John Spataro

Family Tribute:John Anthony Spataro was many things to many people. It may have been a long road to get to know him, but once you did it was well worth the trip. He has a gift for making everyone who his life touched feel special. He could make you laugh until you were crying. His personality was of quiet observation and introspection mixed with a quick wit and great sense of humor. He was a wonderfully warm person. He was special in so many ways that is difficult to touch on them all. He listened when you needed a shoulder to cry on. He generously exchanged thoughts on life, love or politics. He would tease you if he knew it bothered you, and then make you laugh about it later.

He happened to be my love, my husband and my best friend. The past seven years have been the best years of my life because John shared those years with me. He made me laugh when I was sad. He shared his life’s dreams. He told be often how beautiful I was to him and how much he loved me. He did everything in his power to make me happy. He made me feel secure in the knowledge that he would always take care of me and be there for me. These are only a few of the things that I miss most about him.

John was also a son, a brother, a godfather, a friend and as he like to say often, a favorite son in law.

John would call his mother every morning from work even though it was usually to tease her. He deeply appreciated that his father worked so hard in order to provide him with a college education. Which was reflected in his accomplishments and aspirations at Marsh.

John and his brother Rob were always planning a business venture and trying to figure out how to make their fortune. Their goal was to make better lives for themselves and their families.

John tried to instill the same drive he had in his youngest brother, Anthony. John often pointed out to Anthony that he needed to get a good job for the future, and that he needed to do something productive with his life.

He had just become a godfather, who loved his godson, Nicholas very much. He was always saying that he wanted to become totally involved in Nicholas’ life.

He was a best friend. His Long Island friends, Dave and Dean, knew him since his family moved to Deer Park in John’s early teens. They grew up together, sharing years of experiences and memories, and being their own little support group for each other.

He also had another best friend Bobby, who lived in New York. When John needed a night out without his wife, he and Bobby would go to a steak house, have a nice martini and discuss sports and the issues of the day.

John is missed by many. We take comfort in remembering how fiercely he loved, and knowing, that if you were a part of his life, you were loved. We honor him with our wonderful memories and eternal love.

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John - I just drove by you old place in Mineola and had my kids with me. Talked you up and how we got along. My best to your family and may you be watching over them.
Scott Richter, Friend
Sep 11 2020 1:15PM
Dear Joan Sass, I apologize that I have not read this post in many years. I just read about your loss and I am so sorry. Jeffrey was a sweet and loving soul. He made me realize that even though I lost the love of my life, others were mourning around the Country. I believe Jeffrey needed to do something for those of us who lost loved ones. I don't remember how we connected, but the letters and gifts that he sent brought me so much solace when I needed it the most. I hope you had someone in your life when you lost him to ease your pain as much as he eased mine. My heart goes out to you and my prayers that Jeffrey passed quietly with loved ones at his side and John has met him and thanked him for all he did for me.
Trish Wellington Spataro, Family
Mar 6 2014 3:18PM
Trish - Its feels like not too long ago that we were all at NSCC. Even though we were colleagues and more importantly friends for a short amount of time, he was someone I will never forget. Hope you and his family are well.
Scott Richter, Friend
Jun 12 2013 5:31PM
may his warmth and comfort guide us in our time;s od need r.i.p you are truly missed.
joseph spataro, Family
Nov 23 2012 5:35AM
Thinking of you today - sadly wondering how your life and Patricia's would be different had that terrible tragedy never occurred. We were all so young and carefree back then - getting settled into our careers and new marriages. 9/11 makes me thank God for the gift of life I was given but I grieve heavily for those who didn't receive the same - I grieve each year for the loss of life and the holes left behind in marriages, families...I'll never forget 9/11 and I'll never forget you and Patricia.
Tracey Lambe, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 9:14AM
Love you man missing you everyday.
Anthony, Family
Apr 13 2011 8:13PM
Dear Trish, You do not know me but my son Jeffrey Saas living in Sevierville, Tn. wrote to you about your husband after his death. May his soul rest in peace. It is with a heavy heart that I write to tell you that Jeffrey passed away on Sept. 23rd from a stroke. I was going through his personal things and found letters that you had written to him. He too was a caring soul who reached out to so many people with gifts from the heart. God Bless.
Joan T. Saas, Friend
Oct 28 2010 9:59PM
I miss you bro always thinking about you. see you one day cheers drink up smoke something. im smoking one for you. I love you bro.
anthony spataro, Family
Aug 19 2010 4:26PM
I miss you bro always and forever your brother anthony. Salute. Cheers love u drinks one me. Like you always told me nobody gives a shit drink up love you. 100 years. Salute
anthony spataro, Family
Feb 18 2010 7:52PM
John, Thinking about you today. How could I not. Thinking about your wife - I can only imagine how hard today is for her. Being married to a cop, I think about what could happen all the time. And it scares me. But it comes with the job. You worked in an office. 8 years ago, you kissed your wife good-bye and went to work - No different than any other day. The only difference is that you could not come home. That's what makes today so difficult. How many did not go home that night. We will meet again one day. Just keep smiling!
Kathy (Meza) Luft, Friend
Sep 11 2009 12:42PM
wonderful, ambitious, humble coworker and a very pleasant person to work with. always had something funny to say, but in a gentle way. very caring, ambitious, loved his family dearly. will be missed by all that knew him or was ever in his presence. We all know he is looking down on us. blessed be always John
graceline bishop, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 11:40AM
just wanted to see if maybe we were related in anyway do to last name pleaz write back if some one see's this
john joseph spataro jr, Family
May 2 2009 2:47PM
I went to high school with John - He was always such a nice guy - And was great at making you laugh - I can remember his laugh as if I heard it yesterday. After high school I didn't stay in touch with too many people - And I only heard about John today - I can remember that day as if it was yesterday and prayed for everyone on that day - I had no idea that someone I once knew was there. My prayers are with all that knew John....
Kathy Luft (Meza), Friend
Feb 3 2009 8:46PM
Io personalmente non ti conoscevo... Ma ho conosciuto un tuo lontano cugino, ke è un mio carissimo amico... Certe volte mi chiedo come è strana la vita... Come possan sembrare impossibili certe cose... Nn si può scappare dal proprio destino... Il papà di una mia amica doveva essere lì quel maledetto giorno, ma un qualcosa l'ha fatto spostare a Miami... Sono vicina a tuo cugino... e spero che questi avvenimenti nn si ripetano più.. La sofferenza è tanta...
clarissa, Friend
Nov 30 2007 10:17AM
John, I lit a candle for you and your family this Sunday. At the time I felt connected to you by this tradgedy that has touched our lives. I have come to find that we are inerconnected in many ways, and that our world is very small. We shared the same neighborhood, parish, company, work ethic, and likely many of the same friends. I have had the privelege of spending some time with your wonderful parents, as I hope to buy their home, giving us something else in common. They are amazing people, and I will pray for their comfort and hapiness, as I do for all of our lost angels daily. You remain in my thoughts and prayers as well. God bless.
Dani Fields, Colleague
Jun 27 2007 11:13PM
I worked at Marsh in Philadelphia and had dealings with John often- mostly over the phone. I was a financial analyst for Marsh and John and I had many laughs on the phone as he was relentless in his pursuits in the Working Capital Department. However, the best memory that I have of John was when I got to meet him at a meeting in Chicago. We had drinks one evening with a group of colleagues and John and I talked endlessly about our lives- he focused mainly on his family- mostly his wife and how much he loved her. It has taken me a long time to reach out and write about John. I adored both he and Trish (who he worked with) and I have thought of his wife and family many, many times over the last six years. I have always wanted his family to know how much he was loved at Marsh. I think of you all often and hope you feel some comfort in knowing that John is at peace. I recently lost a close relative to cancer and I take comfort everyday knowing that I will see her again in heaven.. You will be reunited with your John again someday. Sincerely, Jackie Murray
Jackie Murray, Colleague
Feb 1 2007 5:04PM
Please, don't forget.
Francesca, Friend
May 25 2006 1:19AM
We all grew up with John on Ankener Ave. He was a fun, caring and loving person. We played sports together,rode bikes together, and just had fun being with eachother. We all went to ST. A's together. We are all so saddend to hear about the passing of John. Even though we haven't seen you in years we still think of you often. We wish we would've all stood closer after we all moved from the block. You will always be in our hearts. We will never forget the good memories we all shared with John. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family. We miss you!
Ankener Ave Friends, Friend
Jan 22 2005 9:41AM
Estimada familia: Haber perdido tan tragicamente a un ser querido no podrá ser jamás olvidado. Solo el amor y el recuerdo constante por John harán que el dolor no sea tan grande. Simplemente desearía desde lo mas profundo de mi corazón y a miles de kilómetros de ustedes, desde la Argentina, acompañarlos y estrecharlos en un gran abrazo fraterno, y que Dios tenga a John en la gloria. Familia Spataro calle 55 Nro.673 La Plata -Buenos Aires- Argentina CP. 1900
Fernando Anibal Spataro, Family
Nov 23 2004 6:52PM
Dear Spataro family, On 9/11/02, starting at 8:46AM exactly, the Annapolis (Maryland) Chorale and the Annapolis Symphony performed the Mozart Requiem to honor the victims of the 9-11-2001 tragedy. Each singer and orchestra member wore a badge inscribed with the name of someone who had lost his life, and dedicated his or her performance to that person. I'm a married mom of 2 teenaged sons. My badge had John's name on it, and I sang the Requiem in his honor. I wanted you to know that John was remembered this way. My prayers are with you.
Gay Ludington, Friend
Sep 13 2004 4:31AM
John was a Manager to my friend, Patricia Massari. He also sat next to me in the WTC. Although I didn't know him personally, I did come to realize that John appreciated the finer things in life. He loved his wife Trish and spoke of her often. I remember hearing him call his mother at least once a day to say hi. John used to say that he loved to go home on a Friday night, eat a steak and have a martini with his wife. John also mentored my friend Patricia and guided her at work. To his family and friends, I offer my condolences.
Leila Elvebakk, Colleague
May 23 2002 1:30PM
Ww will always remember you as a very fine and funny young man. We know about your desire for privacy, and actually we don't know how much you are appreciating all this writing about you, but please understand that this is the only way we could say good bye to you. Love, always, Gianni and Serenella
Apr 24 2002 10:56AM
John was a very special person. He was a wonderful son, husband, brother, brother-in-law, uncle, nephew , cousin and friend. Everyone who know John was lucky that their lives were touched by such a wonderful person. John was always there to give advise. He would often lecture my children on the importance of a good education, so they could achieve their potentional and have the finer things in life. John, I hope that you got through to them. John had a very full life. He had great parents, a loving wife, two wonderful brothers, a precious godson, numerous family memebers, a great career, a busy social life, he dined at fine restaurants and knew how to enjoy life to it's fullest. John may have only lived to 32 years old, but he certainly had a more fullfilled life then many have at 100 years old. John, we know you are up there looking down on us, so keep us all safe and healthy. We all love and miss you more than you will ever know. Love, Mimma, Vinny, Theresa, Roseanne, John and Vincent
Mimma Addeo, Family
Apr 20 2002 11:27PM
I'm Lauren, John's 10 year old cousin, John was very nice to me. He made me feel special. He used to make me laugh all the time. I think about him often and really miss him. I pray for him every night. Whenever the family got together, he always took the time to talk to me. I can't swim, but he always encouraged me to try in his mom's inground pool. The other day I passed by Ground Zero for the first time and prayed for him. I started to cry because I miss him so much. I wish he could come back. I loved him very much.
lauren, Family
Apr 20 2002 10:09AM