Kevin Bowser
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My prayers to the family...RIP Kevin,you will be are with your child now you will have some peace....
Kelliejo mccann, Friend
Jul 19 2023 10:53PM
Kev, I've embraced half a million people around the world since you've been gone, and I am going to keep doing what I can to make the world a happier place - One Hug at a Time. I miss you, brother.
David Sylvester , Friend
Dec 23 2021 10:26AM
I did not know Kevin, but to all who did, please accept my condolences for your loss, and I wish you all health and happiness in the years ahead.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 15 2022 4:06PM
My heart was broken finding out Kevin was a victim. He and his family were childhood friends to me and my family. My heart hurts and I feel for all the Bowser family đź’”
Grace Murcer-Drakes, Friend
Sep 14 2021 5:58AM
Kevin’s smile will light up a room. Anyone who crossed his path will forever celebrate Kevin’s exquisitely lived life. My condolences to his family, friends, and Marsh colleagues.
Lourdes Cantillo, Colleague
Sep 12 2021 0:48PM
Kevin and his brother were two of the nicest guys in our neighborhood. We attended the same schools from elementary thru high school. They came from a good and respected family. Even those who could tell them apart would refer to them simply as 'Bowser' when saying hello. He did not deserve to die so soon and in such a horrible fashion. May god continue to bless his family.
William Phillips, Friend
Sep 11 2019 3:28PM
The years go by but some things never change. You're in my thoughts frequently and it always makes me smile. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed working with you.
Ray Bridget Moore, Colleague
Sep 9 2019 7:30PM
Never forgotten. I especially remember your smile, your wonderful disposition, your sense of humor and your commitment to a healthier lifestyle. I remember discussing becoming a vegetarian and you went beyond that in a responsible and healthy way. I loved the way you dressed with impeccable gentlemanly taste...never flashy. Most of all, I remember your very friendly albeit professional voice always followed with that awesome smile. You have left your mark Kevin. May you rest in eternal and heavenly peace. May your brother and rest of your family have peace and comfort.
Ramonita Johnson, Colleague
Sep 11 2017 4:08PM
Can't believe another year has gone by. Loved working with you, my friend.
Ray Bridget Moore, Colleague
Sep 10 2015 11:31PM
On this day 13 years ago you were tragically taken from us. I remember that we had recently communicated by e-mail and we were laughing because we couldn't get your dad to use the computer. I also remember my last visit to Philly and the great time that we had. It was just one of many visits over the years. My prayers and thoughts are with your wife and children as they recall the beautiful times that you all had together. I pray for the repose of the souls of your mom, Barbara and your dad, C. Donald my WVSC roommate and solid lifetime friend. Rest in Peace, Kevin and know that Uncle Jim misses you.
Colonel (Ret) James A Manning, Family
Sep 11 2014 7:02PM
Dearest Kevin, I enjoyed starting our training career together. I still have a picture of us at work. You were very earnest about training and eager to learn the ins and outs. I remember your optimism, pleasant nature,and love of your family and basketball. You were the first vegetarian I had the pleasure of talking and working with. It was a lifestyle for you. I was quite impressed. I worked at the American Express Towers that day. I knew Marsh had moved but it never dawned on me you working there. I wanted to pay my respects to your wife and brother. I actually called to pay my respects and planned to make the drive to Philly. I started out but I turned back. I simply could not make the trip. I apologize. I think of you and your family often. May eternal peace be yours.
Sheryl Smikle, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 10:33PM
Bartram vs UCity 1974, didn't know we were both scheduled to attend Kutztown and then be on the same team. We laughed,sweat,ran and had fun together at Kutztown and Kevin became a best friend to me.I'll never forget the July mass cookouts off Lincoln Drive for 2 decades with Kevin,Kelvin and the Bowser family.My heart still aches and I will forever miss you. I'll never forget. Rest in Peace my friend,rest in Peace.
Jim Moten 'Mote', Family
Sep 12 2011 10:38AM
When the Philadelphia office had a computer conversion, Kevin was thrilled to be assigned to the project. That way he could spend time with his family in Philly. Kevin always had a smile on his face. God bless.
Diane Lograsso Brown, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 8:54PM
Kevin and his identical twin Kelvin opened their family to me when I arrived in Philadelphia after moving there after college. Kevin would always call me to make sure that I had somewhere to go and people to be with on the weekends. Through the Bowser family and their vast extended network of friends, I found a place for myself in the big city, as well as a family away from home. I will always remember Kevin's friendly and happy demeanor and his healthy lifestyle. May God bless Kevin, Stephanie, his children, Kelvin and his extended family.
Hilary Beard, Friend
Sep 11 2011 8:40PM
Once again, my thoughts are w/ Kevin today an my prayers go out to his brother Kelvin who was a roommate of mine for a semester @ Kutztown, and his family. The two them were great guys and a credit to the school and the Football Team they loved so much. We will always remember you and everybody else affected by that day.
Brett Krasnov, Friend
Sep 11 2011 5:37PM
God Bless Kevin and all the other victims of that terrible day. He was a teammate of mine in college and was a good man. I hope in the past 10 years his family has found comfort in knowing what a good man he was.
Jeff Wimmer, Friend
Sep 11 2011 6:54AM
I had the honor and privileged of working with Kevin Bowser at Marsh in the Training Department. A year does not go by that I don't think about this incredible young man. To His family we pray for you always. Especially during this 10th Anniversary. It could have easily have been me had I not left the firm a year or so earlier. May God Bless you. RIP Kevin.
Jay O'Conner, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 8:07PM
For Kevin and All who were lost but not Forgotten:When Tomorrow Starts Without Me------------When tomorrow starts without me, - and I'm not there to see; - If the sun should rise and find your eyes - all filled with tears for me; - I wish so much you wouldn't cry - the way you did today, - While thinking of the many things - we didn't get to say. - I know how much you love me, - as much as I love you, - And each time you think of me, - I know you'll miss me, too. - But when tomorrow starts without me, - please try and understand, - That an angel came and called my name - and took me by the hand, - And said my place was ready - in heaven far above, - And that I'd have to leave behind - all those I dearly love.- But as I turned to walk away, - a tear fell from my eye, - For all my life I'd always thought - I didn't want to die. - I had so much to live for - and so much yet to do, - It seemed almost impossible - that I am leaving you. - I thought of all the yesterdays, - the good ones and the bad, - I thought of all the love we shared - and all the fun we had. - If I could relive yesterday, - I thought, just for a while, - I'd say good-bye and kiss you - and maybe see your smile. - But then I fully realized - that this could never be. - For emptiness and memories 
would take the place of me. - And when I thought of worldly things - that I'd miss come tomorrow, - I thought of you, and when I did,
my heart was filled with sorrow. - But when I walked through heaven's gates, - I felt so much at home. - When God look down and smiled at me, - from His great golden throne. He said, 'This is eternity - and all I've promised you,' Today your life on earth is past, - but here it starts anew. - I promise no tomorrow, - but today will always last, - And since each day's the same day, - there's no longing for the past. - But you have been so faithful, -so trusting and so true, - Though there were times you did some things - you knew you shouldn't do. - But you have been forgiven, - and now at last your free. - So won't you take my hand - and share my life with me? - So when tomorrow starts without me, - don't think we're far apart, - For every time you think of me, - I'm right here in your heart.
Denise Bowser-Irish (sister), Family
Sep 9 2011 11:26AM
We were train buddies, fellow commuters. Philly to New York, every working day. Kevin was alive. No, I mean really alive! His energy was undeniable as he made his way from one Amtrak car to the next talking, telling jokes (corny of course) and laughing. You might say that he was 'friendly.' It's a trait that not everyone can carry. Kevin had it though. He was part of our informal group, the 'Amtrak Brothers and Sisters.' We all socialized together, often. But Kevin's personality lent itself to a much larger circle of friends. This was evident to me as I watched a significantly diverse group of people; offer to help his family in the days that followed the tragedy of 911. How wonderful God is to have given us someone, even if only for a brief moment in time; that left such an indelible mark on our hearts. Kevin, we cherish your memory Brother...always. Minister Frank Seawright,friend
Frank Seawright, Friend
Sep 7 2011 8:06PM
I first met Kevin when he was less that a year old. His mother and dad and I were college mates at West Virginia State College. In fact his dad and I were roommates during our freshman year. As a family friend, I would often visit The Bowser family over the years that followed. On that fateful September morning, I watched the events unfolding in NYC on the morning news never realizing that I had watched the tragic end to a caring father, husband, son and brother. I was sitting here this evening and Kevin to my mind. I began a search of Facebook and happened upon this tribute page. I remorsefully read each tribute and then decided to enter mine. God bless and keep his family members.
Colonel James A Manning, Friend
Sep 7 2011 2:26AM
Kevin, you will live in my heart and in my smile forever. Thinking of you often and with much gratitude for having known you.
Renee Gelbard Haubner, Friend
May 6 2011 6:04PM
Well I finally got a chance to sit down and post my thoughts of 9/11/2010. All that I can say it was a beautiful day just like 9/11/2001 started out. I sent out text msgs and just wanted to be quiet and did not travel to the city. The media and public frenzy was not going to take the day away from me. I went to the Hudson River [outside the city], met a very close and spiritual friend. She pulled flowers from her garden, we prayed and thru them in the river. Immediately after the flowers landed on the surface of the water, a flock of birds in V formation flew low over the the flowers right in front of us heading....North. God Bless you Kevin. You were saying Hi U Doing!
Denise Bowser-Irish, Family
Jan 10 2011 2:09PM
I'm proud to have know Keven & Kelvin his twin from kids and again as men. Our journey on this planet is not always clear to us, but some of us serve a special purpose, and if we live our lives right, we get to fulfill that purpose. Keven I feel is one of those people. He touched many & shared his aura, trying to make a difference. When I look at this tribute I can't help but feel the love & positive effect of his being such a good man who followed his destiny to the fullest. I hope that everyone who knew him takes example & tries to make this world a little better, a piece at a time, a gesture at a time. Love, Cousin Gail
Gail Bowser Webb, Family
Dec 27 2010 1:12PM
Kevin, We were all embarking on a new adventure at MMC in '86. You were so dedicated and had such a good work ethic. I remember our workspace and how well-thought of you were by the group. I am happy you added husband and father to your list of accomplishments. You will always be in my thoughts.
Sheryl Smikle, Colleague
Sep 12 2010 5:15PM
Yesterday, today, tomorrow you are always remembered my friend. When my day comes save me a seat buddy.
Roberto Roque, Friend
Sep 11 2010 8:11AM
Kevin, 8 years.......For some reason it still feels like yesterday. Rest in peace my friend. JAN-
Jan Brenner, Colleague
Sep 15 2009 12:47PM
Rest in Peace, my friend. I will never forget.
Francis Tuck, Friend
Sep 11 2009 2:19PM
(My God, its been 8yrs?) sigh . . . . . . . .Kevin was a wonderfully positive and blessed spirit. He is still Missed!! LIFE IS A BLESSING . . . Just a reminder, 'Trust that God is still in control. No matter how things look right now, He is orchestrating everything for your ultimate good. Take the ride. Enjoy the journey. Keep the faith. Be encouraged!!' Live Ur Dreams!!! ~SoNIa~
SoNIa Bowser, Family
Sep 11 2009 1:05PM
I still miss you. Tiffany
Tiffany, Family
Sep 11 2009 12:56PM
the biscaynes all miss you cubie
doren cubie brown, Friend
Sep 11 2009 12:20PM
To the Bowser family, I still cherish my working experience with Kevin at Marsh and McLennna--before the WTC move. He had a lot of energy, a good sense of humor and a wonderful work ethic. I can still recall his lunches. I knew only a handful of vegetarians. I often think of his siblings and I recall our discussions about our mothers. I hope his children and widow are faring well. Sheryl Smikle Huff
Sheryl Smikle Huff, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 12:20PM
Hi Kevin, Your smile and wisdom will never be forgotten. Thinking of you always. Your friend, Steve
Steve, Friend
Sep 11 2009 12:10PM
I will always remember Kevin.
Carolyn Jones, Friend
Sep 11 2009 10:08AM
Kevin, Once again on this day of rememberance, I am thinking of you and your family. Our days at Kutztown, and you visiting your brother in the room we shared for a semester, seem like just yesterday. We will always remember
Brett Krasnov, Friend
Sep 11 2009 7:21AM
To all Kevin's Family, Friends, Co-workers, Train buddies, etc..... Thank you for not forgetting my brother. He is someone you can never forget. Everyday I remember him in some way or another. We all miss him. He's with our parents playing cards and telling great stories. It's just the perfect day for to remember those we lost on 9-11 to observe this 'day of service'. Kevin always remembered others by service to others. He was always available to others. Hey Kevin the Kingsessing crew is going to get together next month. We will remember you! Your sister Denise.
Denise Bowser-Irish, Family
Sep 11 2009 5:58AM
Just like the previous seven years, I honored your memory today by sharing with my World History students stories of what a wonderful and caring man you were. Godspeed.
Lourdes Cantillo, Colleague
Sep 10 2009 10:55AM
i miss you Kevin, a lot. i wish that i had something to say other than i miss you but everything else would seem to be a waste of words. your friendship remains an emptiness that i can not seem to fill.
David Sylvester, Friend
Jul 23 2009 10:15AM
Bowser Family Growing up on Kingsessing Ave. was awesome for we have a special bond that few people get to experience. We are a family. I miss my big brother Kevin. No one could say 'Allie, Allie' like Kev. I thank God for Kev and Mrs. Bowser being apart of my life. I thank God for giving me piece that surpasses all understanding. I will always remember his smile. Much Love Allie....Alison Frazier Hayden
Alison Frazier Hayden, Family
Oct 19 2008 10:06PM
Every year I write something in tribute to my cousin Kevin and the other victims of 9/11 on 'my myspace'. This year, however, I found myself unable to write anything as I am still angry at not being able to make sense of it all. Kevin was such good people!!! How wonderfully surprised I am to have stumbled across this page this evening! In reading all of the notes from family and friends of Kevin, I smile at seeing how many lives he's touched. I can't wait to pass this page on to my mother Gail Bowser, and Uncle Gilbert Bowser III who loved Kevin and knew him even better than me. To all of you friends and family that have shared these kind words about Kevin, I would also like to say thank you on behalf of the Bowser family that is now living on the west coast. We love him and miss his beautiful spirit as well! P.S. I see some family on here that I've have lost touch with. Lil Nia I still have the picture of you that Kevin gave me when he last visited California. Tiffany, whom I havent connected with in ages! To her I want to say 'Of course Kevin is lookin after Brandi because he is just a wonderful spirit like that!.' I want you to know Tiffany, that as Kimani approaches 16, I asked about you and Brandi this july. Saraie has told me of your loss. Please know we understand that Brandi was everything to you and we send our love and prayers to you also. And cousin Denise, please know that Kevin and Uncle Donald will NEVER be forgotten! I invite you and other family to keep in touch with me thru: soniabowser@ ~PEACE & LIGHT~ SoNia™
SoNia Yvette Bowser™, Family
Sep 13 2008 11:34PM
KB, I wanted to let you know that I recently came home from work one day to find a stray cat on my front lawn. This went on for a couple weeks, and at some point I started leaving water and food for the cat. Soon a relationship developed, and I needed to name my new friend. I thought long and hard for a meaningful name for my new friend. After a few days it finally came to me. You had many names for me, some good, and some I can't repeat. But you favorite of all time was when you would call me 'Staworski', so in your honor I now call my cat Staworski. Anyway, I doesn't feel like 7 years have gone by. I remember vividly you and I talking at our picnic July 2001, I remember us talking while watching a little bit of the Monday Night Football (Denver vs NY Giants) game Sept 10, 2001. When I think of you I always seem to go back in time to a memory we created way back when, like the great times we would have over Labor Day weekend in Virgina Beach. Our years and the memories at Kutztown will forever be four of the greatest years of my life and you were such a big part of that. As I/we celebrate your life at this time of the year, I realize now that how much of an honor it was for me to have come in contact with you. You have given me strengh when I was weak, you continue to give me courage when I feel timid, you've tought me the meaning of love by the way you loved others. I'm able to stand tall in my convictions, because I've seen you stand tall many times when others opposed. You've taught me so much, and for that I'll forever be greatful. You are turly a man amoung men, a role model to live up to, and someone who will always have a place in my heart. Good Bless Carl Martin (Marty)
Carl Martin (Marty), Friend
Sep 12 2008 2:46PM
I went to Kuztown State with Kevin and his brother Kelvin. We use to call them the Bear twins because Kuztown's Mascott was a Bear. They were great then and I will always remember them. I am greatful for the opportunity to be able to express myself through this website. Thank You So Much.
Toby Baxter, Friend
Sep 11 2008 6:34PM
I made the daily commute from Philly to NY with Kevin -- hours every day on Amtrak and the PATH -- only knowing first names even after years. I think of him all the time.
Kevin Lawrence, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 3:38PM
This day will remain in my heart as the day that changed my life. I cannot forget the times I spent with Kevin in Southwest Philly, the picnic, the laptop, the basement on Kingsessing, the basement on 54st, the kids, the block party, the card games on the deck, and Mr. B's beans. I missed Kevin and Mr. B. I love you guys....and I'm sorry for what I have not done. Forever.....Tuck
Francis Tuck, Friend
Sep 11 2008 10:29AM
Kevin, You are still in my thoughts, 7 years later. I always smile when I think about you which is proof to me that your spirit lives on in those who knew you. Steve
Steve Ovadia, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 9:51AM
As we come into another aniversary of 9/11, we should remember the good times we shared with uncle Kevin. Unfortunately, everybody has to go at some time, but he is at home with the Lord. WE MISS YOU!
Nia Bowser, Family
Sep 10 2008 5:56PM
Kevin, seven years have passed but I can recall clearly the last time I heard your laugh, saw your smile, felt your friendship and love. So much has changed in our family since you left but your legacy of caring, warmth, and generosity lives on in all of us. I hope you are with all of the family and friends we have loved and lost since 9/11. I imagine that you are looking after everyone, including your dog-cousin, Brandi, who is with you now. Maybe you finally will find that 'Roughneck' you always threatened to introduce her to. I miss you. Tiffany
Tiffany Tate, Family
Sep 9 2008 9:01AM
Once again we will remember those lost on 9/11. I would like to hear from Kevin's co-workers. I enjoy reading 'he is not forgotten'. I would like to contact his former department members. I regret not keeping in touch these past years, but I am stronger now. He and our family are proud of his beautiful and caring children. This year I will be reading the names of those lost on 9/11 along with my brother's name. I will always remember my brother on 9/11 at the memorial. He joined our mother in Heaven and now our father, his mother-in-law have joined him over the last few years. Please do not forget him. Denise Bowser-Irish
Denise Bowser-Irish, Family
Sep 9 2008 2:05AM
This morning, September 11, 2007 as I watched the tribute to those who perished on 911, Kevin was the first person to enter my mind. I have thought about Kevin a lot over the years. He was such a wonderful colleague and friend and I shall never forget him. I pray that his family is well and at peace. Love, Jackie Alexander
Jackie Alexander, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 9:46PM
I'll never forget Sept. 10, 2001. Kevin and I worked together in the Training department at Marsh and on that day we were talking about our kids. We have kids about the same ages and we both agreed that they were the most important parts of our lives, that work really came second. And how hard it was to balance family and work. I'll also always remember how much fun it was working with him and having him tell us all to eat better! Even after 6 years, the memories I have of Kevin have not faded. All my best to his family. Judy
Judy Elliott, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 9:09AM
I was fortunate to have the privilege to get to know and work with Kevin. I remember clearly his wonderful smile, his love for his family, and his undying loyalty to the Philadelphia Eagles, particularly Randall Cunninghman. In 2002, I became a high school social studies teacher, and today, like the other anniversaries of that fateful day, I will be remembering him in class. I will share with my students sotries about Kevin, and his sunny smile will shine brightly in a powerpoint presentation I prepared. He will never be forgotten......
Lourdes Cantillo, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 7:54AM
Thank you for remembering my brother, Kevin. We all miss him, not just the immediate family, but everyone- adopted family, his friends, co-workers, train buddies and people he may have touched one time in his life. We were all blessed with his 'life' and we still miss him....... I do enjoy the stories and please add more, both family and friends would like to read them. This will become part of his legacy for his children.
Denise Bowser - Irish, Family
Sep 10 2007 6:28PM
I still have my picture of Kevin and I in adjacent cubicles at Marsh and Mc at the 1221 location. We were new hires and were learning the BASYS system. We shared a lot of laughs, tips, and rehearsed our presentations for one another. Needless to say, I was shocked and deeply saddened. Kevin was always an early arrival and a consummate professional Sheryl T. Smikle
Sheryl T. Smikle, Ph.D.
Oct 30 2006 5:24PM
Kevin - I'll never forget the time on one of my trips back east, when you, Bill Murphy and I took the train after work down to Philly, then we hopped into your car (if I'm not mistaken, it was a Mazda RX-7 or something equally tiny) to head over to the Vet to catch a baseball game, SF Giants vs. the Phillies. You were obviously going to be in the driver's seat since it was your car, and since Murphy is about a foot taller than I am I had pity on him and let him sit in the passenger seat. That left the rear (non) seat for me. I never realized that my knees could touch my cheekbones! Anyway, I remember having a great time at the ballgame. I also remember it was always a pleasure working with you. We all miss you Kevin...
Jon Capasso, Colleague
Sep 12 2006 3:03AM
I'm thinking of you today, Kevin. Bless you.
Michael C. Sensiba, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 1:33PM
Kevin, I will never forget the great stories that you told, and your humor. Sincerely, Steve
Steve Ovadia, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 12:50PM
kevin was a special and extrordinary guy, not because he invented something or made a million dollars but because he found time and made time for you. he was extrordinary because he consistently did the ordrnary. i idolized the 2 of them, kevin and kelvin, as a kid and wanted to be them because they were respected in the community. one of my fondest memories of kevin was when he would come to my house from working a full day in NYC to visit my dying father. kevin would just sit there and tell us that he would pitch in where ever needed. sometimes we needed him and sometimes we did not but the bottome line was that he was there. he told me during that time that my father was the first freind that he knew was going to die and that he had no idea where he was supposed to be but until he figured it out he would be near my father. that is who kevin was and that is why i had no problem riding a bicycle across 2 continents for a charity in his name and that is why i will continue on. to read about that charity and him go to
David Sylvester, Friend
Oct 28 2004 1:11PM
I knew Kevin from Philly, growing up, different from most on this site that know Kevin from work. this is an example of the range of lives we touch and have no idea of our own impact. I was stunned to know Kevin was part of the WTC tragedy that I watched from my home in north Jersey, with my own eyes, not via TV. I was one of those friends on the periphery. I liked Kevin AND his twin Keith very much. They used to have a picnic n Philly, annually. They were/are both kind, good Black men. We need more like them. I can see Battery Park from where I live, I think of Kevin every day, but I certainly don't have, did not have a very close relationship but my life in Philly is incomplete without the memories of both Kevin and Keith Bowser. Dyan Bryson
DeDe Bryson, Friend
Sep 12 2003 7:39PM
I grew up with Kevin and His Twin Brother. We went to the same schools basically all the way through high school. They were quiet, friendly, and well-liked in the neighborhood. His family was respected as one of the strong families in the community.
William Phillips, Friend
May 20 2003 2:09AM
I worked with Kevin at 729 and 1166. It was after the BASYS crew had left and at the start of GBS. I was the new guy on the block, so everyone was a bit cold at first, everyone but Kevin. His warmth was unstoppable and we became friends immediately. That's just how he was. He would always look at me when I would show him my latest invention. He would look at me and get an indescribable look in his eye and say 'I've got something for you' as if he was working on some genius plan that I somehow fit into. I hope that he still has that plan and that all of his friends have Kevin as their angel. I also hope that Kevin is happy now that he is 'Out to Tea'
Steve, Friend
Apr 21 2003 5:58PM
I worked with Kevin way back in the days when BASYS was still an infant, 729 7th Ave. did not exist and we all had a great time working in the McGraw Hill bldg. I could always count on him for a laugh. May God Bless Him
Ira B. Safaty, Colleague
Oct 22 2002 10:38AM
I worked at M&M; from 1988-1989 and Kevin was part of the group that I worked for. I have such fond memories of Kevin and one year later I have not come to terms with his untimely death. I thank God for blessing me with such wondeful memories. I will always cherish the good times we shared with all of my wonderful ex-colleagues.
Jackie Alexander, Friend
Sep 15 2002 12:48PM
I worked with Kevin at Marsh McLennan on Broadway before moving to the World Trade Center. Kevin the consummate professional taught me many things especially about keeping your head up and doing the best job. Know your stuff and never let them see you sweat, he used to tell me. We had a core of support among Basys trainers and even though competition was present we all pulled for each other. I learned about Kevin's death on The Tom Joyner Morning Show in Atlanta where I now live. To the people who love Kevin: He will never be forgotten. A true American Hero!
Jay O'Conner, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 9:22AM
Kevin and I worked for different departments. I still remember meeting Kevin for the first time back in 1987. He was the Basys Trainer for our department (NY Finance). We threw every question in the book at Kevin during those training sessions. He always made sure to get back to us on any questions that couldn't be answered at the time. We was such a pleasant person to deal with and made us laugh. Over the next 15 years, whether we were involved in a project or not, Kevin would always give a smile & say Hi! It was certainly an honor to know & work with Kevin....a true gentleman & overall great guy.
Noreen Laplaski, Colleague
Aug 20 2002 6:53PM
I sat next to Oposite Paul Zorovich. Kevin was more that a colleague, he was a friend. One of my most treasured memories is hearing him say to me on a number of occasions 'Hows you behavin'' I would always respond, I'm not. I will miss Kevin forever.
Jan Paul Brenner, Colleague
May 19 2002 12:00AM
I worked at M&M; briefly (1988-1990) in the corporate training deptand then moved back to my hometown in Ohio. I just recently decided to check the list of victims from the WTC. When I saw the name Kevin Bowser-I was really saddened. I have fond memories of traveling with Kevin to Atlanta. After reading the previous tributes, I see that Kevin was still a vegan- one of the only ones I have ever met.He was a great guy. My condelences to his family and freinds.
stacie shepard, Colleague
May 8 2002 10:02PM
I had the GREAT pleasure of working with Kevin at Marsh for 2 years. We traveled together to various cities and it was always a pleasure as Kevin was a GREAT traveling buddy. We enjoyed many fine meals and met many great people as Kevin always had a way of meeting and talking to just about anybody to get the 'local' scoop. That's how we got to dine in such great places. He was always such a gentlemen and he was always thinking of everybody but himself...he really was one of lifes everyday heros. Kevin got me through the toughest time in my life which was, loosing my mother to cancer. He had lost his mother a few years prior to me loosing mine...his guidance and support were amazing. He was always so giving and I could never thank him enough for the support during this horrible time in my life. Kevin was the only person I could have a heated political discussion or a heated sports discussion (I'm a Giant fan, Kevin was an Eagles fan) with and come out liking the guy more then when we started. I always had great respect and admiration for him. He was a true friend. Needless to say I don't think it's an accident that the eagles made it to the playoffs as they now have an angel on their side. I wish to send my condolences to Kevin's wife and two children that he left behind they are in my thoughts and prayers EVERYDAY! With GREAT sympathy 'Baby G' (kevin gave me that nick name)
Gina Orefice, Colleague
Apr 18 2002 1:49PM
Kevin had a very sweet,gentle,loving and kind spirit. I enjoyed whenever he passed my desk and stopped by to chat. He always had time to listen and show off pictures of his beautiful children and his wife that he so adored. Kevin will be missed so much he really brightened my days whenever I saw him. He also had a wonderful sense of humor that he displayed quite well. My prayers will always be with his family. Marsh lost a rare and precious jewel. Carolyn Dawson co-worker 4/5/02
Carolyn Dawson, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 3:09PM
Kevin sat next to me. I still expect to hear 'Mr. B's' voice telling me that I need to stop eating processed foods.
Paul Zorovich, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 1:53PM
I met Kevin when he came to the Kansas City office to train. As a fellow vegan we bonded immediately. He and I good-naturedly teased another colleague about the perils of eating meat. Kevin also talked to us a lot about his family, especially his two little girls. His family was the priority in his heart. Kevin was a kind and gentle man. We will miss him. Kevin, we keep you and your family in our prayers.
Ramona Simmons, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 11:05AM
I met Kevin when he came to our office to do some training. Even though I only spent a few days with him, he made a lasting impact on my life. Kevin was a very friendly and caring person. He spent time talking to me about why it was so important to him to eat natural and healthy foods. In those few days he motivated and encouraged me to start eating better. I will always remember him for that and thank him for helping me become a much healthier person. I will keep his family in my thoughts and prayers.
Cathy Smith, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 10:53AM