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Over the Christmas holiday I found a very meaningful object. I was snooping through my dad’s closet. Through coins and cards and clothes I looked, searching for his favorite possession. I gave up on his closet and started sifting through his drawers. I found old tubes of toothpaste, an assortment of bandages, toothpicks, and many other toiletries. Finally I found what I was looking for. Under numerous toiletry kits that were given by Northwest Airlines when he reached a certain amount of Frequent Flyer Miles, was my dad’s favorite watch.

Every week my dad used to commute from home in Memphis, Tennessee, to his work in New York City. Dad would spend the weekend home with my mom and me and then go back north every Sunday evening. Life was great until September 11, 2001. He used to work for the company Marsh & McLennan in the World Trade Center Tower No. 1 (the tower with the antenna at the very top). My dad was swept away from me so-o-o fast, like sand escaping from your fist. I found his favorite Nike watch. I could even smell the powder that he used on this watch. I will always cherish it. So when I feel lonely, or depressed, or sad, or blue, I will wear his watch and remember him forever and ever.

Elise LaskoThe routine was simple but inviolable.

Early Sunday evening, Gary E. Lasko would fly from Memphis to New York, where he worked at Marsh & McLennan. Then, on Friday afternoon, he would fly back home to Memphis. Except for Saturday mornings, when he and a few old chums — all husky boys, they called themselves the Apple Dumpling Gang — played golf, Mr. Lasko reserved the weekend for his wife, Kim, and 11-year-old daughter, Elise.

The commute became necessary when Marsh took over the Memphis insurance company where Mr. Lasko worked. Even when the weather did not cooperate, his schedule would not bend. 'This past Father’s Day he was trying so hard to get back to Memphis,' Mrs. Lasko said. 'There was a series of storms and it took him until Sunday morning to get back. We went to brunch, took in a show and then it was back to the airport. He was here for all of eight hours, but he could not imagine not spending Father’s Day with Elise.'

Mr. Lasko, 49, commuted from Memphis to New York for three years. He had moved to Memphis about a decade earlier after another long-distance job-related commute, this one between Philadelphia and Memphis. His patience and flexibility were legendary, but the traveling took its toll. 'It weighed heavily on him because he missed a lot of growing up and family stuff,' said Christopher Michaud, a co-worker and friend in Memphis. 'That’s why he kept his home weekends pretty sacred.'

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Meus pesares. Moramos no brazil. Meu pai falava sempre dele.
Jose Sergio Lasko, Family
Oct 6 2022 9:59AM
Dear Kim & Elise, I think about you both very often. I am in Baltimore now. I just visited the World Trade Center here. Gary’s name, along with all of the others who lost their lives that day, is on the window of the building. Love and Godspeed
Cristina Michta, Friend
Sep 16 2022 6:42PM
My husband and I think about your family. We pray for your family and always will.
Mike and Dawn Lasko, Family
Sep 11 2022 8:08PM
What a sad day, the world lost a good man. A family man who although had a very demanding job always greeted you warmly; a man never too busy to give his wise advice and a sparkle in his eyes. Rest In Peace knowing you will never be forgotten and always admired.
Lori Jernigan, Colleague
Sep 12 2022 10:57AM
I am still stunned you are not alive, twenty years today. I think of you throughout the years and of course all of September.
Marilyn Winn, Colleague
Sep 12 2021 2:48AM
Will never forget the help you and Kevin Mahaffy provided me when I was a baby Business Systems Analyst at Sedgwick and needed help with client installations. Loved visiting you in Memphis, you were always so kind and warm. Thinking of you and your family on this day
Dena Abdallah, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 6:01PM
Wow, I am just so emotional today - I am a grandmother now and I recall the talks we had about raising girls when I adopted my daughters - Gary your joy of being a parent was inspirational. I really miss you. I hope that Elise has inherited your joy of life and your wonderful open and welcoming heart.
Pattie Robinson, Colleague
Sep 11 2020 0:57PM
I didn't know Gary, but my dad did. He was friends with him during high school. On my trip to New York this weekend, I visited the 9/11 memorial and found Gary's name for my dad and sent him photos. He was happy to see the photos and I think it meant a lot to him to see them and remember Gary. He is not forgotten. I'm so sorry for your loss. 02/15/2020
Karen Sanislo, Friend
Feb 16 2020 6:18AM
Gary was a wonderful leader at Sedgwick. He was a man of integrity and lead by example. I think of his family on this day. RIP Gary.
Fletcher Terry, Colleague
Sep 11 2017 6:51AM
I always think of Gary on 9/11, and Googled his name today. When I noticed this blog, I wanted to share that my last conversation with Gary was in NYC at a meeting following the Sedgwick/Marsh transaction. I often asked Gary for advice on my personal computing needs and purchases. However, at this last meeting, we spent all of our time speaking about our similarly aged daughters, and how proud we were to be parents. Elise, I thought you would want to know how much you meant to your father. We never finished the conversation regarding my personal computing interests. Stories of our daughters were much more important. RIP.
Harold Klausner, Colleague
Sep 11 2016 4:44PM
Every sept 11th, I think of Gary Lasko and Rebecca Koborie, his assistant. On 9-11, I was still in my 20s, and I was selling IT services. Meeting with Gary was a really big deal, and this was the first and only time I had the pleasure of meeting him. I met with them on Septmeber 10th, in Gary's beautiful office with the gorgeous views of the NYC sky. My boss came with me, and Gary was so nice, so warm, I remember him talking about his commute to Memphis and telling us about his family, and I think he pointed out that you could see his NYC apartment from his office window, where he would stay during the week. There were a lot of high level IT professionals I met with in my efforts to sell our services. Many never gave you the time of day, or when you met them, were short and to the point. Gary was the highest level executive I ever had a meeting with, and he was by far the most personal and the kindest. I think of him and his family every year at this time.
Carrie , Colleague
Sep 11 2016 2:05PM
Kim and Elise, I only met you and Gary one time, at Dannell and Pier's wedding. I got to talk with Gary and you Kim for a short while and you were so kind to me. My heart breaks for yo every year on this day and for Auntie Barbara, Doreen and Deb and Dear Uncle Eddie now with Gary in heaven. God Bless you ! Love, Cousin Reggie Springer, Ludlow, VT, formerly from Stamford, CT and Bridgeport, CT. (Charlotte's sister)
Reggie Springer, Family
Sep 11 2016 9:27AM
The sadness never goes away. Your beautiful daughter, Elise, turned into a fine young woman. I know you would be so proud. RIP.
Jan Smith, Friend
Sep 11 2015 2:31 PM
Kim and Elise, I want you to know, that even though I didn't get to meet Gary, I always think of him on this day. I've included him in all my class prayers on 9/11 since John and I learned he was there. The girls are now old enough to know that their cousins were affected, and both promised to remember him in their prayers today as well. God bless both of you, and know that your PA cousins have you in our hearts and prayers, today, and always. Deb, John, Maggie and Elise
Debra McCann, Family
Sep 11 2014 12:39PM
I was having breakfast this morning in downtown NY this morning and for some reason thought of Gary. He was a rock and I miss him often. I hope his family is doing well. Best wishes to all. Patrick.
Pat Schul, Colleague
Dec 13 2013 7:25AM
Our daughters were very good friends. He was a great person and a wonderful Dad. He used to let them ride in the golf carts. Way cool fun! God bless his family and may he rest in peace.
Cristina Michta, Family
Nov 28 2013 2:10AM
Miss ya Gary.
Don Brown, Friend
Sep 11 2013 10:26PM
I remember Gary every year on this terrible day and think of his smiling face and how he made IT easier for me to u dear stand being a non IT person at Sedgwick. Any time I needed him he was there to help and explain. My thoughts and prayers for his family on this day and every day.
Donna Sandidge, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 9:28PM
Thinking of you today Gary. Praying for your family and friends as they go thru the motions on this day and everyday. Rest In Peace.
Carol Griffin Garner, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 7:10AM
Gary was one of the best bosses I ever had. He was always friendly, greeting me with a smile. I can't believe that he is gone. I shall always remember him.
Robert Raiz, Colleague
Feb 6 2013 9:55AM
Played golf with Gary on Sat. when we were both in town. Lots of humor. He was a special colleague to all of us. IT was complex to many of us but Gary had a special talent of being able to communicate to us in a language that we understood. Educated us without talking down. Think of Gary often. A privelege to be his colleague.
Ron Kutella, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 12:01PM
Gary, I think of you often but especially on this day. The years we worked together at Marsh & McLennan were the best. Even then you had a long commute, Philadelphia to NYC. After you'd gone to Sedgewick and I had moved on, I remember being at a taxi line in Chicago and seeing the tall man ahead of me carrying that beat-up briefcase with GEL on it. Of course I recognized it right away. We had a few minutes to catch up before heading in different directions, promising to get together. Someday.
Dave Horton, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 10:16AM
Gary, thinking of you this day. It is hard to believe that 11 years as past..
Mark Forrester, Sedgwick/Marsh Colleague
Sep 11 2012 7:15AM
Gary, you are often in my thoughts. I have so many memories of you: in Memphis, San Francisco, Portland, New York, Dallas. I still have EDS' cat herding video; contending with IT is still like feline herding. The issues were thorny and those involved fractious on more than one occasion, and you were always the voice of reason which brought us together. I was sad to see less of you after the Marsh merger, and getting the time for a visit when working in the Trade Center was on my list of TBDs every time. You are and will always be sorely missed by me.
Richard Shewmaker, Colleague
Sep 14 2011 11:47AM
Remembering Gary and the kind man he was.
Anne Wheeler Connor, Colleague
Sep 12 2011 3:11PM
Gary It was an honour and privelege to have worked with you. We spent many an hour wondering how to deal with the new challenges and you always kept your sense of humour. I think of those times often and fondly - still do after the passing of the years - you continue to have an influence - God Bless
Peter Herring, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 7:13PM
I met Gary on Commonwealth Ave. in Chestnut Hill, Ma. in September of 1969. We were on our way to dinner at Boston College. Gary was a little bit ahead of me. He waited, put out his hand and 'I'm Gary'. I responded 'I'm Bob'. We were friends for life. We roomed together for 3 years at BC. We attended each other's weddings and in 1984 began our 1st of 17 consecutive years of BC football reunion weekends. We confirmed our plans for year 18 on September 8, 2001. The plans didn't go as schedule. The game that we picked turned out to be the day following Gary's memorial mass is Connectuit. It was a very emotional weekend but one that my wife Denise, my daughters Michelle and Christine and myself had to make. Our families had some great times together. We still keep in touch (though not as often as we should). Denise and I visit BC often (our daughter Christine is in her Senior year there). We visit the labyrinth where Gary's memorial plaque is located every chance that we get and reflect on our 'Glory Years'. We miss him so much. I can't believe 10 years have passed. He will always be in our hearts.
Robert Miecuna, Friend
Sep 10 2011 8:43PM
Gary, it is 10 years ago tonight, September 10, that you, Alan Rosenbloom and I had a delightful dinner together in New York City. Because you must have persuaded me to have an extra glass of wine that night I overslept the following morning. I arrived late to the office and as a result, survived the attack. Alan who was in the midtown office on the 11th also survived. I shall always give you the credit for saving my life. I just wish I could have done the same for you. You were a great friend, a delightful colleague to work alongside, and you could entertain us all with your amusing and witty tales for hours. I have missed your strength, your intelligence and your humour these past 10 years, and I know I will continue to do so for the next 10, 20, etc.
Ian Robb, Colleague
Sep 9 2011 7:55AM
Today I went on facebook and went to a website where I could memorialize 9/11. They assigned me someone that was killed that day to honor. So, I had to see if I could find that person online. It was Gary Edward Lasko. I am truly sorry for your loss. I will never forget that horrible day! I have you in my prayers.
Rita Campbell, Friend
Sep 8 2011 9:01PM
Gary, I miss your smile and silly jobs.
Pattie Robinson, Colleague
Jul 11 2011 12:50PM
Thinking of you on this day - you have truly been missed.
Doreen Harris, Colleague
May 2 2011 12:50AM
Gary, You would be so proud of your wonderful daughter. She's smart, beautiful and talented. She's everything that a father could want or imagine for a daughter. Jan 9/11/2009
Jan Smith, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 7:51PM
Kim and Elise, We're thinking of you today, 8 years since Gary was stolen from you. He's with you, watching over you, and oh so proud of both of you. Stay strong, and know that his love is far reaching. Deb, John, Maggie and Elizabeth
Debra and John McCann, Family
Sep 11 2009 7:59AM
I did not know Gary Lasko. I had never heard his name before today; however, my heart goes out to him, as well as his friends and family. I am an Air Force veteran and a member of the TN Air National Guard. Tonight I am in Alaska with my guard unit. While browsing the cable channels I came across a documentary of 9/11. While watching I began to get emotional. This was footage we’ve all seen. The outcome was going to be the same. There was nothing I could do to change it. So why allow myself to go through it again? I decided to change the channel, but never did. As quickly as the thought had occurred, it was changed. The reality was that the people I was viewing did not have the luxury to change the channel that day. Despite the emotions this would bring, I felt obligated to the soles and survivors to face this yet again and each year forward. As expected, I became emotional. My eyes begin to water. And then I cried. I cried for those that never knew and those that hoped for the best. I cried for the fire fighters walking away from me on my TV. I wanted to tell them, “Stop. Don’t go” or “Good bye.” But I could tell them nothing. I could only cry. I could not even tell them, “Thank you.” I was taken back to my own thoughts and actions on that day. I considered, “What could I have done had I been there?” Could I have helped? Could I have handed my cell phone to someone for a last phone call? As a person that has an answer for everything and rises to triumph the occasion… accepting there were no answers only added to my emotion. The documentary and my thoughts led me to google information about those lost. I found a memorial listing the names, ages, and where those lost had called home. At first I was curious about the youngest loss and then if Tennessee had been there. That is when I found Mr. Lasko’s name. Instantly I felt my emotions grow more intense. I did not know him, but he was one of us. He was there and we couldn’t get to him. We were home and he was not. I wished that he had been home or that I could have done something. From there I googled “Gary Lasko”. The first link led me to this memorial site. Having read the tributes, it is obvious he loved his family and respected his colleagues. As a network administrator I was shocked to realize his career field. The company I work for is based out of Nashville. Amongst the affiliates I support, one is located in Memphis. As well my wife’s entire family lives in Memphis. This was all hitting close to home. You may be wondering why I am writing this. I’m a little confused myself. Maybe it is because the man who impacted the lives of those he knew and loved… has impacted the life of one he did not. Maybe it is to share my reminder and realization of why we (military members and those that support us) do what we do. I know that it is partly to give my condolences to the family. It is also to say, 'Mr. Lasko’s life was more significant than we may ever know.' He was everything that you remember while he was here and yet he continues to touch lives today. Learning of him has been a defining moment for me. “Gary Lasko” is why I do what I do. He is why I teach my son and daughter, “Why I do what I do.” He is why my four year old sings the Star Spangled Banner and says the Pledge of Allegiance. From this day forward, I will remember him and so will my family. When my children ask me, “Daddy, why are you in the military?” I will look them in the eyes every time and say, “Gary Lasko”. NOTE TO THE REVIEWER: I understand and respect if you do not post this; however, I couldn’t let these things go unsaid. Please give the Lasko family my sincerest sympathy. Let them know that Mr. Gary Lasko made a new friend today and will never be forgotten.
Eric Drake, SSgt
Sep 15 2008 6:26AM
Gary was a good man. He ran his department well. He is missed tremendously.
Kathryn & John Holderman, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 9:53PM
I'd like to echo Kevin Mahaffy's comments regarding Gary. He was one heckuva guy. I never considered him my 'boss'. I considered him as simpy Gary.
Fletcher Terry, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 6:15PM
Gary, you were a good friend and mentor. Think of you often, especially today. One of the nicest guys I have ever met.
Don Brown, Friend
Sep 11 2008 12:46PM
I'll never forget my first week at Sedgwick back in 1993. It was very hectic and confusing never having an office job before. Then, that Wednesday, this big man appeared at my cube - 'Who are you?' he asked, I answered. 'Gary Lasko,' he said, stuck out his hand, asked me where I had come from and if I needed anything. After about a 10 minute chat (long time for someone that important and busy), he made me feel welcome and glad I made the decision to work at Sedgwick. After that day, Gary was always Gary, not Mr. Lasko and he ALWAYS called me by name. I hung on every word during meetings, impressed with his ability to capture an audience and awed by the way he ran our IT department. It still hurts to this day to think of 9/11 and our loss of Gary and all others. Watching the entire nightmare unfold on TV in the company break room. Time stood still, hearts sank - we all knew without being told. I think of Gary almost every day since that horrible day in parallel with my cousin who is bravely serving in Iraq. I am proud to have known Gary and to have been associated with him if only in a small way. Few other managers at Sedgwick left such a strong impression. When I left Sedgwick, Gary's work ethic went with me. To the Lasko Family - my heart goes out to you this day. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Also know that Gary touched even us that were on the bottom rungs of the corporate ladder.
Kevin Mahaffy, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 9:14AM
Gary was a pleasure to work with and a good guy.
John Gropper, Colleague
Jul 29 2008 6:51PM
Thinking of you today and missing you. You were so instrumental in my career, an amazing mentor and always the voice of reason. I am remembering the US OpCo meeting in Boston in 1991 when we connected you to the Memphis servers via a 2 pair telephone cable strung out the 7th floor window to get to the one the analog line 3 floors below. Always one to think outside of the box and drive for results. My, how technology has changed... I miss you. Linde
Linde Hotchkiss, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 2:54PM
I often find myself at Ground Zero staring at your name on the wall, wondering how this could have happen. It just seems like the other day that the two of us travelled up to NY to work with Marsh. You were a terrific partner and I know a source of absolute strength to the folks that were with you in those last moments. I know their families must have drawn strength from that fact. I think about you always my friend. You face will always be in my memory and your name on my lips. Sleep well my friend. Patrick
Pat Schul, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 10:24AM
I was deeply touched by Gary's page as I stumbled accross it accidentally whenever searching for victims that were from my home state of Tennessee. On the 5 year anniversary of the worst day in American history, I just want to say that your life was obviously one that left it's mark on numerous people in a very positive light.Obviously, you were one that could balance work, family and success. And I hope and pray that the evil terrorists that created this nightmare are eventually brought to justice. God bless America and God bless Gary Lasko!!
Darren Futch, Friend
Sep 11 2006 9:17PM
I am thinking of you today, Gary. Bless you.
Michael C. Sensiba, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 1:40PM
As a business associate of Gary's I had the fortunate pleasure of working with him as a vendor to MMC. I only knew Gary for a short time , but was in his company on several occasions and hears what i learned. Devoted father, I found it remarkable that he would commute back and forth to Memphis to be with his family and the pride he took in his daighters dancing. Gary was a COO of a huge company but always found the time to take my call, he was a regular guy and never stood on airs. Gary was respected by all, he was a man of great character. I was at Gary's office just a few day before 9-11 and was working on the biggest deal that I was responsible for with my company at the time, Gary gave that opportunity with MMC. My father always said 'Its nice to be important , but it is more important to be nice' Gary was both. ! He will always be in my thoughts and prayers. AL Simmons VP Financial Services Comsys
AL SIMMONS, Colleague
Aug 28 2006 3:57PM
Reading this tribute makes me cherish even more the time we do have in this realm. God Bless You and Your Family. Remembering 9-11 and the people we lost.
Mike Eckley, Friend
Jun 1 2006 11:34AM
I didn't know Gary but only stumbled on his name through a search that I did on the internet for a school assignment. I didn't expect to find someone with my name but surprisingly I did. What I have read of Gary's life make sme happy because he was such a good person and had a family. However it is devastating to see how everything was shattered by one day. May you rest in peace
Galina Lasko, Friend
Feb 1 2005 3:19PM
Gary, Saturday I was watching Kevin Hill and something he said reminded me of you. 'There is no greater love than that between a father and daughter.' - I remember the look on your face when you spoke of your daughter, Elise - the look was .... awesome. When I think of that horrible day, I remember that look and my eyes begin to tear. I so wish that you were here, your lost just tears at my heart whenever I look at my daughters - so much so - that I now cherish them even more. Thank you for all the jokes, laughs and serious computer techy stuff. You are sorely missed.
Pattie J. Robinson, Colleague
Nov 3 2004 2:28PM
I had the privilege of being Gary's first administrative assistant at Sedgwick. From the beginning, he was always a kind and caring person. After several years of working in Benefits, I had the privilege of working with him again. The day after I went back to work with him, we were given the news that Marsh had bought out Sedgwick. During the next couple of years, Gary worked very hard to make sure the employees in Memphis kept their jobs. On the day that they announced the IT Department layoffs, Gary became teary eyed while delivering the news to the staff. I greatly admired him for his love for Kim and Elise. Elise was his 'princess' and the apple of his eye. He was always reading Harry Potter with her, making school projects or dressing up for Halloween. He was a very thoughtful and caring man. God broke the mold when he made Gary. My thoughts and prayers are with Kim, Elise and Gary's family and friends on the anniversary of 9/11. Kelly Perry
Kelly Perry, Colleague
Sep 8 2004 11:14AM
I worked at Sedgwick James, Inc from 1992 until 1995. I had the priviledge of working for Gary Lasko. I will always remember him for being a kind hearted and friendly man. He is sorely missed by all who had the priviledge of knowing him.
Fletcher Terry, Colleague
Apr 14 2004 2:01PM
I had the pleasure of working in the I.T. department at Sedgwick James, Inc. in Memphis beginning in 1993. Gary was a wonderful and pleasant person to be around. I remember his sense of humor well. Around the holiday's when we had an I.T. Luncheon, he invariably wore a red Santa cap and a red shirt; he made a perfect Santa! He will always be remembered by his colleagues at Sedgwick in Memphis. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to his family.
Jill McQuown, Colleague
Sep 11 2003 1:44PM
Gary and I worked together at Sedgwick. I can remember when Elise was born. He was often the voice of reason when I needed one. He believed in me and gave me opportunities to grow personally and professionally. My life was better because Gary was a part of it. It still is in many ways.
Sharon Cloud, Colleague
Sep 11 2003 10:51AM
I still can't believe Gary is not among us. Periodically I think I see him, in the grocery store, in a restaurant, driving in a car, and even the other day in the service department at a car dealership. Working directly with Gary, especially in 1999 and 2000 was a great experience for me. His attempt to keep the technology group working in the Memphis office (after Sedgwick was acquired by Marsh McLennan in New York) was a tribute to the type of person he was. He worked diligently to have that goal accomplished but it wasn't meant to be. Several times he sat across from me with tears in his eyes because people were going to loose their jobs. Something he could not prevent. Months later as the last group left the office several met at Bennigan's for a last, Friday drink. As usual, it was a good spirited group. In the middle of our conversations Gary came in to the restaurant. He had just arrived back in Memphis. He had a drink with us. As he was leaving to pick up Kim to see his daughter participate in some sort of function it was clear he was sad to see the group leaving. He said to me, 'I almost wish I was in everybody's shoes here too'. I felt sad for him because I knew he meant it deep down. Gary brought laughter to those around him almost without knowing it. His stories were often so funny. My son was married on a Friday night in 1999. The week after the wedding I was telling Gary how much I appreciated him coming to the wedding, with his crazy flight schedule. That conversation began his blow by blow discription of his wedding day. He explained how the weather was terrible with rain that day. He talked and I laughed at how he remembered every detail. He could explain hour by hour what had happened. I also remember him telling me about coming home from college and realizing his grandfather had moved into his room. You could tell he loved telling that story and I loved hearing about it. It was clear how much he really loved his family. His parents and sisters were an important part of him. He cherished their relationship. I will think of him often the rest of my life. Marilyn Winn Former, HR Manager, IT
Marilyn Winn, Colleague
Jul 8 2003 12:28AM
I first met Gary in 1975, when I had taken over the Philadelphia branch for ADP Network Services. The largest account in the branch was IU International, for whom ADP was to do all computing on a remote basis, an innovative approach for that era. Fresh from graduate school, Gary was delivered to me as the one to manage the account. I thought Gary was out-of-place in a marketing role, and he would have agreed with me. In fact, it was his candid, fearless approach to account management that made that very difficult account a success. They learned quickly to value his opinions. I always appreciated Gary's assessments and suggestions, and later admired the loyalty he showed to his wife by commuting from Philadlephia to NYC so that she could continue with the work she loved, as a librarian in the Philadelphia School District. After I began commuting to New York, I tracked Gary's progress at MMC, and occasionally would call or stop in when he worked on 6th Avenue. He was always busy, and always cordial. I am not surprised that he is so well esteemed by others. God bless.
Rance Fasoldt, Colleague
Feb 20 2003 12:13PM
Kim I wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and your daughter. I cannot find the words to express my sorrow for you and your family. This day of reflection is a milestone for us as a country and many thoughts are with you. My hope for you is that someday you will not weep for your memories, you will look to Elise and she in turn looks to you and all that is left to do is just smile. I have always rememberd you in my mind, now you are embedded in my heart. My deepest sympathy in the loss of your loved one. Your Cousin Nora (Dowd) Umbro (Framingham,MA)
Nora (Dowd) Umbro, Family
Sep 11 2002 11:13PM
I met Gary during my days with Fred S. James/Sedgwick James and Sedgwick Noble Lowndes. Gary was wonderful to work with. He knew his stuff and managed his deparment well. I learned a great deal from Gary by working with him and have often thought of him over the years, even though I have not spoken with him since my department from Sedgwick 7 years ago. In fact, there was a point last year, prior to my knowing of Gary's death, that I was going to contact him to see if he was interested in a VP of IS position with my company. Unfortunately, I was too late. On this day, my heart goes out to all that knew Gary. He is missed by all. Laura Garvey Former Sedgwick Noble Lowndes Employee
Laura Garvey, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 6:22PM
I had the pleasure of working for Gary from 1994-1997 at Sedgwick James in Memphis, TN. I remember him as a very intelligent man who somehow always had time to listen. I also remember his office, which was constantly full of yellow stick-ems. It was a site to see, but as I said earlier, he always listend. Gary, you will be missed. Darry Hardy - Memphis, TN
Darry Hardy, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 2:02PM
As we remember today, I want the friends and family of Gary to know that he is still warmly remembered by many that he came in contact with. I worked indirectly for Gary in Memphis and my wife and I are thankful for his many generous gestures for projects worked on. My fondest memory of Gary is working with him on a funny skit for an IT conference. I had not know him long and was surprised as his sense of humor. The more I knew him the more I saw that he was a funny and caring person. I admire his desire to be such a good father to his daughter and I strive to do the same with my little girl. Thanks Gary we miss you.
Jonathan Mast, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 1:42PM
I had the big pleasure to work with him. He was great.
Menashe, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 12:43PM
Kim and Elise, as a previous colleague of Gary at Marsh I do not know him personally. My only point of contact to Gary was, that I got wrongly e-mails, which should be directed to Gary but arrived in my post-box because I was before Gary in the Internal Adressbook of Marsh. Another commonness with Gary is the same age. Nevertheless I will queuing in the big mourning community. Please aceept my deep sympathy. Walter Laskowski ACE Insurance, Germany
Walter Laskowski, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 4:11AM
Kim and Elise, Our thoughts and prayers are with you. With love, Josie and Bob Lasko & their daughter, Lori Russell (cousins)
Josie & Bob Lasko; Lori Russell, Family
Aug 18 2002 4:38PM
My friendship and business association with Gary began in the mid 1980's, we were both Sedgwick employees. Through the years I had increasing opportunities to work with Gary and be around him in various situations that demonstrated his character, intellect and compassion for people. After the Sedgwick/Marsh merger Gary and I shared a common situation, commuting to NY often and leaving our families behind for the week. I was privaleged to have regular breakfast and dinners with Gary where we became very close friends. I only wish we could of had more. Gary loved Kim and Elise more than anything. He spoke of them often and with true love and admiration in his words and feelings. They were his life. Having a son the same age as Elise, we compared notes regularly. Gary was so very proud of Elise in every way, you could just see the love in his eyes as he spoke of her. I am confident that Elise will carry her memories of her father throughout her life and know what a great dad and man he was. Gary's love and respect of his wife Kim was always evident. Having to spend the week in NY and return to Memphis for the weekend created a challenging situation for him and Kim. He often spoke of how proud he was of Kim and admired her for how she was able to carry on without him. He missed her very much when away and I know he was very anxious for that to end. He had great plans for a long life with his bride. Gary was a friend who always made me feel better about myself and life. He had the highest integrity, respected everyone's positions and was just a pleasure to be around. He was a gentleman and role model for business and as a person. I am sure anyone that knew Gary would agree completely. I miss Gary very much and will cheerish his memory and forever consider myself lucky to have had Gary as a friend and colleague. My prayers are with Kim and Elise that although they have a loss that cannot be replaced, that the memories of Gary will fill their hearts with warmth and tenderness for the rest of their lives.
Paul Fox, Colleague
Jul 6 2002 11:51AM
I miss you 'Pappa Bear' May you rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers to you family. JAN
Jan P. Brenner, Colleague
May 27 2002 10:04PM
In late 1993 I was priviledged to meet a person that was very instrumental in my success as an employee of Sedgwick. I met Gary Lasko. From that day forward, he was an inspiration to me. Within the first few minutes of my interview conversations with Gary and a few other Sedgwick colleagues, I realized that I wanted to be a part of what Gary was creating. In just a few short moments Gary provided me with enough motivation and enough enthusiasm for me to accept a position within Sedgick's Technology Department in January, 1994. Gary had great and wonderful stories to tell about Elise. Everytime he spoke of her, tears would come to his eyes. He was not sad, but filled with love for his 'little girl'. Gary was a very sensitive individual in a very stressful position. I remember my first trip to Philadephia. Gary took me to his favorite Greek restaurant. The owner knew him by name even though Gary hadn't been there in quite some time. Everyone knew Gary. Gary - I will miss you forever, but I understand that this world was simply a stopping place for you. I know that you are still doing wonders. Be proud for Elise, she is truly a fine young lady.
Missy McElwee, Colleague
May 2 2002 3:48PM
Gary got invited to a lot of parties given by his Sedgwick and Marsh colleagues, and he attended a lot of those parties. His position of seniority was not an issue; he was a welcome and congenial guest. Gary was a gentleman who was respected for his intelligence and abilities as much as he was liked for his warmth and sense of humor.
Scott LeMay, Colleague
Apr 16 2002 6:30PM