Kathryn Bantis

Family Tribute:Life is for the living so we must go on to see us through when those we love have gone.

But those who have departed now claim their sweet reward, exchanging life on earth for life forever with our Lord.

May God, who calls our loved ones home, be close to you. May he enfold you with his love and give you comfort.

We miss you.

Your loving family,

Artie and Louis Bantis

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Rest in peace Kathy. We will never forget xxx
Lisa Jones, Friend
Apr 22 2023 10:49PM
I did not know Kathy. I came across this memorial site as I was looking for info on Mr. Bird, who was the only person from AZ to perish in the WTC on 9/11\01 and part of the insurance community here in Arizona, of which I was a part for 35 years. After finding him I decided to read the stories and tributes of everyone who lost their lives at Marsh, a part of the insurance community as a whole. Kathryn sounds like she was a great person who was, and is missed by all who knew her. Please accept my sincere condolences for your loss. This tribite site has brought faceless strangers to life for me, and it's been my honor to become acquainted with all those who lost their lives that awful day.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 14 2022 5:07AM
Thinking of you today and always, Kathy. Remembering you fondly. I can still hear your laugh!
Jen Zamora, Colleague
Sep 11 2022 10:17PM
"Friend" is a stretch. But I wanted to let the family know about my memorial this year. Every year I scroll and randomly stop on a name of all the 9/11 victims and learn everything I can about the person I stopped on. Today, on the 20 year mark. I landed on Kathy's name.. I am learning and will share with all my followers everything I. An about her. I honor the commitment to NEVER forget by learning about someone we all lost on this horrible day. Kathy will not be forgotten and more people will learn about her today. May God bless her, and her family and friends.
Amy K, Friend
Sep 11 2021 3:28PM
Thinking of you on this anniversary, Kathy.
Tim Wicker , Colleague
Sep 11 2020 6:42PM
Remembering your beautiful spirit today Kathy. Love you!
Mary Claire Laws , Colleague
Sep 12 2020 0:53AM
Still think of you... 15 years but not forgotten. Rest in Peace
Greg Loudon, Colleague
Sep 13 2016 3:05PM
Thinking of you and your family todayâ ¤ï¸
Kerri Maguire, Family
Sep 11 2018 11:38AM
Still and always carrying angel wings. Always remembered. Never forgotten.
Mark Konzelman, Colleague
Sep 10 2016 1:39PM
Kathy tomorrow is 15 long years since you left us. My one one only beautiful sister. God only knows how much I miss you. I know you are with me daily still looking out for me. I love you so much sis...
Apart Bantis, Family
Sep 10 2016 5:06PM
Kathy, I think of you often. Your laughter still rings in my ears; you had such a love of life! Thank you for sharing with so many of us. September has come around again to remind us all of the loss we felt and continue to feel. My prayers are with your family for continued blessings and comfort.
Cindy Collet, Colleague
Sep 7 2016 0:38PM
I have 2 mother's, my biological mom and my sister Kathy. My tribute to my one and only sister. I thank you for always being there past and present and always will be. You are in God's hands now but you are always in my heart.
Jan 8 2016 3:47PM
My thoughts this day are with the Bantis family whose love will forever keep everything that made Kathryn who she was a part of who they will forever be.
Lloyd E. Flyer, Friend
Sep 12 2015 12:33 AM
Watching a program on the 9/11 happenings, I find myself thinking of Kathy. I worked in the Seattle office Of Marsh & McLennen and met her one day during one of her office visits. Very witty, happy, and so pleasant. While this was my first and only meeting with her, it was as if we had known each other for awhile. I think of her often.
Barb Henriksen, Colleague
Dec 28 2013 6:54PM
I can still hear Kathy's laugh, she loved to laugh. She was a fun, inspiring boss and friend. She was driven and highly motivated. She was quick witted and spirited. I remember the excitement of meeting her while she was in the process of moving from Seattle to Chicago, the sadness of her leaving Chicago to move to New York, and the horror of learning she was in the WTC that day the world changed. Your spirit lives on in our hearts Kathy.
Anne Schlukebir Ryan, Colleague
Sep 29 2013 9:34PM
Remembering you today. Love to your family!
Sep 11 2013 7:10AM
Kathy was a very nice cousin and smart as a whip. I help teach her English when she came from Greece. She willbe missed.
alex bantis, Family
Nov 17 2012 5:26PM
Kathy - missing you tonight along with many other friends who treasured you and the gifts you shared. Trying to choose laughter over tears knowing you would want it that way. Prays and love to your family in Greece.
Stacey Whitten, Friend
Sep 11 2012 11:33PM
Remembering you Kathy and sending your family my thoughts and love.
Kerri Maguire, Family
Sep 11 2012 4:56PM
Whew - Bantis - we never knew how much we would miss you.....your phone calls to check in, your invites to relax and laugh in your Chicago condo, and the fun shopping trips. Today we celebrate the gift of YOU and the special place you have in our hearts. The words don't do justice to how much we treasure your memory. We ate a delicious dinner, I made a dessert you would have loved :) and shared with the kids some of our 'corporate' stories. Todd, Wynona and I said 'remember when' many times. We're laughing as we say your name, but the ache will never go away. We love you, Bantis.
Stacey Whitten, Friend
Sep 11 2011 10:10PM
It has been10 years Kathy and Georganne and I still miss and speak of you. Kathy and I first met as members of the J&H; audit staff and traveled together on business constantly. I don't know how many times I've watched Kathy dig through a tiramisu while sipping a cosmopolitan. It seems like only yesterday that Georganne and I spent three nights at your Chicago apartment only six weeks before 9/11. We will never forget you. Love; Bob & Georganne
Robert Brooks, Friend
Sep 11 2011 3:19PM
My thoughts are with you and your family today. After all this time I still remember your amazing smile and kindness. You will never be forgotten.
Kerri Maguire, Family
Sep 11 2011 1:26PM
I respected Kathy when we worked in the Midwest together and miss the kind of professionalism she brought to our company. Rest in peace, Kathy - you are missed.
Lauri Hanson, Colleague
Sep 10 2011 8:53AM
Hey Kath, Still miss you and think of you all the time. Tracy
Tracy Taylor, Friend
Sep 11 2009 11:38AM
Miss your smile, energy and enthusiasm! I didn't know you well, but I always knew when you were visiting the Portland, Oregon office. You will always be remembered. Shauna
Shauna Lange, Colleague
Sep 3 2009 1:19PM
Hey Bantis - We're still here remembering you - with laughter and tears! Tonight we sat around the table and ate BIG burgers and crispy fries...comfort food in your honor. We're heading on to delicious dessert and want all to know we will always hold you in the deepest part of our hearts. Love is corporate work :)
Stacey & Wynona, Friend
Sep 11 2008 10:29PM
Thinking of you......
Becki Clark, Family
Sep 11 2008 11:02AM
Still and forever in our hearts. Your missed forever Kathy.
Mark konzelman, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 11:01AM
Thinking of you and how you brought a little fun and levity to so many of our tasks. I miss your wisdom, experience and your sense of humor.
Linde Hotchkiss, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 2:47PM
On 9/11 each year, I think about how much that day six years ago changed my perspective on life. I also think about how much Kathy changed my life just by being a part of it. Kathy, you are still missed.
Tracy Taylor, Friend
Sep 11 2007 12:13PM
Kathy, I think about you often and my memories always are surrounded by your smiles and laughter. My prayers continue for your family and close friends. You touched many lives and will always be missed. Cindy Collet
Cindy Collet, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 9:51AM
Bob, Pat and I had lunch together in NYC the other day. It is still difficult to get together with them for lunch and not have you with us. I miss you Kate...
Nancy Stromp, Friend
Oct 26 2006 2:59PM
aphrodite bantis, Family
Oct 15 2006 2:13PM
Aunt Kathy Thinking of you... I will never forget your kindness. Becki Northwood, NH
Becki Clark, Family
Sep 13 2006 2:37PM
I will never forget.
Courtney, Friend
Sep 12 2006 11:43PM
I just seems like yesterday, you were in Seattle bugging me for the 'real budget numbers' on the Boeing account. The same goes for your memorial at Lincoln Park where so many people attended, it could have been mistaken for a Marsh company picnic. You may be gone, but not forgotten, Kathy Bantis. We miss you. Emmett & Sandy Maloof Mercer Island, WA
Emmett Maloof, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 3:38PM
Kathy and I were coworkers in Seattle. She became a mentor, boss, friend, and sister. I loved sharing corporate stories over long lunches with her. I loved visiting her in Chicago. I loved trying to keep her in fashion and assist her in spending her money! She held a busy schedule, but she was so good about keeping in touch. Kathy embodied a spirit of humor, humbleness, and tenacity! She was a faithful friend, a woman of the strongest ethics, a tough boss with a soft heart. The feeling of loss five years later feels as raw and desperately sad as it did the day I knew she was 'missing'. I am a blessed woman to have had Kathy share her gifts with me. I pray for her family in Greece to know how much she is still loved and treasured. Today I grieve for all the things that 'might have been' and yet I know Kathy would want me to celebrate her life without too many tears. I can actually hear her say, 'I knew you would really miss me!' I do, Kathy, I really miss you! Your sister of the heart! Stacey June
Stacey Whitten, Friend
Sep 10 2006 9:30PM
I haven't forgotten you, Kathy. Miss you.
Tim Wicker, Colleague
Sep 10 2006 1:08PM
My husband Con is Kathys first cousin he always spoke highly of her to me, l never had to privlige to meet her but we spoke on the phone when she would ring us 'Downunder'.Just the other day we found this site and today in my wallet l found a card and on the back Con had written down her telephone number my god it feels like yesterday when he took it down. Always in our hearts and dearly missed your cousins
Con and Tina Nianiakas, Family
Apr 26 2006 11:05PM
From where should I start?Every time I go to the Mikrokastro village I hear your name theia.And when I say theia I mean aunt.Yes Kathy was my and my brothers Angelo aunt.We first met her wen I was 13 years old. What should I say for Kathy? all the good things that you can can find in the todays planet:honest,hardworking person with huge heart and mind also.My only complain is that she was not coming to Greece very often(because of work)to see her more. May GOD be by your side always. Theo 7-02-2005
Theo Tosounidis, Family
Feb 7 2005 12:12AM
Dear everyone, so nice to hear this wonderful tribute to Kathy, this is 9/11 2003. I was Kathy's one and only husband. I found about this site via Moscow, Russia. The loss of Kathy, in this world changing event..., well was unbelievable to our family. Despite our most freindly divorce in history of USA, we had this great love. I met Kathy when she was 19. All of you co workers must understand that Kathy when she was 13, moved to USA not knowing how to say hello in English, from a tiny village in Greece with donkeys for transportation. She went on to become as you all know, very successful. The cultural transition for her was immense. Much harder than any audit. We all have seen the real Kathy....., the compassion and determination. All should know that Kathy sent a small fortune back to her little village in Greece to build a new school. I am positive, she never told anyone about this. Kathy would never brag. Peter
Peter Maguire, Family
Sep 11 2003 11:56AM
Beloved cousin Kathy, How I cherish the memories of spending time with you in Seattle, Chicago, vacationing in Cancun and having you visit with us in New Hampshire. I thank God for all of those times as they were “gifts” from Him. Imagine, we were 2 Kathy Bantis's! Now God has one living in Heaven and one living here. Kathy with the generous heart and beautiful smile how I miss you. You now have your wings and are soaring with God. There is a place in my heart where you will always live... until I see you again. Much love, Kathy (kushtoula@hotmail.com)
Katherine E. Bantis, Family
Sep 10 2003 10:46PM
I met Kathy in 1985. With mutual friends we attended a Jimmy Buffett concert on the Boston Common. At the time Kathy was living in Dover,NH. Through all her moves, NYC, Seattle and Chicago, we stayed in touch. We vacationed together several times, Maui, Mexico, San Francisco. Kathy was dedicated to he family in Greece, her many friends and business associates. Nobody worked harder then Kathy. She had great focus toward the many challeges that her career posed. I think of her every day and miss her dearly. My life is emptier without Kathy. You will never be forgotten. Michael Hollander
Michael Hollander, Friend
Mar 29 2003 12:04PM
Like Mark Konzelman, I first knew Kathy when her last name was McGuire and she was a corporate auditor for J&H.; As the IT manager for the Seattle office, I worked with her when she was performing one of her first IT audits. It was a learning experience for both of us. She eventually got talked into moving to Seattle to head up the Finance Department. I can still hear her yelling at me to fix her 'damn PC' whenever she had problems with it. Somehow it was always my fault, but I didn't mind. After a period of time, our reporting structure changed and she became my boss. Although I had many good people as my boss, she was the one who truly became my mentor. To this day, whenever I do someones performance review, I remember her saying how goals had to 'have dates and be measurable!' I feel truly blessed to have been someone she considered a friend. We stayed in regular touch up to that terrible day. I would always be calling her everytime I heard of a natural disaster in Greece, as it seems for a while that each time she visited home, an earthquake or some other disaster would hit, and we would laugh. I miss you Kathy.........
Neal Steik, Colleague
Sep 16 2002 3:48PM
I owe a lot of my career today to Kathy. I first met her in Seattle as an employee of Johnson & Higgins. It was Kathy who took a chance on a word processor to go into the emerging and growing technical side of J&H; with LANs and WANs. I'd like to remember her for what a wonderful woman she was. A straight-shootin' business-woman and a wonderfully warm, compasionate woman personally. I will never forget her and have always thought the world of her for the wonderful doors she opened for me and chances she gave me. Over tweleve years later I'm still happily with Marsh USA Inc. My condolences to Kathy's many colleagues, family, and friends.
Brent Diaz, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 9:25PM
Today, as we remember the tragic events of 9/11/01, I remember those who I worked with who were lost to us that day. I will always remember working with Kathy, visiting her in the Chicago office, working with her in Milwaukee. I remember her love of Greece and the trips she took there. Her love of life. Kathy, you are missed.
Cheryl Fuentes de Rehm, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 2:19PM
Kathy had an incredibly sharp mind and a wonderful sense of humor. I worked with her in the Seattle office and submitted various sales data for her division on a monthly basis. I just remember always wanting to please her - her work ethic was so very solid. Kathy always made time to listen to me whine, and when I was finished, she'd give me a wink and a smile and say 'You WILL turn that in tomorrow, you know!' She had quite the infectious laugh and knew how to enjoy life. I still can't quite believe she was taken from us. Kathy, I think of you all the time.
Mary Register, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 1:27PM
I worked with Kathy in Seattle. She was a great boss, friend and mentor. She encouraged me to grow and was a terrific role model. In the 3 years I worked for her I finished my degree, bought my first house and married my husband. We kept in touch via email and I received the last mail from her in late August with heartfelt congratulations on the birth of my second child. Kathy was an amazing person and she made people great around her!
Char Snyder, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 12:40PM
I worked with Kathy while she was at J&H; in Seattle and I at J&H; in Anchorage, Alaska. I found her to be a very warm individual, who appeared to care about the people around her. I appreciated the time she took to listen to me and guide me in the right directions to find answers. I teased her about her NY accent once when she called, so from then on when she called she would thicken it just to give me a hard time! I know that Heaven is enjoying her sense of humor...
Karen Huff Rotondo, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 12:03PM
I haven't worked closely with Kathy since the late 80's at J&H.; Then I knew her as Katherine Mcqiure. I have however spoken and met with her numerous times since. Kathy was a wonderful woman who made great company when we traveled with her doing AS/400 system audits. She was well loved by everyone. I recall a time when visiting the Hartford office when some of her friends in that area got together with us and went out for cocktails and dinner. I was surprised to find out how many appreciated having the opportunity to have made her acquaintance. There was about 30 friends at that gathering. May you rest in peace Kathy. You'll never be forgotten.
Mark Konzelman, Friend
Sep 11 2002 11:41AM
We too lost a family member who had traveled to NY for meetings with Marsh. My step-dad, Jim Cleere worked for Seabury in DSM, Iowa. Never did we think that he wouldn't be coming home. We will be going to NY for the 1 year ann. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to talk.We are so sorry for your loss and our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.
Rhonda, Family
Sep 4 2002 5:55PM
Kathy was one of those rare people you meet and instantly your friends. She was many things to me and my family; friend, mentor, pen pal to my daughter Courtney. There are two things I know, 1. She may not always like the job but she loved the people at J&H;/Marsh. 2. Her family in Greece kept her grounded. Each year she'd jet to Greece for a few weeks and come back ready to start again. They were her balance. My girls & I miss her a lot.
Tracy Taylor, Colleague
Jul 14 2002 8:08PM
Kathy was my mentor and friend at the Seattle Marsh office. She was head of MSO at the time and I was a graphic designer. We had an incredible rapport and I admired her so much. Chief (as I liked to call her) was professional, insightful, funny, and independent. She was tough, yet so kind. I will always remember her fondly!
Jen Zamora, Colleague
Jul 10 2002 1:58PM
I first met Kathy when she was a member of the J&H; internal audit group. Later she transfered to the Seattle office where she became head of the Finance dept. and I became part of her staff. She was a very hard worker and very professional. We shared many long hours (especially during budget times) and also the more relaxed and good times. I will always miss being able to talk to her. Even tho' I had retired we still chatted.
Margie Elliott, Colleague
Jun 4 2002 4:30PM
I met Kathy only a few times, but I knew from what I heard about her through Tina Girk here in St. Louis, that she was very much a no nonsense kind of lady. I admired her from afar for her dedication, determination and direct approach. I am honored to have worked with her and I am so thankful that we had The Champ in our corner.
Corie Robinson, Colleague
Apr 15 2002 6:13PM
I used to work at the Chicago Office about a year ago, and I remember Kathy on the 21st floor. Whenever I needed something, I always remember her polite attitude, and grace. Two months before 9/11/01 I ran into her during lunch, and her last words to me was 'Do you need any thing else?' as a joke. We both smiled and said goodbye.
Jason A. Woods, Colleague
Apr 9 2002 4:06PM
Every other day Kathy and I run into each other at lunch. We always laughed and said one of these days we had to actually take time to have lunch together. We only did a few times. When Kathy moved here, she was told to look me up by a Seattle colleague. We had that bond to talk about. She always had a trip planned on just done for us to talk about. Kathy had dozens of visitors in Chicago. She loved being the hostess. She adored all the friends who visited- even the ones who stayed too long. She was totally dedicated to her job and no matter what the demands from Don were she always found time to stay late, work faster, whatever.
anne Roberts, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 4:12PM
For about a year, Kathy & I had adjoining offices (on the 21st floor in Chicago) where I could knock on her wall & bug her while she was trying to manage the 'numbers' for the region. Despite all my attempts @ playfully antagonizing her, she maintained a great attitude & was always good for a kind word, espcially when my GB assignment wasn't going exactly right. There are many in Chicago who miss her great disposition.
Manny Ribot, Colleague
Apr 3 2002 11:29PM