Brenda Conway

Family Tribute:Tomorrow is Not Promised

Brenda E. Conway lived her life in the manner in which Christ taught. She was thankful for the life she lived and her happiness was evident in her kindness towards everyone she came in contact with.

Brenda like to shop and would spend hours roaming around stores seeking something to buy. She liked to wear bright colors and funny multi-colored or patterned socks.

She was not loud but a subtle person, friendly and the kind of person you could feel at ease being around. There was often a bowl of candy on her desk for people to snack on. Brenda was a good listener, never prying and always had a word of encouragement for those having troubles and sometimes good advice.You would think that her life was without troubles because she rarely complained. She was a very gentle person. On the few occasions that she was supposedly angry and chastising her children, I had to force myself not to laugh because she was so out of her character. All of her shouting was usually at church, singing hymns.

Danielle and Mandell, her daughter and son, were the second most important thing in her life. For them there was no sacrifice too much. She gave them the foundation they need to go forward without any animosity in thier hearts for those who so tragically took the life of the person they most valued. The signs of sadness and pain have disappeared from our children’s faces and now they smile and laugh a little again.

Brenda and I were married a little over sixteen years. We learned from each other and grew together. She knew how to be a mother and wife, without really working at it. Maybe she did work at it. Many nights she would stay up late, reading her Bible, preparing for a class she would teach. Brenda was a teacher also. She had a knack for solving problems. At 41 years, her ability to absorb new computer languages was amazing. She was the glue that kept this family together in harmony. I remember her saying to me that a couple should never go to bed if there is a problem between them, because tomorrow is not promised to you.

Russell Conway

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God bless you and your family....all my love from the UK (newcastle-upon-tyne) Tragic Horror. from what i have read you were a wonderful and lovely woman. God Bless You love Christopher Conway
Chris Conway, Friend
Aug 17 2010 7:42PM
Brenda, I can't believe that it's been six years. We worked together at Blue Cross and I remember laughing and just talking about the craziness at work. The last time I saw you was in the shopping area at the bottom of the trade centers. You had left BC and we were reminicing the good old days. I remember telling you that at age 32 I had just gotten my drivers license and encouraging you to do the same. I miss you infectious laugh and your ambition to do more. Marc and I think of you and your family often.
Dawn and Marc Pennisi, Colleague
Sep 11 2007 10:02AM
Brenda, it just another day that I am thinking of you as i do everyday.this ie memorial day and i miss you so much.It's very hard to accept that you are not coming back to us.I do thank God that I can come to you oneday and there we will spend everyday together through out eternity.I know you are enjoying everyday of your new life with CHRIST.So enjoy until we all meet soon never to depart. With much love and hope, your mother
Eeith Watford, Family
May 26 2003 11:53AM
I knew Brenda before I even knew she had a brother (who is now my husband). Brenda always made me laugh even when I sometimes wanted to cry. We would always eat our snacks together after Sunday School hoping it would tie us over until Church service was over. The thing I liked most about Brenda was her honesty. If you didn't want to hear the truth - don't step to Brenda. Brenda also took it upon herself to sign my family up for daily scripture emails which we still get today - and for that reason we will never change our email address and pray that the company doesn't stop sending them. This way we are ministered to daily by Brenda. There is not a day that goes by that Joshua (Brenda's 2 year old nephew) does not kiss her picture. Now that he is learning to talk he adds 'Luv oo aumtie' We show him your picture so that when we all meet again he can approach you and introduce himself. We last saw Brenda at a cook out at her home on Labor day. Although the food tasted like lighter fluid - Brenda was a most gracious hostess. When we parted, she walked us to our car, hugged and kissed Josh and told us to get home safe. The following week on that tragic day, she too arrived home safely... Miss you Bren! See you soon!
Lisa Aultman Alexander, Family
Apr 29 2002 6:05AM
Although I never actually met Brenda face to face I feel I knew her very well since most days we were on the phone to each other - she in NY and me from my office in London. At that time Brenda and I were both working on support for a Marsh application called the Global Broking System. During that time (1999 - 2000) Brenda helped me out on innumerable occasions. I always found her relaxed and calm style very reassuring as she went about quietly sorting out problems and helping resolve transatlantic support issues during the day. She is greatly missed. A wonderful colleague and a great human being. Robin - London
Robin Kenny, Colleague
Apr 26 2002 12:54PM
Brenda, my twin and my best friend Living the single life is quite hard. I miss the oneness we had during our years together. The times we spent together, shopped together and talked together. Through our laughter and tears, we were always there for one another. Inside our twin world we shared what no one could ever understand. I loved every moment of it. I must now try to go on without you by my side. But you will forever live in my heart, for you are still a part of me. It is a constant struggle to go on yet I endure because I know it is what you want me to do. I miss you so much and long to have that void filled with your presence. All I have now are the wonderful memories of our years together and the blessed hope that we will be together again someday. Twins forever, Linda
Linda McGee, Family
Apr 10 2002 10:48PM
What can say Sis? Gee, I never expected this. You were my closet sibling. If I could not talk to anyone in the family, I knew I could talk to you. You were the mediator and a friend. I read your cards and letters that you have sent me through the years when I think of you. You said I inspired and encouraged you. I am so glad, it was the least I could do. You are so greatly missed and sometimes, I cry. You knew everything about computers. You unselfishly taught me everything I know about them. One day in October my computer crashed. I did everything and could not get it started. I just stopped and heard what you would tell me. Guess what? Yup! It's running again. You would have been proud. I thank God for you when I pray. I know one day we will see each other again. Love Your Baby Sister April
Apr 9 2002 7:06PM
You were not only my mother, but also my best friend. You supported me in all of my good deeds and gave me that motivation to never give up. I miss those days of laughter that we shared and the mother/daughter hangout days that we spent together whether it was going shopping or just sitting around at home. There is not one day that goes by that I do not think about you or wish you were here with not only me but the family. You were that strong hold that kept everything and everyone together. Things are not the same now that you are gone and our hearts mourn for you. We all know that you are in a better place with God, as you so much longed for. You are truly missed. You were greatly appreciated and truly one of a kind. Now that we are all traveling down this road here on earth without you...your words of encouragement, your enriched teachings, your friendly smile and most of all your love will help to see us through. Love you Always and FOREVER! Dee
Danielle D. Alexander, Family
Apr 9 2002 12:14AM