Alva Sanchez

Family Tribute:Alva Jeffries Sanchez was a Data Analyst in the Technology & Information Services Department of Marsh & McLennan for 13 years and is the mother of a son, Ryan. She is also survived by her mother Lois, father Kenneth, and two sisters, Natalie and Andrea.

Alva was very outgoing and had many friends. She had a great sense of fashion and loved traveling, exercising, cooking and writing poetry.

Alva was an avid shopper and wore some of the most stunning outfits. Her favorite travels were to tropical destinations near the ocean, and whenever she could, she would spend weekends with friends on eastern Long Island.

She also loved experimenting with different recipes and collected many recipes of dishes and deserts, which she would try. One of her most favorite dishes that she loved to prepare was the seafood dish, Paella.

On early Sunday mornings, she could be found jogging on the boardwalk in Long Beach, Long Island, which was one of her favorite places.

Alva’s dream was to be an entrepreneur doing something she loved, and to retire to a beautiful home with an ocean view.

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I will always miss you and Aunt Lois. I still remember going to Aunt Lois house in Belize to visit with Melissa and My mom Camilla. Aunt Lois always spoiled us and my mom really enjoyed spending as much time as she could with her sister. I will always love my family memories ❤️
Tricia Morgan , Family
Jul 7 2023 1:00AM
It’s been 21 years, and we still honor and miss you! Look out for Sam Clemons and tell him that I said hi and give him my love. Save a seat for me 😇 Love you ! Never Forget. We Were There.
Patricia E Bell , Friend
Sep 12 2022 4:50PM
Dear Alva, It’s so very hard to believe that twenty years have gone by. I miss you and think of you often. This country and the world has changed so much. We shared so many soul searching and stimulating conversation about life in general and friendships in particular. I can imagine your thoughts on so many of today’s urgent topic.. I will never forget you dear friend.
Rochelle, Friend
Sep 10 2021 5:57PM
Alva, we love you and miss you everyday. Thinking of you today, especially. Love, Natalie and Ryan
Natalie Jeffries, Family
Sep 11 2020 3:40PM
This is an anniversary I'd rather not celebrate. I would rather have my friend here with me. Alva was just a lovely woman -- kind, generous, beautiful and just all around amazing. I miss you Alva. Rest in peace my dear. See you in heaven. BTW -- guess what -- I got married!
Gwendolyn Myles-Chisholm, Friend
Sep 12 2019 3:54PM
It's hard to believe that it's been 17 years since that fateful day. Many days I think of those great conversations that we used to have and the giggles over the compliments that we passed back and forth! I love and miss you. Continue to rest in peace and I will see you in Heaven.
Gwendolyn Myles-Chisholm, Friend
Sep 11 2018 11:25AM
You are missed immeasurably and remembered fondly by all of us. I knew as a girl and wish I had the opportunity to know you as a woman. The girl I remembered was so much like the woman everyone describes. Sleep in paradise my cousin.
Glennis Gillespie, Family
Sep 13 2016 10:00AM
So much time has passed, but it all seems like yesterday! Alva, you had such an engaging and effervescent presence. Your love of family was immeasurable! I often think about the last time I saw you a week before this tragedy; Maya thought you were Natalie and we had a good laugh. Rest In Peace my beautiful cousin.
JacquelineD. Robateau, Family
Sep 11 2016 10:45AM
Alva was a very special person in so many ways. I will remember her always.
Rochelle, Friend
Sep 13 2012 4:12PM
Alva and I had many nights together cooking on the 'George Foreman Grill'; having a quick, well needed and earn cocktail on an occasional Saturday night; we spent hours talking about life, family and the future. During those times either at her house or mine, I wish I had held her a little tighter, shared more moments talking 'girl talk', however, I will forever and always cherish the times we had together. I will always remember the glow that illuminated from her like a halo. Although my son, Kwame, whom she called 'Boo-Boo' is now sixteen and can't really remember her as I do, he was so drawn to her because as I said before, children can discern spirits and he knew she had a pure and kind spirit. I miss you so much and can't wait for our reunion in heaven... Love always, Your friend Leigh
Leigh Jeter, Friend
Sep 11 2012 2:58PM
I met Alva on the LIRR and we became more than friends but family. She only knew a few people in Hempstead so I introduced her to many and she became very popular and loved. I organized the best home going service for her and she will be forever with me. She was a very fashionable, intelligent, tough and comical person. I miss you everyday girlfriend, RIP
Sherry Turner, Friend
Sep 11 2012 1:49PM
My lovely cousin Alva, how sweet it was getting to know you and how I wish we had more time. You were such a joy and pleasure to be around and any time we had with you was a blessing. I can't thank you enough for how comforting you were and how much you were there for my and my family when we lost our father. Little did we know our days with you were numbered, a year and two weeks later you would be gone. I prayed that you would spared, how could such a good soul be gone so soon. Today my heart still aches, but I also smile, we were lucky to have you in our lives. My prayers to your son, parents and siblings. Always missed and loved!
Andrea Gomez, Family
Sep 11 2012 12:15PM
I met Alva while on a temporary job assignment at Marsh & McLennan in 1997. I remember her high energy level and openess as well a willingness to share information on the company's procedures. She was the first person to get me interested in the Internet after she complained about how her supervisor had her searching the Internet for photo documents to place on insurance documents. She was the one person I knew who worked at the World Trade Center and after the event, I often thought of her and have so done during this long period after the event. She was a beautiful person inside and out and now finding that she was a mother, something I didn't know about her, my heart is heavier for her lost to her child, family, co-workers and friends. May GOD bless her child and her family! Eugene T. King
Eugene T. King, Colleague
Jul 20 2012 2:34PM
You know you have to have been 'Special'. People are still remembering you and honoring you and missing you. I got an email today that led me to this site -- and others. It is amazing, but so believable, that you are still in people's hearts and minds. You were that kind of woman. I want you to know that no matter how much I mature, I will return to these sites year after year and honor you because you, my Sister, deserve the recognition. Rest In Peace.
Gwen Myles, Friend
Dec 20 2011 5:30PM
Dear Ryan, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Jeffries, Natalie, & Andrea:I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to everyone. I am Shirlene, married to Robert Garbutt (the son of Ms. Ruby Moody). God's wonders never cease. We are being united through hearts. Twenty-five years have gone by and I did not get the chance to meet all of the family but the power of love always remain strong. I was given the Web site address by Ms. Sandra (Sandy) Pou Pullian. Let me kindly extend my heartfelt sympathy and respect to the whole family. The loss of Alva Cynthia Jeffries Sanchez is deeply touching. After losing my mother to wrongful death by careless doctors on April 30th, 2011; the pain of death is familiar and hurtful! It is rather complicated to understand the misery of sudden death. The pain does not get better as the days go by but the lasting memory of our loved ones will help us to cope. To mourn is to continue to love and our tears are unspoken love, therefore; we will never say goodbye! While I did not have the pleasure of knowing Alva, briefly reading the tribute above and the kind words that Sandy expressed makes me think of a fun, loving, and outgoing person. Looking at her outer beauty and reading about her inner exquisiteness puts me in a position to say that she is someone that I would have wholeheartedly enjoyed being around. I trust the passage of time will help to alleviate the sadness and leave you with happy and continued memories of beloved Alva.From the Jones-Garbutt family to the Jeffries Sanchez family, we send our healing thoughts:Feel no guilt in tears; she knows how much the family caresFeel no sorrow in laughter and smiles that she is not here to shareEven though grieving will last forever, she would not want you toShe'd hope that you would carry on and be strongLet her memories filled your surroundingsTalk about the great times together and the ways you caredThe days you spent together and all the happiness sharedKeeping these moments, you will never be apart For Alva will be forever locked safe and deep within the hearts!May God continue to bless the family.Take care!Mr. Robert Garbutt, Dr. Shirlene Jones Garbutt, Yury Garbutt, and Shelece Garbutt
Dr. Shirlene Jones Garbutt, Family
Sep 15 2011 1:53AM
I still remember walking home from school with my friend. Yes, she was beautiful inside and out. To Miss Lois, Natalie, and the family, she will forever live within you. Alva, I will never forget you.
Faron Smith, Friend
Sep 14 2011 9:00AM
I was a class-mate of Alva at Wesley College. Alva is one of the most beautiful girl i've ever known.I still have paictures of the last time i saw Alva, many years ago in California at her sister's wedding. Alva's beauty will forever lives on.
Bruce Clarke, Friend
Sep 13 2011 6:48PM
Alva was my high school classmate back in Belize.We sat side by side in the same row for almost 2yrs. We shared many stories about life, and since my parents were very strict and didn't allow me out the house, i lived vicariously through her. I never forgot when she had Ryan, she was so proud of him. At our class reunion in 2010, we paid tribute to Alva. A great loss, and on behalf of the class of 1976 (Wesley College), Alva, you will never be forgotten and may you rest in peace.
Judith Cain, Friend
Sep 13 2011 10:28AM
Still miss you friend. The jokes, the laughter, the dancing, little Italy and the many smiles you put on my husbands face, the silly chats,the serious and sometimes philosophical talks. I've missed your perspective regarding life and all the stories you shared about your family and in particular, the proud stories about your son. Thank you for sharing your time and smiles with me. Thank you for making me smile so often. May your family be comforted by their memories of you. You forever have my love,gratitude and deepest admiration. Carinosamente, Ramonita
Ramonita Johnson, Friend
Sep 12 2011 12:48AM
It's been ten years since we lost you Alva and it still is hard to believe you are gone. You were one of the sweetest, kindness people I have ever known and it was a priviledge and honor to have been your friend. Rest in peace.
Michael Beckett, Friend
Sep 11 2011 12:59PM
I worked with Alva for two years at Marsh, where I met my wife Sue. Alva once said that sue and I would have beautiful children. That was her. Working on the help desk, she had a lot of grit and that was her - but you got alone with her you could just talk. She was wonderful to work with, like all of that group. I felt great camaraderie with all of them and I miss them very much. May she be at peace always and may we all find more love in our hearts than we realized we had as a result of this horror.
Jim Rockwell, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 9:42PM
It has been ten years now and yet still feels like yesterday. We still miss you dearly and hope you are at peace. Please watch over Ryan. Love, Natalie
Natalie Jeffries, Family
Sep 7 2011 2:01PM
Alva and I worked together on the helpdesk for over 4 years. She and I became great friends and as was stated by many, she was a 'diva'. A beautiful and vibrant woman who had so much to offer the world. She was small in stature but large in sprit and 'feisty too bad'... as we Trini's would say. My fondest memories of Alva included our partner in crime, Wing Mar. Every year we would go to the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy after work, walking through the streets eating calamari in one hand a beer in the other. She was the best friend a person could have and 9 years later I still miss her. I will always keep you close to my heart. my friend. RIP Alva, we miss you still.. Love always, Tony Johnson.
Tony Johnson, Friend
Dec 2 2010 11:44AM
Alva, you and I often spoke about taking a cruise together when we retired, to visit Belize and Panama. I still plan to make that trip in 2 years and I will be honoring your memory as we set sail. I still think of you often and I miss you. Our good friend Joan Mason just joined you in heaven, I'm sure that you've found each other and are sharing good girlfriend hugs and jokes. When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be! Love Ya, Miss Ya...
Patricia E. Bell, Family
Sep 12 2010 9:11AM
Alva had such a beautiful spirit!! She has such a sense of style..and it sowed in the way she dressed The Xmas ornaments I made every year she would tAke them to her job and sell them for me...she always encouraged me to start my own business....She gave her poloaroid camera to take pictures of my line to advertise.... ALVA...thank you for your friendship and I miss were the REAL McCOY!!! R.I.P
JoAnn Doyle, Friend
Sep 11 2010 7:26PM
Alva, it's been 9 years and this year you would be celebrating your 50th birthday. I remember the last time that I saw times that I saw you -- at Old Timer's Day on 9/9 and at Burguny Lounge on 9/10. I am so glad that we always got to say hello and I love you before we left each other. Your bright smile and gentle ways will always be in my heart and memories. You, Joan and Sandy hold it down until we get there. Love you much, Gwen
Gwen Myles, Friend
Sep 11 2010 11:44AM
Always will remember you Alva. Your smile and lust for life was wonderful. Sharing out Bahamian stories was the best. I thought we would wind up as neighbors there. Love always to you and your family.
Patricia, Friend
Sep 11 2008 1:21PM
Alva, I will always remember the times you came over and we grilled together. At the time my son, Kwame was only about 3 or 4 years old. You affectionately called him 'Boo'. I remember him kissing your legs whenever you sat down. I laugh at the time we found a pair of your suede shoes and discovered drool marks on them. He was only two years old, but he knew a fox when he saw one. I remember the times we held each other to give one another strength to continue on. I wish I had the opportunity to hold you now. Your spirit, however lingers on. I love you girl and will never forget you. Love, Your friend Leigh
Leigh Jeter, Friend
Sep 11 2007 8:31AM
Alva, I know your birthay is coming up soon. I wanted to let you know that we miss you dearly. Ryan is doing very well in life and misses you fiercely. Please continue to watch over us. Until we meet in the heavens. Infinite love, Dana
Dana, Family
Apr 18 2007 9:24PM
Still miss ya...
Patrick, Friend
Apr 4 2007 11:54AM
There are no words that can describe how much I miss you and how painful it is to be without my big sister. I just hope that wherever you are, you know how much I love you, and that I miss you very much and think about all our times together. I wish you peace and rest comfortably until we meet again. I love you forever. Your sister, Natalie.
Natalie Jeffries, Family
Sep 10 2006 4:50PM
Your were the quintessential lady, a most wonderful friend and I will never forget you. You are so missed.
Gwen Myles, Friend
Sep 13 2005 5:06PM
As one of the founders and original members of our little Breakfast Club you are missed daily. Alva, you were not just a co-worker, but a friend and part of my family. I cherish everything I have in my possession that you ever gave Bryan-Anthony or myself. I can't mention 'hot sauce' or 'leopard print' without thinking about you. You will forever be 'Lava Spice'. Love you always.
Ordia Bryan, Friend
Nov 11 2004 4:51PM
Alva, While your time here on earth was short, I'm so grateful that you were a part of my life. We've shared so many wonderful moments together, that at times it still seem so surreal that you actually were taken from us so suddenly. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that you are safe, happy and at peace where you are and that has allowed me to accept your departure. Thanks for sharing your life with me Sis and for all the wonderful memories you've left behind. Forever Your Sister, Friend and dearest confidant ....
Karen Sherrod, Family
Jan 23 2003 11:18PM
I worked a bit with Alva in the 90's as an intern. She made my experience at MMC more enjoyable and fruitful. Que Diós te tenga en su Reino. Nathán Lebrón
Nathan Lebron, Colleague
Nov 21 2002 6:50PM
I had the honor of reading Alva's mae aloud during a tribute to the victims of September 11th in San Diego, CA. My prayers go out to her family and friends. Alva seems to be loved and respected by many people. I was proud to have read her name that day. Respectfully, Karinne Spethman San Diego, CA
Karinne Spethman, Friend
Sep 16 2002 3:35PM
Alva, I miss your fun and outgoing personality. But I also miss the tamales and our conversations about Guatemala. Save me a seat next to you in heaven, and let's order some tamales for the reunion...
Flora Bennett, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 6:42PM
I worked with Alva at Marsh for about two years. We sometimes would ride the subway between Penn and Broad Stree after the move downtown. I will always remember Alva's sense of humor. She did not take things too seriously and that helped her get through much of life's day to day problems. She was a good person and will be missed. I remember her telling me about a friend of hers who's home was under construction a few blocks from me. When I pass that house, Alva always comes to mind. Ron Vestuto Carle Place, NY
Ron Vestuto, Colleague
Sep 10 2002 12:37PM
I worked with Alva before the move from 1166 Ave. of the Americas and left the NY office in '90. She always had a smile for you and struck me as a very good person. My condolences to her family, friends and colleagues. Thomas Mooney
Thomas Mooney, Colleague
Sep 10 2002 12:15PM
All of us are travelers lost, our tickets arranged at a cost unknown but beyond our means. This odd itinerary of scenes --enigmatic, strange, unreal-- leaves us unsure how to feel. No postmortem journey is rife with more mystery than life. The Book of Counted Sorrows I will miss you my friend, your never far from my mind.
Patrick, Friend
Sep 6 2002 4:18PM
I miss your being but I feel your presence In whatever form you choose to take, however you choose to be. Your spirit has become for me a guardian angel on high guiding, advising, and watching over me. As you always have.... I remember you. You are with me and I am not afraid.
Alisty Joy Keneth, Friend
Sep 4 2002 4:44PM
Out thoughts go out to Ryan, Lois, Kenneth, Natalie, and Andrea. Your pain can be comforted by the Spirit of God Himself. Though Alva is gone, her memories will linger on... On behalf of the Ottley family, please know that we continue to pray for you!
Rev Stephen Ottley, Family
Jun 3 2002 12:08AM
Alva was a very beautiful person. She was loved and will be very much missed by her family. All my love and prayers to my Aunt Lois and my Cousins. Love, Sandra
Sandra Lightburn-Quinones, Family
Apr 22 2002 7:51PM