Christopher Dunne
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Thinking about you as I stand at the foot of WTC.
Raj, Colleague
Sep 11 2014 4:26PM
After so many years, I met someone that was born on 9/11. She is such a sweet innocent sole that felt so much pain that tragic day on 9/11/2001. Chris I hope u r checking on all of us that think of u and miss you dearly, my friend.
Raj Badheka, Colleague
Jun 23 2012 5:39AM
It's been 6 years and it feels like yesterday. Somedays I wish that the phone would ring and you would have one of your wisecracks for me on the other end. You were a true friend. No matter how long we would go without keeping in were always there. I really miss a lot.
Jules, Friend
Sep 11 2007 5:00PM
Chris, Everytime I pick up my guitar to play, I think of you. I look forward to 'jamming' again with you one day in the future. You will never be forgotten. Tom Tierney
Tom Tierney, Friend
Aug 4 2006 2:34PM
Thinking about you as you smile down at us.
Raj Badheka, Colleague
Sep 11 2003 11:25AM
Chris, I spent some of the best times with you and Murph, doing the things kids do. GCHS seems like another life to me now, but I vividly remember the times we all spent laughing and enjoying each others company. Those times will never be forgotten and neither will you. Remembering you always. Peace.
Rick LaRocca, Friend
Mar 22 2003 6:19PM
I’m not exactly sure when I first started hanging out with Chris. When he began working at our company, he was relatively quite and kept to himself. He was only known as “Khakis” since he wore khakis to work every day. All I know is that somewhere along the way, he started hanging out with us after work, became more comfortable, and started to show who he really was. And things were never the same afterwords. Chris loved to have fun. He was always cracking jokes, always making sarcastic comments, or acting out a dialog between two different people by himself. When we went out, he would be the first to buy a round, and the last to go home. But what I really found amazing about Chris was that he seemed to be so comfortable in his own skin. The way you know some people hold back and don’t completely show who they are, I never got that feeling from him. I’m guessing that if we could see the way he acted when he was at home alone, it would be the exact same as the way he acted around people. And being around that kind of person made me more comfortable, and allowed me to be freer around him. I’ve never met a person like Chris before and I doubt I ever will. I am glad that I got to know him and will never forget his jocular spirit, unique sense of humor, and his kindness and openness. I miss him dearly.
Advait Deodhar, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 2:09PM
I never had the opportunity to meet Chris in person, but everyday, sometimes two and three times a day I would talk to Chris. I miss him tremendously. I still talk to Chris...when I run, when it's quiet, in the early morning, when we are all together and laughing. Thanks for making me laugh QA Manager Type Guy. I still remember your number.
Ann, Colleague
Apr 9 2002 3:42PM
Dear Chris, For many years we had some great times, from the good old days playing flag football at Stratford school and on the side of Olcott's house to the times spent at Leo's and more specifically Newport Grill. It's hard to comprend that when I go to Newport your not there. Quite often I think if you and Eck are hanging out in a better place. If so, send Eck my best. Chris, your one of the best and your sorely missed. Love from a long time friend and colleague, Dave
Dave Ollendike, Friend
Apr 4 2002 7:39AM