in upstate New York. She has a beautiful shot of the Eiffel Tower.

Elaine’s twin sister, Lynne Cillo-Capaldo, was looking at the photos on Saturday with her husband, Paul Capaldo. Elaine, 40, a vice president at Marsh Technology and Information Service, worked on the 97th floor of the north tower.

Over the summer, the sisters and Paul vacationed in Greece. Lynne said her husband got a great picture of Elaine: It showed the camera buff taking a photo.

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A few months before 9/11, Elaine and I met briefly at my office to discuss her company's business needs. I remember her face and our discussion and carry her business card to this day.
Rob Benjamin , Colleague
Sep 11 2022 10:42AM
I didn't know her personally but she knew many of my relatives in New York. RIP.
James Mailosr, Family
Sep 9 2021 9:53PM
Elaine, my dear and beloved friend. May you rest in peace and I will never forget all the good times we enjoy together drinking Harvey and partying during the 1980s every Friday night after work on Wall Street .
Louis Reyes, Colleague
Mar 18 2016 10:44PM
We think of you always....tomorrow will be no different. So once again on 9/11 we will be together to honor your life.
maria, Family
Sep 10 2015 3:16PM
Happy Birthday!!! Thinking of you today :)
Belinda, Colleague
Oct 31 2014 9:11AM
I Met Elaine back in 1991 while I was in NY as a trainee in a private bank where she used to work. I am still shocked about the fact she is not among us and her beloved anymore. I liked her smiley face and her humor. Rip. Love pierre
Pierre borgeaud, Colleague
Sep 11 2014 2:57PM
13 years and it seems like forever and at the same time seems like yesterday.... we think of you every day...i so enjoy reading the thoughts and stories left by others...all so nicely written and they ring so true....especially when your smile, your hearty laugh, your compassion, or planning a get together are talked about. Bus driver Jim, your story so sweet, brings me yet another vivid picture of Elaine. Thanks to all those who posted a memory!
maria, Family
Sep 11 2014 9:27AM
Not a day goes by that we don't think of you. I personally am reminded of you so often. Sam is much like you in many ways that it is almost as though you are here. I take these reminders as a sign that you are! Watch over our girls and know you are loved!
Maria, Family
Sep 9 2014 9:22PM
I only found out about Elaine last year 2011.its strange...I always felt bad for those who lost loved ones but never expected to know anyone.It left me feeling empty deeply saddened.I contacted Lynne when I found out to offer my deepest sympathy.I only remember Elaine as a child friend but I could tell she meant so much to all who knew her.One last thought I have a stuffed snoopy dog that bares the signatures of all my friends before i left Brooklyn.Elaine signature is on it. rest in peace. aka fuzzy
johnny Sorrentino, Friend
Sep 11 2012 2:15PM
Happy Birthday again ... I stopped at the memorial on Sunday to leave you a little b-day gift. Not a Halloween goes by that I dont think of you ... and miss you. See you someday for a drink to toast your LIFE... miss ya .. Lori
Lori, Friend
Nov 1 2011 4:06PM
I think of you often- You were a wonderful Co-worker, person, and Friend. Always embracing the honor of knowing you. Will miss you Elaine Always Sincerely Leonard Pellicano
Leonard Pellicano, Friend
Oct 21 2011 12:25AM
I had the pleasure to work with Elaine at Brown Brothers Harriman in the early 80's. We were young, enjoyed our days at the office but still got our work done. As the supervisor of the department I didn't go out to lunch with everyone too often. Ironically, some of us would take our bag lunch and go out onto the roof of the World Trade Center and just eat while enjoying the view. Elaine always wanted me to go with the crew on a Friday to the seaport and enjoy the fried clams. I finally caved in ... it was probably the worst it ever was, like the grease hadn't been changed in days. I think she felt responsible :) There were always better lunches at The Rincon where they served one of Elaine's favorites - paella - which she could never get me to eat! There was a homeless woman who sat on a corner on Wall Street. She carried on laughing and babbling very loudly but never made any sense. On a cold day I convinced Elaine to go with me to give her a heavy winter coat I acquired but didn't want. The woman was there and as I handed her the coat she started to speak to us ... it stunned both of us! It was something I never forgot and I'm sure it stayed with Elaine, too. We never know how we are affected by the little things people do. I got married in 1984. Elaine wanted me to take her camera to Aruba on my honeymoon. It was a little red Konica Pop. I loved the camera so much that I bought one when I returned ... not the pretty, red one like hers, but I took the only one they had in black. Over the years as the digital world took over I accumulated the newest SLR camera and several different lenses to capture the world & the people in it on a whole new level. But this afternoon I went into my closet and pulled out the little black case and opened it to find the black Konica Pop that Elaine went with me to buy. I want you to know, Elaine, that you influenced me in the beauty of photography and take pictures pretty much every where I go. I transferred to the Boston office of BBH & Co in 1985 and bought a house in Dracut, MA. Elaine took my place as supervisor ... she was a perfect fit. We kept in touch but over time situations changed and we only were able to get together for a couple of lunches when Elaine traveled up to Boston. These past couple of years I would tell my daughter, who is now 20, about Elaine. When we go to shoe stores I'd point out shoes that Elaine used to wear. Elaine, I just want you to know that I think of you a lot lately when I'm in DSW. You'll be happy to know the styles have come full circle after almost 30 years and my daughter came home with a pair of 'Elaine boot/shoes' :) My little town was turned upside down on September 11, 2001. You see, John Ogonowski, who lived a couple of miles from my house, was the pilot of Flight 11. Quite often I drive by his home and farm with the flag flying high and while I am sad for his family, I find myself thinking of lunches, yucky fried clams, a homeless woman, a red Konica Pop, great/funky shoes and a wonderful woman who had her life taken way too soon. God gets us through each day ... till the day we are all reunited in Heaven. Till then I am sure you are looking down on everyone you loved with your bright, bright smile! :) Love to you and your family ...
Belinda (Bohleke) Dowdle, Friend
Sep 12 2011 5:30PM
I'll always remember her big smile, that always came with a big hello Jimmy. I'll always remember her standing at or running for the x28 at 15th ave and Cropsey. On monday sept 10th we started our new pick. I hadn't driven on my favorite route in a few months.When I pulled up to 15th Ave. Elaine boarded my bus with her usual ear to ear smile and said hello. Funny how a bus driver can have hundreds of regular passengers, but theres only a few you wish you could make every trip with. Elaine was one of them. When she was getting off my bus across from the WTC on sept 10th, She rubbed my right forearm and told me how great it was to see me back on her route. She had once told me once she worked high up in the north tower.She was the first one I thought about on 911.Although I have been retired since 2003, she will alway be in my thoughts and prayers.Another memory I have of her was 1 or two years before on the x28. I was late coming downtown because of traffic. My bus only had room for a few more people. I had to pass up a stop after Elaine got on the bus. The people were packed on door to door. As I reached lower broadway, someone banged on my front door. I had no more room on the bus, as I rolled forward Elaine asked me to open the door the young gentleman was a friend of hers. She was Elaine the one who always smiled. I opened the door and her friend squeezed unto my bus. They both thanked me very much. Who was I to refuse Elaine with her wonderful smile....Im so glad this is the picture you chose. Its her its her smile. Thank you for this memory. One day I hope to meet her again, and have her say 'So nice to see you again'.
Jimmy McDermott, Friend
Sep 12 2011 1:22PM
I drove home from school tonight and was on the Belt Parkway around exit 4 and looked up at the Verrazano Bridge all lit up, and it was beautiful. I always remember as a kid Elaine telling me about how pretty the Verrazano Bridge was, but how so many people take it for granted. Every time I cross that bridge going to or from school I think of you, Elaine. It was so beautiful tonight with the star filled sky as a perfect backdrop. Love and miss you always
Kayce L, Family
Sep 17 2009 11:39PM
This was a college paper that I did for a Religion class at Briar Cliff University. I would like to share this with the Elaine's family & friends. Theology 102 Sr. Michaela Galles Marc J. Mozak September 14, 2002 Reflection Paper I can recall certain historical events in my lifetime that have unleashed the spirit of patriotism within me. Those events, some of them good and some of them bad, affected our country, our world, and me personally. In the summer of 1969, I sat in front of my family’s black and white television and watched as Neil Armstrong stepped on the lunar surface. It was a proud day to be an American. As a young adult a decade later, I watched as American citizens were taken hostage in Iran. It angered me to see our flag being burnt by foreigners. In 1986, the nation mourned when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. This was a dark day for America and our space program. However, no occasion can compare to the tragedy of September 11, 2001. It became a defining moment in history, a day that forever changed each of us in some way. The Remembrance Ceremony at Briar Cliff, like others around the country, was a time for reflection. As I sat there in the Chapel, I thought about where I was on that late summer day a year earlier. I had just arrived at work that morning when a co-worker told me that a plane had hit a skyscraper in New York City. We went into the conference room and turned on the television. At that time, we all thought that this crash was just another isolated plane accident. Some of us were just starting to discuss how a military plane had once crashed into the Empire State Building when we saw the second jet hit. Nobody uttered a sound, we just stared in disbelief, and we all knew that this was no longer an accident. Katie Lamson’s essay, “Me and Mom” hit really close to home for me. I remember coming home that evening from work and spending it with my family. All I wanted to do was to be with my wife and children and to know that we were all safe. It saddened me then, and still today, to think about all of the children whose parents did not return home that evening. As I left the chapel, I reached into the basket to pull out a victim’s name. The name that I selected was Elaine Cillo, and her age at death was 40. Ironically this was also how old I was last year. I realized that the two of us, being from the same generation, had witnessed the same historical events. After the tree planting ceremony, I sat and wondered about Elaine. What were her religious beliefs? Did Elaine believe in God? Where was she from? Was Elaine an American, or was she one of the many foreigners killed that day? Did she have any siblings? Was Elaine married, and if so, did she have any children? If her children were older, was Elaine a grandmother yet? Did she attend college after high school, and if so, was she leading a professional life in her chosen occupation? Or was Elaine a continuing education student like myself, searching for something that would give her life true gratification? What circumstances placed her on broad one of those jets that day? Did she suffer in her last moments on earth? I thought about writing a letter to her family. I want them to know that even though Elaine and I never met, she has touched my heart. I also want them to know that Elaine Cillo will never be forgotten, for I will carry her name with me always.
Marc J. Mozak, Friend
Sep 12 2008 12:02AM
I think of Elaine every September 11th and I remember what a great person she was. The department she ran at Brown Brothers Harriman in the early 90's was a bee hive of activity but everyone loved working for her. The first time I met her in her office at BBH, she laughed at me when I tried to pick up a quarter that she had glued to the top of a filing cabinet. Elaine had a great sense of humor, and was always a pleasure to work with.
Tom Morgan, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 9:35PM
six years ago today we lost you in our lives but never in our hearts. We love and miss You deeply. Love cousin Donna
Donna Cillo-Alvarez, Family
Sep 11 2007 7:43AM
I had jogged past the Elaine Cillo 'memorial way' sign on that Brooklyn street many times. I was not an aquintance or colleagueof hers. I had no idea who she was, I did assume that she passed on 9/11. I finally took the time to Google her name and am glad I did. She seemed very full of life and I am sorry for the loss you and all families affected by 9/11 have suffered. She seemed a person who took the time to enjoy what was around her, especially all that we take for granted as New Yorkers, the Verrazano Bridge for instance. It is most remarkable lit up at night veiwing it from Shore Road looking towards Staten Island. I hope that one day maybe her collection of photographs will be displayed for all to see. God Bless.
Todd S., Friend
Jun 19 2007 8:35PM
Happy Birthday Elaine ... Every Halloween I think of you ..
Lori, Friend
Oct 31 2006 3:46PM
i loved my cusion she was the best..an i only saw her twice but i still oves her alot...i miss u
Joseph cillo, Family
Oct 1 2006 1:34AM
My daughter Kelly, a sophomore in high school came home today, the 5th anniversary of 9/11, wearing a small black ribbon with Elaine's name on it. We googled her name hoping to find a face to go with the name. We were so happy to find this tribute. Elaine was a beautiful woman and seemed so full of life. We wanted to let you know that we said a prayer for her today and will keep her 'ribbon' where we can see it and pray for your family. God bless you all. The Crimi Family in Connecticut.
Jill Crimi, Friend
Sep 12 2006 8:17AM
Growing up on 68th street in Brooklyn I was fortunate enough to have been friends with Elaine, her twin sister Lynne, and brother Gary. There are many fond memories of our younger years, and teen years together. Elaine was a good person, who had a brighter side than most. She had this smile and laugh that was contagious. And a sense of humor. I can remember the time she burned her hands. She came over to my house and here she was with both hands wrapped like mittens, but she found humor in it. She told how it happened and laughed at her wanting to cradle the flames so as not to burn anything else. Despite her pain, she smiled and laughed at something she did that was a 'blond thing'. With both hands bandaged, she played pool that day, laughing and joking about her shots and the handling of the stick. Elaine was a good friend, a great person to be around,she had this certain quality that made others around her smile and laugh. She loved playing jokes, I can remember a time in Dyker Park, the 'gang' was spending the afternoon there. The girls jumped one of the boys and stole his shoes. Elaine went running off with them, I can still see her smiling and cracking up as he gave chase. Music was something she enjoyed, she played guitar. I can remember Elaine, (my brother) Mike, (her brother) Gary, and a friend Frank Avena jamming in my house. One time they brought mikes, and Elaine was singing. Problem was she forgot the words. But we all had a great time laughing. Her favorite then was Jethro Tull. She loved their music. I have many memories growing up on that street. Elaine and her family are a part of them that will never fade. On this fifth year of her passing, it´s hard to believe that she is gone, but I know she is with her mom Helen, joking,smiling and cracking up. The memories of our time growing up together are filled with happiness and laughter. Silo thanks Love Angela Uliano-Vanoppen aka 'Stilts'
angela uliano, Friend
Sep 12 2006 1:11AM
It's been 5 years since we lost you, and I can still remember your smile and your laugh as if we were still 13. You'll always have a special place in my heart and I'll never forget you. Miss you Silo, Love , Mus a.k.a. Mike Uliano
Mike Uliano, Friend
Sep 11 2006 4:24PM
Elaine was a wonderful person who knew how to get the most out of life. Though she is dearly missed, her memory lives on with all those whom she has touched. She is truly a daughter (and sister) to be proud of.
Philip, Geri
Jun 15 2006 10:07AM
I miss my aunt a lot. I love her. She was a great aunt. I know you are watching over me and smiling.
Stephanie, Family
Apr 19 2006 6:28PM
So many wonderful thoughts of growing up accross the street from you... letters, notes, punches and smiles! May your spirit bring peace as you rest... Love ya always, Mitch
Mitchell Amarando, Friend
Mar 27 2006 6:24AM
Happy Birthday Ignat. We love and miss you. Lynne
Lynne, Family
Oct 26 2005 9:17AM
Dear Lynn, Elaine is in my prayers. I did not know her, although we may have graduated from New Utrecht the same year? I wanted to reach out to you and your family and tell you how present your sister is in so many hearts. From the photo I can see how beautiful and vivacious she has become as an adult. I find myself visiting the Marsh & McLennan memorial, and as I sit there quietly I can feel Elaine. I was trying to find out her birth date (which of course is yours too), but I did not read it anywhere. I would love to bring her flowers on her birthday at the 46th Street memorial, if you would not mind telling me the date. My email address is italgypsy@aol.com. Four years plus have passed, but Elaine remains a constant, never to fade, a shining star illuminating for those worthy enough to bask in her beautiful light. God bless you and your family. Mary
Mary Lofaro, Friend
Oct 21 2005 3:57PM
I made a quilt block for Elaine in the 'United in Memory Quilt.' I didn't know Elaine but chose her because of her beautiful smile. On this the anniversary of her passing it is my hope that her father, brother and twin sister have been able to find peace and some comfort and that they know that Elaine has not been forgotten .
Eileen Beckman, Friend
Sep 11 2005 8:00PM
I worked with Elaine at Brown Brothers in 1987-88. She used to call me her 'little finklette'. She was a great person to work for and I loved her practical jokes. She had an amazing sense of humor. BBH was my very first job and it will be my most memorable because of her. God Bless.
Ken Fincke, Friend
Jun 22 2005 5:14PM
it was three years ago just a couple days ago and they say that it will got better over tome but for me it has gotten worse. there will always be a hole in our family now that you are gone. we love you and we miss you. hope to be with you one day.luv u!
Danielle Duffy, Family
Sep 14 2004 5:39PM
Please know how comforting it is to read your messages describing your memories of Elaine. She was a hearty person...you heard that in her laugh. She was a good person, a good sister, a good friend. I miss her terribly. I love you Ignat. Lynne
Lynne Cillo-Capaldo, Family
Jan 26 2004 12:46PM
I knew Elaine most of my life. Her brother Gary was one of my best friends growing up on 68th street in Brooklyn. Elaine and Lynne went to school with my sister Angela. I still have the kindergarten photo of them in my mother's house. We all hung out together, going to parties, playing sports, (Elaine was a good softball player)we had such great times. Elaine was one of my first girlfriends. We used to have jam sessions in my house, I played the drums,Gary, Elaine, & Frank Avena played guitar. We weren't Led Zeppelin, but it was another way of us hanging out and having a good time without getting locked up. I will always cherish those years in my heart, along with the way Elaine used to crack up laughing at some of the practical jokes we used to play on each other.She had such a hearty laugh. I will always love her, and I'll miss her to death. Maybe now she'll get the lyrics right to smoke on the water, (a little private joke for her).I know she's happy now being with her mom Helen. I think of you everyday as I pass your house on my way up the block to see my mother. The yellow ribbons are still there hoping that some day you will return. I'll be waiting to hear your hysterical laugh. Rest well my dear, Love always, Mike
Mike Uliano, Friend
Sep 17 2003 9:05PM
It's been over a year since 9/11 and I thought I already knew of everyone who was lost on that day. But today when I picked up the 'Portraits' book in my local Borders bookstore, the first page I opened was of Elaine, and I was stunned. I went to high school with Elaine and her sister Lynne back in 1974-78, and although I have not seen or kept in touch with either of them, it still was a tremendous shock for me. I can't believe I just found out, after a year, when I watched so much TV and read so many newspapers and magazines. After my shock, my first reaction is how great Elaine looked in that photograph! And I see Lynne in the background, I guess it was your wedding day, Lynne. My heart goes out to the Cillo family. I have good (blurry!) memories of Elaine, and just wanted you to know that I was thinking of her. Love to all.
Jo Ann Fiore- Casino, Friend
Oct 15 2002 11:22PM
Helloooooooooo ! (In a high-pitched voice) That's how Elaine would answer her phone when one of 'the girls' would call. She would follow that with her patented question: 'What's for lunch?' and yet it would only be 9:00 in the morning. If it weren't for Elaine none of us knew to go to lunch or for that matter even eat - she made sure we had plans set and that we were taking a trip to see the ducks. Elaine loved to go to Applebees because we would order not ONE but TWO baskets of fries as appetizers and she knew that Dolores would object but she always got nods of approval from Sharkey and I. The coffee trips were the best, Elaine needed her coffee fix even though she drank decaf - we would go to the place that had the cups with the little bread man on it (in the WFC) and then we HAD to make a quick stop at Anne Klein's - if we didn't do these things then we were working in a hostile work environment. As you can see, Elaine was a planner - in fact she had sent us 'the girls' an e-mail in Aug 2001 about deciding on where were going to eat for our Christmas lunch which gave us all a laugh. Elaine was small and petite and yet very tough, although she would never admit to her toughness - she was a Brooklyn girl and this is something we had in common. She was a person who had good judgement which is why the girls would go to her when they needed to make sure they were being politically correct and as a supervisor she always watched out for her people. Elaine, 'The Elf' or 'Lanie', was a great friend and is missed dearly. I know that she and Dolores are probably playing raquetball, arguing over who has a darker tan or are having an infinite amount of Zinfandels - whatever they are doing I know that they are smiling down on us. Well I have to shutdown, put my laptop away and then I'll meet you on 78. HA! HA! Walk this way ! Love and miss you bunches ! Chiparoni P.S The critters are doing fine
Chris 'Chiparoni' Lanore, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 2:22PM
I see you in my dreams. I feel you in my heart. I miss you so much; we all do. We love you and hope you are in peace.
Lynne Cillo-Capaldo, Family
Aug 19 2002 12:08PM
I worked with Elaine (and Dolores Fanelli) at Brown Brother's Harriman about 1992'ish. Elaine was a really great person and always go the job done. Always came in with a smile and was a fine person. She and Dolores are very missed. Guy Albanese galbanese @ etrade.com
Guy Albanese, Colleague
Jul 30 2002 8:22PM
I met Elaine in Brussels for an InMind presentation. I can't say I knew her well but she was one of the few direct contact I hade with US collegues, as we don't have often here in Europe. Morevoer, her last name shows her Italian origin clearly and that helped in fixing it in my mind, being Italian myself. Finding Elaine among the victims made me even more miserable,nothing that can be expressed by simple words...
Andrea Annibali, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 2:49AM