Cecile Caguicla

Family Tribute:


From the Caguicla Family

Delivered during the Memorial Service for Cecile on October 7, 2002

All of us gathered here this afternoon have been touched one way or another by this beautiful person who is known as CECILE to her workmates and friends, AUNTIE CECILE to her extended family here in the US, ATE INING to us her 6 siblings and in-laws and MAMA INING to her 18 nephews and nieces back in the Philippines.

Twenty seven years ago, Cecile migrated to America which became her adopted country. She fully gave her talent, time and forbearance to the cosmopolitan life of New York. A lover of music and theater, she would take pains to bring every new visitor from the family to famous landmarks of New York which she loved so well. If she hadn't been an Accountant, she would probably have made an excellent Tour Coordinator. That's the light side of Cecile.

On the deeper side, God fashioned our eldest sister to be patient, diligent, incorrigibly hardworking , a ready shoulder to cry on. In fact it is easy to take advantage of her innate goodness, for she would prefer to take on unnecessary burdens rather than risk hurting others.

Beyond her infectious laughter was a profound individual, so deep yet so simple that she would find joy in picking, arranging common garden flowers, making and receiving calls (just checking she would say), reading inspirational books. A nephew, now 25 years old, remembers to this day his early introduction to colors when his Mama Ining during one of her short vacations to the Philippines, taught him at age 3 the difference among 8 shades of blue. Another nephew who was her most recent visitor had the great fortune of being doted on by his Mama Ining a couple of weeks before September 11.

A superficial reading of Cecile would reveal an outgoing person, forever on the go, but the real Cecile was reflective, appreciative of silence, of minimalist and uncluttered environment and deeply religious. Her anxieties and pain she mostly kept to herself, revealing only bits and pieces as in a challenging puzzle.

That's why, reflecting on this tragic event, our limited minds and human emotions cringe at the cruelty and unjustness of it all. But knowing Cecile's deep faith, I am sure she sees beyond the cruelty and knows that God's great wisdom has gifted her with the supreme GIFT OF PURE JOY and FULFILMENT in a most spectacular way.

She is finally free of anxieties and pain of petty interactions.


ATE INING, WE LOVE YOU!mcc.4.10.01

Preserver of Flowers

At the house in Boonton, N.J., that Cecile M. Caguicla shared with her friend Maria Luciano, there are flowers everywhere — dried hydrangeas and other delicate varieties, suspended in time. Miss Caguicla knew how to preserve them so their beauty would never fade.

She chose them from the buckets filled with blossoms at the farmers' market that was always outside the World Trade Center on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. She was a steady patron of the market, buying baked goods from one vendor, cheese from another, stopping there on her way to morning Mass at St. Joseph's Church. On Sept. 11, 'we separated at 8:10, and she was paying for a blueberry muffin,' Miss Luciano said. 'She always bought pastries for her office mates. It was a happy morning.'

Miss Caguicla, who was 55 and had emigrated from the Philippines in 1975, was a vice president in the corporate accounting department at Marsh & McLennan. Her friend is planting a garden in her memory, with hydrangeas and sunflowers and geraniums — some of the flowers she liked best. There will also be evergreens, to last forever.

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I didn't know Cecile, but her bio was very touching. She sounds like such a nice person. I want to extend my condolences to all her family and friends. The memorial garden hit home with me...did the same thing in honor of my husband's memory when he passed 1/18/11 and my mother on 6/17/21. A living tribute like this is the best. May you all find peace and happiness in the years ahead.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 15 2022 5:03PM
I will never forget how you and Pina teased me on our interview. Saying that in order for me to be hired I had to know how to make tiramisu. Of course then I did not know how to make it, and even though it was a joke, I made a point to learn and think of you everytime. You were one of the best supervisors I have ever had and will always remember you...sunflowers in hand.
Anna Scavone, Colleague
Sep 2 2011 12:51PM
I will be writing a tribute for Cecile as part of the 2996 project (http://www.dcroe.com/2996/). The 2996 project is asking 2996 bloggers to post tributes of the 9/11 victims on their respective sites on 9/11/06. I never had the privilege of meeting Cecile, but this site is a beautiful tribute to her. If there is anything you's like to have included in my tribute, please forward it to me. The URL of my blog is www.capebuffalo.blogspot.com God Bless.
Kara, Friend
Jul 13 2006 10:06PM
Cecile, I think of you often. The other night I was looking at pictures of Dan's 40th birthday. There you stood with Kevin, Dan, Pina and Bruce and I just can't believe you, Dan and Kevin are not here. I miss you all, at least you are there together. I hope you are taking care of each other. You guys have been together for so long. I know how much Dan treasured you and Pina. With all my love Kathy
Kathy Maher, Friend
Jul 31 2002 11:35AM