Robert C. Kennedy
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Tuesday, 9/11/01 - Forever in my heart. I arrived to work, checked my voicemail, and proceeded to start my day. One of my voice messages was from a client who worked at Marsh and McLennan located in Tower 1 of the World Trade Centers. He was a very kind man. I didn't know him personally but spoke to him every few months for business purposes. I remember he would always ask me, "How are you? I hope you aren't working too much. You're young (I was 38), you need to enjoy life." I would tell him the same thing because he was always traveling for work. In the voicemail, he asked me to fax him something. I tried but kept receiving an error message that it failed. It was annoying me, and then the news broke. I felt sick to my stomach. He told me, in his message, he would be in the office that day. I knew, from our many conversations, he arrived to the office early. I was beside myself with worry. I, like many others, was glued to the TV that day, and the many months ahead. I checked the online list every single day (yes, even on the weekends), to find out if he was one of the lucky ones. Three months later, I found his name on the list. I sat at my desk and cried. I still do, every year. His name was Robert Kennedy. He was 55 years old, with a wife and two daughters. I will never forget that horrible day, nor will I let the world forget him, or any of the others who lost their lives that day. May God bless his family, and all the other families who lost their loved ones that day. May God bless those who helped out that day, as well as the many days ahead. And, May God bless the United States of America. #neverforget911
Shirley Christopher, Colleague
Sep 12 2023 0:18PM
Family and friends will want to read Scott Sexton’s September 14, 2021 article in the Winston-Salem Journal about Bob and another 9/11 victim. Go to and search “Scott Sexton a reminder of the cost.” As someone who has walked by his memorial bench hundreds of times, I would really like to find out who is responsible for Bob’s bench in Shaffner Park, Winston-Salem NC.
Harold Threatt, Friend
Sep 21 2021 5:33PM
I live in Winston-Salem, NC. I have been putting American flags on and around Bob’s memorial bench located along the walk in Shaffner Park for years not knowing anything about him other than where and when he died. The comments I’ve read here let me know what a great guy he was. I put 2 American flags beside his bench 2 days ago in memory of 9-11. Someone else added wild flowers. Scott Sexton of the Winston-Salem Journal is planning an article on Bob and the other 9-11 victim who has a bench at the park. I am curious. What was Bob’s connection to Winston-Salem and who secured his memorial bench?
Harold Threatt, Friend
Sep 12 2021 6:47PM
Rest in Peace, Bob. Your Marsh/Sedgwick friends mourn your loss on this tragic day.
James Goodwyne, Colleague
Sep 8 2021 6:05PM
I didn't know Robert / Bob but I came over to the beautiful city of new york from the uk in 2019 and visited the site I took a photo of Robert C kennedy's name with a single white rose. His name led me to this page & I have read all the beautiful touching tributes made to this man, it just goes to show God only takes the best. My thoughts & prayers go out to his family & friends and anyone that was lucky enough to be in his life God bless you all x
emily jaques , Friend
Nov 17 2020 9:42AM
Miss you every day. I still think of you when I had to invoice a client and I needed your assistance to open a code for me. Always in my thoughts. Miss You Ken... Watch over your family.
Terri Przybylski, Colleague
Sep 11 2019 7:48PM
Thank you all for your posts. It helps us to know Bob is remembered with kindness. Time passes but seeing these notes touches my heart. With affection and gratitude my family and I thank you. God bless.
Maureen P. Kennedy, Family
Jun 26 2019 5:09PM
My husband Paul Sherbine lost many a good friend that day, and Bob Kennedy was one of his closest. They worked, laughed and had lunch together for 15 years. It's hard to fathom that kind of loss. My heart goes out to the entire Kennedy family.
Karen sherbine, Friend
Sep 11 2017 9:54PM
I never knew Robert C. Kennedy. I live in Winston-Salem, NC, and five or six years ago, while walking through a city park here (Shaffner Park), I came upon a park bench that carries a small memorial plaque in Mr. Kennedy's memory. It took me five years, but today I shared an essay that remembers Mr. Kennedy and others who were lost on September 11, 2001. The essay is available through my WordPress website and can be accessed at: Thank you very much, and God bless Mr. Kennedy and his family.
Al Claiborne, Friend
Sep 11 2016 3:45PM
I did not know Mr. Kennedy personally. However, I think of him this day each year. In 2002, I was honored as a recipient of an award in his name, the Robert C. Kennedy Appreciation Award through the SILA organization. I'm so sorry for his loss and pray his family is well and feel God's peace. After reading some of the posts on this memorial wall, I know he made a true and lasting impact to those who were blessed to have known him.
Margie Webber, Friend
Sep 11 2014 9:17AM
I didn't know Bob, I just wanted to share with his family and friends that Bob was with me on my motorcycle on 9/11/13. I rode in the 2 Million Bikers to DC Tribute Ride, and the organizers printed name tags of 9/11 victims for some of us to wear on the ride. I was given the tag for Robert Clinton Kennedy, and he rode with myself and at least 880,000 other riders from Fort Washington Md to Washington DC and back. Best wishes to all his friends and family, Glenn McAfee
Glenn McAfee, Friend
Sep 12 2013 8:38AM
Still in our hearts and thoughts. Aways and forever. We miss you. XOX
Cathy Miller, Family
Sep 9 2013 7:23PM
Bob, think about you and your wonderful sense of humor. Be at peace.
Gail Albiston, Colleague
Sep 18 2011 10:57AM
Dear Kennedy family, I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you all yesterday and have thought about you and Mr. Kennedy many many times over the years. I remember going to visit my dad at 1166 for lunch and sitting in the cafeteria with my dad, Bob, Charlie and John (I think it was John), he was always so nice to me and interested in what I was doing at my job etc. Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you and keep you in my prayers.
Mary (Belger) Cunningham, Friend
Sep 12 2011 4:07PM
Thinking of you today Cathy and the entire Kennedy family.
aileen marchese, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 2:16PM
Bob, we are still missing you at Marsh. There just aren't people like you around anymore. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family on this anniversary and always. I know you are in a better place but that doesn't make it any easier.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 9:12AM
I still think of you often - as 9/11 approaches or at random times when we're working on an issue. I'll never forget how helpful you were and how kind. We still miss you.
Paige Lawrence, Colleague
Aug 30 2011 11:54AM
Bob - It's been 9 long years since you left us and we all miss you very much. Some day, there will be justice done for this tragedy.
Tony Schmitt, Colleague
Sep 12 2010 11:27AM
We remember and we celebrate your life today and every day. We love you Dad.
Cathy miller, Family
Sep 11 2010 9:04PM
God bless you and your loved ones.
Katie, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 4:47PM
I miss you Bob and wish your family well. You will forever be in my thoughts.
Roy Simpson, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 11:47AM
I am sorry I never got to meet the very kind and knowledgeable person on the other end of my phone line, Bob Kennedy. He was good at his job and always willing to help. You are missed.
Theresa Shackleford, Colleague
Sep 10 2008 10:07AM
I just found out today that Mr Kennedy ws among those that lost there lives on on 90/11/01. I had the privilege of working with Mr. Kennedy in 1984-85 at 1221 Ave of the Americas. I remember him always being friendly and helpful. He was so proud of his children. I was fresh out of college and didn't really know what I was doing, but he made my job so much more pleasant with his wonderful attitude. My sincerest sympathies to his family. May he rest in peace.
Sheila Ratis (nee Dunlop), Colleague
Sep 11 2007 12:10PM
I am thinking of you today, Bob. Bless you.
Michael C. Sensiba, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 1:36PM
Bob was very upbeat and friendly to work with. He always laughed and made you feel every question you ask him was important no matter how small. He will always be missed.
Nov 4 2003 4:05PM
Bob was one of the first Marsh colleagues our group interacted with when we joined Marsh and was the first I thought of when we heard the terrible news on September 11, 2001. He was a kind and helpful man and we miss working with him. My thoughts and prayers are with Bob's family on this anniversary and always.
Ruth Goodell, Colleague
Sep 18 2003 2:53PM
Bob had all the answers. When I did not know where else to go, I could always call Bob for some more direction. Recently I was speaking with a colleague wondering where to get an answer. Bob was the person we thought of. He is missed for many reasons. For me, he was kind and helpful. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.
Marilyn Boss, Colleague
Sep 13 2002 4:30PM
Bob Kennedy's family is a true testament of his love for family and life. He is smiling down from heaven with pride (perhaps with a joke or two - probably laughing it up with my dad!). May you continue to honor this special man's life and follow in his legacy always. May God Bless you and keep you in his embrace always. Sending much love and comfort to you, Caryn Rasweiler Wiley
Caryn Rasweiler Wiley, Friend
Jun 17 2002 9:34AM
Always a gentleman, wonderful to work with, a resource for so many of us. I admired him and enjoyed working with him.
Cathy Fortune, Colleague
May 10 2002 9:39PM
I had the privelege of being Bob's secretary for nine memorable years. He was someone I could talk to and share my feelings with, knowing he would give me good advice, especially on work related issues. He never failed to ask “what’s up” when I walked in his office, showing he had my best interests at heart. I remember his laugh, his jokes and his smile which would brighten up a cloudy day. The department we worked in was like a family and he was an integral part of that family. Bob Kennedy was more than a colleague, he was a dear friend and father figure, a kind and caring individual. He was a dedicated father who was close to his family. He loved them so much and NEVER failed to talk about them. When I'd ask about his family he would always smile. I will carry these fond memories of Bob with me always, as I’m sure all his friends will. We miss him DEARLY. Maureen, Cathy, Meredith, Rob & Bryan, may you find our words to be a source of strength and comfort, knowing you are in our thoughts.
Elizabeth Vega, Colleague
Apr 11 2002 3:33PM
How can you summarize the life of a man as special as Bob Kennedy? He was everything to the people in his life. He was a wonderful, loving husband, a caring father, a compassionate, patient son and the best friend anyone could have. He is our hero. Bob Kennedy loved life and people. He made the most out of every day, never held a grudge, said what he felt and allowed those he loved to do the same. He was kind and gentle. He made life special and fun. He delighted in his daughters. He made us feel special and loved. He was a model husband for over 32 years. He loved to make his wife happy and enjoyed their times together. They lived simply and made the most of their time, whether it was sitting at the pool on vacation or having coffee and tea on the deck, they approached everything as a team. He had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh. He could find humor in the same joke over and over. He was a great joke teller. We would sit around the table and he would start with the “stories”. We would be out at some place where you are supposed to be serious, and something would strike him as funny. He would not be able to control his laughter and his red face. We had so much fun. No one was ever further than a phone call. We told each other to put on a specific TV channel, or we called from the store when something silly happened. We shared in every joy and sorrow as a true family. Acknowledging that our differences made us stronger, there was nothing that we could not handle. If Dad said it was going to be okay, you knew it was. Nothing made him prouder then our family. He would tell our mother, “Teach them to walk, and then teach them to walk away.” The fact that we always came walking back to share our good times as well as bad is a true testament to the two of them as parents. It was the six of us, always together to help and listen. When we found the men we chose to spend our lives with, the similarities to Dad were striking. Rob is the funny one, with the patience of a saint who never takes life too seriously. Bryan is the planner. He cares about all things and will take care of any situation you need him to. They enjoyed countless weekends of golfing, grilling steaks, and then sitting down with a cigar with a cup of Dad’s homemade Starbucks coffee. They are his sons as much as we are his daughters. We all wish we could have those weekends back. Our heartbreak is as immeasurable as our love for him. We miss his presence, we miss his humor and we miss his friendship. However, we can never miss his love, as it was an unending stream that will carry us through our heartache. We have faith that he is watching over us and we will see him again. We are so fortunate to have had such a wonderful man in our lives. We will go forward and continue to make him proud and to honor his life. We love you Dad!! Maureen, Cathy, Meredith, Bryan and Rob
Cathy Kennedy Miller, Family
Apr 8 2002 12:18PM
My contact with Bob over the last eleven years was through the approval of Insurer or Placement codes. I finally got to meet Bob in person at our Detroit office at a Surplus Lines Seminar. It was nice to put a face with the voice that I had dealt with for so long. My heart goes out to his family. I will always think of him when I see pictures of the Twin Towers or hear reference to 911. Everytime I work on placement numbers, I think of him. He will be in our hearts forever. To his family, may the pain ease over time, and may only happy memories remain. From a Colleague in Grand Rapids, MI.
Bonnie Avila, Colleague
Apr 8 2002 10:16AM
A Colleague, A Friend, A Father Figure, A Mentor, A Crisis Counselor, A Problem Solver, An Advise Giver, A Comedian, A Good Hearted Man. I miss his laugh, I miss our conversations, I miss the stories about his family and Otto the pug dog. Bob Kennedy was the BEST and I am grateful that I had a chance to know and work with him. My thoughts and prayers go out to Bob's family. Bob may be gone but he will live in my heart forever!
Pat Foy, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 6:35AM