William Caspar

'A Kansas farm boy' -- that is how people describe William Caspar, even though he was a data processing specialist for Marsh & McLennan who could create highly detailed electronic forms.

But every summer, Mr. Caspar would return to the Kansas farm that has been in his family for five generations so he could help with the wheat harvest.

At Marsh & McLennan, Mr. Caspar, 57, would often work long hours, a habit he picked up on the farm. 'You start work when the sun comes up, and you go to sleep when the sun goes down,' Tony Alaimo, a colleague, quoted Mr. Caspar as saying. 'That's how we were raised.'

Mr. Caspar, who had been divorced for many years, spent holidays with his sister's family in Scituate, Mass. 'He was a good role model to have around my children,' said the sister, Margaret Richardson. For years, Mr. Caspar worked out of a Princeton, N.J., office with a small group of people who often socialized together on weekends and grew very close. They were transferred to the World Trade Center in February.

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I never had the honor of meeting Bill; I am a stranger who wants to pay their respects to a man who really made a lasting impression on all who knew or worked with him, from all the other tributes here. He sounds like the kind of a guy you could count on, and want as a friend. Please, all of you that cared for him, and still miss him 21 years later, and especially to his family, except my sincere condolences, and those of millions of your fellow americans. May Bill, and all of us, find peace.
Leslie Honcharik, Friend
Sep 16 2022 4:17AM
Bill, I'm still hanging in here at Marsh. Anytime I help someone I make sure they know it's in honor of you. I'm sure you're good buddies with everyone up in heaven.
Joan Webb, Colleague
Sep 11 2019 8:25PM
Seems like only yesterday we stood in the halls of the Princeton office. Miss you and pray for you and your family daily.
LARRY, Colleague
Sep 11 2018 8:41AM
I miss you Uncle Bill. Your spirit continues to wave with the grains in the Kansas fields and to nestle within our hearts. I wish you could have met my sons. I gave each of them a part of your name so that you would "physically" be alive for as long as they live. Please keep watching over us. You were and are LOVED!
Pamela Hense, Family
Sep 11 2017 9:14PM
16 years have gone by and a day does not pass that you are not in my thoughts and prayers
Larry R., Colleague
Sep 11 2017 9:58AM
I can't believe it has been 15 years. Seems like yesterday we were working on some type of computer problem!! I will forever miss your expertise and infinite wisdom! You were a great colleague and friend that will forever be missed.
Brian Weaver, Colleague
Sep 10 2016 10:43PM
Where does life go from here? Its always going to be different without Bill around. 15 years later I still miss you.. Individualist, Realist Perfectionist. We banged heads perfectly. Yet we were some how our separate selves. still have MnM man!
Mark Konzelman, Colleague
Sep 9 2016 5:48PM
Bill. Just over 14 year since you left us. Seems like yesterday. I still have MnM dispense man from your office in my living room on display. They came out with blue ones since you passed on that terrible day. I'll save some for you.
mark konzelman colleague,
Sep 12 2015 3:20PM
Bill another year has passed, we will never forget.
, Colleague
Sep 11 2015 8:50AM
Bill - it is hard to believe that another year has passed. Marsh lost a great J&H;'er and the rest of us, a good friend. Thinking of you every time I unplug the printer. Jo Ann
JoAnn G. Schackai, Colleague
Sep 10 2014 1:26PM
Bill, I still think of you often!
Joan Webb, Colleague
Sep 11 2013 4:13PM
You always were upbeat and had something funny to say about Florida! You touched my live and you are missed! God Bless You and Your Family.
Jerry Higgins, Colleague
Sep 11 2012 11:01AM
10 years ago today we lost you :-(. You will never be forgotten.
Rusty Rush, Colleague
Sep 11 2011 12:36PM
A Midwesterner who fell in love with the excitement of the East Coast; Bill was a very compassionate man. As a young man, Bill dreamed of someday becoming a pilot. What a tragic irony. Bill loved space and the stars. In the hearts of many, he will be remembered as one of the brightest stars amongst us.
Mary, Friend
Apr 14 2011 5:08PM
You are missed Uncle Bill. My memories of you shine brightly and the lost ones never made are missed. I am happy to see your life's influence living on in your fellow man. Who had the joy of shaking Bill's hand? What a family history and personal life that created those hands and their gentleness. Be seeing you around uncle Bill.
paul kurtz, Family
Dec 20 2010 6:00PM
RIP Bill.
Jeff Worth, Colleague
Sep 11 2010 8:51AM
Bill, you are still with us in our hearts. I will never forget you and your great work attittude. You are missed.
Rusty Rush, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 2:00PM
It was an honor to have Bill as a colleague and friend. I often remember his smile and the stories he told about the farm. Bill could make anyone laugh. I will never forget you.
Shannon Morgan, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 9:33AM
Bill - you were my mentor when I started my first job out of college. I think about what you taught me every day. The importance of being a good friend, colleague and most importantly, a person. Thank you Bill...
Raymond Gelpke, Colleague
Sep 11 2009 7:44AM
I remember the 'help calls' as the liaison for IT related matters in the Portland, Oregon office of Marsh. You manner ensured we got it right on the first try. I miss your good humor during those call. Shauna
Shauna Lange, Colleague
Sep 3 2009 1:23PM
You worked in the office next to me in Princeton. You worked in the cube across from me at WTC. A piece of you still works next to me to this day in Hoboken. Your favorite M&M; man candy dispenser is still on my desk at the office. Serves as a constant remembrance of your friendship and generosity. Your forever remembered Bill, the candy man.
Mark Konzelman, Colleague
Sep 11 2008 11:35AM
It is hard to believe that six years have passed. Thinking of you, especially today, but I think of you often. I miss your kindness, as I am sure many others do too.
Jo Ann Schackai, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 5:36PM
Bill, I still think about you often. I remember you as a great go to person. knowing you has made me a better person. You will always be missed.
Rusty Rush, Colleague
Jun 7 2007 6:30PM
Bill, I think of you often and how helpful and friendly you were. I will never forget you.
Debbie, Colleague
Sep 11 2006 10:09PM
Bill you are in my thoughts often. I miss the instructions you gave so patiently when dealing with us over the phone. I think of you and I smile. I miss you.
Jo Ann G. Schackai, Friend
Sep 11 2006 10:34AM
You just can't say enough good things about Bill. I never met him personally, but he made you feel like you were old buddies. I was able to accomplish so much in BIS because he was always there to help. It didn't matter how busy he was, he would always take the time to make sure I understood what he was saying. I honor his memory daily by living his example, no question is too trivial and I'll never be too busy to assist a colleague (and I do it with a smile). We will not forget you!
Joan Webb, Colleague
Oct 6 2003 12:29PM
Unfortunately, I never met Bill face to face, but I had a working relationship with him for a good ten years. The thing I remember most about Bill was his unbelievable willingness to always help me out with any problems I may have. Not just help, but thoroughly troubleshoot and resolve systems problems with our AS400 over many years in the Seattle office. All of this when the clock was striking 7, 8, even 9 o'clock in NY. He was one of my favorite folks to get to talk to and work with out of the NY office. Although I haven't spoke to Bill in several years due to the loss of the AS400 system in our office, I still think of him frequently and try to model my level of service to my colleagues as well as he did to his.
Brent Diaz, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 9:32PM
Wow! What can I say about Bill. I worked right next to Bill's office for about 5 years at Johnson & Higgins in Princeton, NJ. I still remember the Saturday afternoon overtime hours, Bill printing away and me coding away on the AS/400 CL programs. He was always eager to show me all about printing. On weekends I would work and bring in my little puppy to work with me by my side, a small white fluffy terrier named 'Spritzer'. Well one afternoon, Spritz gets free from my office flying down the hall to the computer rooom. Bill ran and caught him and held him in his arms. Every time I brought Spritz with me he looked for Bill. I miss you and Spriter misses you too! Oh and 'The Rumba Queen' my tag name, Bill printed a sign and placed it on my office door. I still have it Bill. Love always, Sha
Sharon Rene Summers, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 7:12PM
I worked with Bill a long time at J&H; over the telephone. He could always talk you through how to fix anything. His patience was unending and he was very detailed. We knew he could always help us. He visited our office several times and I was always amazed at his energy level. He was a wonderful person.
Dianne Beam, Colleague
Sep 11 2002 1:23PM
I worked with Bill in the early 90's. All I can say about him was he was one of the hardest working individuals I have have ever Known. Always the Gentlemen, I will remember him for his ties, which he always wore. Like Joe Mangano, I will pray for him always.
Stephen B. Howard, Colleague
Aug 18 2002 7:53PM
I worked with Bill, mainly by phone since 1993, while at J&H.; OVer the 8 years of our working relationship, he became a friend. I remember, being on the phone with him late, because a printer was down - we would laugh, and I would always remind him to take some time for himself, he loved his work. (The Printer Guru - we called him). I will miss Bill, with all my heart.
Cheryl Fuentes de Rehm, Colleague
May 30 2002 10:54AM
It was my good fortune to consult with Bill while I worked for the M.I.S. dept of Johnson & Higgins until 1994. His in-depth knowledge as a d.p. specialist was a big asset in our group projects. As our friendship grew, I realized that Bill was a very caring and religious individual. May Bill and all who suffered the 9/11/01 horror, rest in peace.
Dean Gadinis, Colleague
May 11 2002 1:12PM
I worked on the same floor as Bill in Princeton for 6+ years. He was in my lottery club for 3.5 years and was always the first to pay and offer extra so I wouldn't be inconvenienced by others paying late. I cannot remember a time when he wasn't smiling, truly I cannot. I'll always remember him with giant candy tubs in his office for all visitors. The sweets from the sweet man with a smile. I'm lucky to have known such a great guy! I miss you and remember you always.
Jody Donnelly, Friend
May 1 2002 4:18PM
I worked with Bill for nearly 10 years, always over the phone. He was always patient and kind and most importantly - helpful to those in need of his expertise. I will never touch a printer to remove a cable without thinking of Bill either at home or at work. It was a honor to work with such a gentlemen. He has done his family justice and our company justice for all of his years of service. He is sadly missed. Jo Ann G. Schackai
Jo Ann G Schackai, Colleague
Apr 11 2002 4:43PM
Bill work in the office alongside me for 10 yrs, Princeton NJ. In the cubicle across from me at the WTC after our transfer about 9 months prior to Sept 11th. He was a very accomodating person and assisted with every opportunity toward assisting with technical issues. I use to tease him because of his gigantic hands. I told him he should of played hands on with basketball's instead of printer's. Every day at lunch time Bill would offer to pick up lunch for the guys in his group. His thoughtfulness and friendship will always be remembered. Your still with us Bill, in memory and heart.
Mark Konzelman, Friend
Apr 9 2002 5:07PM
I had worked with Bill on several occasions when problems with BASYS arose. I never did meet him; all of my dealings with him were over the phone. In one conversation, I mentioned deleting items out of my BASYS spool file and he commended me for doing that on a regular basis. Now, every time I clean out my spool file, I think of Bill. He was wonderful to deal with and will be missed.
Ann Whitney, Colleague
Apr 5 2002 9:01AM
I worked with Bill several times through the years. When I first joined the Marsh organization I didn't know anyone and had a hard time finding someone to help when problems arose. Bill was one of the first people I found that was willing to help and give of himself. He always went the extra mile to make sure things were taken care of. I never had the opportunity to meet Bill in person. I would have liked to. He is greatly missed!
Kerry Belt, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 4:09PM
Bill was one of the nicest, most accommodating people I've ever had the pleasure to work with. His dedication to the job and the people he served was exemplary. I have worked with Bill for nearly 10 years, always by phone. He was the person I wanted to meet the most, during my occasional trips to New York. Regrettably, I never did get to meet him & shake his hand. I only really knew about 12-15 colleagues that perished in the disaster, but Bill is the person I will miss the most.
Jay Triche, Colleague
Apr 4 2002 11:14AM